What You Should Know About Mold-Making

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Making molds seems like a complex process, but it’s actually incredibly simple and pays great dividends for you in the long run. With a little research and effort, you will effectively be able to turn your hobby into a small business.

As a crafts project or for your business, making molds is the best way to go if you need multiples of the same products. Perhaps you’re looking to turn your chocolate recipe into an online dessert selling success. Maybe you’re looking to replicate a popular piece of art you’ve created.

Whatever your mold is used for, it’s important to get every detail just right.

But there are a lot of pitfalls that will slow you down if you don’t pay attention.

Here are some important things to know about mold-making in general that will improve the result of your own process.

  • Measurements are a must!

The measurements of your object will determine everything else in the molding process: how big your mold container should be, how long you should spend cleaning and caulking the material, and how much sealant you should use.

If your object is three dimensional, then it makes the beginning stages a bit more complicated, because your mold is going to need to be made as two parts (one for the front side and one for the back side of your object).

So make sure to really nail down those measurements!

  • Choosing a bad sealant could be your downfall

The sealant you use is where all of your money should be going, because using a cheap silicone sealant will always result in a bad mold. After all of your hard work preparing everything, the silicone should just be doing the rest of the work for you. RTV silicone works great because it’s fast acting (because it’s room-temperature vulcanized), keeps your mold strong to prevent tearing, and is also more than capable of catching every detail of your molded object.

  • Making your own mold container is preferable

To save on silicone, you’ll want your mold container to be not too much larger than the object you’re making a mold of. It’s best if you make your own mold container, and it should absolutely be box-shaped. Feel free to put inserts into said box to close the gap between your object and the inside of your container (silicone’s expensive!).

Your container has to be tall enough that your object will be submerged without the sealant overflowing, and make sure that you waterproof the inside of your container so that the silicone doesn’t seep out during your molding process.

  • Cleaning your object before mold-making is critical

This is by and large the most tedious part of the entire mold-making process. The more complex your object is, the more difficult it will be to thoroughly clean it. Having any dirt at all can result in a problematic mold. Use high-quality sandpaper to buff out any imperfections in your starter object, or suffer the consequences of needing to make a whole new mold.

Once you’re sure that your item is fully cleaned, you are ready to begin making your mold.

  • Cutting your mold right helps prevent imperfect casts

Once your silicone has solidified and your mold is finished, you still have a few more steps before you’re truly done. If your object was three dimensional, you’ll have to cut the solidified silicone in half so that your mold is in two parts.

A straight line is no good, because it makes it more difficult to know if your mold is perfectly aligned or not. By making jagged cuts and grooves, your two-sided mold will have no choice but to fit perfectly together. Use a sharp mold-making knife complete with a sturdy blade handle to provide the steady hand needed during this cutting process.

So long as you’re thorough and careful, this mold-making process will go smoothly. Doing it right the first time is best, because otherwise you’ll be wasting a lot of money on product. Remember, you’re doing all of the heavy lifting in the beginning so that casting is fast and easy!

Making molds is easy, but making a good mold takes a bit more effort and careful planning. With these tips in mind, you can turn your mold crafting project into a great success.

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Fun Spring Craft Projects for Kids

1. Fun DIY Tile Coasters
2. Crochet Earrings
3. Painted Wooden Bangles
4. DIY Lip Balm
5. Gold Painted Rocks
6. Fancy Bow Bracelet
7. Spray Painted T-Shirts
8. Kitty Key Chain
9. Light Bulb Bumble Bees
10. Fun 3-D Cards
11. DIY Striped Straws
12. Bird Nest Necklace
13. Make Toe Cat Shoes
14. Easter Egg Cosies
15. Pipe Cleaner Princess Crowns
16. Rubiks Cube Tissue Box Cover
17. Best Play Dough Ever
18. Make Lucky Dice
19. Candy Holder Craft
20. Egg Sculptures
21. Paper Lanterns
22. Easy Flower Basket
23. Salt Dough Stamping
24. Clay Earrings
25. Heart Printed Jeans

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How to Have a Disney Villaintine’s Day Party and Show Your DisneySide

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Disclosure- I received a party box filled with items to host a DisneySide party from Mom Select and Disney.  All opinions are 100% my own.  Thanks Mom Select and Disney!

