What You Never Knew About Cats

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No matter how well you know them, cats are mysterious little critters and are determined to stay that way. We may never know why one minute they are demanding your attention, and the next they can’t get away from you quickly enough. Here’s hoping this guide will provide some insight into kitty’s brain.

Ancient cats were not pets

If you’ve ever felt like your cat saw you as a provider of food and not their beloved owner, you can probably blame their ancestors. Some researchers claim that ancient Chinese cats, Felis silvestris lybica,  were not domesticated, but rather lived in a mutually beneficial relationship with humans yet independent. They would hunt the rodents that lived in the grain stores of early farmers. A 2007 study showed that F. s. lybica was domesticated 9000 years ago as grain cultivation spread and farmers needed more reliable pest control.

674px-Cat_November_2010-1aImage Source

Cats don’t like change

If kitty has been sick or refusing food lately, the problem may not be with them, but rather with any changes in their routine. Even if your cat is in perfect health, any disruption to their routine will have them vomiting hairballs or being extra picky about their food. The best thing to do is to help them adjust to bigger changes and try and keep the little things as similar as possible.

Cats get around

You may not be shocked to know that your cat covers a lot of ground during the day, which is why it’s very important to have them microchipped (learn more about microchipping at Oz Microchips). But you may not have given much thought to how far your cat can travel during the night. A study in Wales tracked cats using GPS and found that they wandered up to three miles at a time, at speeds of 21mph. This is really surprising when they’re home in time to wake you up at 4 am.

Cats look after you, not the other way around

At least, that’s how they see it. Even when you’re catering to their every need, cats don’t think humans are capable of looking after themselves. The next time you’re grossed out by them bringing home a dead mouse, know that this is how your cat looks after you. They have hunted down your dinner and presented it to you because they don’t want you to starve.

Purring doesn’t always mean they’re happy

It’s easy to assume that your cat is happy because it’s purring in the comfort of your lap. However, they also purr when they’re stressed or in pain and trying to heal themselves. The purr of a domestic cat has a frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz. At this frequency, muscles best grow and repair themselves. It could be that cats evolved their purr over the centuries as a survival tactic.

They can be left or right pawed

It’s not just humans who have a dominant hand. Research conducted in 2009 showed that male cats are usually left-pawed and female cats are usually right-pawed.

cats-paws-1693839_640Image Source

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6 Awesome Ways To Celebrate National Puppy Day

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There is no love like puppy love, and with National Puppy Day fast approaching, here is a list of six awesome ways you can show your special little pup just how much you love them back. This list is appropriate for puppies of all ages, so that everyone can get in on the fun.

Revamp their toy bin

Although it may be their absolute favorite, that worn out chew toy may now be infested with bacteria and other nasty things that aren’t healthy for your puppy. This National Puppy Day, treat them to new and clean toys.

Pledge to keep them safe and healthy

There are many things you could do to make sure your puppy is happy and healthy every day, not just on National Puppy Day. If you haven’t already, you could switch to a holistic brand of puppy food, invest in a canine first aid kit to keep in your car, you could make sure your pup is up to date on their vaccines, or double-check that your house is puppy proof. Most importantly, make sure you have micro-chipped and I.D tagged your puppy, so they will always come home.

Jamnik_Dchshund_puppiesImage Source

Give your puppy some exercise

Mix things up by taking your puppy for a long walk somewhere new, like the woods, the beach, or somewhere they can have fun and socialize with other puppies such as Meadowlake Pet Resort. Not only will it be good for them to run around and build their strong bodies, but it’s a fantastic time to take pictures of them interacting with nature and other dogs. Make sure to snap a few selfies too!

puppies-1050589_640Image Source

Spread the love

Everyone deserves puppy love, but not everyone is lucky enough to have a puppy. Spread the love around on National Puppy Day by taking your pup to visit an elderly community, a friend who is having a hard time, or check to see if your local hospital has a pet visit program. Your puppy could make a lot of new friends, and he could put a smile on so many faces.

27506853373_43cb5b6de5_zImage Source

Pamper your puppy

As this is a special day, why not treat your puppy to a massage or holistic spa treatment? You could purchase all natural bath products and give him a luxurious bath then give him a brush to get rid of excess fur. Or you could buy him a trendy new leash and collar, or a cute outfit. Then you could snap a picture of your puppy looking all pampered and fabulous for everyone to ooh over.

