7 Gadgets That Will Reduce Energy Waste AND Save You Money

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There are some things we don’t mind paying a little extra for. That extra-safe car seat for our kids, that super-delicious chocolate made from Ecuadorian cocoa, the premium gas that will help keep the car running smoothly. But there’s one thing that it makes absolutely no sense to pay over the odds for… Energy. With fluctuating energy prices and the environmental cost of energy becoming an increasingly worrisome issue we all want to save a little money and help to make the world a better place by making our homes more energy efficient, but many of us don’t realize just how easy it is.

The truth is that our homes don’t need pricey and disruptive renovations to cut energy waste. The consumer technology industry is waking up to the surge of demand for products to make our homes greener without compromising on style or ease of use. Making your home more energy (and cost) efficient needn’t be a case of installing solar panels or replacing your doors and windows. In many cases, it’s simply an issue of deploying some super cool energy efficient gadgets that will scythe down your energy bills while still keeping your home beautiful.

In this post, we’ll have a look over some of the most energy efficient, easy to use gadgets that’ll reduce your household energy waste without breaking the bank.

Light up your home with energy saving bulbs

When it comes to cost effective gadgets to help save energy and money; energy saving LED light bulbs are one of the best possible places to start. Old fashioned incandescent bulbs maybe cheap and disposable, but you’d be astonished at the amount of energy you’re wasting. Incandescent bulbs are only 10% efficient since they work by super heating a filament inside the glass, producing heat and light at a ratio of 9:1. This means that 90% of the energy produced is in the form of heat, and only 10% of that energy is used on light.That’s inefficient by anyone’s standards!

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Until recently, incandescent bulbs were far easier to come by than their money saving counterparts but the market is now chock full of LED (light emitting diode) and CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) bulbs that are as energy efficient as they are beautiful and versatile! Those only familiar with the early ‘corkscrew’ design of CFL bulbs may be surprised by how much energy efficient bulbs have changed over the years. Check out Pretty Handy Girl’s top 12 energy saving bulbs for a true understanding of the style and diversity on offer.

LED lights are made hugely versatile by their small size and light weight, allowing for a huge range of designs. Some of them even incorporate bluetooth speakers for those who like a little music with their light.

Take control of your energy usage with smart plugs

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The humble wall plug has been successfully diverting power from your wall to your appliance for decades. After all these years plugs grew bored and felt like maybe they weren’t living up to their full potential. If only there was some higher calling that could enable them to do something more.

But then, those humdrum wall plugs got smart!

The integration of digital technology to our little friends now enables us to view the energy we use and keep an eye on our energy costs in real time with smart plugs. Smart plugs have been on the market for some time now with a range to suit every budget.

The Smart Future has a useful breakdown on the types of smart plugs available, including prices. While smart plugs are a great way to see and manage your energy expenditure, that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Pairing them with a mobile app not only allows you access to your energy expenditure, you can control your plugs through the app meaning that you don’t needn’t ever have to make the arduous journey to the socket to switch your appliances on or off ever again.

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Take a shower with the “Green Warrior”

The shower is where we reinvigorate at the start of the day and where we go to unwind at the day’s end… But it’s also where we waste a whole lot of water and energy. The average American family uses a staggering 40 gallons of water per day in the shower. The water that’s wasted is ‘energy rich’ having been heated, making it doubly wasteful. To prevent excessive waste experts recommend that you shower for no more than 4 minutes. But who’s going to take a stopwatch into the shower?

That’s where the Green Warrior shower curtain comes in. This innocuous looking plastic shower curtain is covered with inflatable ‘spikes’ that will ensure that your shower stays at exactly the 4 minute mark by inflating to their full length in that time, essentially kicking your soapy butt out of there.

You can double up on your energy efficiency (and style) with a smart shower head.

Coming soon: The ‘Fitbit’ of carbon footprint management

As digital technology becomes smaller and more durable, it has precipitated a rise in wearable technology. If you’re someone who wears a fitbit to monitor your calorie consumption, heart rate, sleeping time and amount of steps taken per day then you’ll know how useful it can be in plotting your course to a new, healthier you.

That’s why UK based design firm Layer have applied this principle to energy management. As of 2015 they have been working with The Carbon Trust to create Worldbeing; a similar device to measure your energy consumption and calculate your carbon footprint.