I was so excited to be selected to host a DisneySide party.  I have tween daughters so I was selected to host a Disney Villains themed party.  Since the parties were to be hosted in February I decided to make mine a Disney Villaintine’s Day party.  Once we had the theme, my girls and I went to work deciding on food, games, and crafts.  Disney Villaintine’s Day was such a fun theme to come up with things for!  Disney and MomSelect sent so many great things to host our party- cake mix, decorations, games, Twinings tea bags, HP photo paper, All detergent, and lots more!  Check out what received below:

Unboxingmy disneyside

We received so many great things to host our party but there are lots of other things you can add to make your Villaintine’s Day party a success.  Here’s everything we did for our party:


I found some great Disney Villains headbands and jewelry on clearance for $2 each at Claire’s so I snatched it right up.  Each girl received a headband (Cruella or Ursula) and a matching bracelet and necklace.  costumes


We had so much fun planning our party that we came up with more ideas than we even had time for!  Here’s what we came up with:
For background music I found this great, free website that had several great playlists of Disney Villains songs.  It was perfect.


Each party guest received a favor bag with lots of goodies in it.  I made notebooks with our invitation design on the cover so the girls could remember the party.  There was also villain color nail polish, heart shaped candy, villain Jelly Belly jelly beans, heart rings and bracelets, a heart pencil, some printed games such as a villains word search and coloring page, Disney Villains lip gloss, and a favor box filled with candy.

disney villains favors

disney villains favor box labelsHere are the Disney Villains labels I made for the favor boxes.  I also used them on upside down paper cups stacked in a pyramid that the girls were supposed to try to knock over with bean bags but we ran out of time.


Most of the decorations I used were images I printed off of the internet via searching for Disney Villains or decorations that were sent in my party kit.  disney villains decorationsFor the magic mirror pictured below I bought an inexpensive silver charger plate at Michael’s (it was on sale for under $3 I believe).  I printed a picture of the magic mirror from Snow White and taped it to the center of the plate.  It looked great, only cost a few dollars, and since I only taped the picture on I can reuse it for something else.P1230802

P1230809Heart gems, battery operated tea light candles, and red & white heart balloon weights all from the dollar store made for some simple yet elegant centerpieces that didn’t take up too much room so the girls still had plenty of room to craft.

Photo Booth

I bought a plan wood frame at Michael’s and painted it black.  Then I sponged on purple paint.  On top of the purple paint I sponged on silver paint and finished it off with some purple glitter paint to create a photo booth for the girls to take pictures.  I hung a simple purple plastic tablecloth as the backdrop.  Easy peasy!
disney villains frame


Here are the signs I made for all the food I served.  Below you can click to download the signs to make them yourself.  P1230792 (2)

Villains Food Labels- Set 1
Villains Food Labels- Set 2


In addition to Scar’s Soda and The Wicked Queen’s Water, I served Poor Unfortunate Souls Punch.  To make the punch I put in two parts Green Hawaiian Punch to one part Sprite, added ice, and stirred.  When we served the punch we put a gummy worm in the bottom as the Poor Unfortunate Soul.

P1230816Plenty of munchies to snack on!

P1230846I tried to balance all the sweets with some healthy fruits, veggies, and hummus.

P1230849The Gaston’s Grilled Cheese should have been cheese sandwiches prepared on a panini press but they ended up just being cheese sandwiches because my husband (who was supposed to be making the food) injured his arm the morning of the party so we just cut the cheese sandwiches into heart shapes and served them that way.  No one seemed to mind!

P1230848The moms appreciated having healthy deli sandwiches for dinner in addition to the veggies and hummus.


To make the tentacle hot dogs we just cut each hot dog lengthwise twice about 1/3 of the way up to create 4 “tentacles”.  We then boiled the hot dogs until they were cooked.  So easy and the kids loved them!


P1230868I’ll admit I over planned for this party because I had so many ideas.  I had planned on having the girls make bookmarks but we ran out of time so I just had them take the printed bookmarks home so they could finish them later.  Simply punch a hole in the top, add some ribbon and beads, and viola!10420114_10152542256711770_688334783885228624_n (1)Download the Disney Villains bookmark template (no words, just the pictures) here.  And this is the original Disney Villains file I used to create it, to create my invites, and create the cover of the journals that I gave as favors.