Don’t have a puppy?

There are still so many ways you could take part in National Puppy Day, even if you don’t have a pup of your own. If you’re unable to adopt a puppy, why not volunteer to walk dogs at a shelter, or donate toys, food, and money. You could even get your whole family and friends involved by hosting a fundraiser to raise funds for your local animal shelter.

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New Puppy: Common Errors To Avoid

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It’s always so exciting when you decide to add a doggy to your family. After all, they can give your family years of fun and happiness. And they become a real part of the family when you do get a pooch. After all, the kids love them to bits! But when you do get a puppy to add to the family, you need to make sure you take care of it and train the pooch properly from the start. After all, you will be surprised how many people end up regretting not being more thorough at the very beginning! Here are some common errors to avoid when you get a new puppy.


Not getting them to the vets early

Wherever you decide to get your beloved new pet, you need to check straight away if they have been to the vets yet. After all, they will need to have some initial checks when they are a few weeks old. And you need to check if they have been yet for the appointment. If they haven’t, it’s so important to get them to the vets as soon as possible. After all, they will check things like your puppy’s eyes and ears to make sure they are well and healthy. And they will discuss other things you need to do in the next few months including vaccines and neutering. In fact, a lot of vets do starter packs where you pay one amount and get everything included. And while it might be expensive (don’t get a dog if you’re struggling for money), it will ensure your dog gets everything they need. Therefore, take them to the vets a week or so after taking your pooch home so you can ensure they are a healthy and happy pup.

Not getting them chipped

A lot of people forget about the fact their beloved doggy needs to be microchipped. In fact, after they have had their initial vaccines, pet owners don’t take them back again for their chip. But you don’t want to live with regret if they get lost or stolen and have no form of ID. After all, it will make it much harder for them to be traced to you and your family. In fact, someone else might take them in as their own pet as they think they are homeless. Therefore, to ensure you protect your pet’s future, you need to make sure they are microchipped via the vet. And make sure you keep your address and phone number updated. That way, they will be able to contact you if they find your pet. And for extra safety, you could always attach a little ID to their collar. You can put your name and address on there so that people can get in touch if they find your beloved pooch.

Not teaching them obedience and discipline

In the first few months of owning your pet, a lot of the time will be spent playing with your pooch. And getting to know your new family member who the kids will adore. But to ensure you have a well-behaved dog in the future, you need to start teaching them obedience and discipline as early as possible. After all, a lot of dog owners look back in regret that they weren’t stricter with their pooch when they were a puppy. And they have to deal with the consequences of a naughty pet as they get older. Therefore, it’s time to take them to some obedience classes to ensure they learn how to be well-behaved. And make sure you implement discipline if they are naughty at home. You might want to shut them out of certain rooms to limit playing when they have been bad. And you could even opt for a bark collar which you can read about in this article which can help them to behave. Ensuring they learn now what is good and bad will ensure you have a good mannered and well-behaved pooch in the future!

Not setting some no-go areas

A lot of people let their puppy go all around the house when they first get them. After all, they feel bad restricting certain rooms. But if your dog does have full run of the home, it might mean they can cause trouble in rooms you would love to keep in good condition. And then you might look back in the future with regret that they damaged the furniture or chewed the carpet. Therefore, it’s a good idea to restrict the rooms they can go in at the beginning. In fact, you might want to use a dog cage to show them which areas they should be in. It can help to ensure they know where to sleep at night so that they don’t end up on the kid’s bed! And whichever rooms you do allow your pooch to go in, make sure you hide your belongings. After all, you don’t want to find they have had a good chewing session on your favorite socks.

Not getting pet insurance

Pet insurance is another bill people can do without. Therefore, a lot of pet owners don’t opt to pay for it for their dog. But they might live to regret this in years to come if their pet runs into a health problem. And then you don’t have the funds to pay out for your pet. After all, it might mean you have to say goodbye earlier than you have to. Or even resort to loans to pay out for treatment for your pet. Therefore, as soon as you get your pet, you should opt to get pet insurance. And the younger they are, the less it will cost, so you should do it when they are a puppy!

