It’s a Crafty World! How to Sell Crafts Online

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In 2018, around 39.5 million people made purchases on Etsy.

That’s a huge number of people who are interested in buying unique handcrafted items! If you’re a crafter, you might be wondering how you can begin to sell crafts online.

It can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but building your own online craft business can be a very rewarding project!

To learn how to create your own online crafting store, check out our guide below!

Find a Place to Sell Crafts Online

The first thing you’ll need to do in order to get your online craft business off the ground is to find a place where you can easily sell your crafts once they’re created!

Etsy is probably the most popular choice for crafters. They do charge listing fees, but you’ll likely face this with any site that helps you run your store. If you’re looking for other options, you could try out Facebook Marketplace, iCraft, or Folksy.

If you want to avoid these listing fees, you can always build your own website. You will have to deal with other costs though, like the fee to keep the domain, as well as the general costs that come along with website building.

Build a Brand

Chances are, you have a niche as a crafter. Are you a knitter? Do you make sticker sheets? Capitalize on what you’re best at. You can always branch out later, but it’s best to start out with a very specific brand when you sell crafts online.

Establishing a brand will help you create a themed (online) storefront, and your customers will know where they can find crafts with your specific style.

This goes for your listings too. When you take photos and write descriptions, make sure they’re uniform and similar across the board. If you’re using any social media platforms to push your store, make sure your brand translates across your profiles and posts too!

Finalizing the Details

Once you’ve built up your online store, it’s time to focus on the details. How are you planning on shipping your products? Are you going to run sales or discount items during the holidays?

This is where building a business plan can come in handy. Make sure you’re prepared to take on the nitty-gritty details that come along with running your own business.

You will have to decide how much to price items so that you’re not only able to pay for your materials but also able to make a profit. Make sure you also account for startup costs, as well as how much it costs to list your products or run a personal website.

It’s important to keep track of your financial details. If you have anyone else working under you and helping you craft, you can use a website like PayStubCreator to provide them with their own financial records.

Researching your target demographic and tailoring your social media efforts and new products towards their interests is important as well. As your customer base changes, your products may need to adapt slightly as well.

Get Crafting

Many people decide to sell crafts online because they love crafting as a hobby. It’s important to recognize that running an online business is much more complex than that. However, once you gain some momentum, you can enjoy what you love doing while making some money along the way too!

For more crafting and DIY articles, check out the rest of our site!


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What You Should Know About Mold-Making

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Making molds seems like a complex process, but it’s actually incredibly simple and pays great dividends for you in the long run. With a little research and effort, you will effectively be able to turn your hobby into a small business.

As a crafts project or for your business, making molds is the best way to go if you need multiples of the same products. Perhaps you’re looking to turn your chocolate recipe into an online dessert selling success. Maybe you’re looking to replicate a popular piece of art you’ve created.

Whatever your mold is used for, it’s important to get every detail just right.

But there are a lot of pitfalls that will slow you down if you don’t pay attention.

Here are some important things to know about mold-making in general that will improve the result of your own process.

  • Measurements are a must!

The measurements of your object will determine everything else in the molding process: how big your mold container should be, how long you should spend cleaning and caulking the material, and how much sealant you should use.

If your object is three dimensional, then it makes the beginning stages a bit more complicated, because your mold is going to need to be made as two parts (one for the front side and one for the back side of your object).

So make sure to really nail down those measurements!

  • Choosing a bad sealant could be your downfall

The sealant you use is where all of your money should be going, because using a cheap silicone sealant will always result in a bad mold. After all of your hard work preparing everything, the silicone should just be doing the rest of the work for you. RTV silicone works great because it’s fast acting (because it’s room-temperature vulcanized), keeps your mold strong to prevent tearing, and is also more than capable of catching every detail of your molded object.

  • Making your own mold container is preferable

To save on silicone, you’ll want your mold container to be not too much larger than the object you’re making a mold of. It’s best if you make your own mold container, and it should absolutely be box-shaped. Feel free to put inserts into said box to close the gap between your object and the inside of your container (silicone’s expensive!).

Your container has to be tall enough that your object will be submerged without the sealant overflowing, and make sure that you waterproof the inside of your container so that the silicone doesn’t seep out during your molding process.

  • Cleaning your object before mold-making is critical

This is by and large the most tedious part of the entire mold-making process. The more complex your object is, the more difficult it will be to thoroughly clean it. Having any dirt at all can result in a problematic mold. Use high-quality sandpaper to buff out any imperfections in your starter object, or suffer the consequences of needing to make a whole new mold.

