Should I Get Gel or Acrylic Nails?

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Are you planning to get your nails done as a treat, for the holidays, or just to keep them maintained and looking good? When it comes to nail treatments, the two main options to consider are gel nails or acrylic. Both look great, but they differ from each other when it comes to a range of factors including the materials used, the finished look, the application process, and how the nails are removed.

First, Find a Good Technician

Both gel and acrylic nails can give you the nail design that you want when it’s done by a good nail technician. It’s important to do your research and find a reputable salon like for your nail treatment to ensure that you get excellent results and your nails remain strong and healthy. Once you’ve found the right technician, which type of nails should you choose? Knowing the differences between the two can help you make the right decision.

Gel Nails

Gel nails are formed from a sticky, jelly-like substance. The gel is applied to the nails before it is cured under an LED or UV light. Gel nails are made of a complicated chemical compound known as polymer resins. The gel can be applied to your natural length or tips can be added to lengthen your nails before applying the gel. Firstly, your technician will apply a base coat, before adding the desired gel nail polish colour or design. These nails have a natural, glossy finished look and tend to be one of the safer options to have since the chemicals are not harmful to health.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are the most popular option when it comes to nail extension treatments. They use a combination of liquid and powder to create a strong, hard coat over your natural nail. They are usually applied in combination with tips to extend the length of your nails and create your desired shape. The powder and liquid components are mixed together before being applied to the nail beds and brushed onto the nail, creating a solid layer after drying in the natural air. There is no need to use any extra heat to dry acrylic nails since they will try at room temperature. Once the acrylic hardens, you can coat it with your desired choice of polish. Gel nail polish can be used over acrylic extensions.

The Look

Both gel and acrylic nails produce a different finished look. Gel nails tend to feel lighter on your nails and look glossy and natural. On the other hand, acrylic nails tend to have a shinier finish, but these nails can often feel heavier on your natural nails and it might take a while for some people to get used to them if you are having them done for the first time or have had natural nails for a while.

Whether you’re treating yourself to new nails just because, want to look great for an upcoming event, or simply want to try something new, deciding between gel or acrylic nails can be tricky. Both look great and have different options to suit everyone’s preferences, so it’s up to you which you prefer.

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3 Beauty Treatments to Indulge in This Winter

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels
Sometimes, after a long while of working a 9-5 in the cold weather, what you really need is an indulgent beauty treatment to make you feel fresh, confident and energised for the Christmas festivities ahead. Buying yourself a beauty treatment is a great form of self-care, so if you feel like you need that extra boost of confidence, indulge in a beauty treatment this winter.


Microneedling is a great way to rejuvenate your skin. If you’ve found yourself looking in the mirror, thinking your skin looks tired and dull this winter, microneedling might be the perfect treatment to revive your skin and leave you looking fresh and dewy for the upcoming festivities. Microneedling works by puncturing tiny holes in your skin with miniature, sterile needles. These holes cause your skin to start resurfacing and producing more collagen, an essential ingredient for youthful looking skin. Microneedling, although a fairly new skincare treatment, is now widely available at a number of clinics. If you’re ever in London, consider visiting Dr Liesel Holler’s beauty clinic Bromley for a chance to walk out with fresher, more even and younger looking skin. 

A Hair Mask

There’s nothing like a good hair mask to relax you and give you stunning, noticeable results at home without breaking the bank. Hair masks work on the hair in a similar way to how face masks work on the skin – they provide a nourishing, hydrating treatment that penetrates deep into each individual hair, causing your locks to look both revived and conditioned. The benefits of hair masks include shinier hair, added moisture, reduction of frizz, breakage and damage, a healthier scalp and overall stronger hair. Hair masks are an amazing treatment that can be done in the comfort of your own bathroom – simply buy a good quality hair mask and you’re good to go! If you’re feeling extra crafty and want to make an at home face mask, ingredients like bananas, eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, aloe vera and honey all work amazingly on hair.