And make sure you remember that puppies will grow up into fully formed dogs. It might sound obvious, but a lot of people forget when they get a cute, cuddly puppy for their family. But do ensure you have space and time for a big doggy too before you commit to adding one to your family. In fact, make sure you read up about the breed first before you go to the shelter, so you don’t make an error.


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No Pet Yet? Why Your Family Needs A Dog

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night-animal-dog-petPicture Source

There’s no denying that dogs are lovable, welcoming and cute balls of fur, whether they’re tiny pups or huge, majestic beasts. Just looking at that picture above is likely enough to sell you on the undeniable majesty of dogs, of course, but perhaps you’re still hesitant about ever getting one of your own because the nature of looking after any pet sounds exhausting, costly and far too time-consuming.

However, the downsides are not quite so stressful as they may seem on the surface, and the positives for your family far outweigh any concerns you may have. If there are too many unknowns and unanswerable questions, here are some reasons why your family needs a furry, lovable addition.

They can protect your children from health issues.

This isn’t to say that dogs have any sense of medical knowledge, as far as experts are aware, but they can help to keep your home dust-free which could protect your children from dangerous allergies and other problems and a whole host of other health hazards. That’s right; a dog isn’t just a pretty face.


They’ll keep you active.

Dogs are crazy, wild and untamed creatures, and no amount of domestication will ever change that. On the surface, this might seem exhausting, but it could be just what you and the rest of your family needs to kick yourselves into gear and get moving. Dogs are perfect little motivating companions in this regard because you have to take them out for walks, and most of the time they’ll end up taking you for the walk (if you’ll excuse the stereotypical saying there).

They’ll keep you safe.

Dogs are naturally loyal and protective creatures, and once they’re part of your family they see you as more than a friend, but a person about whom they deeply care and want to protect from all types of harm. Sure, house alarms might work a treat too, but a dog is a visible and strong threat against any kind of intruder. They might be lovable and soft with you, but dogs can be intimidating and tough when they’re matched with anything or anyone dangerous. There’s no better bodyguard.


They’re not so hard to look after.

Well, they’re easier to look after than a human, in many ways, at the very least. There are plenty of places where you can get dog grooming tips if you’re wondering what more there is to do than simply keeping them fit and healthy. Unlike washing yourself, keeping your dog clean, well-fed and happy is always a fun and slightly crazy adventure, but they’re lower-maintenance than you might think.


There’s a reason they’re known as “man’s best friend”.

Of course, a dog can be anyone’s best friend, but the saying holds some real truth. Dogs are incredibly loyal, friendly and intelligent. They feed off our emotions, and we feed off theirs, which is why humans have become such great friends with dogs. If you needed any real reason to invite a dog into your family, this is it.

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Is Your Dog Family? Make Sure You Treat Them Like It

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dog-425067_640Sourced from Pixabay

For many people, their dog is part of the family. However, although you might say that your dog is a family member or like one of your children, you also have to think about how you really treat them. Do they get an equal place in your priorities and do you consider them in all things? Whether you already have a dog or you’re about to get one, making sure they are truly part of your family requires you to follow through on some important things. You can go the extra mile to ensure that they are treated just as well as other family members.

Take Them on Trips

Would you leave a family member behind every time you go away? While it’s sometimes more convenient to leave your dog at home, just as it can be to leave your kids at home, making arrangements to take them with you can be a good idea too. In fact, when you plan your vacations, you can take your dog into account before you decide where to go and what to do. Some dogs don’t travel too well and will be more relaxed being look after at home. But there are plenty who love to travel. You can use resources like CanineTrip.com to find out the best ways to travel with your pooch. The right equipment is important, from travel crates to portable food and drink bowls.

Consider Your Dog When Making Life Changes

If your dog is a member of your family, you always need to think about them when anything changes in your life. You might not always be able to plan these changes, but you can consider what is best for your dog. Some major changes that require you to think about your dog’s needs include moving home, having a baby or adopting, and even a change of working hours. You need to think about how you can meet your dog’s needs to keep them happy. Sometimes, this could even mean not going through with the change you were considering.