2 cups

I bought these pretty plastic wine glasses at The Dollar Tree in packs of 2!  They were perfect for our Queen of Hearts glasses.  I gave the girls heart shaped gems and some glue and they each made a beautiful glass that they could use to put trinkets in.

queen of hearts glasses

The girls also painted wooden frames that I bought from Michael’s for $1.  Once the paint dried they put Villains stickers on them to decorate their frames.  The girls will then put pictures from the party in their frames once I have the pictures printed.  Such an easy craft but the girls really enjoyed it.disney villains frames

My favorite craft of all was the Mickey head dot art mugs.  The mugs were $2 each at Michael’s.  I had looked for mugs in the dollar store but they didn’t have enough plain white ones.  I ended up liking the ones from Michael’s better anyway.  I cut out Mickey Mouse heads on cardstock and I also had everyone’s initial cut out.  The girls taped down Mickey’s head on one side of their mug and “dotted” all around it with oil based Sharpie markers.  Be careful not to get paint under the template.  They did the same with their initials on the other side of their mugs.  sharpie marker mugsOnce the paint was dried and the girls brought their mugs home the mugs were put into a cold oven, brought to 350 degrees, and baked for 30 minutes.  Make sure you get the oil based Sharpies and not the water based ones!



How Many Disney Villains Can You Name?
We started off with an ice breaker.  The girls were divided into 2 groups and they had to see how many Disney Villains they could name.
P1230814Don’t Say the Word Villain or the Name of Any Disney Villain
The next game we played until the party was over.  Similar to the clothespin game played at baby showers, the girls each had a red clothespin clipped to them.  They couldn’t say the word villain or the name of any of the Disney Villains.  If one of the girls caught another girl saying one of the forbidden words they had to call them out and take their clothespin.  The winner was named the ultimate villain and she won a bracelet maker that was part of the party kit.  The girls had so much fun with this game!P1230830Disney Trivia
There was a Disney Trivia game included in our party kit that we all enjoyed while the girls’ projects were drying.  I was surprised just how much Disney knowledge the girls had and it was a great way for the girls and the moms to learn about Disney facts that they didn’t know.  The trivia game really got all of us reminiscent of past trips to Disney World and excited to go back again soon.

P1230837We had planned on playing Disney Bingo (from the party box) and  a cup knocking over game but we ran out of time.  For the cup game I had purchased bean bags and put the faces of various Disney Villains on the cups.  The cups were to be stacked in a pyramid and each girl would have had a chance to knock over as many cups as she could with the bean bags.

We all had an amazing time and with all the ideas I had we’ll probably host another Disney Villains party for Halloween.  It’s such a fun theme.  Thank you so much Disney and MomSelect!


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Free Recipe, Craft, and Hobby eBooks July 19, 2014

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Here’s a list of some of the FREE ebooks I found today on Amazon.
Grab them while you can as often they are only FREE for the day!

Looking for a certain type of eBook, let me know and I’ll keep an eye out.
Don’t have a Kindle?  Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

kindle reading app

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25 Fun Spring Craft Projects for Kids

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25 Spring Crafts for Kids

1. Fun DIY Tile Coasters
2. Crochet Earrings
3. Painted Wooden Bangles
4. DIY Lip Balm
5. Gold Painted Rocks
6. Fancy Bow Bracelet
7. Spray Painted T-Shirts
8. Kitty Key Chain
9. Light Bulb Bumble Bees
10. Fun 3-D Cards
11. DIY Striped Straws
12. Bird Nest Necklace
13. Make Toe Cat Shoes
14. Easter Egg Cosies
15. Pipe Cleaner Princess Crowns
16. Rubiks Cube Tissue Box Cover
17. Best Play Dough Ever
18. Make Lucky Dice
19. Candy Holder Craft
20. Egg Sculptures
21. Paper Lanterns
22. Easy Flower Basket
23. Salt Dough Stamping
24. Clay Earrings
25. Heart Printed Jeans

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DIY Balloon Bracelets

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IMPORTANT- Make sure to keep balloons away from small children and pets!!!

balloon bracelets
My girls went to a Girl Scout event this weekend and they learned a really cool technique to make balloon bracelets from a local balloon entertainment company, Balloonmasterz .  It is amazing how great these bracelets look and how simple they are to make.  If you have left over twister balloons (the long balloons used to make balloon animals) this would be a great way to upcycle them once they are deflated.  We didn’t have any twister balloons at home so I bought a package at the party supply store but you could also contact a local balloon artist and see if they would save you some of their balloon scraps.  I spoke with Alyssa Diamond co-owner of Balloonmasterz in South Florida and she said, “We started this activity as a way of going green since we don’t always use the full length of a balloon when sculpting. I have tons of scraps from all of our events! It is an easy way to re-purpose and kids love making them.”