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is a great way to revive dull skin throughout the winter season. The mechanical action of dry brushing helps to physically exfoliate dead skin cells, and also helps with detoxification through increasing blood flow to the skin and aiding lymphatic drainage. Dry brushing helps with good circulation and, when done correctly, can leave you feeling energised afterwards. Dry brushing, like hair masks, can be done from the comfort of your own home, so invest in a good dry brush and you’re good to go! Dry brushing should be done about one to two times a week for optimum results.

The winter months can often leave our skin feeling dull and dry and our hair feeling lifeless and lacklustre. Whether you go for a resurfacing treatment such as microneedling, or a relaxing home procedure like a hair mask or dry brushing, you’ll be sure to feel both revived and confident and ready to tackle the upcoming months head on!

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8 Quick Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
When you have children it can feel as though you barely have time to think, let alone worry about any kind of beauty routine! And that is absolutely fine, there is no need to worry about one.

However, it can get some people down if they feel as though they aren’t looking their best. If that sounds like you, take a look at these quick hacks to help yourself look and feel better.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is like magic! If you don’t have time for a shower, let alone a shower long enough to allow you to wash your hair and you’re getting a bit fed up of having greasy locks, dry shampoo is the answer you’ve been looking for.

All you need to do is spray a little on your hair (don’t hold it too close) and then brush through. Your hair will be left feeling fresh and clean again in no time.

Wear Clothing That Fits

Almost everyone who has been pregnant and had a child will wind up looking a little different after the birth to how they did before. It makes sense, you’ve actually grown an entire person!

That can mean that some of your old clothes may not fit you anymore. Rather than beating yourself up about not fitting back into your old clothes quickly enough, a much better approach is to get yourself some nice clothes that fit you as you are now. You can still try and lose weight if you feel that you want to, but why not wear something you like in the meantime? That way you can lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, and look great while you do it.

If you’re looking for plus size clothing, check out specialist designers like for a range of gorgeous clothes that will have you looking fab.


Most moms definitely don’t have time to do their makeup! However, you’d be surprised at the difference just a tiny dab of eyeliner can make, and you can put it on in a few seconds. You’ll instantly feel more put together, too.


Sunglasses look awesome, they protect your eyes from the sun and they do a great job of hiding bags! Enough said.

Ditch Colored Nail Polish

The chances are that you won’t have time to keep up your trips to the nail salon if you’re looking after a young child, so embrace your natural nails. Naturally colored nails with a hint of glossy translucent polish will look much better than chipped, colorful, talons.


Moisturizing regularly is something that you can do in no time at all, and will make a huge difference to how your skin looks. You can even get double the effect by getting yourself a tinted moisturizer, so that your skin looks nice and even into the bargain.

Wash Your Hair Less

You don’t need to wash your hair daily! In fact, it will look much better if you wash it less because it will retain more of its natural oils. Save yourself some time and skip the hair wash today.

Get a Low Maintenance ‘Do’

Save yourself a whole heap of time by getting a low maintenance haircut that doesn’t need much styling. Some great low maintenance cuts are:

  • The pixie
  • A blunt bob
  • The ‘lob’ (long bob)
  • Long with a blunt fringe

All of these cuts will look great with minimal effort from you, so you can get on with the more important things.

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The Hype Behind Facial Oils

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At this point, everyone should be very cautious about their face. If you do not take precautions, there is a good chance that you’re going to develop blemishes. That can ruin your appearance and make you feel terrible about yourself. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to avoid problems. One of the best ways to do that is by utilizing facial oils. Many people do not believe the hype behind facial oils and that is a shame. After all, they offer a wealth of benefits. Below, you will learn more about that hype.

The Basics

First and foremost, you should know that facial oils are unique. They’re facial products that are based on plant oils. Over the years, research has proven time and again that plant oils can be beneficial for the skin. Over the years, the essential oils industry has grown quickly. Today, it is estimated that the industry is a multi-billion dollar market. Suffice to say, these products work. There are more than 3,000 essential oils and they’re used in food, cosmetics, and even pharmaceuticals.