Cut down on heat waste with SmartZone

If your home is heated by a central thermostat then you’ve probably never stopped to consider the inherent wastefulness of heating the whole house if you and your family are only using one or two rooms? But think about it! You wouldn’t have a single light switch control every bulb in the house, so why pay to heat rooms and areas of the house which are sitting there unused with just one thermostat?

Well, you need tolerate this waste no longer! SmartZone allows you to prevent this by cerating different zones throughout your home, each with its own thermostat affording you greater control over your home’s temperature, staying warm and cool where you need to without wasting money heating empty rooms.

Multiple thermostats even allows you to avoid the inherent discrepancy between the reported temperature and actual temperature that would be unavoidable with a single thermostat. In some cases that discrepancy can be up to 10 degrees. Now that’s a lot of wasted heat. Check out ZoningSupply.com for more information on creating the zoning system, that’s not only easy to use and instal but sleek and unobtrusive with a simple digital interface.

Give your radiators a boost

Your radiators radiate heat… or at least they should. The problem is that the concept of the radiator is fundamentally flawed. The fact is that only 20% of the heat produced is actually radiated. The rest is lost upwardly through convection. This is compounded by the fact that pretty much all radiators are set up against a wall. The problem with this is that more or less all  of the heat that comes off the back of them is absorbed by the supporting wall, creating even further wastage.

Radiator boosters are an inexpensive and ingeniously simple way to combat this waste by sitting atop your radiator, drawing and redirecting the hot air that is produced through convection and (that’s right) radiating it outward. They activate when the radiator’s temperature reaches an optimal temperature of 86ºF (30ºC). At this point, the booster’s fans kick in, redirecting the heat that would otherwise have been wasted, meaning that you and your family get to enjoy the added warmth rather than wasting it on the wall.

They’re an inexpensive gadget that could save you hundreds of dollars a year. No, really! In a 2009 study conducted by the UK’s Energy Saving Trust, it was revealed that users were able to turn down their thermostats by an average of 1- 3 degrees Celsius while still remaining at the desired temperature. This resulted in energy cost savings of about £140 ($220) per year. Not bad for a device that costs less than 50 cents a year to run!

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Never pay to charge your devices again, with the Freeloader

Most of us in the digital age are dependent on some form of mobile device for work, study or just  to keep us connected with the rest of the world. WHile we take them with us wherever we go, we invariably shoulder the cost of charging them up at home? Why, when they’re in direct contact with the most abundant energy source in the universe… the sun? That was the logic behind the inception of the Freeloader. It allows you to charge a range of devices in any weather due to its solar panel and multitude of attachment arms. In fact, its solar charged battery is so efficient that you can run two devices from it at once.


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Back to School Savings Made Easy WIth Groupon Coupons

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I feel like the summer just started but I blinked my eyes and it’s almost back to school time already. And with back to school time comes all those back to school expenses- school supplies, backpacks, lunchboxes, school clothes, and since my girls have been living in flip flops all summer, they both need new sneakers and school shoes, too. But I have discovered a great way to save money and still shop at our favorite stores. Did you know that Groupon, the site that many of us love for discounted vouchers to our favorite places and deals on all sorts of goods, also has coupons for your favorite stores?  Target, Microsoft, WalmartBarnes and Noble, Aeropostale and tons of other stores have free coupons listed on right on Groupon Coupons. Groupon offers 70,000 deals on over 9,000 retailers and they also offer tons of coupons for favorite retailers, too! I love using Groupon to save money. I don’t know about you but, if there is a chance for me to save some cash I am taking it. I have searched the internet for the best deals and when it comes to saving money, Groupon is where it is at! At this very moment Groupon is even offering 25% off your first Groupon with code WELCOME at check out. Deals on top of deals? It doesn’t get any better than that.
office depot logo

This is usually an expensive time of year with everything my girls need to go back to school but I love all the deals I can score at Office Depot. They always have items for $1, $.25, and even $.01!!! I LOVE those deals. I stock up on school supplies to fulfill my girls’ supply lists and keep my house stocked for supplies all year long. But I also love stocking up so I can donate supplies to my girls’ teachers as well as kids in need. And now I can find all those great deals and coupons for Office Depot on Groupon Coupons. Right now there are a whopping 33 Office Depot coupons on Groupon. Cheap pencils, erasers, markers, and folders, here I come! What are your favorite ways to save during back to school time?
office depot deals

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Where To Cut Costs While Wedding Planning

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Planning a wedding is stressful and costly no matter how you look at it. The good news is there are ways to make it less painful of a process. It’s difficult because the bride envisions her dream wedding, but doesn’t always take into consideration the dollar amounts.

