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osmo genius kit review

My girls love technology. What kid doesn’t these days? But I was really getting tired of them just wanting to play mindless games on their cellphones. If I let them, they’d play on their cellphones all day. That’s why I set up our Summer Electronics Rules. They have to earn electronics time by doing chores but to cash in their earned electronics time they have to do various tasks such as reading for 30 minutes and playing 15 minutes on an educational website or with an educational game. When were were offered an Osmo to review my girls couldn’t wait to test it out. I’ll admit that when I first heard of Osmo I worried that my girls (10 and 12 years old) would be too old for it but boy was I wrong. The product says it is for ages 5-12 but it each game has so many levels and grows with your child’s skills so it is challenging even for my 12 year old. I played with Osmo and some of the levels of games like Osmo Tangram were even challenging for me. And any age can learn to draw with Osmo Masterpiece. But I’ll get into all that in a bit. Let’s talk about what Osmo is.

So what is Osmo?

Osmo, created by young parents, encourages creative thinking and social interaction by expanding gameplay beyond the screen, turning any physical object into a digitally connected game piece.

Osmo is a game system that is integrates with your iPad for a unique gaming experience. There are five games can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App store. Search for Osmo and you’ll find Newton, Tangram, Masterpiece, Words, Numbers and the newest game Coding. All 5 games require use of the Osmo reflector and base which come in all 3 of the Osmo Kits. Tangram, Coding, Words and Numbers use physical objects that come with the set, whereas Newton and Masterpiece only require use of the Osmo reflector and base. We received the Genius Kit to review which comes with the physical objects needed to play all the current games except Osmo Coding and my girls have already asked if I would begged me to buy them the coding set.

What Comes With Osmo?

  • Genius Kit comes with reflector, base, and Words, Masterpiece, Tangram, Newton and Numbers Games
  • Coding Kit comes with reflector, base, Newton, Masterpiece, and Coding.
  • Wonder Kit comes with reflector, base, Newton, Masterpiece, Tangram, Words, Numbers, and Coding Games.

Important Details

  • Groundbreaking system encourages creative thinking and social interaction by expanding gameplay beyond the screen.
  • Games can be played and even created by the whole family, anywhere, and on any surface.
  • Works with latest iPads: iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina, iPad Air.
  • Recommended Ages: 5-12
  • Suggested MSRP $99.99
Get an Osmo on Best Buy. Learn more about Osmo on the official Osmo site.

playing with osmo

The Osmo is very easy to set up and can be used almost anywhere with a flat surface. Right out of the box you just  have to adjust the base for your model iPad by following the direction. Once the base is set up for your model iPad simply place the iPad in the base, slide the Osmo reflector over the iPad’s camera and you’re ready to play. Osmo works by “reading” the playing area in front of the iPad. We found that it works best (especially playing Tangrams) when you play on a light surface so we put a big piece of white paper in front of the iPad when we play. It just makes it easier for the iPad camera to properly see what is in the playing area. Playing in a well lit area helps, too.

Osmo Tangram ­

Arrange wooden puzzle pieces into matching on­screen shapes. Play with your child or challenge yourself to more advanced levels with Osmo acting as your mentor by lighting up with each victory

osmo tangram

Tangram can be played individually or with more than one player cooperating together to solve a puzzle. There are 7 Tangram tiles in various shapes and colors. On the screen the game shows the players an image formed with the various tiles and they have to figure out how to place the tiles to form that image. In easier levels the picture on the screen shows each individual tile that is used to form the image and in harder levels players just see an outline of the image and have to figure out how the tiles get arranged to form the image. Tangrams is a great game for spacial and visual problem solving. Players have to look on the screen of the iPad to see the image and move the pieces in the right position in front of the iPad on the table. As the correct tiles are placed in the correct place the image changes color on the screen to let players know it’s in the right spot. Make sure to move your hands out of the way after you place a tile so the camera can see the pieced you put down. As you complete the puzzles, the harder levels become unlocked.

