How to Make a Cozy Quilt

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There are so many satisfying craft projects that sometimes it’s hard to know what to do next! For the winter months, though, there are few projects quite so satisfying as quilting. Whether you decide to go and buy some new material specially or have a look through your wardrobe for old clothes you can cut into scraps, with a pair of scissors, a good pattern and a sewing machine, you will be away.

Choosing Your Pattern

Quilting is essentially just a way to put a lot of scraps of material together to make a cute and functional design. This means that not only are there plenty of gorgeous patterns to choose from, you can also design your own pattern quite easily. All you need to do is sketch out your idea and then cut the fabric out to fit, remembering to leave a small edge of ¼” for stitching.

One of the easiest patterns to choose, though, is a strip quilt. This uses strips of fabric to create a simple pattern, ideal for using up old material and practising as a beginner. A strip quilt made with a rainbow of fabrics or a few fabrics of different shades is a nice way to create an ombre effect blanket everyone will love.

Choosing the Materials

If you are planning to use a few different materials, make sure that they are all of a similar weight so that they can be stitched together easily. You should also make sure that any materials you decide to use have been pre-shrunk and are definitely color-fast, otherwise the first wash of your quilt could also be the last!

There are all sorts of patterns available so consider how you want your quilt to look and try putting different fabrics together while you are in the shop to see how they match. Quilts can be anything from kitsch to luxurious so you can really go to town in order to create exactly what you want.

Putting it All Together

Once you have chosen your pattern and bought or found enough material, it’s time to start cutting. There’s lots of advice for beginners about quilting, but it’s possible that the most repeated is ‘measure twice, cut once’. This is just a friendly reminder that once you have taken the scissors to your fabric, there’s no going back so make sure it’s ironed perfectly flat and you are sure of what you are doing first.

You could hand stitch your quilt, but using a machine will be much faster. If you don’t already own one, have a look at Stitch & Sew’s recommendations for ideas. You might want to practise your technique on some spare fabric first, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you will be surprised how quickly your quilt gets done!

Making a quilt is a lovely weekend project that will keep you occupied during the remnants of the winter months. You can even get your kids involved with making the design and cutting out the fabric, or maybe even make a smaller version for their dolls. The options are endless.

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