New Year’s Resolutions

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I make New Year’s Resolutions most years but in all honesty by February they are often a distant memory.  This year I decided that I would share my New Year’s Resolutions with you, my readers, so I would be more accountable and so I would have it right there in black and white.  Maybe we can help keep each other accountable.


  1. Number one on my list every year- lose weight.  But this year I don’t just want to lose weight.  I want to get healthy as part of losing weight.  I want to take better care of myself so I can be a better personal, wife, and mother.
  2. Find a new doctor that can figure out why the heck I have debilitating exhaustion every day.  I already know I have fibromyalgia and sleep apnea but I just feel in my heart that there has to be something else going on, too.  I use my CPAP and I am just as tired the next morning as I am if I don’t use it.  I take Xyrem which is supposed to help me get to a deeper REM sleep and I am still as tired the next morning as I am if I don’t use it.  My sleep doctor said my CPAP is at the right setting but I don’t think it is.  I did the sleep study a few years ago so even if the settings were correct a few years ago they could have changed.
  3. Get on a normal sleeping schedule.  I take my clear, focused moments when I can because fibromyalgia causes such a mental fog but often I end up staying up too late and then sleeping all day when my kids are in school.  I want to do my best to go to be as early as I can.  I am going to try other methods such as a white noise machine, not sleeping with the tv on which is a horrible habit hubby and I both have.


  1. Spend more family time with my whole family when my husband is available and more time with just my girls.  I will set times that will be computer and electronics free for both my girls and myself.
  2. Make sure my girls know how important they are to me.
  3. Make time to spend alone with my husband and find a babysitter so we can start going on regular date nights.
  4. I am on so many meds because of my fibromyalgia that my libido is gone.  I feel like I could go the rest of my life without having sex and I’d be ok with that.  But I am married and I know my husband isn’t ok with that.  I want to be a good wife to him and I know he wants more intimacy and well, more sex.  I really want to try to “fake it until I make it” so to speak and try to work on getting in the mood and spending more intimate time with my husband.  I know my family will read this and think that I am putting too much out there but they don’t realize that sometimes you need to as a blogger. 😉


  1. Write more personal posts.  I spent so long as a deal blogger that just writing a post about my life, my family, etc. when it isn’t tied to a sale, product, or sponsored post is sometimes difficult and doesn’t always come naturally.  I want to find my voice and get more comfortable sharing with my readers.
  2. Work on getting more traffic to my blog and relying less on Facebook because each time Facebook changes it’s algorithm it messes with how many readers actually see my posts.
  3. Post more recipes and crafts.  This will be great for my readers and great for my children because we’ll have more time together when we’re cooking and crafting.  I am thinking about starting a Cooking With Kids series on my blog.

Learn how I got my children involved in making New Year’s Resolutions and learning about gratitude and making positive changes.

What are YOUR New Year’s Resolutions?

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