Once you’re sure that your item is fully cleaned, you are ready to begin making your mold.

  • Cutting your mold right helps prevent imperfect casts

Once your silicone has solidified and your mold is finished, you still have a few more steps before you’re truly done. If your object was three dimensional, you’ll have to cut the solidified silicone in half so that your mold is in two parts.

A straight line is no good, because it makes it more difficult to know if your mold is perfectly aligned or not. By making jagged cuts and grooves, your two-sided mold will have no choice but to fit perfectly together. Use a sharp mold-making knife complete with a sturdy blade handle to provide the steady hand needed during this cutting process.

So long as you’re thorough and careful, this mold-making process will go smoothly. Doing it right the first time is best, because otherwise you’ll be wasting a lot of money on product. Remember, you’re doing all of the heavy lifting in the beginning so that casting is fast and easy!

Making molds is easy, but making a good mold takes a bit more effort and careful planning. With these tips in mind, you can turn your mold crafting project into a great success.

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How to Make a Cozy Quilt

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quilting-630902_640Image Credit: Pixabay

There are so many satisfying craft projects that sometimes it’s hard to know what to do next! For the winter months, though, there are few projects quite so satisfying as quilting. Whether you decide to go and buy some new material specially or have a look through your wardrobe for old clothes you can cut into scraps, with a pair of scissors, a good pattern and a sewing machine, you will be away.

Choosing Your Pattern

Quilting is essentially just a way to put a lot of scraps of material together to make a cute and functional design. This means that not only are there plenty of gorgeous patterns to choose from, you can also design your own pattern quite easily. All you need to do is sketch out your idea and then cut the fabric out to fit, remembering to leave a small edge of ¼” for stitching.

One of the easiest patterns to choose, though, is a strip quilt. This uses strips of fabric to create a simple pattern, ideal for using up old material and practising as a beginner. A strip quilt made with a rainbow of fabrics or a few fabrics of different shades is a nice way to create an ombre effect blanket everyone will love.

Choosing the Materials

If you are planning to use a few different materials, make sure that they are all of a similar weight so that they can be stitched together easily. You should also make sure that any materials you decide to use have been pre-shrunk and are definitely color-fast, otherwise the first wash of your quilt could also be the last!

There are all sorts of patterns available so consider how you want your quilt to look and try putting different fabrics together while you are in the shop to see how they match. Quilts can be anything from kitsch to luxurious so you can really go to town in order to create exactly what you want.

Putting it All Together

Once you have chosen your pattern and bought or found enough material, it’s time to start cutting. There’s lots of advice for beginners about quilting, but it’s possible that the most repeated is ‘measure twice, cut once’. This is just a friendly reminder that once you have taken the scissors to your fabric, there’s no going back so make sure it’s ironed perfectly flat and you are sure of what you are doing first.

You could hand stitch your quilt, but using a machine will be much faster. If you don’t already own one, have a look at Stitch & Sew’s recommendations for ideas. You might want to practise your technique on some spare fabric first, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you will be surprised how quickly your quilt gets done!

Making a quilt is a lovely weekend project that will keep you occupied during the remnants of the winter months. You can even get your kids involved with making the design and cutting out the fabric, or maybe even make a smaller version for their dolls. The options are endless.

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Disney’s Zootopia Clips and Fun Printables #Zootopia

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Only a few more days until Disney’s newest animated movie arrives. I can’t wait to take my girls to see Zootopia! Here are some fun clips and printables.
“Arriving” Clip:

“Fur of a Skunk” Clip:

“Elephant in the Room” Clip:

“Meet Clawhauser”

“Have A Donut”

“Assistant Mayor Bellwether”

Check out these fun printables. Click on the image or the link below to print the full versions.

zootopia coloring pageszootopia-coloring-pages

zootopia hexaflexagonzootopia-hexaflexagon

zootopia animal tracks gamezootopia-pawprint-match-up

Like ZOOTOPIA on Facebook:

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Follow Disney Animation on Instagram:

Visit Disney Animation on Tumblr:

Visit the official ZOOTOPIA website here:

ZOOTOPIA opens in theatres everywhere on March 4th!

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How to Host a Royal Ball with Disney’s Cinderella Plus Printable Majestic Games and Crafts

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Cinderella2015 Bluray small[10]Have you seen Disney’s Cinderella?  It is a beautiful live action movie with all the magic of Disney!