Give Them the Right Kind of Attention

All dogs deserve attention, but paying attention to them in the right way is what’s important. While hugs and cuddles are a good start, many dogs need other types of attention. You need to keep them physically and mentally stimulated, and some dogs need these more than others. For example, some dogs will get bored if they don’t have something to occupy them.

Getting Them the Right Care

Of course, it’s also essential to ensure your dog gets the medical care they need. If you would vaccinate your children and make a doctor’s appointment for them as soon as they even sniffle, you should do the same for your dog. Veterinary care can be expensive, but pet insurance will help to protect you if your dog gets ill or is injured. You can visit a site like petinsurance.com to find the right insurance.

If you see your dog as part of the family, make sure you treat them like one. They deserve to receive lots of care and attention.

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Your World Changes With A Woof Woof By Your Side

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dog-280332_640 (1)Pic Link

You need to be prepared for your life to change when you bring a dog home. Everything from your finances to your spare time is going to look quite different. You should probably start by thinking about the financial situation though because dogs are expensive. Depending on the size of dog you get, they can cost you up to one hundred dollars in food every month. And that is just the beginning because there are also vet bills as well as any emergency trips to the doggy doctor. You can get pet insurance that minimises that cost slightly, but it doesn’t completely eliminate it. To keep insurance costs down, you might also find yourself paying for some of the smaller treatments needed for your fluffy friend. All in all, you’ll probably find that a dog roughly costs half of what a child does. But there are other changes too.

Spare Time

dog-1224267_640Pixabay Source

You can’t have a dog unless you are prepared to play with it and walk it. Otherwise, you are going to have a depressed pup curled up at your feet. Yes, dogs do get depressed because these are very sociable animals. They want attention, they want love, and they want exercise. If they don’t get the level of attention they need, you will notice changes in their behaviour. They might become lethargic, and you may even see their diet drop off as well. You need to be able to dedicate a couple of hours a day to man’s best friend. This could be doing something as little as lying on the sofa stroking their belly or playing fetch in the yard.
dog-1212400_640Pixabay Location

The good news is that having a dog doesn’t mean no more trips abroad, as some owners assume. That’s what doggy daycares are for, and not all of them are horror shows. Happy Dog Inn specialises in providing a luxury care facility for dogs while their owners are on vacation and there are many more facilities like this.

Peace And Quiet
dog-715545_640Credit Source

It might disappear because there’s a reason you can affectionately call these little beasts woof woofs. They do that quite a lot, and while you can train a dog not to bark, you may not want to. When a dog barks, it is either communicating or protecting its territory. In some cases it’s territory could be your territory so essentially a dog’s bark can act as your own private burglar alarm, and that’s one of the best benefits of having your own pet pooch. You don’t want to lose this by training your dog never to utter a noise.

Keeping Things Clean And Tidy
dog-1194087_640Credit Source

It’s definitely more of a challenge to keep your home neat and tidy when you have a dog. Even if your charming little friend is perfectly trained, you can’t stop them shedding hair everywhere. So, you might find yourself cleaning the floors more regularly. The good news is that you can get special tools to keep your home clean when you have a dog. There are even vacuums designed to pick up all of that extra hair.

So you see while a dog can be a wonderful new addition to your family, you do need to be prepared for the changes it brings.


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Should You Treat Your Dog Differently When They Get Old?

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Dogs are amazing creatures. So much so that many often wonder what we did to deserve them! They are loyal, and love us unconditionally no matter what. Anybody with a heart will make sure that they give their dog the attention, exercise, and nourishment that they need. But should you treat your dog differently when they get old?


Changing Their Food

As your dog ages, you may need to change their food to suit their later years. This is because they may not be able to handle food that is as rich as before. Plus, you must remember that although their appetites will usually be the same, they won’t be burning calories as easily. You should probably limit the amount of treats you give them because of this.

Changing Their Exercise Routine

Your dog’s exercise routine may need to change depending on how much energy they have and how mobile they are. Although they definitely still need to get out, and at times may remind you of the pup they once were, making these changes is important for their overall health. It might be better to take them on a couple of shorter walks per day, rather than one long one. You may also need to change your route, depending on how difficult they find it.

