6 Foods To Avoid In A Dog’s Diet

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While food is essential for providing energy to the body and staying healthy, yet some foods are not necessarily fit for all species. In fact, many food items that are fit for human consumption should never be fed to dogs and other animals. It can even lead to fatal conditions for such animals. The primary reason behind it is that certain animals, such as dogs, have a varying metabolic activity than humans. Therefore, their digestive systems cannot break certain foods, thus not building any energy to sustain their growth and wellbeing. This post will highlight some of such foods for you to avoid feeding to your dogs and other pets.

Foods to avoid

  • Alcohol

Never give your dog alcohol as it can lead to abnormal acidity, poor respiration, unstable coordination, and intoxication. The worst-case scenario is that it can even lead to death.

  • Avocado

This fruit contains persin that can cause heart congestion, vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. Moreover, one of the fatal portions of an avocado is its pit, which can choke the dog due to the excessive persin. You may need to show your dog to the vet urgently if it swallowed an avocado pit. You may also like to take up a course in the veterinarian profession. Thus, you can check out Best-Vettechschools.Com for finding the best of courses.

  • Mouthwash, toothpaste, chewing gum, or candy

These products not only incorporate sugar as one of the main components, but they also have a substance called xylitol in them, which can cause liver failure, seizures and vomiting in dogs. Therefore, make sure your dog does not eat or swallow any of these items.

  • Cat food

Remember that the metabolism of a dog and cat are not the same. Thus, cat food too can be poisonous for a dog. It is because of the high protein content in cat food, which is not fit for a dog. It can lead to pancreatitis, obesity, and an upset stomach in your beloved pet.

  • Chocolate

You may have heard about never feeding chocolate to a dog. This advice is given to pet owners because chocolate contains substances like caffeine and theobromine that can stimulate a dog’s nervous system and quicken the heart rate. Swallowing or eating too much of it can make the dog encounter seizures, increase in heart rate, tremors, uncontrollable urination, restlessness, diarrhea, vomiting and death.

  • Corn cobs

Feeding your dog with small portion of corncobs may not affect its body. However, large part of a cob may lead to hazards like choking, and blockage in the intestines. Thus, it is advisable to avoid feeding dogs corns with cobs.

The safety of your beloved dog is in your hands. Therefore, you will have to make sure that it follows a healthy diet throughout its life. Some items, like the ones mentioned above, may cause illness in such pets, as their digestive systems are not prepared to digest such foods. Hence, you have to monitor their diet and avoid giving them such products.

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4 Fab Activities For Playful Pups

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We all know that puppies are full of energy. From the time they wake up to the time they go to bed, they can’t help but be enthusiastic. It’s one of the reasons we’re dog people. The love they emit is like no other animal, including human beings at points! As an owner, it’s imperative that you give them the opportunity to run and jump and play and release the tension. Otherwise, the energy will turn into stress and will have a negative effect on their mental and physical health. If you’re looking for puppy-friendly inspiration, the ideas below should help.


However you like to move, the pup will come along for the ride too. Have you ever seen the people jogging down the road with their dog ambling by their side? It looks as if the pooch is struggling to keep up, but remember that dogs are faster than humans. If they want to, they can turn on the afterburners and sprint off into the distance, dragging their owner along with them! Dog tips by Nina Lyman suggest using a quality leash for safety and comfort reasons. That way, every time you work out, the dog can participate also. Think of it as an excuse to exercise more. After all, it’s for the sake of the little cutie.

Go To The Park/Beach

Whichever one is closer is fine, or whichever one exists in the vicinity. Not everyone is lucky enough to live next to a beach. Whereas the first tip involved dog and owner side-by-side, this is far less strenuous for the human. In this case, you can simply let the pooch off the leash and watch as they bound around on the sand or grass. Now, it’s vital that you are attentive because there are dangers. Plenty of dogs on beaches, for example, swim too far out and get stuck. At the park, they have been known to rush children. It should be fine though as long as you know their location.