For Dry Skin

The benefits of facial oils are immense. Ultimately, the benefits depend on the oils used in the product. For instance, many facial oils are designed to treat dry skin. They help moisturize the skin and keep it healthy. If you’re dealing with dry patches on your face, you should read more about essential facial oils. Within a short time, there is a good chance that you’ll find something that can remedy your problem.

Oily Skin

While some people have dry skin, others have skin that is too oily. Both problems are equally problematic. The good news is that you can find the solution you’re looking for in facial oils. You just need to find a good face moisturizer for oily skin type. Once you’ve done that, the problem will be rectified before you know it. Ultimately, learning more about the different essential oils and their unique benefits is key to find what is going to help you the most.

Why Plant-Based Oils?

So, why should someone believe the hype surrounding plant-based oils? Well, these oils are crammed full of essential nutrients. For instance, they’re going to provide your skin with vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. The combination can make a big difference towards keeping your skin healthy. They’ll also provide your skin with an extra layer of protection while also fighting off free radicals. As long as you choose the right oil, you’ll have a solution for whatever problem you’re facing.

Should You Believe The Hype?

Many people do not believe the hype. Well, you should. After all, it has been shown time and again that essential oils can be very beneficial for the skin. They can help moisturize and protect the skin. They can also decrease the amount of oil on your face. Finally, some essential oils can indeed be used for the treatment of acne. If you’re dealing with a facial problem, you should look no further.

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How to Transform Your Style for 2019

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Everyone always says “new year, new me,” but why does it always seem like the new you never comes around to visit? Turn that motto into a genuine reality by overhauling and transforming your look. It’s far more than the clothes that make the woman, it’s her skin, her smile, and most importantly, her confidence, that bring life to her name. Before making another feeble New Year’s commitment to self-improvement, try these tips to transform your style in 2019!

Know your look

Having a complete and unwavering understanding of what your style is will make life infinitely easier when shopping for new threads. Are you more of a classic minimalist woman or a colorful flowery woman? Consider your lifestyle. Are you always on the go, or are you usually cooped up in an office? How do you usually spend your days, and what footwear best suits your regularly activities? Before shopping til you drop, know what look you’re aiming for, and stick to it!

Reinvent your wardrobe

Now that you know what vibe you’re looking to put out into the world, it’s time to take a trip to your closet and purge it of any items that don’t fit the bill. We get it, decluttering is stressful, especially since you know exactly how much every tee and pair of jeans cost. But no one said commitment was easy! Donate your old look to your local clothing donation center, someone else will make better use out of your tired denim!

Redo that hairdo

Admit it ladies, once we find a low-maintenance hairstyle that we like, we stick to it for years. Nothing says “new me” like a fresh haircut. Do a bit of searching on Instagram and Pinterest to pin down a look you’re willing to try, and find a salon that can deliver the results you’re looking for. A cold visit to a salon hairdresser can also help you come up with ideas best suited for your face, age, and frame. No one wants to end up with a ridiculous hairdo, so do your research first!

Refresh your footwear

When reinventing your look, don’t forget to sort through your collection of shoes. Though we’d like to believe that shoes can outlast clothing or that worn shoes have a fashionable aesthetic to them, we’re really just lying to ourselves. Toss the old sneakers, bag the busted heels, and trade them in for new kicks. From adorable pointed teacher flats to squeaky clean nude pumps, your wardrobe is not complete without a trusty band of shoes.

Maintain a regular skin routine

Any good skincare routine has at least three steps; cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Though you may think that simple washing your face everyday is enough to keep oil and dead skin away, more often than not, you’ll need to do a bit more. Before scouring the market for the best reviewed skin products, make sure you know your skin type down to a T. Depending on your skin’s oiliness, dryness, or sensitivity, your skincare essentials will probably look very different from Kim Kardashian’s skincare regimen. Few things in the world feel better than being comfortable in your own skin. No makeup, no problem, all 2019!