It’s all about being smart when you’re planning. There are ways to cut corners without it looking like you did on the day of the wedding. Be flexible and open to new ideas. See where to cut costs while wedding planning.

Number of Guests

Make your list and then make it again and again. Keep editing and revising until you’ve narrowed it down, and then review it one more time. This is where you’re going to save money. Cutting guests is never fun, but it’s a good way to put extra cash back in your pocket. Be mindful of who you’re not inviting but don’t let it ruin your experience.


Believe it or not, there’s a great and easy way to make your own wedding invitations. You don’t need design skills and can make them for free in minutes. You tell the story and design them, so they’re personal to you and your significant other. You pick and choose options, but you don’t have to have expert design skills to complete your wedding invitations. Doing this part on your own saves you money from having to hire someone else to create it for you, and it’s more personal.


Food is important, but you have options. Consider a buffet style dinner instead of a sit down to save you money. It’s less formal, and guests can pick what they want to eat for dinner from a pre-selected menu of options. This also eliminates any need for special carving stations. Also, provide a few appetizers, but there’s no reason to go overboard.

Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is possibly the highest cost out of your budget. Be aware when selecting where you’re going to get married. The fanciest place in town or in the city will cost you big bucks. Consider an outdoor wedding or a venue that’s smaller but has more character. This is one area you’re really going to be able to save if you’re smart about it.


Search around and see if there’s someone locally who you know that might be willing to give you a good deal on pictures. Also, there’s no need to order the best package. Select an offering that meets your needs and throws in one or two frills.

Music & Entertainment

Big, popular bands are going to be more expensive. An alternative is to find a band that’s just getting off their feet and who’d be willing to show off their skills for less. Alternatively, hire a DJ who’ll be just as much fun.


Wedding planning is a lot of excitement, but it’s also fairly stressful. Don’t let that stop you from having the celebration of your dreams. This is where to cut costs while wedding planning.

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Timing Your Loan To Perfection

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Borrowing money from someone else is never a nice way to get things paid for. A lot of people don’t like to take out loans or finance on items because it can make them look bad. Some people don’t like to do it simply out of principle. But, the main reason for avoiding loans is the trouble that can come with them. It’s very well-documented that failing to pay off your debt can lead to big trouble. And, a lot of people know this. But, you don’t have to avoid loans just to escape this issue. Instead, it can all be about timing. To help you out, this post will be going through a couple of ways that you can plan your borrowing needs to match your circumstances.

Patience is key to all finance. It can take many years for you to get a grasp of how money works. And, during this time, everything is quite stressful. This is especially true when it comes to borrowing, too. A lot of people panic when they find themselves in need of money. It can seem like payday loans are the only option. But, this is rarely the case. By living on the essentials and just and just getting by; it’s easy to save enough money to afford a bigger loan. And, it enables you to plan for times you will need funding shortly. This will allow you to get a bigger and more secure loan; without the negatives of something short-term.

Further planning of your money can make timing your loans even easier; especially if you have existing ones. Knowing when you will need money will always allow you to go for secure loans over short-term ones. And, so, you should always be thinking about the future with your money. Try and plan for the next five to ten years. This will give you a good idea of when you will need big injections of cash. With this knowledge, you can start to research when you can refinance your car loan or mortgage. These sorts of loans are much less risky than other ones. And, they are ones that you are likely to have already. Most banks and lending organisations will be more inclined to approach something like this over a fresh loan.

Taking these steps with your money will lead to much greater financial security. Your loans have to be timed well; otherwise, you could need to borrow money again in the future. Or, you could find that you take too many loans and can’t pay them back. It’s not uncommon for people to lose things like their house or their car when they fail to pay back debt. So, it’s worth putting in the right amount of effort to complete these steps. Most people fail to think about their loans like this. So, you should stand out from the crowd and do things differently.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start thinking more before you borrow money. Taking out loans and borrowing money can actually be beneficial to you; if it’s done right. So, it’s well worth the effort.

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Investment Option to Help Boost your Savings Pot

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Calculating savings

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A savings pot is just that unless you turn it into a growing one that yields high returns after some time. Saving and investment are different but related concepts in personal finance that you should use concurrently. Let’s explore options on how investing can really help boost your savings pot.