Playing Pet Sand Puppy Canine Beach Ball Dog

Playing Pet Sand Puppy Canine Beach Ball Dog


Play Hide And Seek

Who doesn’t like a session of this family favorite? Canines love it too because they get to hone their natural instincts. Hide and seek, for instance, heightens their hunting senses. Plus, it allows them to use their strong sense of smell to track their “prey.” This is a two-player game, so you’ll need a friend or your partner to help. Start by holding a pair of hands over the dog’s eyes while one of you finds a hiding place. Then, when the pooch is on the loose, quietly say he/her name until it rumbles you.

puppy-dog-training-mammal-vertebrate-obedience-897885-pxhere.com (1)Pxhere


One brilliant way to release energy is to listen and do. Quite simply, these are the things dog do when they are learning the rules of the house. “Sit”, “lie down” and “roll over” are commands that involve physical activity. The tricks should get more and more complex as the dog’s level of ability grows. As far as exercise goes, this is up there as one of the best as it combines activity with practicality.

What are the activities you like to partake in with your pet?

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7 Ways To Save Money On Your Pet

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21225816748_c41918293d_bImage Source

Pets can chew through your money if you’re not careful. Whilst there are certain pet ownership costs that cannot be avoided, others can be reduced. Here are just a few ways to spend less on your pet.

Bulk buy food

Pet food can be one of the biggest expenses of owning a pet, but you can usually save money by bulk buying food. Online wholesalers can often have large bags of dry food that are proportionately much cheaper than constantly topping up your supply with small bags.

Do your own grooming

Grooming services can cost a lot of money. By watching Youtube videos, you can easily learn to groom your own pet. With dogs, this includes combing out lose hair, clipping their nails and brushing their teeth. You can buy dog grooming kits online at sites like https://www.aldi.co.uk/pet-collection-grooming-kit/p/096168198011700.

Create DIY toys

You don’t need to shell out on new toys for your animals. An old t-shirt can twisted up and turned into great makeshift chew toy for a dog. Empty toilet roll tubes meanwhile can make a great tunnel for hamsters and mice.

Compare vet prices

Vet clinics will offer different prices, so if you’re animal is sick it’s worth ringing around and getting multiple quotes. You may be able to negotiate a price match in some cases. It’s also worth asking about various treatment options as certain procedures could be less costly than others whilst still providing the same quality of treatment (an example being pain relief medication vs surgery).

Buy meds online

Your vet may recommend using certain medication, but you could save money by shopping for your own medication online. All veterinary medication has to be FDA approved to be sold, unless it’s advertised as alternative medicine. You’ll find lots of brands that pride themselves on being affordable as found at sites such as  https://www.petbucket.com/c/4560890/1/revolution-for-cats.html. Always research medication when buying it from abroad as the same testing laws may not apply.

Consider pet insurance

Pet insurance can help to cover the cost of veterinary bills. You’re best off taking out a fixed scheme when your animal is young – you’ll likely get the cheapest rates and spend less in the long run. Taking out pet insurance on an old pet is likely to cost you a lot of money monthly and may not be worth your while financially.

Keep your pet active

Keeping your pet active won’t just keep your pet healthy – it will save you a lot of money in veterinary bills. Overweight animals that don’t get enough exercise are more likely to suffer from conditions such as heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. Inactive pets may also become stressed or bored, which could lead to a number of medical problems. Animals like dogs meanwhile can benefit from regular walks as it can help them to trim their nails naturally on the pavement. On top of this, a well-exercised pet that isn’t overweight won’t be as tempted to overeat, saving you money on food.


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Great Grooming For Good Boys

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It’s important that you take good care of your dog and ensure that it is regularly groomed. This can help it stay healthy throughout its life, but it also means that it will look extra cute! Thankfully, dog grooming isn’t too difficult, and you should be able to do most of it yourself.

Has your little pup been a good boy and is now ready for a makeover? Here are some great grooming tips.

If In Doubt, Take To A Groomer

The more grooming that you do, the easier it will get. Eventually, you could become quite the pro when it comes to styling your dog! However, when you are just starting out, there might be some jobs that you might not be so confident about doing yourself, such as trimming the pooch’s nails. If there is ever anything that are unsure of, such as this, it’s always worth taking your dog to a dog grooming company who can take care of it for you. They might even be able to give you some tips for taking care of your dog’s grooming needs at home.


Check For Ticks

Ideally, you should be brushing your dog every couple of days. If they have particularly long hair, such as breeds like Afghan Hounds or Pyrenean Shepherds, then you need to be sure to brush them every day so that their fair doesn’t get too matted. While you are brushing, it is really important that you check for ticks. These are little insects that attach themselves to the skin and feed off the dog’s blood. They can pass diseases between animals so should be removed as soon as you spot them. Make sure that you kill the tick by squeezing it or burning it once removed as they can also attach themselves to humans and cause Lyme disease.