Reel in your makeup regimen

In the age of Youtube makeup tutorials reigning supreme in the beauty industry, most women love to pretend that their self-taught makeup look is the most flattering for their face. Yes, those colorful and deeply contoured looks are inspirational in more ways than one, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they translate well from face to face. Hone your makeup routine to a few essentials to accomplish the near no-makeup look, and grow from there. Leave your days of heavy smokey eyes and heavy bronzing in the past with a new and improved makeup method.

Spice it up

In 2019, there will be no room for “what if”’s. Stop wondering if you can rock those 5 inch blue heels. Stop thinking and just do it! Changing your style is not easy and takes a lot of guts to actually do, but it’s important to remember that only you can define you. Those shoes you’ve been wishing you could pull off? Buy them. That skirt that hugs your hips just right, get it! Have some fun while reinventing yourself, because as they say, new year, new you!

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5 Beauty Choices That People May Judge You On

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It’s not very nice, but people do judge one another based on their appearance. What are some of the beauty choices that people may judge you on? They might not say anything directly to you, but making mistakes in the following areas may cause people to think poorly of you.

1.      Your Fragrance

Choosing the right fragrance can give you a boost of confidence when you’re around others, and it can be attractive to others as well, bringing them to you because they like the way you smell. On the other hand, however, choosing the wrong fragrance, or using too much fragrance, can repel people. It’s great to shop for an original fragrance for women that won’t be overpowering and will make you smell clean and fresh. So, as you shop for the perfect fragrance at discount stores such as Maple Prime, consider how other people might feel about it when you wear it.

2.      Your Eyebrows

Women definitely make it a point to shape their eyebrows so that they look attractive, as people can judge you on how good your eyebrows look. In fact, according to experts, your eyebrows can signal how assertive and self-confident you are, and they can also signify your motivation and logic. Consider having an eyebrow expert help you if you struggle with figuring out what shape is right for your face, and if you tend to make mistakes when you try to shape them at home.

3.      Your Shoes

Another fashion choice that can have some serious repercussions is your shoes. People will judge you based on what shoes you’re wearing, including how expensive they are. But, even if you can’t afford designer shoes, making it a point to wear shoes that complement your outfit and that look clean and new is the best way to go. Wearing worn-out, dirty shoes will make people think that you don’t care about your appearance, or that you can’t afford to care about it.

4.      Your Lipstick Color

As you put your look together for the day, you’ll need to decide what color lipstick to wear. You might not think much of this decision at first, but it turns out that the color you choose can have an impact on how people judge you. As a few examples, red signifies passion and confidence, hot pink can indicate that you’re adventurous, and pale pink can indicate that you’re friendly.

5.      Your Makeup

How much makeup you use can also cause people to judge you. While some people prefer women that don’t wear a lot of makeup, others prefer those who do wear a lot. And your culture can also have an impact on how much makeup you wear, as some parts of the world feature women who put on a lot of makeup every day, while others have women who go all-natural. For the least judgement and the most compliments, stick with a moderate amount of makeup that enhances your best features.

There you have it, a few ways that your beauty choices can affect the way people judge you. Choose wisely so you can put your best self forward.

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The Different Concentrations Of Perfume Available

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When purchasing perfumes for women there are several different fragrances and types to choose from. Some perfumes are based on fruits, some the outdoors, and some perfumes are based on abstract concepts such as seasons or emotions. However, when deciding on a perfume you not only have to consider its scent but also its concentration.

When buying perfumes for women be sure to consider the perfume’s concentration. A perfume’s concentration refers to how much of its chemical composition is made up of perfume oils. The higher a perfume concentration the stronger its sent is and the less alcohol (or water) it contains. A perfume’s concentration affects its price, how long it can be worn, and how it reacts to your skin. Perfume concentrations come in five specific types which are detailed as follows.

The Five Perfume Types

Eau Fraiche

Eau Fraiche is a low concentration perfume with only 1 to 3 percent of its mixture being composed of fragrance. It commonly lasts for one to two hours making it ideal for shorter outings. Unlike Eau de Cologne (another low concentration perfume) Eau Fraiche does not have a high alcohol content and it is mostly water. It is commonly one of the more affordable types of perfume you can purchase.