Being Sensitive To Sight And Hearing Loss

Some dogs start to experience sight and hearing loss, and many owners don’t realize until it has become pretty severe. A professional like VPP Kotara would recommend  that you are sensitive to this. If they are ignoring you, it’s likely because they don’t hear you. If they jump or get aggressive when you or a stranger touches them, they probably didn’t hear the approach. They might also get anxious because they don’t recognise things outside of the home that they used to.

Helping To Keep Your Dog Warm

Older dogs struggle to regulate their temperature as well as younger dogs. This means you need to make sure they are a nice warm temperature. You may want to put extra blankets and things in their bed, or use a warm (never hot) heating pad beneath their bed. When you go out, depending on just how cold it is, it may also be wise to put a sweater on them.

Grooming Your Dog

Grooming your dog should be done with a little extra care and effort too. They may need more regular nail clippings, as it’s likely they won’t be getting filed naturally as much as before. Brushing them regularly, and being careful with their sensitive skin is also a must.

Dogs reach senior age when they get to around 7. Depending on the size, it may take them a little longer to start showing true signs of aging. Your dog definitely needs a little more TLC when they get older, so that they can enjoy their final years. Make sure you use the tips in this guide, and make a vet appointment if you’re unsure of something!

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Dog Safety Solved For First-Time Owners

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Getting your first dog can be very exciting indeed. But as well as exciting, it can also be quite a nervous time. That’s because you might find that you have a lot of questions regarding your new pet’s safety and security. This blog post is for all your first-time dog owners out there who are still wondering how you can keep your dog as safe as possible. Here are some common questions that many new owners have, and the all-important answers you need to know!


How Do I Keep My Dog Safe On Walks?

It is absolutely crucial that you take your new pooch out for a walk every day. This will give them a chance to do their business and will make sure they get enough exercise. Ideally, you should train your dog before you allow them off the leash. This will prevent them from running away and starting fights with other dogs. If you take your dog out in the evening, it could be a good idea to get them something bright to wear such as a LED dog leash or fluorescent coat. This way, they will be easily visible, and cars won’t accidently hit them.


What Do I Need To Know About Car Safety?

There are times when you might have to transport your dog in the car. This will probably be the best form of transport if you ever need to take your pet to the vets urgently. There are various steps you can take to ensure that you and your dog can drive safely together. It’s a good idea to take the top off your trunk and let your dog ride in it. You should put up a barrier so that it can’t jump into the back seat. It’s also possible to fit specially adapted cages into your trunk. If you only have a very small dog, you can put a harness on them which will clip into a seat belt. They can then sit on the back seat, and won’t be able to walk around the car.


Are Dogs Safe Around Fireworks?

Dogs have a reputation for being seriously scarred around fireworks. So, it is a very good idea to leave them at home whenever you are heading out to a firework display or other event where you know there will be lots of loud bangs. But what happens when you are at home, and a neighbor starts letting off lots of fireworks at a house party or for new year’s eve? Firstly, make sure that they stay inside. You can also try to distract your dog from the loud noises by putting on the TV or radio. Shutting all your doors and windows and closing your drapes will also help your dog to ignore the fireworks.

Dog safety shouldn’t be something that you push to the back of your mind. Follow these tips, and you should find that your dog rarely becomes anxious or stressed. As you can tell, a safe dog equals a happy dog!

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Put A Sparkle In Your Pooch’s Eye

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Thanks to the accident of evolution, our pooches don’t live as long as we’d like. Whereas lobsters and whales might live for nearly 200 years, man’s best friend is limited to fifteen at the most. As such, owners need to do everything they can to keep their animals healthier and happier for longer. He’s some advice for raising a pooch with a sparkle in its eye.

Neuter Your Pooch

Neutering isn’t just a good idea to prevent your dog from getting pregnant and saddling you with a load of puppies. It’s also a good idea from the dog’s point of view. Spaying or neutering your pet pooch can add years to their lives by preventing things like pyometra, infections of the uterus and even breast cancer.

pexels-photo-97863Max Pixel

Neutering is good for male dogs too. It can help reduce aggressive behavior and protect them against hernias, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.