Always Use Dog Products

If you ever run out of dog shampoo, don’t ever be tempted to use your own. This will be a lot stronger than dog shampoo and could cause your pup to suffer from some irritations. So, if you ever run out of shampoo for your pooch, you will have to wait to bathe them until you get some more. If they are particularly dirty, you can always rinse them down with water to try and remove excess dirt for the time being.


Distract Them With Bath Toys

Do you find that your dog gets a bit too excited at bathtime and they can be very hard to handle? There’s one way around this – you just need to put some toys in the bath with them so that there is something to distract them with. It’s a good idea to give them some toys that they can chew so that they aren’t so mouthy with you and try to nip you while you’re bathing them.

Once you get the hang of your dog’s grooming, you will find that the two of you can have a lot of fun in the bath. Plus, your dog will look fantastic at the end of it!

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Ways to Help Manage Your Dogs Stress Levels

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Having a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities. Ensuring they are well fed and looked after are the main priorities, but being able to understand your dog’s needs is essential to providing them with the best life possible. Here are a few ways to help de-stress your dog.

Understanding Their Needs

The first step to take to help de-stress your dog is understanding their needs and knowing what situations can trigger their stress and anxiety. Loud noises and being around other dogs can put pressure on your dog, so taking the time to analyze what your dog can and cannot handle will help in avoiding any added stress. Your dog may display signs of stress in a variety of ways, such as excessive barking or being more aggressive. Understanding your dog’s behavior and body language will help you identify how they are feeling.

Calming Your Dog

Being on hand when your dog is showing signs of stress and fear can help in calming them down. Knowing the best way to calm your dog will determine how your dog reacts. Speaking in an upbeat voice can help put your dog at ease and give them the reassurance they need. Your actions and words can have an enormous impact on your dog, especially as they are likely to follow your every command. Also, your dog may find situations more stressful than you. Being patient and understanding will help reassure your dog.


Regular exercise for your dog can not only benefit their physical health but also help work off any anxiety or stress they are facing. Taking your dog on long walks in the morning and evening will tire out your dog and allow it to rest. Just like with humans, exercise releases endorphins which can boost your dog’s mind, relieve their stress and keep them happy. There are many different exercises for your dog that can keep them active, as well as those that you can join in with.


Leaving your dog for lengthy periods of time can leave your dog feeling stressed and anxious. However, leaving their favorite toys around the home to play with will help keep your dog mentally stimulated and help reduce any worries they are having. Also, if you are taking your dog on trips out, bringing toys with you will give them a sense of familiarity and help keep them calm.

Giving Structure

Keeping a routine will help give your dog the structure they need and reduce levels of stress. Having designated times for meals, playtime, and exercise will help keep your dog calm and stability. If you do not implement a structure to your dog’s day, this can not only elevate stress and anxiety but also cause unruly behavior. Websites like ourpetspot.com can give you more guidance and help for your dog, ensuring you have all the tools needed to keep your dog healthy and happy.

If you would like more information on ways to help de-stress your dog, make sure that you look at specialist websites online, where you will be able to get the guidance and help you need.




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How to Prepare for Getting a Kitten

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Getting a kitten is a very exciting time. You may feel as though a kitten is going to be great for the kids it will be a welcome addition to your family as well. A lot of people don’t know this, but you do really need to prepare your home before you go out and bring home your furry friend. This is because there could be a huge range of hazards around the home that you might not even be aware of, so it helps to get these sorted out beforehand.

Curious Creatures

Cats are notoriously curious, to the point where they can wreak havoc on your home. They will play with absolutely anything they can find so it helps to look around your home to see if there are any blind fixtures or curtain tie-backs that could pose as a strangling hazard. If you want to avoid this issue then cut the cords or undo the knot so that the string isn’t looped on the blinds, or keep your tie-backs hooked on a loop so that they don’t dangle down. Some companies are actually selling strangle-free blinds now as they do pose as a risk to children, so it is well worth looking into these before you bring your kitten home. Elastic bands, paper clips and other small items can also be hazardous to kittens, so make sure that you put these away in a drawer. Remember that cats can be acrobats and that they can easily jump to higher shelves.



If you have household chemicals then you should know that these are incredibly toxic to cats. Pesticides, car fluids and even cleaning products can be very dangerous to your cat. The worst thing about this is that some car fluids can taste very sweet so your cat may be tempted to lick them up if they are spilt anywhere. If you are unable to dispose of these chemicals, put them somewhere the cat can’t go. This can include a locked cupboard or it could include putting them in the garage.