The game Tangram has been around for almost a thousand years, but Osmo reinvents this classic using a fully interactive video experience. With visual and audio feedback, multiple levels of difficulty, achievements and more.

Photo Credit Margot Herrman

Photo Credit Margot Herrman

Osmo Newton ­

Use your creativity with inventive objects such as a hand ­drawn basket, grandma’s glasses, dad’s keys or anything around you to guide falling on­screen balls into targeted zones.


Newton is one of the games that can be played without any special pieces. Balls drop from the top of the screen and players direct the balls to bounce off of various targets by drawing shapes to direct the balls where they want them to go. Players can also put random objects, even Tangram pieces on the playing surface and the iPad camera will turn those objects into lines that will also direct the onscreen balls to bounce off the target. Players have to plan how to get the balls to bounce off of the targets and adjust their technique as the balls come down so there is lots of problem solving and strategizing involved.

TIPS- Use a dry erase board to draw shapes to direct the balls into the targets. Grab items around the house and see what works best to direct the balls. We tried various markers, pencils, our hands, and even some dolls and toys.

60 levels of fun! The more you succeed, the harder it gets! You can use simple strategies in the beginning, but as you progress Newton will challenge you with bouncing balls, accelerating platforms and fans that force you to think in new ways!

Photo Credit Margot Herrman

Photo Credit Margot Herrman

Osmo Words ­

Be the first to guess and spell out the on­ screen hidden word by tossing down real ­life letters faster than your friends. A related picture gives the clue

osmo words

Words is similar to a game of hangman. There are 2 sets of letters and you can play by yourself or with several players. In Verse Mode players compete and in Zen Mode players work together. An image appears on the screen and players have to figure out what is depicted in the image. There are circles on the bottom of the screen that represent how many letters are in the word. Players put letters on the playing surface that they think are part of the word that is being represented. If the letter is correct they get a point and the letter shows up in the word. If they get the letter wrong the letter goes up on the top of the screen so players can keep track of letters that have been tried. But you have to be fast or your opponent will put the letters down before you!

As the levels get harder the images get harder, too. For example one round there was a picture of a horse jumping. We thought that the word was HORSE but when my girls put down an S it was wrong. It turned out that the word was RIDER. So they had to think outside of the box a little and not pick the obvious word. It’s all trial and error but you only get a certain amount of guesses per round so be careful! For younger children this is a great game to learn to spell various words and while older children might already know how to spell the words, the harder levels make them think about what the words might be and act fast to get the letters down quickly.

Words comes with over 150 default puzzle images, but if you guess your way through those it’s easy to log on to myOsmo and download new albums created by the community. This added content can extend your playtime endlessly! Do you have a great idea for a Words album? If so, you can create and share it with the community at myOsmo! The platform allows you to easily build and download your own custom albums. For teachers, this is a great way to translate class material in an engaging way.

Photo Credit Margot Herrman

Photo Credit Margot Herrman

Osmo Numbers ­

With a counting, addition, concatenation and multiplication mode, there is a challenge for everybody. As kids get more confident in one mode, they can move on the the next one, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

osmo numbers

Numbers is a fun math game that players play with the Osmo number tiles. The goal is to fill up the tank with water and collect all the fish. There are 4 different modes that range from simple counting using dot tiles to more complex multiplication problems using numbered tiles. Again this just shows how the system will grow with a child through various math levels.

