Putting Your Money Where Your Mind Is

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A lot of people love the idea of getting into investment to start earning some extra money on the side. Of course, this dream is a grand one. And, it would be great to be able to have some more dough laying around. But, unfortunately, most people don’t get to realise these dreams. Instead, they are condemned to a life of confusion when it comes to investments. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Instead, you just have to do some work. To help you out, this post will be going through three different types of investment to show you how you can make some fast money.

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This first option can come with a lot of risks. And, the sort of risk you experience is one that could lose you everything. So, you have to be careful. Stocks are a great way to get into investment. You have to be willing to learn a little bit about the market you decide to get into. But, once you do, you’ll be able to start making money faster than ever before. There are loads of tools to help you with this sort of money making. The best options are apps that you can get for your phone, which will offer great advice and guidance when you first start out. You should always split your investments into multiple options when there’s a lot of risks. This lowers the overall risk that you will lose everything.

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This next option isn’t as risky; but, it comes with a lot of work. A lot of people looking to invest like the idea of getting into the property game. But, for most, this can be an expensive place to get your foot in. But, there’s a way to make some fast money without having to invest a huge amount. Buying a run-down house, doing it up, and selling it has been a staple of investors for many years. Of course, you will have to do some research about this. Look at pages like Flipping Houses 101 rehabbing to give yourself an idea of what to expect from this. There are companies out there that can help you with this. And, they will be your best bet when you first start out. This will mean getting less profit. But, you will still get something out of it. And, it will give you the experience you need to do it yourself.

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This last option involves little risk and not so much work. But, you will have to do some initial research. Websites like eBay and Amazon have made it really easy for small businesses to sell their good online. It enables you to buy good from a country like China, where they will be cheaper than at home. And, then you can sell them at a slightly inflated price. This sort of business almost runs itself; with the only input being shipping the goods.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start trying to find ways to make some money on the side of what you make in normal life. A lot of people don’t consider this sort of work to get some extra income. But, they’re all great ways to supplement your needs.

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Caring For Elderly Parents: How To Keep Your Marbles

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We’re pretty sure that you know how complex life is. Not just for you, but for everyone. One of our favorite words is, in fact, sonder, which is the recognition that each passerby has a life as complex and vivid as your own. Life is emotionally charged, exhausting, stressful, complicated and entangled, and one of the most profound examples of this is looking after an elderly parent.

There is nothing nice about seeing the person that brought you up become reliant on you, and a lot of the time you will feel alone, stressed and in need of a few words of advice. The latter point is where e come in.

You Have Got To Accept It

The roles have reversed. That can be an almightily hard pill to swallow but swallow it you must, because the moment your parent starts having to depend on you, in any way whatsoever, the relationship you knew is over, it has been flipped on its head. Everything you knew may need reassessing; emotions, roles, responsibilities, everything.

Let Them Have Control

If you think this newly reversed paradigm is hard for you, imagine it from their perspective. They are losing their autonomy and there is very little they can do about it. That is why the professionals at www.nextavenue.org is so important that you let them keep as much of the control as possible, even if it is only in perspective. After all, perspective is reality. Don’t order them about and don’t make decisions without them.

Seek All The Help You Can

This isn’t just because your parent may well need professional assistance, it is also because you will need that support too. As the experts at www.alphaomegahospice.com explain, a profession care service will be able to help you achieve the compassion levels that stress can sometimes take away from you. But it isn’t just about getting support for your parent; it is important that get spousal support. They will be your shoulder and, more often than not, they will have a more comfortable relationship with your parent than you do.

Don’t Be So Sensitive

If there is anyone in this world who knows exactly how to press your buttons, it is your family; your siblings and parents. You know this, and they know this, which is why you really need to do all you can to protect those buttons and not be so sensitive when they are pressed, for fear of going insane. The reason why your parents may try and press these buttons, even if it just once, is because they have lost the one thing they had over you; authority, and that is where button pressing comes in. Don’t let them do this. Your emotional well-being is just as much on the line as theirs.

Don’t Succumb To Guilt

When you are caring for an elderly parent, you can start to feel guilty for having fun, which is something you experience when suffering from bereavement. As such, make a point out of having some fun with your parent. Rent a funny film, their favorite classic, and dress up like the characters. Get out the old photo albums, or those home videos. Just make sure you have fun. You both need it and deserve it.

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Avoid the Ills of Medical Bills!

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Of all the expenses families have, medical ones are often the trickiest to deal with. After all, how can you save on general medical expenses in the long term without skimping on your family’s health? Thankfully, it’s very much possible.

Take care of yourself!

A massive proportion of things for which people end up requiring medical attention is preventable. They occur after years of not eating right, of not exercising enough, or not sleeping enough. So the best way to prevent yourself from getting inundated with medical bills in the long term is to take better care of your health!

Fitness Workout Training Runner Run Exercise

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People who are more health-focused throughout their lives end up spending a lot less on medical bills. Which, yes, means it is worth investing some money into exercise equipment and healthier foods! Make sure you and your family are a lot more vigilant when it comes to your health. Eat right and exercise daily!