Disney’s Cinderella is now available on Digital HD, Roku and Android TV are the newest devices that came on board with Disney Movies Anywhere, alongside iTunes, Google Play, Walmart’s VUDU, Amazon Video and Microsoft Movies & TV! Disney Movies Anywhere offers consumers even greater access to their digital collections of Disney, Disney•Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars movies at home and on the go.
To celebrate, we have these fun activity sheets to help you host your very own Royal Ball with your family and friends as well as some new clips from the bonus material that are available on both Blu-ray and Disney Movies Anywhere!

Download Cinderella Host A Royal Ball

Download Cinderella Majestic Games & Craft

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Fused Glass Art Classes for Kids in Boca Raton at BANG Glass

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11143343_808900262541772_7611047412153163383_o (1)Last week my girls had the opportunity to take a class and create their own fused glass masterpieces at BANG Glass, a new fused glass art studio in Boca Raton, FL.  BANG Glass classes are taught by BANG Glass designer and instructor, Scott Avidon, a graduate of Pratt Institute with more than 15 years of experience in the industry working with such brands as Steuben, Bvlgari, Waterford, Kenneth Cole and Versace.  That’s A LOT of experience so he knows what he’s talking about.  My girls loved learning all about fused glass making from Scott.  20150728_102235 (1024x576)He showed the class examples of things he had made as well as examples made by other children.  20150728_102253 (1024x576)We all toured his studio where we learned how glass is broken, polished with a special machine, and also how it is melted in a kiln.  20150728_103309 (1024x576)The kids were all fascinated and asked Scott lots of questions.

I had always been afraid of my girls doing fused glass art because was worried that they would get burned.  That was probably not the best assumption on my part.  I guess I had always pictured it being something like the glass artists that make the glass figures at Disney and I thought there was flame involved.   You know what they say about assuming……so I want to make sure other parents knew exactly what this fun art style involves.  The kids get no where near the hot glass.  To create the fused glass art the children are given a piece of glass to use as their “canvas” and a bunch of different pieces of glass to create their design with.  20150728_110650 (576x1024)The kids can design their artwork on paper first or just play around right on the piece of glass.

20150728_110717 (576x1024)Once they decide how they want their design to look they use special glue gel to place the small pieces of glass where they will be.  20150728_113601 (576x1024) (2)After the pieces are finished and the children leave, Scott puts the pieces in the kiln, does his magic, and the pieces are ready for to be picked up a few days later.

Here’s what the pieces looked like before they were put in the kiln.

And here’s the final results-

My kids loved it and are begging to go back!  Are you looking for a unique activity for the kids before school starts?  BANG Glass is offering classes for children ages 8 and up on August 4, 6, 11 & 13 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. BANG Glass art studio and showroom located at 2600 N.W. 1st Avenue in Boca Raton.

The cost is $35 per child, per class and includes up to two completed projects that will be ready for pick up in a week’s time.  Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.   Space is limited so reserve your space, call 561-430-5179 or email

bang glass2Adults can get in on the action, too!  BANG glass offers three-hour classes for adults for $65 throughout the week for beginners as well as professional artists, where you can create a project such as a custom glass tray or bowl.  I can’t wait to make something myself, too!

bang glassBANG Glass also produces custom fused glass dinnerware, bars, tables, sinks wall panels and lighting fixtures.  Scott does some amazing work so if you are looking for some fused glass for your home or office, check it it out.  For more information and class schedule, visit

Disclosure- We received a free class to facilitate our review but all opinions are 100% our own.

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Use your Noodle With These Great Pool Noodle Ideas

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Check out Use your Noodle With These Great Pool Noodle Ideas

by ThisIsCori at Mode

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Upcycled Envelope Bookmarks

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envelope bookmark collageMy girls and I love crafting.  When we’re looking for ideas, one of the places I discovered to look is is a great site for fun craft ideas and printing solutions.  Here’s a very simple Upcycled Envelope Bookmark Craft that uses very few items.  It’s great because you can keep the supplies you need for it in your car or bag and your kids can create a mess free craft in minutes.

an envelope (we like to use used envelopes to upcycle them)
a glue stick
scissors (or a paper cutter)
printouts of your favorite characters, photos, etc. to decorate your bookmark

How to Make It:
1. Cut the corner off of an old envelope into a triangle.  (You can use a new envelope in a pinch.)20150511_1558232. Test the envelope triangle on the corner of the pages of your book to make sure it fits.
3. Put the triangle on your character print out, photo, etc. and trace the triangle.  You can trace just the triangle or if your image hangs over the triangle like in my example you can trace around the top of the image to create a bookmark that sticks up from the book.
20150511_1604264. Cut out the image.
20150511_1604565. Put glue on the envelope and glue the image down.
20150511_1606156. Put the bookmark on the corner of the pages you wish to mark.