Kids arrange physical tiles, including dots and digits, to make numbers and complete levels. Add by putting more tiles, subtract by removing tiles and multiply by connecting tiles together. Experimenting becomes fast and intuitive. Kids play math without the pressure of time or the fear that they’ll get the wrong answer. Osmo’s real-time feedback lets kids learn through experimentation in a stress-free environment.

osmo numbers shot

Photo Credit Margot Herrman

Photo Credit Margot Herrman

Osmo Masterpiece ­

Supercharge your drawing skills with Masterpiece. Pick any image from the camera, curated gallery or integrated web search and Masterpiece will transform it into easy­ to ­follow lines and help you draw it to perfection. You can then share a magical time ­lapse video of your creation with your friends and family

hello kitty osmo masterpiece

Masterpiece is a great tool to learn how to draw everything from objects around the house to pets and people. My girls love art and love to draw but they sometimes get intimidated by drawing things from their own minds. That’s why the both love Masterpiece. Simply use your iPad to take a picture of what you want to draw and Osmo will turn it into a lined drawing that you can draw. You can even adjust how simple or complex the drawing will be.

TIP- We found that the less shadow in the picture the easier it was to draw because Osmo will turn shadows into random lines in your drawing. We use a light to get rid of shadows when we’re taking pictures for Masterpiece.

drawing hello kitty

Once you take a picture in Masterpiece it turns it into a lined image. Then simply look at the screen and use your pencil on your paper to follow the lines and draw the picture. It is great for eye hand coordination. As you draw the lines you can see what you’re doing on the screen.

Photo Credit Margot Herrman

Photo Credit Margot Herrman

There is no limit to the images you can create with Masterpiece! There are also lots of templates in various categories that you can learn to draw such as animals, food, nature, and lots more plus you can search for images, too. My daughter has problems with handwriting and there is even a set of block letters and a set of cursive letters for children to practice with.

hello kitty final

When you are finished with your picture you can save the time-lapsed video of you drawing the image and even email it to someone. It’s fun to watch the video to see how the drawing was made.

Take a picture of anything you want, be it a friend, a toy or anything online. Masterpiece will transform it into simple outlines so you can draw it to perfection. Kids love to draw, but with the rise of smartphones and iPads, they increasingly dismiss pen and paper. With Masterpiece kids can combine their love of technology and drawing, while learning useful skills.

Why We Love Osmo

Both my girls are loving using Osmo. They are asking to use it instead of playing on their phones or watching tv. Both said it would be too hard to pick a favorite game because they are all fun. They enjoy the challenge and the variety of the games. It’s nice to have an electronic toy that you want your children to be playing on. I love that as a parent I set up an account and add each child as a user so I can track their progress in each game. I also love that my girls can play the games together, learn to work cooperatively, and they are learning while they are playing. It’s a win win all around! If you have an iPad and children you need this game!

Watch how teachers can use Osmo in the classroom, too:

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Fun with Lalaloopsy Tinies and Lalaloopsy Girls April Sunsplash and Tippy Tumblina and Lalaloopsy Tinies

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lalaloopsy girlsThe Lalaloopsy Girls are all grown up!  Do you have a girl who likes fashion dolls?  She’ll love Lalaloopsy Girls.  They each come with removable clothes, interchangeable feet (shoes), a fun pet, and a comb to comb their fun, curly lanyard hair.  They are the size of regular fashion dolls so they are great for girls that love Lalaloopsy and want to play with an older doll.  My girls are 9 and 11 and both love playing with their Lalaloopsy Girls.  They make of cute stories that they act out with their dolls in their dollhouse.

Lalaloopsy Girls are best friends are now roommates as they live and learn and laugh at the silliest and funniest school in the land- The Lalaloopsy Academy for the Learning Arts (L.A.L.A)!  You can find lots of fun videos, games, and more on the Lalaloopsy website.