UPDATE- I totally forgot to mention that these would be great in your favorite team colors, school colors, etc.

balloon bracelets2

What you’ll need:
Twister balloons
Optional- You can use elastic string to put the balloon pieces on or you can use another balloon.  We didn’t have elastic string so we just used another twister balloon.  Since the balloons were all the same width, I took a piece of tape and wrapped it around the tip of the balloon we were using as the base of the bracelet to make it easier to slide the balloon pieces on.

 balloon bracelets3
Choose the balloon colors you want for your bracelet.  You will need 1 balloon for the inside of the bracelet unless you are using elastic string.   Each bracelet uses 3-4 cut up balloons for the outside of the bracelet so choose accordingly.  Snip the ends off of the balloons you will be using.  Save the open end pieces to make a ring style balloon bracelet***.
balloon bracelets4
Cut up the balloons you will be using into about 1 inch pieces.  I found it easy to put the balloons on top of each other and cut the pieces about the width of my thumb.
balloon bracelets5
If you are using a balloon as the center of your bracelet I found it easier for my girls work with if I taped one end of the bracelet similar to the end of a shoelace.
balloon bracelets6
Tie one end of the inner balloon so the balloon pieces won’t slide off.  Choose your color pattern and slide balloon pieces onto the long balloon or elastic string.
balloon bracelets8
Scrunch the pieces of the balloon down as you go.  My girls said that if they pulled the inner balloon a bit tight as they worked it made it skinnier and easier to slide the balloon pieces down.

balloon bracelets7
When your bracelet is long enough to wrap around your wrist, tie the ends together, trim any excess balloon or elastic string, and hide the knot inside the balloon pieces.
This is such a fun and easy craft to take with you, too.  We now keep a baggie with cut up balloons and long balloons with tape on the end ready to make bracelets when we have time time to kill waiting for doctor appointments, waiting at restaurants, etc.  Just make sure to check your area before you leave to make sure that you don’t leave any balloon pieces behind for another child to choke on.
Balloon Bracelets to go
My girls kept busy while waiting at the pediatrician’s office yesterday.
balloon ends bracelet
***With all the saved balloon openings you can create a funky balloon bracelet so save those scraps!
balloon pony tail holder
They look cute as pony tail holders, too.  Just be careful as they can and probably will pull on hair when you try to take it out similar to pulling a rubber band out of your hair.

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Lots of Winter Break FREE TIME Coming Up? $200 Worth of Craft Kits for $35!!!!

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I’ve posted a lot about the Fashion Playtes because my girls LOVE designing their own clothes on the Fashion Playtes website and then getting to order and wear their creations.  But I wanted to tell you about some of the other items they have on the Fashion Playtes website.  With Winter Break coming up I know my girls will have lots of free time and be looking for something to do.  I was so excited to see so many awesome craft kits from Klutz available on the Fashion Playtes website plus other fun things like Zeenie Dolls.
FP Girls

Here are some of the NON-CLOTHES things that you can get on Fashion Playtes.

765X1020_Sini 1833_Lg_Purple_Tote_Zm 1762_perfect_nail_art_kit_Zm 1632_Perfect_Nail_Markers_Pink_Zm NEW_DesignBag-Pink_Front_Zm sketchbookvol2_Zm01 601_friendship_bracelet_Zm 1464_Sketchbook_Sporty_Zm RibbonBangles_Zm01-2 865_Zm 1634_perfect_nail_markers_blue_Zm FashionOrigami_Zm01-2 1801_Color_Freedom_Sm_Tote_pink_Zm 620_Shamballa_Bracelets_Zm

Right now you can earn $25 Bonus Cash for every $25 you spend.  Plus 40% off your entire order!  Use code GIFT2013

You will also earn $25 Bonus Cash on every $25 you spend on gift cards and e-gift certificates.  Use code GIFT2013.