Enter to win an HP Envy Printer:

Creativity is contagious, which is why we hope you’ll follow @MyPrintly and help us spread the word to your friends and followers! They’ll be choosing ten (10) lucky winners who will each receive an HP Envy printer and an Instant Ink Enrollment Card, worth over $150!

To be eligible to win, please perform at least one of the following options:

  1. Follow @MyPrintly on Twitter and tweet a message encouraging your followers to visit the site and follow along, using the hashtags #MyPrintly #CMYK and linking to:
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  3. Follow MyPrintly on Pinterest and pin a MyPrintly project to one of your Pinterest boards, using the hashtags #MyPrintly #CMYK

For every option you choose above, you will receive an entry into the contest. Perform all three of the above options and receive three entries!
Submit a complete link to your post(s) HERE by May 15th, 2015. Winners will be selected and notified the week of May 18th, 2015.

Disclosure- This post is part of a sponsored campaign with MyPrintly and MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Fun Spring Craft Projects for Kids

1. Fun DIY Tile Coasters
2. Crochet Earrings
3. Painted Wooden Bangles
4. DIY Lip Balm
5. Gold Painted Rocks
6. Fancy Bow Bracelet
7. Spray Painted T-Shirts
8. Kitty Key Chain
9. Light Bulb Bumble Bees
10. Fun 3-D Cards
11. DIY Striped Straws
12. Bird Nest Necklace
13. Make Toe Cat Shoes
14. Easter Egg Cosies
15. Pipe Cleaner Princess Crowns
16. Rubiks Cube Tissue Box Cover
17. Best Play Dough Ever
18. Make Lucky Dice
19. Candy Holder Craft
20. Egg Sculptures
21. Paper Lanterns
22. Easy Flower Basket
23. Salt Dough Stamping
24. Clay Earrings
25. Heart Printed Jeans

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How to Have a Disney Villaintine’s Day Party and Show Your DisneySide

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Disclosure- I received a party box filled with items to host a DisneySide party from Mom Select and Disney.  All opinions are 100% my own.  Thanks Mom Select and Disney!

I was so excited to be selected to host a DisneySide party.  I have tween daughters so I was selected to host a Disney Villains themed party.  Since the parties were to be hosted in February I decided to make mine a Disney Villaintine’s Day party.  Once we had the theme, my girls and I went to work deciding on food, games, and crafts.  Disney Villaintine’s Day was such a fun theme to come up with things for!  Disney and MomSelect sent so many great things to host our party- cake mix, decorations, games, Twinings tea bags, HP photo paper, All detergent, and lots more!  Check out what received below:

Unboxingmy disneyside

We received so many great things to host our party but there are lots of other things you can add to make your Villaintine’s Day party a success.  Here’s everything we did for our party:


I found some great Disney Villains headbands and jewelry on clearance for $2 each at Claire’s so I snatched it right up.  Each girl received a headband (Cruella or Ursula) and a matching bracelet and necklace.  costumes


We had so much fun planning our party that we came up with more ideas than we even had time for!  Here’s what we came up with:
For background music I found this great, free website that had several great playlists of Disney Villains songs.  It was perfect.


Each party guest received a favor bag with lots of goodies in it.  I made notebooks with our invitation design on the cover so the girls could remember the party.  There was also villain color nail polish, heart shaped candy, villain Jelly Belly jelly beans, heart rings and bracelets, a heart pencil, some printed games such as a villains word search and coloring page, Disney Villains lip gloss, and a favor box filled with candy.

disney villains favors

disney villains favor box labelsHere are the Disney Villains labels I made for the favor boxes.  I also used them on upside down paper cups stacked in a pyramid that the girls were supposed to try to knock over with bean bags but we ran out of time.


Most of the decorations I used were images I printed off of the internet via searching for Disney Villains or decorations that were sent in my party kit.  disney villains decorationsFor the magic mirror pictured below I bought an inexpensive silver charger plate at Michael’s (it was on sale for under $3 I believe).  I printed a picture of the magic mirror from Snow White and taped it to the center of the plate.  It looked great, only cost a few dollars, and since I only taped the picture on I can reuse it for something else.P1230802

P1230809Heart gems, battery operated tea light candles, and red & white heart balloon weights all from the dollar store made for some simple yet elegant centerpieces that didn’t take up too much room so the girls still had plenty of room to craft.