Toxic Plants

There are some plants that are incredibly toxic to cats. You would probably think that cats would know this and avoid them, but that isn’t the case at all. Cats are curious and they will nibble on just about anything, especially plants. For this reason, you need to make sure that you avoid having toxic plants in your home altogether. This can include lilies, irises and ivy as well. If you can’t get rid of the plants for whatever reason then try and hang them higher from the ground and watch out for any hanging or falling leaves as well, as these can be just as toxic to your furry friend.


Cat Beds

When you make a bed for your cat, you can easily keep them off your furniture and if this is your goal then it is very easy for you to make this happen. If you have furniture around the home and if you don’t want your cat jumping on any of it then you may need to have a bed in every single room that you have, even if it is just a pillow or even a folded up blanket. Cats like to sleep in places that are higher up, so consider having them on the windowsill or on top of a set of drawers.


You should always make sure that your cat has a collar. Some people see cat collars as being dangerous because they can get them caught on trees and even branches. If you want to avoid this then try and have a collar that is elasticated. This will protect your cat and it will also help you to keep them safe as well. It also helps to have a tag on your pet’s collar as well, so that you can have your phone number and even your vet’s phone number as well.


In some areas, it is a legal requirement for you to have your pet microchipped. When you do have your cat microchipped, this is a very small device that is placed underneath the cat’s skin. If something was to happen to your cat, the microchip would contain all of your details and it will also give you the chance to find your cat if they ever get lost or if something happens to them when they are out on their travels. Microchipping is a great way for you to protect your cat if they don’t have a collar as well, so make sure that you keep that in mind.


Buy Everything you Need

The next thing that you need to do is make sure that you have plenty of cat litter and you also need to make sure that they have plenty of food and water as well. You will want to have a separate container for their food and water, and you should also take note that stainless steel is by far the easiest thing for you to clean. If you are getting your cat or kitten from a shelter then it is worth asking them what food they are being fed at the moment and you can also ask them about their cat litter as well. Some cats don’t like to have feeding bowls that touch their whiskers either, purely because of how sensitive they are so consider going for a really shallow feeding bowl to begin with to see how your cat or kitten likes it.

It also helps for you to buy plenty of toys as well because kittens are incredibly playful and they are always going to be on the lookout for things to mess around with. The more you give them to play with, the less likely they are to cause mischief around the home and this is something that you really do need to stay focused on. Luckily cat toys are very affordable to buy and they are also very easy to find. Catnip is great and it can really help to get your cats interested in a new toy as well.


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How to Keep Your Dog More Active

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Keeping your dog active is very important for their health. It also serves multiple purposes because dogs require stimulation to keep them mentally challenged and enjoying life. Playing games with them also helps make you feel young again because it may have been a few years since you played simple games with anyone other than your kids if you have them.

Here are several ways to play around with your dog to keep them busy.

Wear Them Out with Tug O ’War

Playing tug of war with your dog will give them a chance to get a workout by doing battle with their owner in a non-aggressive manner. It may at first appear with the bearing of teeth that they’re being aggressive, but actually they’re just focused on gripping the rope toy when pitted against you.

Be aware of your surroundings because sometimes they wrestle the toy free and it can go swinging around (or flying across the air). So don’t play tug o’ war in the living room with your big screen TV nearby unless you’re prepared to replace it real soon! Dogs who get to play this game improve their confidence and are better mannered.  Learn some other great games that teach them better manners by checking out mashoid.co.

Teaching Fido to Fetch & Drop into the Toy Bin

Dogs love to play fetch and sometimes they can be taught to drop the toy on demand. What you want to do is extend the usefulness of this activity by teaching them to return their toys to their toy bin when they’re finished with them.

Create a new command to teach them to collect their toy and drop it into their toy bin. Keeping their toys all in the same place makes it easier for them to find them and for you to put a lid on the box when it’s not playtime yet. They can get a sense of new found confidence when they manage to return toys to their rightful place and get a small treat for doing so.