Each Doll Features:

• Each Lalaloopsy Girls™ character has a unique personality based on what she was made from
• Features fun lanyard hair for immersive hair play
• Includes comb
• Includes adorable pet swan
• Sewn on Date: February 2nd (Two-Two, or Tutu)
• Totally collectible!


lalaloopsy april sunsplashCheers! I’m April Sunsplash and I was sewn from a rainbow umbrella. I can’t imagine any day better than this one, except maybe tomorrow? Anything bright and rainbowy and happy is always my favorite, and my pet toucan is like having a sunshiny friend with me all the time! I smile in every class, even Cloud Sculpting 101, because I make rainbows instead of clouds!  

lalaloopsy tippy tumbelinaWelcome! I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Tippy Tumblelina and I was sewn from a ballerina’s tutu. My pet swan is the best understudy any prima ballerina could ever ask for! Ballet is great and all but together Swan and I have mastered all types of dance from boogie to tango but our favorite dance of all time is FLASH MOBS!!!

Click on the images below and drag the picture to see it move.  We had fun making these short stop action “movies”.



DSC_0049 (1024x681)

DSC_0061 (1024x681)



DSC_0066Want to take Lalaloopsy fun with you?  These Lalaloopsy Tinies are beyond adorable and oh so collectible!


lalaloopsy tiniesThe world of Lalaloopsy is now tinier than ever – introducing Lalaloopsy Tinies! Not only are your favorite Lalaloopsy characters sew tiny, they also have soft, lanyard hair! Each package comes with 3,  5, or 10 different Tinies with fun hair to style! Each stands 1.5″ tall.  Most can stand on her own except the mermaid one we received because she has a tail of course!  My 9 year old has always loved to take figures with her wherever she goes and Lalaloopsy Tinies are perfect for that.  I’ll admit I am even drawn to them for their sheer cuteness and fun, curly lanyard hair that is springy and fun to play with.  They are so collectible, too!  There are various packs to collect as well as adorable houses, and more!  Which ones do you have?

lalaloopsy tinies tinies

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Moxie Girlz Knitting Fun Avery

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Like crafting and playing with fashion dolls?  If so, this doll is for you!  We received a Moxie Girlz Knitting Fun Avery Doll to review but all opinions are 100% our own.  moxie girlz knitting fun averyKnitting Fun Avery Moxie Girl is beautiful and a fun doll to play with.  She comes with a four-prong ring tool to knit items for your doll, colorful yarns, beads to decorate your creations, and a headband just for your little girl.  Avery also comes with a bow barrette just for you to embellish using your finger knitting creations!
The Moxie Girlz love to get creative and make amazing gifts to share with friends with finger knitting! Create real cute and colorful scarves, bracelets, rings and hair accessories for your Moxie Girlz doll and you too! It’s super easy, super creative, and super fun!  Use your hands to “finger knit” (it’s so easy) and the four-prong ring tool to knit for your doll.  It says that the doll is for ages 5+ plus but we recommend 8+ to finger knit.

moxie girlz knitting fun avery


P1240236Avery is lots of fun to play with.  My girls have fun playing with her in their standard doll size dollhouse and she fits well with all of the furniture and accessories they already have.


P1240248Avery comes with removable clothes and her feet (shoes) are interchangeable with other Moxie Girlz.  One of our favorite things about this Moxie Girlz Doll is that you can pose her to sit and stand on her own without a doll stand.  This makes creative play so much more fun.  Click below to spin her around and see her from all sides!

Knitting on the knitting tool and on your fingers is so much fun.  It just takes a little patience and practice to learn.  When my 9 year old first tried she got frustrated after about a minute because she saw how easy it was for me.  I showed her the official how-to video from Moxie Girlz and she agreed to try it again.  Within 5 minutes she was giggling and LOVING finger knitting.  You can see the pure joy, excitement, and pride in her face in the pictures below and it was so heartwarming to see as her mom.
knittingP1240256My daughter was absolutely beaming once she figured it out!

P1240259Once she created her first scarf/necklace she decided that she would make them for all her friends and dolls.  She even asked if she could make a business and sell her creations!  So cute!

P1240258Avery comes with some yarn but I suggest getting some more yarn because the yarn included will go fast.  We have lots of yarn in our house so my girls are having so much fun knitting, knitting, knitting!

moxie girlz knitting fun avery2
Check out the Moxie Girlz branded YouTube video segment and step-by-step “how to” instruction manual included to show how fun and easy finger knitting is!