Eau de Cologne

Another type of low concentration perfume Eau de Cologne is composed of 2 to 4 percent of fragrance with the remaining mixture being composed of alcohol. Eau de Cologne lasts for roughly two hours due to its low concentration. Because of this low use time Eau de Cologne comes in larger bottles and is more affordable than more highly concentrated perfume types. Historically Eau de Cologne referred to perfumes that made use of citrus and herb fragrances.

Eau de Toilette

Starting with Eau de Toilette you begin to move into more highly concentrated perfumes. Composed with a fragrance concentration of 5 to 15 percent Eau de Toilette is one of the most popular types of perfume you can purchase due to it offering a longer lasting fragrance while still being affordable. With a usage time of 2 to 3 hours, Eau de Toilette is often considered a perfume for use during daylight hours. The name of this type of perfume is derived from the French phrase ‘faire sa toilette’ meaning to get washed.

Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum is a high concentration perfume type with a composition of 15 to 20 percent fragrance that lasts four to five hours when worn. Suitable for wearing everyday Eau de Parfum is also considered an evening perfume that you wear before going out for the night. While highly concentrated with a high alcohol content it is also noted for being suitable for those with sensitive skin when compared to the other less concentrated options available.


Parfum is the most concentrated type of perfume you can buy and is also referred to as Pure Perfume or De Parfum. Highly concentrated Parfum is commonly composed of 20 to 30 percent fragrance, however, concentrations as high as 40% and as low as 15% do exist. Due to its high concentration Parfum is quite long lasting and can be worn for 6 to 8 hours also, it is milder on sensitive skin due to lower alcohol content. Among the various types of perfumes on the market, Parfum is commonly the most expensive.

Final Thoughts

Perfumes can be quite complex and there are subtleties and nuances concerning not only concentration but as base notes, scent mixes, and overall composition. With so many different options available it can be difficult knowing where to start with your perfume purchase.

Proper research is very important as higher end perfumes can be quite expensive and you don’t want to buy a high-quality perfume that is not to your liking. Always keep your own preferences and taste in mind in addition to that also consider what you’re looking for in a perfume in terms of its use and the time frame (a few hours or all day) required as well.

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How To Look Get Clear, Healthy & Radiant Skin

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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

If there’s one thing that you could change or improve about your appearance, what would it be? Sure, there are some women that will say their body shape, their breast size, or even the style of their hair. But, for most of us, it will always be our skin! And even if you automatically think of any one of the aforementioned options, when you then remember that you could get perfect skin – that’s what you want the most. And that’s natural. It really is. Because it’s something that covers your entire body. It’s something that we often see first. And when you’re suffering from bad skin, it can really affect your confidence. Yet, sometimes, no matter how much you concentrate on your skincare, that doesn’t change. But the good thing is that, no matter how you feel about your skin today, you can change it. It’s totally within your power to get great skin!

Now, your next question may be – how? How do I get this perfect skin that I want? How can I swap my acne or my redness or my fine lines and wrinkles for gorgeous, glowing skin? Well, the first thing to know is that it’s not an overnight process. And you may not see results instantly. But, if you’re really serious about having great skin, you can get it. If you’re ready to make it happen, here’s what you can do to finally get clear, healthy, and radiant skin.

Drink More Water

The golden rule of gorgeous skin is hydration. From the hydrating ingredients that you use on your skin, to what you’re putting into your body – it all helps. But nothing really does beat drinking enough water. The more water your drink, the healthier your skin will be. Hydration helps to plump out the skin, mask fine lines, boost radiance, clear up acne and imperfections – and what more could you ever want?

Get Quality Sleep

However, just as effective as water, is sleep. There’s a reason they call it beauty sleep. Did you know that when we sleep, our bodies heal? That restful period allows our bodies to re-energise and repair. And yes – this is excellent news for your skin. So this is why you need to make sure that you’re getting 7-9 hours of solid sleep per night. Because it’s quality sleep that will help your skin to get the glow you want.