“Which Hand is the Treat In?” Game

Playing the “Which Hand is the Treat In?” game is a fun one for inquisitive dogs because they love being teased and trying to find out what is going on. It helps to develop their sense of smell in isolating where things are. You can rub the treat all over one hand and place it inside a closed fist of your other hand to completely confuse them. This will teach your dog not to give up when failing to find the treat the first time out. This way they also learn that smells don’t always lead directly to the target. Developing your dog’s sense of smell is important for advance warning about intruders in the home, so it’s a useful game as well as enjoyable too.

Playing games with your dog to keep them more stimulated both mentally and physically is necessary for their development. Staying healthy for longer is helped when they are challenged rather than left to sit around inactive. Only small lap dogs that are used to being indoors with elderly people should expect to be less active.

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Tips to Prepare for a New Puppy

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pexels-photo-257519Source: pixabay.com
Welcoming a new puppy into your home is a lot like welcoming a new baby. Excitement levels rise as everyone in your family anticipates the arrival of the fluffy little guy or gal. Preparation is important in order to help your pup acclimate to a new environment as seamlessly as possible. It also helps minimize potential negative puppy behaviors due to anxiety and stress. Before you order your furry bundle from www.littlepuppiesonline.com, take the time to plan accordingly.

Puppy Space

It’s important to determine ahead of time which areas of your home will be available to your puppy. Will he have free reign or do you want him confined to certain areas? Is he allowed on the furniture? There are no right or wrong answers here, but your preferences need to be taught to the pup right off the bat. If you let him on the couch on Day 1, you can be sure he’ll be jumping up there forever after. Install gates/barriers on any off-limits areas before the puppy comes home.

Create a cozy space that belongs only to the puppy, whether that includes a dog bed, an old pillow, or a blanket for him to snuggle up with. Anticipate your pup’s natural need to chew on things, and don’t give him anything you wouldn’t want permanently damaged. If you have young kids, make sure they understand that the puppy’s cozy space is off limits. It should be a place where he can go to relax.


It’s no secret puppies like to chew. Not only do they like it, they actually need it for the development of their teeth. They also like to play! Puppy toys and chews are a must to keep your pup engaged, entertained, and satisfied.

Plan on devoting one-on-one time with your puppy just playing and bonding with him. Not only does this establish that important bond with your pup, it helps him begin to learn appropriate behaviors and keep his growing brain stimulated. Although you will soon find out what types of toys are his favorites, begin with a variety of toys including:

  • Raw hide chews
  • Rope tugs/chews
  • Stuffed animals
  • Rubber toys
  • Throwing/fetching toys


Growing puppies have unique nutritional needs. If you have mature dogs, you cannot just feed your puppy the same food they eat. Puppies grow at an astonishing rate and need specific vitamins, minerals and fat content to keep them healthy. It’s a good idea to speak with the breeder or his previous caretaker to find out what he has been eating since being weened off his mama.

Sudden changes in a puppy’s diet can cause digestive problems that you likely do not want to deal with! Even if you plan to change to a brand or type of food you prefer, it’s best to wait until the puppy reaches his first birthday.

Bringing home a new puppy is a family affair. It will effect every aspect of your lives, from current pets to family members and children. While a puppy can add much joy and love to your home, they can also cause quite a ruckus. Arm yourself with appropriate supplies and food, a positive attitude, and patience. You will find that investing your time and energy into the first few months results in a well-behaved, happy pooch.


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Why Use Dog Waste Stations: Dangerous Diseases Found In Dog Waste

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Baby Girl In Summer Dress Sitting In Field Petting Family Dog

Baby Girl In Summer Dress Sitting In Field Petting Family Dog

A lot of dog owners believe that their furry friend’s waste makes a good fertilizer for their lawn. However, this assumption is not only wrong, it can have serious consequences for the health of their families. As dogs eat foods rich with proteins, their waste is acidic and can actually ruin your lawn.

But that’s not all. Dog poop is full of dangerous contaminants like pathogens or bacteria. If you use their waste as compost or fertilizer, people could come into contact with these dangerous pathogens. The only proper way to dispose of dog poop is to use dog waste bags and stations. Otherwise, these pathogens could spread to other dogs and even humans.

In this article, we’ll tell you about some of the dangers that lurk in your dog’s waste.


These parasites are common in cats, dogs, and other pets. Puppies that haven’t been vaccinated yet tend to eat the waste of other dogs, coming into contact with this parasite. Some clear signs that your dog needs to be de-wormed are vomiting, diarrhea, and spaghetti-shaped waste. Roundworms are dangerous as they can also infect humans. That is why you should always wash your hands when cleaning after your dog.


