How to Transform Your Style for 2019

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Everyone always says “new year, new me,” but why does it always seem like the new you never comes around to visit? Turn that motto into a genuine reality by overhauling and transforming your look. It’s far more than the clothes that make the woman, it’s her skin, her smile, and most importantly, her confidence, that bring life to her name. Before making another feeble New Year’s commitment to self-improvement, try these tips to transform your style in 2019!

Know your look

Having a complete and unwavering understanding of what your style is will make life infinitely easier when shopping for new threads. Are you more of a classic minimalist woman or a colorful flowery woman? Consider your lifestyle. Are you always on the go, or are you usually cooped up in an office? How do you usually spend your days, and what footwear best suits your regularly activities? Before shopping til you drop, know what look you’re aiming for, and stick to it!

Reinvent your wardrobe

Now that you know what vibe you’re looking to put out into the world, it’s time to take a trip to your closet and purge it of any items that don’t fit the bill. We get it, decluttering is stressful, especially since you know exactly how much every tee and pair of jeans cost. But no one said commitment was easy! Donate your old look to your local clothing donation center, someone else will make better use out of your tired denim!

Redo that hairdo

Admit it ladies, once we find a low-maintenance hairstyle that we like, we stick to it for years. Nothing says “new me” like a fresh haircut. Do a bit of searching on Instagram and Pinterest to pin down a look you’re willing to try, and find a salon that can deliver the results you’re looking for. A cold visit to a salon hairdresser can also help you come up with ideas best suited for your face, age, and frame. No one wants to end up with a ridiculous hairdo, so do your research first!

Refresh your footwear

When reinventing your look, don’t forget to sort through your collection of shoes. Though we’d like to believe that shoes can outlast clothing or that worn shoes have a fashionable aesthetic to them, we’re really just lying to ourselves. Toss the old sneakers, bag the busted heels, and trade them in for new kicks. From adorable pointed teacher flats to squeaky clean nude pumps, your wardrobe is not complete without a trusty band of shoes.

Maintain a regular skin routine

Any good skincare routine has at least three steps; cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Though you may think that simple washing your face everyday is enough to keep oil and dead skin away, more often than not, you’ll need to do a bit more. Before scouring the market for the best reviewed skin products, make sure you know your skin type down to a T. Depending on your skin’s oiliness, dryness, or sensitivity, your skincare essentials will probably look very different from Kim Kardashian’s skincare regimen. Few things in the world feel better than being comfortable in your own skin. No makeup, no problem, all 2019!

Reel in your makeup regimen

In the age of Youtube makeup tutorials reigning supreme in the beauty industry, most women love to pretend that their self-taught makeup look is the most flattering for their face. Yes, those colorful and deeply contoured looks are inspirational in more ways than one, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they translate well from face to face. Hone your makeup routine to a few essentials to accomplish the near no-makeup look, and grow from there. Leave your days of heavy smokey eyes and heavy bronzing in the past with a new and improved makeup method.

Spice it up

In 2019, there will be no room for “what if”’s. Stop wondering if you can rock those 5 inch blue heels. Stop thinking and just do it! Changing your style is not easy and takes a lot of guts to actually do, but it’s important to remember that only you can define you. Those shoes you’ve been wishing you could pull off? Buy them. That skirt that hugs your hips just right, get it! Have some fun while reinventing yourself, because as they say, new year, new you!

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New Year’s Resolutions

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I make New Year’s Resolutions most years but in all honesty by February they are often a distant memory.  This year I decided that I would share my New Year’s Resolutions with you, my readers, so I would be more accountable and so I would have it right there in black and white.  Maybe we can help keep each other accountable.


  1. Number one on my list every year- lose weight.  But this year I don’t just want to lose weight.  I want to get healthy as part of losing weight.  I want to take better care of myself so I can be a better personal, wife, and mother.
  2. Find a new doctor that can figure out why the heck I have debilitating exhaustion every day.  I already know I have fibromyalgia and sleep apnea but I just feel in my heart that there has to be something else going on, too.  I use my CPAP and I am just as tired the next morning as I am if I don’t use it.  I take Xyrem which is supposed to help me get to a deeper REM sleep and I am still as tired the next morning as I am if I don’t use it.  My sleep doctor said my CPAP is at the right setting but I don’t think it is.  I did the sleep study a few years ago so even if the settings were correct a few years ago they could have changed.
  3. Get on a normal sleeping schedule.  I take my clear, focused moments when I can because fibromyalgia causes such a mental fog but often I end up staying up too late and then sleeping all day when my kids are in school.  I want to do my best to go to be as early as I can.  I am going to try other methods such as a white noise machine, not sleeping with the tv on which is a horrible habit hubby and I both have.


  1. Spend more family time with my whole family when my husband is available and more time with just my girls.  I will set times that will be computer and electronics free for both my girls and myself.
  2. Make sure my girls know how important they are to me.
  3. Make time to spend alone with my husband and find a babysitter so we can start going on regular date nights.
  4. I am on so many meds because of my fibromyalgia that my libido is gone.  I feel like I could go the rest of my life without having sex and I’d be ok with that.  But I am married and I know my husband isn’t ok with that.  I want to be a good wife to him and I know he wants more intimacy and well, more sex.  I really want to try to “fake it until I make it” so to speak and try to work on getting in the mood and spending more intimate time with my husband.  I know my family will read this and think that I am putting too much out there but they don’t realize that sometimes you need to as a blogger. 😉


  1. Write more personal posts.  I spent so long as a deal blogger that just writing a post about my life, my family, etc. when it isn’t tied to a sale, product, or sponsored post is sometimes difficult and doesn’t always come naturally.  I want to find my voice and get more comfortable sharing with my readers.
  2. Work on getting more traffic to my blog and relying less on Facebook because each time Facebook changes it’s algorithm it messes with how many readers actually see my posts.
  3. Post more recipes and crafts.  This will be great for my readers and great for my children because we’ll have more time together when we’re cooking and crafting.  I am thinking about starting a Cooking With Kids series on my blog.

Learn how I got my children involved in making New Year’s Resolutions and learning about gratitude and making positive changes.

What are YOUR New Year’s Resolutions?

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