Eat Skin Food

Another key saying in the world of beauty is, your are what you eat. And it’s so very true. The things you eat are so important. If you are filling your body with junk – it will slow. Toxins get released in your skin. So this is why the bad foods you eat will often then lead to you suffering with bad skin. Instead, opt for skin saviours like avocado, salmon, and berries, to really boost your radiance.

Be Good To Your Gut

As a step on from that, you’re definitely going to want to work on your gut health too. When you eat too many of the foods that upset your gut, it will show in your face. Too much dairy or sugar or alcohol can show in very clear patterns and signs on your face. So be good to your gut and your skin will start to shine.


If you ever need a motive to love exercise, this is it. You know those toxins we talked about, well why not sweat them out? We often think of exercise as being something that is good for our bodies – our waistlines mainly. But it’s also great for the skin. You get your bloody pumping, you get a radiance boost, and you get rid of those evil toxins. What’s not to love?

Clean Your Skin

One thing that you never have an excuse for doing, is sleeping with your makeup on. Just. Don’t. Do. It. It will clog your skin and cause problems. Instead, you need to really keep your skin clean and remove your makeup properly, as Allure talks us through. This is so simple, but it’s a really effective way to keep your skin healthy and clear.

Focus On Anti-Aging

Next up, you’ll want to start working on your anti-ageing processes as soon as you can. Why? Well, prevention is better than cure – of course! So find yourself a great range of anti-ageing skincare products, like Sio, and start caring for the visible signs of ageing. It’s so much easy to start working on fine lines than it is to want to cure deep wrinkles.

Look Into Treatments

As a step on from that, you may also want to look into the skincare treatments that can really boost your skin health. Here, we’re talking facials, facial massage, non-invasive procedures, and botox or fillers. There are so many treatments on the market today that can target specific skincare concerns, that it’s important for you to start looking at your options and seeing what works for you.


And then, there’s stress. Stress is one of those awful toxins that shows in your skin. So if you want stress to stop impacting your skin, you need to keep it at bay. It’s okay to give yourself time off, to go yoga, to have a relaxing bath and some me-time. It’s all for the sake of your skin. If you ever needed a reason to finally find that balance in life, your skin is the best one!

Find A Routine & Stick To It

Lastly, you need to establish a skincare routine that really works for you. And this is so important. Including everything that we’ve touched on – from your healthy lifestyle, to how you look after your skin – this will really transform your skin. Make sure that you find the products that work best for you, and that you have a great morning and evening routine skincare routine that makes you feel great. And then also weekly routines with treatments and masks that will help you to work getting clear, healthy, and radiant looking skin.


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3 Signs Your Hairstyle Isn’t Right For You

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Everyone wants their hair to look their best, and there is plenty involved in making that the case. One of the most important elements of all, of course, is the style – you need a hairstyle which actually suits you and yet is contemporary and stylish. This can be hard to achieve, but it is just a gradual process of understanding what works for you and what doesn’t, and changing accordingly. If you are keen to improve your hairstyle as best as possible, then you might want to take a look at the following. Here are three signs that your hairstyle is not quite right for you.


It Doesn’t Suit Your Age

Although you might feel younger than you are, you will find that you need to keep your hair appropriate for your age if you want it to look its best. This can be disappointing for many people, but it is something which is going to make a huge difference to how happy you are with your hair on the whole. However, it is also worth remembering that you can actually engage with many hairstyles, no matter what your age is. If you take a look at you will see some great examples of modern and stylish haircuts which the over 60’s can have – so as you can see, it doesn’t ultimately matter what age you are, as long as you choose your hairstyle well for that age. The moment it looks out of place however, you might find that you need to change it up.

It Gets Annoying

Sometimes you need to change your hair for a purely practical reason, such as the fact that it might be getting in the way as you work. When this happens, there is no use in leaving it that way; instead, you should be sure to change it to something that is much less annoying, and which will not get in the way as you work. For some this could mean tying it back, for others a short bob might be in order. Whatever you feel is both practical and attractive for you is what you should go for, and you will be glad that you made this particular change when it comes to getting on with your day.