Suckle Babies Puppies Hungry Cute Dogs Thirsty

Max Pixel

Always Vaccinate

For the first few months of a dog’s life, their immune system is boosted by their mother’s milk. It contains all the antibodies they need to stay healthy. But after about the three-month mark, all their mother’s antibodies are used up, and they become susceptible to disease.

As a result, experts recommend that puppies are immediately vaccinated against common doggy diseases, especially distemper and parvovirus as well as rabies. Depending on where you live, your vet might also recommend other forms of treatment, including vaccinations for Lyme diseases and the dreaded kennel cough.

Don’t Go Cheap On Diet

Golden Pets Cute Dogs Puppy Furry Smile Animal


Just like people, dogs need the right diet to be at their best. Owners who care about their dogs buy quality dog food that meets all of their nutritional requirements. Things like deciding between wet or dry food depend on your circumstances, and they type of breed. You’ll also have to think about how to switch between different kinds of food, as dogs can sometimes be fussy about what they eat. Healthy food helps keep dog’s coats glossy and their cardiovascular system in good working order.

Declare War On Fleas

Many dog owners think that fleas are harmless, if a little annoying. But they do more damage than simply make a dog scratchy. Fleas can be the source of things like anemia, allergies and even tapeworms.


There are lots of flea control products out there on the market. One of these treatments, according to Dog Time, should be applied once per month to make sure that no unsavory insects are living in your dog’s fur coat. Pay particularly close attention in the warmer months, as this is when your dog is most likely to contract a problem.

Prevent Heartworm

Heartworm is a fatal to dogs, and so it’s best that it is prevented before it can do any damage. Top vets recommend that owners give their dogs a monthly dose of Heartgard, a tablet that prevents heartworm from doing damage before it can even get started. If you start noticing that your dog is getting out of breath or doesn’t want to go for a walk, contact your vet immediately.

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5 Ways to Pamper Your Family Dog

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Dogs are perhaps the most loyal animals in existence. If you love a dog and give it enough care and protection, they’ll love you back equally as much. This is why a dog makes such a great first pet for children because they can grow alongside each other as child and puppy. As they both grow older, they form an unbreakable bond that will last for a very long time.

So if you want to give your dog the best treatment you possibly can, then here are five simple ways to pamper your puppy or dog.

Feed Them Like Royalty

There’s no better way to say “I love you” to a pet than to feed them with the food available. Feed them the best canned wet dog food available and you’ll see their eyes light up and their faces turn into a cheeky smile as they finish chowing down on a bowl of the good stuff. Expensive canned dog food might cost a bit more than you think, but if you want to treat your pet like royalty then it’s an investment you’ll just have to swallow.

pexels-photo-117488Image Credit

Comfortable Bedding

Unless your dog has already marked your bed as their territory, getting them a comfortable bed is a great way for them to snuggle up at night and get some good shut-eye. Keep in mind that if your breed of dog grows quite large, you’ll need to get a large bed to accommodate them. Dogs will love their favourite sleeping spots even when they outgrow the area itself, so unless you want your large dog to be sleeping in a small dog bed in the future, make sure you get something big.

The Best Toys

Give your dog something squishy and squeaky to play with and they’ll be entertained for hours. Better yet, why not play with them while they’re prancing around and leaping about? Playing with your dog will solidify the bond that you have, and there’s no better way to do it than to play with squeaky toys and chewable objects that your dog and carry in their mouth. You don’t have to spend too much on toys because dogs tend to wear out their favourite objects after some time, but do keep extras so you don’t have to run out to buy more every few weeks.

pexels-photo-316776Image Credit

A Visit to the Park

What dog doesn’t love to run around and enjoy the freedom of fresh air and grass beneath their paws? Taking your dog out to the park might seem like a trivial thing to you, but for your dog, it’s like heaven to be able to play, run around, and poop wherever they feel like it. Just make to clean up the mess afterwards and remember to take some balls and other toys so you can play with your dog.

Take a Swim

If you have a backyard pool then make sure you clean it on a regular basis because your dog is going to be diving in on a regular occasion. During the summer when the heat is blazing and your dog is sweating, they will love a dip in a cool swimming pool. If you don’t have a pool, then a little paddling pool in your backyard will suffice as well.

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