Open a Regular Savings Account

These accounts pay as much as six percent interest on saved amounts per annum. So, instead of keeping your savings in cash form or in accounts that do not earn interest, opt for savings accounts because your money will not be the same a year from the date you deposit it. One desirable aspect is that you do not have to make a lump sum deposit to earn considerably from this account type since periodic deposits that are made monthly can also make a big difference. Ensure to check the terms that come with whatever savings account you pick because you could be penalized for making withdrawals or failing to make deposits.

Online Trading

Due to the introduction of this amazing trading option, it is easy to boost your savings pot without being physically present to transact. The reason is that an online broker such as CMC markets will handle your trading instructions while you carry on with other daily undertakings. If you have a savings goal in place, it is possible to meet it in a short period if you invest in online trading because the entry requirements are minimal. Besides, you can top up your trading amounts every month from your earnings or other savings. Your savings pot will grow in ways like dividends, capital growth and speculation.

Fixed Interest Accounts

These account types pay interest on deposits just like regular savings accounts, only higher. In most cases, interest rates are double digit, which is commendable because you will reap greatly at the end of the agreed term. Some of the merits that make fixed interest securities appropriate in growing your savings pot include:

  • The savings habit is encouraged because you can keep your cash in an account for a particular period without making withdrawals
  • The returns are guaranteed
  • The amounts in your account can be used as security to borrow funds in case you encounter an emergency situation
  • In some instances, you can make premature withdrawals, which offers flexibility in case you wish to opt out of the savings plan.

Fixed Interest Securities

The amounts in your savings pot can grow to considerable extents if you invest them in these instruments. Common examples include preference shares, bonds, gilt-edged bonds and debentures. When you buy such securities in a specific firm, you become their lender, which is a position that entitles you to receive interest payments as per the agreement in place. Unlike equities like shares, these instruments carry less risk, meaning that the chances of losing your investment are close to nil. The only aspect that threatens their returns is interest-rate risk since their earnings are fixed over the term of the instruments and could be less valuable as such rates increase.

Unit Trusts

Placing your funds in a unit trust is also desirable since this is a fund that is made up of investors’ cash that is invested in a multitude of financial assets. In short, your savings amounts are pooled with that of thousands or millions of other investors’ cash to create a fund that is overseen by a fund manager. Top among the benefits of these vehicles include:

  • Fund managers are experienced and trained professionals with the resources and skills needed to make investment decisions
  • Your money is invested in numerous asset classes and types, which reduces the risks of losing it
  • You get to invest in lucrative markets that you may not have in the past due to financial constraints
  • It is possible to make monthly investments into the fund that involve tiny, affordable amounts

Money Market Funds

These are short-type investment vehicles that are perfect for enhancing the value of your savings pot. They are investments that are created for the purpose of earning interest income for shareholders in periods that are usually less than one year. It is possible to purchase shares in such funds via banks, mutual funds and brokerage firms. In addition to low risks, money market funds also offer high liquidity and you will not be charged for entering or exiting.


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The Most Expensive Times Of The Year: Don’t Be Left Out Of Pocket With This Advice!

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Most families are left scrimping in January after having a costly year. After all, events like birthdays and Christmas can leave families struggling to make ends meet. And it’s a recurring sentence as every year the same thing occurs. Therefore, it can be a challenge for families to ever save money. And things, like moving house or getting a new family car, have to be put on the backburner. However, you don’t have to scrimp through this year if you are careful with money. Here is some great advice so that you don’t end up out of pocket after the most expensive times of the year!

Your kid’s birthday

If you ask any parent about their child’s birthday, they are bound to tell you how expensive it can be. In fact, the average parent can spend several hundred dollars on their child’s birthday! And if you have more than one child, it can leave you feeling the pinch for the whole year. For one thing, gifts can cost a small fortune as presents get more extravagant. Kids are asking for high-tech devices like iPads as gifts to keep up with the other children in their class. And as this feature says, a whopping 46% of parents admit to getting into debt by purchasing something their kids wanted! Therefore, when it comes to presents, you need to try and spend less so that you don’t end up out of pocket. Look online to see if the gifts your kids want are on sale anywhere. And search for coupons which will ensure you get the item for half the price. Also, don’t hesitate to look at less well-known brands who do their own version of items like tablets. It will still allow your child to do what they want, but it will cost a fraction of the price. And when it comes to parties, parents are spending a small fortune on huge parties for their child. After all, they try and ensure their child’s birthday stands out from the other kids in the class. But a lot of the time, your child will be happy to have a party at your house! Here are some tips to help you hold a great (and cheap) party for your kid.