Play FREE Moxie Girlz games

Learn more about your favorite Moxie Girlz only on

Connect with Moxie Girlz:

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Edu Science Wacky Lab Extreme Science Lab Review

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Amaze your friends and family with this Toys’R’Us exclusive Edu Science Wacky Lab Extreme Science Lab! My girls were soon excited when this arrived in the mail. They are hands-on learners for sure and love to try out new things. My oldest is 11 and has been dipping into experiments at school a little bit, but not as much as she would like. That’s why this kit is perfect for her!

She couldn’t wait to tear into the highly decorated box to see what was inside. That’s why I let her cover this one. She took all of her own pictures. Since there are over 100 activities to do in this awesome box, she hasn’t done them all quite yet. This science kit is perfect for those “I’m bored” moments.


The Edu Science Wacky Lab Extreme Science Lab includes test tubes with lids, rack, mixing tray, magnifying glass, pipettes, scoop, Petri dish, cups, energy stick, geyser and twister tubes, magnet, energy beads, string, bags of powders/crystals, water-absorbing materials, plastic loop, hex nut, PTC paper, color tablets, film canister, and instructions. Everything your awesome kids need to become a REAL scientist. Well, sorta.

You have everything you need to grow crystals, concoct different types of goo, create quicksand, make a tornado in a bottle and so more. The possibilities are actually mind blowing. And for the price… you honestly can’t beat it.


I’m quite impressed with this kit. Much more than I thought I would be. We have tried other science kits in the past and none have been this great. I will definitely be adding to her collection. It’s great to see an educational “toy” keep her attention for so long. She always tells me she wants to be a “CSI person” so this might be the start of her journey.

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K’NEX® Amusement Parks Star Shooter Roller Coaster Review #ChoosenByKids

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toy testerYou probably saw in my post about my family’s holiday traditions that I was attending the Chosen by Kids (#ChoosenByKids) event at Walmart to check out all the hottest new toys for this holiday season.  They had toys for all different ages for children to test out.Chosen by KidsThe ones that struck my eye were the K’NEX®  Roller Coaster Building Sets.  At the store they had a Super Sonic Swirl Coaster Set.   It wasn’t assembled but I did get to see the parts it included and the instructions.
KnexI knew my girls (and my 39 year old child aka my husband) would love to build any one of the 3 K’NEX®  roller coaster building sets.  They didn’t have any for purchase in the first store that I went to but thankfully I found the Star Shooter Roller Coaster at another Walmart a few days later.
K'NEX® Amusement Parks Star Shooter Roller Coaster ReviewThe K’NEX®  Star Shooter Coaster is a roller coaster set that children age 7 and up can assemble themselves.  It is motorized and includes a battery powered car that goes around the track.  When full constructed it reaches over 3 feet high!  There are 3 roller coaster building sets to assemble in this collection- Star Shooter Roller Coaster, Super Sonic Swirl, and Amazin 8 Roller Coaster.  All 3 sets look like so much fun and I was excited to find a Star Shooter Roller Coaster Set! 

The Star Shooter Coaster is motorized for exciting performance that sends the car up the chain lift and spiraling through the track! This set comes with 434 parts, primarily rods & connectors, to build a K’NEX® thrill ride!  It is recommended for builders ages 7+ and requires 2 “AA” batteries which are not included.  Make sure to grab a package of batteries while at Walmart so your child can play with this fun set right away.
knex 2The set says ages 7+ but I think it is better for older children.  My husband and 11 year old daughter started to put it together but my husband had to join in to help her a little which is great for some fun family time.  This set helps spatially because  you have to make sure each piece isn’t just connected to the correct other pieces but they have to be all going in the right direction, too.  It is a challenge but one that is fun to do together.
This is how far they got after about an hour:
KnexWe ran out of time before the deadline for this post but we’re planning on getting the set finished this weekend.  We can’t wait to see how it turns out.  It would make a great gift for any K’NEX® fan so check it out!
What is your favorite toy this holiday season?