Photo Booth

I bought a plan wood frame at Michael’s and painted it black.  Then I sponged on purple paint.  On top of the purple paint I sponged on silver paint and finished it off with some purple glitter paint to create a photo booth for the girls to take pictures.  I hung a simple purple plastic tablecloth as the backdrop.  Easy peasy!
disney villains frame


Here are the signs I made for all the food I served.  Below you can click to download the signs to make them yourself.  P1230792 (2)

Villains Food Labels- Set 1
Villains Food Labels- Set 2


In addition to Scar’s Soda and The Wicked Queen’s Water, I served Poor Unfortunate Souls Punch.  To make the punch I put in two parts Green Hawaiian Punch to one part Sprite, added ice, and stirred.  When we served the punch we put a gummy worm in the bottom as the Poor Unfortunate Soul.

P1230816Plenty of munchies to snack on!

P1230846I tried to balance all the sweets with some healthy fruits, veggies, and hummus.

P1230849The Gaston’s Grilled Cheese should have been cheese sandwiches prepared on a panini press but they ended up just being cheese sandwiches because my husband (who was supposed to be making the food) injured his arm the morning of the party so we just cut the cheese sandwiches into heart shapes and served them that way.  No one seemed to mind!

P1230848The moms appreciated having healthy deli sandwiches for dinner in addition to the veggies and hummus.


To make the tentacle hot dogs we just cut each hot dog lengthwise twice about 1/3 of the way up to create 4 “tentacles”.  We then boiled the hot dogs until they were cooked.  So easy and the kids loved them!


P1230868I’ll admit I over planned for this party because I had so many ideas.  I had planned on having the girls make bookmarks but we ran out of time so I just had them take the printed bookmarks home so they could finish them later.  Simply punch a hole in the top, add some ribbon and beads, and viola!10420114_10152542256711770_688334783885228624_n (1)Download the Disney Villains bookmark template (no words, just the pictures) here.  And this is the original Disney Villains file I used to create it, to create my invites, and create the cover of the journals that I gave as favors.

2 cups

I bought these pretty plastic wine glasses at The Dollar Tree in packs of 2!  They were perfect for our Queen of Hearts glasses.  I gave the girls heart shaped gems and some glue and they each made a beautiful glass that they could use to put trinkets in.

queen of hearts glasses

The girls also painted wooden frames that I bought from Michael’s for $1.  Once the paint dried they put Villains stickers on them to decorate their frames.  The girls will then put pictures from the party in their frames once I have the pictures printed.  Such an easy craft but the girls really enjoyed it.disney villains frames

My favorite craft of all was the Mickey head dot art mugs.  The mugs were $2 each at Michael’s.  I had looked for mugs in the dollar store but they didn’t have enough plain white ones.  I ended up liking the ones from Michael’s better anyway.  I cut out Mickey Mouse heads on cardstock and I also had everyone’s initial cut out.  The girls taped down Mickey’s head on one side of their mug and “dotted” all around it with oil based Sharpie markers.  Be careful not to get paint under the template.  They did the same with their initials on the other side of their mugs.  sharpie marker mugsOnce the paint was dried and the girls brought their mugs home the mugs were put into a cold oven, brought to 350 degrees, and baked for 30 minutes.  Make sure you get the oil based Sharpies and not the water based ones!



How Many Disney Villains Can You Name?
We started off with an ice breaker.  The girls were divided into 2 groups and they had to see how many Disney Villains they could name.
P1230814Don’t Say the Word Villain or the Name of Any Disney Villain
The next game we played until the party was over.  Similar to the clothespin game played at baby showers, the girls each had a red clothespin clipped to them.  They couldn’t say the word villain or the name of any of the Disney Villains.  If one of the girls caught another girl saying one of the forbidden words they had to call them out and take their clothespin.  The winner was named the ultimate villain and she won a bracelet maker that was part of the party kit.  The girls had so much fun with this game!P1230830Disney Trivia
There was a Disney Trivia game included in our party kit that we all enjoyed while the girls’ projects were drying.  I was surprised just how much Disney knowledge the girls had and it was a great way for the girls and the moms to learn about Disney facts that they didn’t know.  The trivia game really got all of us reminiscent of past trips to Disney World and excited to go back again soon.

P1230837We had planned on playing Disney Bingo (from the party box) and  a cup knocking over game but we ran out of time.  For the cup game I had purchased bean bags and put the faces of various Disney Villains on the cups.  The cups were to be stacked in a pyramid and each girl would have had a chance to knock over as many cups as she could with the bean bags.

We all had an amazing time and with all the ideas I had we’ll probably host another Disney Villains party for Halloween.  It’s such a fun theme.  Thank you so much Disney and MomSelect!


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