Here’s the secret really get the most bang for your buck:

Purchase #1– Buy a $25 FPGirl gift card and use code GIFT2013 at check out.  Make sure to select SEND AN INSTANT eGIFT CARD and not one that gets sent via postal mail.  Complete your purchase for your $25 eGift Card and you will receive a $25 eGift Card and a $25 BONUS eGift Card.
So you are paying $25 for $50 in eGift Cards!!
fashion playtes check out gift card

Purchase #2– Shop on Fashion Playtes.com and order $100 worth of craft kits, etc.   When you check out, pay with your eGift Cards AND use code GIFT2013 to save 40% off your purchase (code good until 12/25 at 11:59 pm).

fashion playtes check out items

Shipping is FREE automatically on any order $50 or more!  Add $100 worth of items to your cart and use code GIFT2013 shipping will be free AND your new total will be $60.
Use your $60 in eGift Cards to check out plus $10 out of pocket.
That’s $35 total for $100 worth of craft kits.

PLUS- With the code GIFT2013 you will also receive $25 in FP Girl Bonus Cash for EVERY $25 you spend.  It is pre-coupon code so when you put $100 worth in your cart, use the code to get 40% off, pay $50 in eGift cards (using the eGift Cards you already bought) plus $10 out of pocket and earn another $100 in FP Girl Bonus Cash!!!!  The $25 BONUS eGift cards will be e-mailed when your order is shipped.   From my experience item that don’t need to be personalized like the Klutz kits get shipped much faster that ones that need to first be made to order.  Once your order ships, you’ll receive the BONUS eGift Cards.   Then you will be able to place another order using the $100 in FP Girl Bonus Cash you earned when you receive them in a few days!!!

IMPORTANT- The estimated delivery with FREE Shipping is AFTER Christmas (12/28 at the time of this posting).  But you can upgrade to GUARANTEED CHRISTMAS DELIVERY for $10.  

fashion playtes delivery

Of course you could order the gift cards now, print them out to give on Christmas, and have your girls design and order what they want ON CHRISTMAS because you have until 11:59 EST on 12/25 to place your order.

You could order all items that don’t need to be personalized like the Klutz arts and crafts books, etc. for your first order and then let your girls order the personalized clothes with the bonus eGift Cards when they come.  From my experience Klutz books and other items that aren’t personalized such as Zeenie dolls, ship much faster so I *think* they will arrive before Christmas without paying for expedited service.  That is just my best guess though for this scenario.  

Let’s break this down:
Pay $25 to purchase one $25 eGift Card and get a BONUS $25 ($50 total in FP money).
Order $100 worth of things using code GIFT2013 get FREE shipping and 40% off so your total will be only $60.
Use your $50 worth of eGift Cards to pay for your order plus $10 out of pocket.
Earn another $100 worth of FP Girl Bonus Cash when your order ships!!!!

You spend $35.00 total and you get $100 worth of craft kits PLUS another $100 worth of FP Girl Bonus Cash (that you will receive in a week or two when your order ships).
That’s $200 worth of things for $35!!!

You have until 12/25/2013 at 11:59 pm to place your orders so don’t wait!!!

Of course you don’t have to use the eGift Card right away.  You could just grab a bunch of $25 gift cards and earn $25 bonus for each card you purchase and then give them all out as gifts.  

FYI- If you order now and your items ship before this deal is over on 12/25 at 11:59 p.m. EST you can use your BONUS eGift Cards to place another order (before 12/25 at 11:59 p.m. EST) that would be $100 before the 40% off and earn another $100 in BONUS eGift Cards from that order.  Of course that order would only cost $60 of your BONUS eGift Cards so you would have $40 on BONUS eGift Cards left to place another order.  If you place another order of $100 before the code and use your $40 BONUS eGift Cards, you would need to pay $20 additional out of pocket but you would then get ANOTHER $100 BONUS eGIFT CARDS.  That would be $200 bonus in eGift Cards from your original $100 in BONUS eGift CARDS!
So it is probably worth it to pay the $10 on this order for expedited shipping to make sure your order ships while the sale is still going on so you can place the next two orders for $100 each (before the 40% off) to get the extra $200 in bonus eGift Cards!!!!

Can you see how awesome this deal is?!?!?!
Please let me know if you need help figuring it out!

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Plusheez, Glitter Petz, and Stickeez by Artsi Product Review

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artsi collageMy girls love any type of craft project so they were so excited when we received products from Artsi‘s 3 product lines- Glitter PetzPlusheez, and Stickeez.  All three lines feature colorful, fun craft projects that children can easily complete themselves.  Both of my girls were so proud and excited to show me their finished projects, especially because they didn’t need my help.  They were so focused while they were crafting that you could have heard a pin drop in the room.  That RARELY happens in our house.