      blowing-out-candlesPublic Domain Pictures

Your Easter shopping

You will be surprised that a lot of parents are left feeling the pinch after Easter. After all, Easter eggs can end up costing your family a small fortune. And they tend to get more expensive every year! However, there are some ways you can ensure your family still has a good Easter without spending a fortune. For one thing, you need to cut down on the list of who you are buying eggs for. After all, the other kids in your child’s class are bound to get a ton of Easter eggs from their own family. So it’s not necessary for you to get them eggs too! And then you should consider making your own Easter eggs. There are plenty of recipes online you can follow to make your own chocolate eggs which will still taste just as good to your kids!

Your annual vacation

One of the top things which leaves families in debt is their annual summer vacation. After all, after the flights, hotel, and spending money, it can cost families thousands of dollars. And then they have to scrimp for the rest of the year due to that week in the sun. However, it doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. For one thing, you should make sure you compare flights online first before you book. There might be a less well-known airline you can go with for a fraction of the cost. Or you might even be prepared to stop to make it cheaper for your family. And instead of staying at an expensive hotel, have a look at self-catering accommodation. It can often work out a lot cheaper for your family if you stay in a flat or a villa during your stay. And you could always consider having a staycation this year instead. You could end up saving so much money which can go into your savings. And your family can still have a good time during the summer. You can just have plenty of days out instead to places like theme parks and museums!

      family-enjoys-strolling-on-the-paths-at-the-park-725x483Image Credit

Your car insurance  

It can also be a dire time for families when their car insurance bill comes around. If you pay annually, it can leave you feeling the pinch once a year. After all, car insurance can cost up to a thousand dollars. But before you pay out for insurance, you need to make sure you aren’t going to get a better deal elsewhere. After all, you could end up saving a hundred dollars just by switching to someone else. You can also look on sites like forum.DontPayFull.com to find help on getting a special deal on your car insurance. And tips to help you save such as putting someone else on the insurance.

Your back to school shopping

You would be surprised that back to school shopping can end up costing families a small fortune. In fact, http://www.forbes.com/ states that parents can actually end up spending over $1000 on back to school supplies. Everything from new technology to school clothes and supplies can cost a small fortune. But it doesn’t have to be an expensive time for families. For one thing, you should look through things like stationary to see if there is any point in buying new ones. If they are still in good nick, your kids can use it for another year. And ask for clothes, you should make sure you go early to get the best price on school clothing. And look online as you might find a good deal on school clothing for your kids.


And as for Christmas shopping (a lot of us are still suffering from that spend-up last month), it’s best to get items as you see them in the sale. After all, the prices rocket nearer to the time. Therefore, get to the shops early to find items for friends and family. And remember to buy things like cards and wrapping paper now while they are 50% off!

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Free Magazines – People, Time, Entertainment Weekly, Real Simple & More!

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It’s Not Just Christmas! Money Is Always Tight For Moms & Dads

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…or should I say the most expensive. As it turns out, there are very few times when life isn’t expensive for a busy mom or dad. You’re either buying for the summer holidays, birthdays or yes, the Christmas season. That’s why it’s important to know how to save, raise and make sure that your bank balance stretches further than you thought it could.

Have A Side Hustle

A side hustle is exactly how it sounds. It’s a job that you complete on the side of your main career. Believe it or not, for many people that can be blogging. They never see it as an option for a full career, but it makes them a nice extra amount of cash for expensive months through the year. Some people will be able to complete all of their Christmas shopping using the money they make from blogging.

Treat Saving As A Bill

Sometimes all it takes is the right frame of mind. If you’re struggling to save up those pennies, you need to take a firmer stance. You should treat saving each month as a bill, setting up a direct debit. That way, you can guarantee that you always have a little extra tucked away.

Look For Deals And Discounts

These days, you’ll find deals and discounts on almost everything that you buy. That includes holidays, to the weekly shop and even things like car insurance. There are always ways to cut the costs and spend a little extra. Businesses use these as marketing ploys, but customers can treat these discounts as ways to save. The following infographic shows how important online discounts have become for consumers like us.

Infographic Created By PiuCodiciSconto

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The Most Common Home Mistakes That Are Costing You Money!