Get social with K’NEX®:
K’NEX® on Facebook
K’NEX® on Twitter 
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Strawberry Shortcake Lemon Meringue Styling Doll Review

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strawberry shortcake styling doll

Strawberry Shortcake Styling Dolls
All the girls in Berry Bitty City like to get her hair styled at Lemon’s salon, and now you can be the stylist!  Whether you’re getting ready for a fancy event or a fun-filled adventure, you can create new looks every time you play. Brush, braid and clip Strawberry or Lemon’s hair into tons of different styles for hours of fashionable fun!

SSC_Prd_style_lemonIncludes: Sweet scented doll with outfit, styling comb, hair clips, barrettes and hair extension clips.
Available in Strawberry and Lemon – Each sold separately.
For Ages 3+, $19.99

SSC_Styles_hairHow will you style your doll’s hair?

strawberry shortcake styling dolls
I loved all things Strawberry Shortcake when I was a little girl so I especially love that my girls are also Strawberry Shortcake fans.  Just one sniff of Strawberry Shortcake dolls or her friends brings me right back to my childhood and this Strawberry Shortcake Lemon Meringue Styling Doll is no different.  Lemon Meringue smells lemony delicious!  She comes with several accessories such as clip in hair and barrettes that are sure to delight any Strawberry Shortcake fan.  My girls especially love dolls with long hair so they were delighted to get Lemon Meringue out of the box and take turns combing her golden locks, putting her hair up with the barrettes, and just taking her around with them.  She is about 11 inches tall but she is much bigger than a regular fashion type doll.  My girls really love that about her.
Both Strawberry Shortcake and Lemon Meringue Styling Dolls are great for any Strawberry Shortcake fan on your holiday gift list.

Who is your favorite Strawberry Shortcake Character?

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MerryMakers Plush Dolls Review

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MerryMakers Plush Dolls are collection of huggable dolls based on favorite children’s book characters. These dolls are thoughtfully designed, meticulously crafted and carefully tested.  Having a doll that is based on favorite children’s book characters really brings reading books to a whole new level.  When children have a tangible character in their arms and can read to their huggable literary friends, it makes them want to read more.  Stories really jump off the page when the character is sitting next to you!

Making Reading Merry

Adding Toys to Children’s Books Makes Eager Readers

Oakland, CA – (November 6, 2014) – When toys are added, do the books get better? 

Clair Frederick, President of MerryMakers, Inc., an Oakland, California-based toy and gift company, explains, “We are adding more joy to the joy of reading. When we add a plush based on the lead character from a children’s book, kids become more engaged. A tangible toy brings a deeper relationship with the character in the book.”

“The combination of the book with a related toy involves a child in a more meaningful way. It’s an additional connection to the story,” adds Betsy Foster, VP Sales and Marketing.

Supporting evidence of MerryMakers business plan may be seen inPete the Cat, the popular children’s book series by James Dean, published by HarperCollins. Pete the Cat books have sold over 5 million hardcover copies and have regularly appeared at the top of the NYT Bestseller List.  The Pete the Cat plush doll is the bestselling product in the MerryMakers line.  There seems to be no stopping Pete, with 2.9 million books sold in 2013 alone.

MerryMakers offers a variety of Pete the Cat merchandise, including a Giant Pete the Cat doll, a Pete the Cat backpack pull, a pencil case, a Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons puppet and a Pete the Cat Saves Christmas doll. In addition, MerryMakers acts as the exclusive licensing agent for Pete the Cat and has signed several licensing deals including University Games, Educational Insights, Colorforms and Wonder-Shirts.