It Doesn’t Frame Your Face Well

Your face plays a huge role in this, and in essence your hair and face have a kind of relationship. You need to make sure that your hair is framing your face in just the right way, and that requires that you have a good understanding of your own face shape as well as what generally goes well with that shape. Work on this with trial and error if necessary in order to see what kind of style are likely to actually work for you. With Any luck, you will be able to end up with the perfect hairstyle for you. This alone will make you feel a lot better about yourself, and it is pleasing to know your hair is as good as it can get.

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Skin Care Essentials for All Skin Types

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There’s no one size fits all skin care routine. You have to consider your skin type — normal, oily, dry, combination, or sensitive — as well as other issues you may have, like acne, uneven skin tone, or wrinkles.

There’s also the matter of choosing the right products. Different brands have different “specialties,” so to speak, and some companies even have exclusive technologies they use for their products. For example, Procter & Gamble’s Olay is a popular brand for anti-aging products, while South Korean cosmetics brand Laneige is known for its Water Science technology.

However, there is no doubt that we all should be taking care of our skin, one way or another. It usually does a good job in cleaning itself (primarily through sweating), but it needs all the help in other aspects, like restoring lost moisture. Here are some of the essentials to help you start a skin care regimen, no matter your skin type.


The skin on your face is more sensitive compared to the rest of your body, so your good ol’ bar of soap or shower gel just won’t cut it. Buy a cleanser that’s suited for your skin type (you might want to consult a dermatologist to know for sure): cream-type cleansers are good for dry skin, while gel-type ones are best for oily skin.

Before using a cleanser, it’s good to loosen clogged pores first using warm water. Use the recommended amount — usually a dime-sized dollop — and gently massage it onto your face to remove dirt, makeup, and excess oil. You can use either cold or lukewarm water to rinse. Note that most eye makeup, like mascara and eyeliner, are more difficult to wash off, so you should remove these first before using your cleanser.


Even if you cleanse your face everyday, dead skin cells and other impurities still accumulate on your skin and clog your pores. Exfoliators will help you gently scrub off these substances, leaving you with a fresher looking complexion afterward. If you have sensitive skin, you should opt for an exfoliator with fruit enzymes rather than those with microbeads.

Depending on your skin type, you may have to exfoliate just once or twice a week to as often as four times a week. The key thing to remember is to not do it two days in a row to prevent irritation.


All skin types — yes, even oily ones — need a moisturizer. In addition, you need two separate moisturizers for daytime and evening use, since our skin tends to lose moisture faster at night. Lighter formulas filled with antioxidants like vitamins C and E and green tea extracts are suited for daytime use. These ingredients help protect the skin from pollutants and provide some level of protection from UV rays. Thicker, creamier moisturizers that contain ingredients like collagen, elastin, and retinol are best for nighttime use. These penetrate your skin while you sleep, refreshing and rejuvenating your face. Remember to use upward, circular motions when applying moisturizers so as not to stretch the skin and cause premature wrinkling. In any event, you can always just apply a wrinkle cream which will keep your skin healthy, youthful and vibrant.


Some daytime moisturizers have “all-in-one” formulas that both hydrates and protects from the sun. However, if you choose to buy this kind of moisturizer, make sure that the SPF level is at least 30. Otherwise, you should apply your daytime moisturizer and then, once its dry, add a layer of sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Don’t worry — there are a lot of lightweight formulas available that won’t make you feel like you’re wearing a mask.

If you have other skin problems like acne, you should add specialized serums to your regimen. Apply these after cleansing but before putting on your moisturizer so that the ingredients will penetrate your skin better. Other miscellaneous skin care products you might want to consider are eye creams, if you’re prone to developing dark circles, and face masks for a quick spa-like treatment for your face.

After all is said and done, all you need to do is smile so you can brighten up your face even more!



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