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Running a home is expensive. First, there’s the mortgage and all the bills to pay. Then all the other stuff like furnishings, decoration, and repairs. But did you know there are some common mistakes that most people make around the home that is costing them unnecessary money? Read on to find out what they are so you can avoid them.


Wasting Water

If you are on a water meter then wasting water is costing you directly. But even if you are not on a meter, it still costs to collect, filter and distribute the water to your home. The more water you use, the more it costs the water company. This means that they will pass this onto the consumer in higher prices.

Typical wastes of water are washing only one item, instead of a full load. Having dripping faucets, and letting gray water drain away instead of using it in the garden.

water-1271745_640Image here

With a few small changes, you can stop wasting water in your home. Take a shower instead of a bath. Put the plug in so you can see how much water you are using. This will help you use less.

Use gray water from your washing machine or baths to water the garden. If you don’t like the idea of this, then get a water butt and collect rainwater to do this instead.

Wasting Heat

Another common waste of money is heating a home that is not insulated correctly. As fast as you are pumping heat into your property, it is escaping. This means it doesn’t hold a stable temperature, so you use much more energy to keep it as a temperate heat.

Deal with this by checking for any draft or cracks and sealing them with caulking. Check that your windows are double or even triple glazed. This is a very effective at holding heat in because between each layer of glass is a heat insulating gas.

Relying on Traditional Energy Methods

If all of your electricity come from the grid, then you are probably paying more than you have to.

A way around this is to install an alternative method of harvesting power in your own home. Some people choose solar panels like the ones available from Semper Solaris. While others prefer to install wind turbines to generate their power.

alternative-21761_640Picture source

Not Cooking Efficiently

Now we have ovens that heat up quickly; it’s very easy just to use it to cook what we need at that time. However, a lot of this heat that we are paying to produce is getting wasted. In the old days, they used to cook puddings in the residual heat of the oven, which ensure that it was all being used efficiently.

bread-pudding-683918_640Image here

They also just bought the food they needed, so they rarely had leftovers. Even if they did, they would all be used for another meal. Applying these principles can save you a packet on food waste, which is great for your pocket and the environment too.



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Turn Your Second Home Into A Money-Making Asset By Renting It Out Like A Pro

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With interest rates so low, many people are now turning to the property market to make a return on their savings. But very few people actually know how to navigate the buy-to-let market safely. The following is both advice and warnings for those looking to enter the rental market.


Choose A Great Area

Right now in the US there are several cities which are real up-and-comers. In Seattle, for instance, average home prices are rising at the rate of about 5 to 15 percent a year. In Portland, thanks to a thriving tech community, that number is even higher. Cities like these are the places that you’d ideally like to buy-to-let a second home. That’s because, as prices rise, rents also go up to match. In the first year, you might only make a few percent return on your investment by renting. But as the years go by, and rents continue to increase, you could see your return breaking out.

Investing in an up-and-coming area might require looking a little further away from home. You’ll have to do your research first too. The trick here is to identify places that have a sustainable economy. You don’t want to start investing in areas that are in a bubble. Find out what is driving the local economy and ask yourself, can it last?

Be More Hands-Off

Landlords like to be intimately involved in the process of who rents out their properties. And who can blame them? There are a lot of risks involved. But landlords themselves aren’t always the best people to do this. After all, they usually aren’t experts in the matter. Rental property managers, on the other hand, are. And, because of this, they’re able to ensure that renters actually cough up.

What’s more, they’re excellent at vetting potential tenants. Recently, there has been a spate of reports of nightmare tenants, ruining the livelihoods of landlords. Landlord Glenn Schofield got a shock when he finally managed to evict some nuisance tenants from his four bedroom property. The house was effectively destroyed. The toilet had been obliterated. The kitchen was ripped out. And there was paint splashed all over the walls.

Consider Your Target Tenant

Lastly, do a bit of research on your target tenant. Think about what your target tenant would like from your property. If it’s the student market you’re after, the property doesn’t have to be luxurious. You just have to make sure that it’s clean and offers the basics. If your target market is young professionals, you’ll need to upgrade the decor and facilities to match. Students might put up with doing the washing up, but young professionals with hectic schedules will want a dishwasher. Finally, if it’s the family market you want to attract, make sure there is plenty of storage. Families always seem to have no end of stuff and are always in need of somewhere to put it. Remember, tenants who are happy with the facilities are more likely to stay longer.


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