Another popular MerryMakers toy is based on Tom Lichtenheld and Sherri Duskey Rinker’s book Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site, published by Chronicle Books. MerryMakers teamed with Chronicle Books to create a plush Excavator, the lead character in the book. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site has spent over two years on the New York Times Bestseller List, and MerryMakers’s soft excavator is one of the company’s top-selling preschool products.

The MerryMakers catalog of plush and other gifts includes items based on Anna Dewdney’s Llama Llama series, Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser’s Fancy Nancy books, Kevin Henkes’s famous mouse Lilly, Ian Falconer’s Olivia, Nick Bruel’s Bad Kitty, Judy Schachner’s Skippyjon Jones, Tedd Arnold’s Fly Guy, David Soman and Jacky Davis’s Ladybug Girl and Melanie Watt’sScaredy Squirrel.

MerryMakers line of toys is loved by kids, praised by parents and acclaimed by teachers.  We chose characters from two of our favorite books.  When my girls were younger I always read them The Kissing Hand (of course for the sake of this post I couldn’t find the actual book).  When my daughters would leave to go somewhere without me (like school) I would give them a kiss on the palm of their hands so they could hold my kiss with them the whole day like in the story.  I just love this cute plush raccoon that is complete with a red heart on his hand.P1230537

My girls also love all of the Just __________ and Me books.  Of course my favorite is Just My Mom and Me.  So we were all exited to see that MerryMakers makes a plush Little Critter doll, too!  P1230540My girls are older now but they still love to read and they now love reading to their new MerryMakers plush dolls.

Here are some of the plush dolls that you can find on the MerryMakers website.
Which one is your favorite?

Pout-Pout Fish Found Floppy Bunny Pete the Cat
Nelly Gnu Clark the Shark Fancy Nancy
(New Size!)
Gingerbread Man
Pete the Cat
Pencil Case
Fly Guy
(New Sizes!)
Caroline Jayne Church Bear Voyage to the Bunny Planet
How Rocket Learned to Read
(New Size!)
Girl with a Pearl Earring Dot. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site
Pete the Cat Holiday Llama Llama Holiday Ladybug Girl Bad Kitty
Pete the Cat Pete the Cat
Buttons Puppet
Walter the
Farting Dog
Now in 2 Sizes
Now in 3 Sizes
Five Little Monkeys Otis the Tractor Baby Bear Sees Blue Nightsong
Whistle for Willie Peek-a Who? Dear Zoo Little Critter
Llama Llama Puppet Z is for Moose Llama Llama Skippyjon Jones
Penny and Her Song A Ball for Daisy On the Night You Were Born Froggy
Scaredy Squirrel One Love How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You? The Quiet Book/The Loud Book!
How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? Only One You The Snowy Day The Kissing Hand
Where Is the Green Sheep? Duck & Goose Aliens Love Underpants Geronimo Stilton
Everywhere Bears History Everywhere Bears Outdoors Park Ranger Bear Doll Park Ranger Backpack Pull
Park Ranger Doll Mysteries of Egypt
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Easy Bake Ultimate Oven Review

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easy bake oven reviewDisclosure:  I received the product mentioned below to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.easy-bake

Every little girl dreams about having an Easy Bake Ultimate Oven.  At least I know I did when I was a little girl. I wanted to bake my own goodies, without much help from my mom. I remember the day I finally received one. It was like all of my dreams came true. I know. It’s a little dramatic. But, it didn’t feel that way when I younger!

Now I can pass that same excitement on to my girls. As you can imagine as soon as we got it we had to open it right away. I’m quite impressed with the super chic look of the new designs. It definitely doesn’t look anything like the Easy Bake Oven I once had. Makes me wish I still had it. That would have made for the perfect photo opportunity. Mother and daughter with matching ovens.

The new Easy Bake Oven came with baking pan, pan pusher, and chocolate chip cookie mix. Everything my girls need to bake up her first treat!  We did wish it came with more like some of the models do but we just went ahead and purchased some additional mixes at Target.  The mixes are a little pricey at about $7 each but my girls are enjoying feeling so grown up and making their own treats so I splurged a little.