These blood-sucking parasites are passed from dog to dog through the skin on their bellies or the pads on their feet. These are common internal parasites that are easy to get rid of. They can even be passed on to unborn puppies in the womb.


There are several ways how cats and dogs can get tapeworms. There are many types of tapeworms, but the most common one infects your pet through fleas. Others can spread if your pet eats a smaller critter. If you find any tapeworms in your dog’s poop, you need to treat your pet right away. Tapeworms are very dangerous and can even pass on to humans through contact with your infected pet.


These single-cell parasites mate in your dog’s intestinal tract and can infect others through waste. One clear sign of Coccidia infection is severe diarrhea accompanied by mucus or blood if the infestation has spread. Other symptoms include vomiting, lack of appetite and weight loss, and dehydration. If not treated, coccidia could lead to a fatal outcome.


This dangerous virus can be fatal to dogs and is usually transmitted through feces. The virus is very resilient and can pose a threat for a full year. It affects puppies more often than it does grow dogs. The symptoms include pale gums, vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy.


Another single-celled pest, giardia lives in the soil, water or food and can be transmitted through dog feces. It can cause diarrhea and weight loss, even though it does not affect the appetite. The waste is usually pale, unusually smelly and has a greasy texture. Children are at risk of getting infected through soil contaminated with the parasite.

Contact Zero Waste USA at 12316 World Trade Dr Suite 102, San Diego, CA 92128; 800-789-2563 or visit https://www.zerowasteusa.com/Roll-Bags-Prodlist.html 

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Improve Your Dog’s Diet

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hungry dog and diet

In today’s world, we mostly have no idea what goes into our food and rely on various experts and food manufacturers to tell us what is good and what isn’t. The same is true, if not even more so, about our pets’ food.

The quality of your pet’s food will have an effect on their behavior, health, and the leavings they leave behind them on their walks. You should always have a baggie with you, or walk your dog where doggie bags are available. With numerous companies like https://muttmitt.com/ creating affordable and easily available doggie bags, you have no excuse not to pick it up. However, picking up after your dog can give you an insight into their health and the quality of their food.

Food with a Long Shelf Life Isn’t Ideal as Staple

In order to maximize the durability of the dog food, dog food manufacturers add a lot of different chemicals to ‘stabilize’ the food and make it last a lot longer than it would otherwise be natural. Even though it is written on the label what it is and what it contains, this food is marketed as healthy and good for your pet.

However, since it has been treated chemically and changed so drastically from what they would naturally eat, this food is not ideal for the staple of their diet. The supplementation of nutritional substances is an ineffective way to ensure that your pets get everything they need nutrition-wise.

Add Some Fresh Food to Their Diet

Even if you choose to ignore the previous entry, you still should consider adding some fresh produce to your dog’s diet. Not only will they enjoy it much more, but you will also ensure that they intake some fairly important substances not available in the dried out foods.

It is well known that there are important enzymes and other substances which are destroyed by cooking, so fresh food is really the only way to get them, both for you and your dog. Another important thing coming from fresh fruits and vegetables are fibers, the cornerstone of a proper bowel movement. When you’re picking up after your dog, wouldn’t you rather it is always the same consistency?

Just make sure that you do enough of research, whether alone or in consultation with your vet, about the foods and the amounts that your dog requires. Don’t forget to take into account your dog’s size, age, and physical activity levels.

Variety Is Good for Your Dog

Sticking to one kind of food is boring and unacceptable to the vast majority of us. So if you really love your dog and want them to be happy, you shouldn’t limit them to just one food type due to laziness or not thinking it through.

In nature, dogs and their relatives eat a lot of different food groups and items. One more important thing is – don’t cook their meat before you feed them. No creature in the world eats cooked meat apart from humans, so your dog will be more inclined to eat raw meat than cooked one. A lot of nutrients important for dogs are lost when meat is cooked.

Gluten Is Less Than Ideal for Your Dog

Even though we are probably all a bit fed up with people claiming to be gluten intolerant or even allergic to gluten, dogs really shouldn’t eat it. Even though it is not particularly damaging to your dog’s organs, it is not digestible by them. That means that it reaches your dog’s guts undigested, where it is eaten by bacteria, causing gas buildup, finally resulting in nasty dog farts we all dislike.

If you feel like your dog could eat better, it is up to you to ensure that happens. For their sake, as well as for your when you have to use doggy bags to pick up after them.

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