We received 2 different Glitter Petz so my girls each chose one to decorate.  There are several different Glitter Petz animals to choose from.  We chose Penny the Puppy and Sadie the Kitten.  Each comes with a figurine, 100 colorful gems in various shapes and colors, 2 sets of eyes, 1 bookbag clip, and string to tie it.  It was easy for my girls to decorate their Glitter Petz with the peel and stick gems and they especially liked that they were able to choose which pair of eyes to stick on.  When they finished their Glitter Petz they tied them to the included bookbag clips and attached them to their backpacks to show them off at school.  There were extra gems left over that they are saving for future projects.
glitter petz collage
We received Bella from the Plusheez line.  Bella is an adorable plush pal who is always a hoot.  Plusheez each come with a special stylus to pop in the included plush shapes to create awesome projects from plush animals to a fun pillow.  No sewing required!  Plusheez have tiny X shaped slits all over them.  Simply place a plush shape on top of the color coded slits and use the stylus to pop it in.  Easy peasy and the results are beautiful!
Plusheez collage

We received a beautiful jewelry box to design from the Stickeez line.  It came with TONS of gems in various colors, shapes, and sizes that children easily apply by following the included color chart like a paint by number only no messy paint, just sticking peel and stick gems so NO MESS!  Bling your bedroom!  The jewelry box isn’t just beautiful but it is a very functional piece complete with 4 drawers, a mirror and a hanging rack.  There are also Stickeez clutch purses, headbands, bracelets, and more!
stickeez collageIf you have any girls on your holiday shopping list this year check out Artsi‘s Glitter PetzPlusheez, and Stickeez.  Lots of mess free, creative fun!





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FREE Mini-Courses on Craftsy! Some Are Even Taught By Food Network Challenges Cake Decorators!!!

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free modern buttercream cake decorating class at craftsy.com

Did you know that you can take FREE mini-courses on Craftsy?
Here are just a few they offer:

  • Know Your Wool: Do you wonder where your yarn comes from? Learn about different types of wool and the individual characteristics of each.
  • The Hand-Painted Cake: Elevate your cake with Erin Schaefgen’s freehand painting techniques. Create beautiful and edible works of art with Erin’s tips and tricks.
  • Creative Quilt Backs: Make the back of your quilt just as interesting as the front! Oh, Fransson! blog author Elizabeth Hartman walks you through everything you need to know to make beautiful quilt backs.
  • Modern Buttercream: Learn to use buttercream like a pro! Discover the tricks and tips to construct and create a beautifully finished buttercream cake.
  • Short Rows: Don’t fall short because you find short rows intimidating! Learn four different techniques to creating short rows, and discover how they can make shaping a knitted garment a snap.
  • Sewing Machine 911: Give your sewing machine some TLC with the help of this free course. Learn to clean and maintain your sewing machine with tips and tricks taught in this class.
  • QuiltCon Lecture Series 2013: Not able to make it to Austin for the Modern Quilt Guild’s inaugural QuiltCon? Watch some of our favorite lectures from the event, given by Heather Jones, Angela Walters, David and Amy Butler, Jacquie Gering, and Mary Fons.

The next 2 free Craftsy mini-courses I’m going to take are:
1. The Hand-Painted Cake- I would love to learn more about cake decorating.
2. Modern Buttercream- WOW, it’s taught by a cake decorator that has been on the Food Network Challenges!  I have to admit that I think it’s really cool being taught by someone who has been a part of a show I love!

Check out all of the other free Craftsy mini-courses by clicking here.

Advanced Fondant Cake Decorating online class at craftsy.com
tiered cake decorating class at craftsy.com

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Brach’s Craft & Recipe Challenge

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Brach’s Craft & Recipe Challenge contest is giving people a chance to create a recipe, craft, of decoration using any Brach’s product(s) for a chance to win a $1,000 gift card, three $250 gift cards, and twenty-one $20 gift cards from now until June 7th! The first 50 entries and the 50 highest scoring entries also receive 2 bags of Brach’s candy.

Follow these four simple steps to submit:
1. Upload a photo of your Brach’s recipe, craft, or decoration.
2. Add a title to your entry and list the materials and steps you used to make it.
3. Submit your entry.
4. Share with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other sites to increase your chances of winning.

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