They have been baking their little hands off.  I was quite surprised at how good the creations they made were.  They made pretzels which came with a cheese dipping sauce and the chocolate chip cookie mix that came with the oven.

P1230498Mixing up the dough to form the cookies.

P1230504No, the cookies weren’t the pretties as they sort of fused into one big cookie but they were easy to break apart and were delicious!
P1230505We also have a cheese pizza mix waiting for us to use.  Yes, I said CHEESE PIZZA for an Easy Bake Oven!  We’d like to get some cake mix next.  I have to admit I had fun making the pretzels, too!P1230485Getting all the ingredients ready for the pretzels.
P1230486Mixing up the dough, cheese sauce, and egg wash (what gives these pretzels a golden color).
P1230490Rolling out the pretzels!
P1230503Look how proud she was of making pretzels by herself!

One of the best parts is there aren’t any more lightbulbs. Phew! I remember the tragedy of my lightbulb burning out right in the middle of my cookies. Talk about heartbreak.

I would recommend this fabulous toy to anyone looking to continue on the amazing tradition of the Easy Bake Oven. It was a blast when I was a kid and I love sharing this experience with my girls.

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Chatsters Gabby Interactive Doll Review #Chatsters

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Disclosure:  I received the product mentioned below to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.chatstersI have 2 girls and they are always trying to keep up with the latest and greatest toy technology. Go figure! And we know the future of toys seem to be interactive. That’s why when I found out about Chatsters Gabby Interactive Doll I was super excited! Gabby is an interactive BFF that chats, dances and plays with all her accessories. Sounds just like my girls. They love to chat, dance and be silly with their accessories also.

chatstersGabby came with over 25 games and activities my girls can play. Seems as if they will never run out of things to chat about. It’s so cute to watch them!

chatster2I love how Gabby’s silly personality comes to life as the girls interact with her. They use her accessories and her sassy purple (touch-sensor) glasses. Six of her accessories, like her pet puppy Sprinkles, are equipped with a microchip that allows her to recognize and respond to them. How insane is that?! They can even use the lipstick to change her lip colors! As if all of that isn’t enough, her glasses are a pair of high-resolution LCD screens that feature animated eyes, mini games, and makeover activities.  Plus she has an app that you can use to interact with her and your cellphone or tablet!  A girl’s dream! Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 2.12.57 PM Chatsters do require 4 AA batteries.  Good to know when shopping for the holidays! The look of disappointment when I can’t find batteries for a new toy is just too much to bare. Ha! I love how the Chatsers Interactive Dolls are targeted towards older girls without feeling too “baby-like”. My girls can’t enough and for that I am thankful. Nothing like a toy that they play with for a day or two and it becomes old news. They are still as excited as the first day we received Gabby.

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Little Live Pets Butterfly House Review

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Little Live Pets Butterfly HouseDisclosure:  I received the product mentioned below to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.butterfly

The new brightly colored Little Live Pets are such HOT toys this holiday season! They offer so much fun and excitement of owning a real pet without all the messy clean up. You have the choice of either birds or butterflies. I love them both! We were able to check out the Butterfly House.

little live pets butterfly

This beautiful little butterfly house keeps your butterfly safe when you’re not playing with it. There’s even a little handle attached at the top so your little one can easily carry it along. This pretty Little Live Pets Butterfly comes to life and flutters in your hands just like a real butterfly! So cool! All you have to do is place it back in it’s house, on the flower to get “fed” and re-charged. This is a great gift idea to help your kids get ready for a real pet. Great way to teach them responsibility.

Little Live ButterflyIf your little one likes to collect things, there are other butterflies sold separately.  These super cute toys are available at stores such as Toys R Us and on Amazon. For more information head to the Little Live Pets website.

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