Find solutions to long-term problems

In many ways, we’re like cars or computers. We need maintenance. If there’s a problem, then it’s best to deal with it properly as soon as possible, as opposed to always using temporary patch-ups that fix the problem in the short-term. In the long run, even though a proper “fix” is more expensive in terms of upfront costs, you end up saving money because the temporary fixes end up costing so much over time.

Let’s consider your eyesight, for example. Many people end up spending so much on glasses, medication, and contact lenses over a period of a decade or so – and because your eyesight is going to weaken anyway, you’re only going to end up spending even more! This is why some people choose to take corrective measures which will save them money over time. Consider getting an eye exam and exploring your options.

Be vigilant about pricing

The reason that so many people end up spending so much on medical bills is that they don’t know all that much about the industry. So if you need to go to hospital for a procedure, you should research the materials and equipment that will be in use. When you have that information, you’ll be able to speak to your doctor about money-saving measures.


Another thing to consider here is the price of medication and similar items. A lot of people will go with recognizable brand names, instead of buying the (much cheaper) off-brand alternatives. People tend to do this because they feel that the cheaper versions will be less effective. But if you compare the ingredients, you’ll often find that they’re exactly the same thing. Take painkillers, for example. The off-brand stuff is usually chemically identical to the big names, and they’re often less than half the price.

Take care with ER visits

It’s extremely important that you know when to go to the emergency room – and when you can do without it. ER care is expensive, and it’s not always care that you couldn’t have waited for and gotten cheaper. This detailed guide should help you out when it comes to both you and your kids.

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You, Your Elderly Parents And Your Sanity

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Is your mom or dad your hero? Not to be corny, but most children look at your parents as role models and mentors. After all, they raised and fed you, kept you safe, and you showered you with love. So, when they start to age and everything changes, it can be hard to deal with. It is especially difficult because the process is incredibly frustrating. They can’t do what they once did in the past, yet you still look at them as if they are ten years younger. For lots of children, the experience can chip away at their sanity. If you feel as if the frustration is getting too much, here’s what you need to do to gain perspective.

Accept The Shift

Kids have such a hard time looking after their parents because they don’t accept the change. You will still think of them as the hero that gave you so much when you were a child. Although it’s nice to be nostalgic, it doesn’t help you deal with the paradigm shift. Whether you like it or not, they depend on you now, so the old rules don’t apply anymore. Think of it as a chance to rewrite the rule book and create new roles. The sooner you build them and it becomes routine, the easier it will become.


Expect A Lot

You shouldn’t expect them to function in the way you want or need them to because that is idealistic. However, there are expectations that every child needs to prepare for before it’s too late. Expect to be angry; expect them to get mad; expect them to shut down their emotions; expect their condition to deteriorate; expect to laugh and cry. Basically, expect anything and everything because it can all happen at once. People that are ready for all of the above are the ones that make the most of the transition. If you’re unprepared, it could be a long couple of years.

Look For Financial Help

Taking care of your parents is like having a child. They rely on your for almost everything, and you have to provide. Of course, it does mean that you have to come up with the money. Unfortunately, care for the elderly isn’t cheap, and financial problems can occur. The good news is that alternative revenue streams do exist, and they could relieve a lot of the strain. Medicare is the best example as it provides coverage for people over the age of 65., which means you don’t have to fork out for your parents’ care plan. A list of Medicare advantage plans is widely available if you want to find out more about the program. Don’t forget about their pension, either. By pooling your resources, the cost of care falls dramatically.

Ask Their Advice

They are old, but they aren’t obsolete. Like you, they have feelings and opinions that you should take into account. After all, it is their life and they understand it better than anyone else. Plus, this tactic shows that you still have respect. Every parent knows that their child loves them, but respect isn’t a mandatory.

When everyone is on the same page, the experience will be far smoother.


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Making An Easy Buck From Bad Luck

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When you get injured or you lose something because of someone else; it can be hard to make sure that you take the right steps to get what you deserve. It’s not fair that your life has been changed by someone else’s mistake. And, you should be given what you’re owed. Unfortunately, most of the time, you have to chase these things for yourself. This can take some time. And, you’ll almost certainly need some help along the way.

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When someone does something to you, whether by accident or on purpose; it’s important that things are made right. Often, this will mean the guilty party settling the issues with a nice payout. Of course, you shouldn’t go out and get hurt to try and make some money. But, if you’ve already been put in a bad place; it’s worth chasing what you deserve. With the professional help of a lawyer like Kathleen A. Sigurdson Attorney At Law, P.C.; it’s easy to make sure that you get what you’re owed. Legal firms like this have the experience and knowledge that they need to make sure that your case goes without a hitch. Of course, the issues that this can cover will vary greatly.

  • Types of issue

Most commonly, cases like this are brought about because of personal injury. This is quite an easy area to understand, too. If someone causes you an injury, whether it’s an accident or deliberate; they may owe you compensation. This money will be to make sure that you’re able to live the life you had before the incident. And, to make sure that you can afford medical bills and fees. So, it’s worth trying to get your hands on it. Sometimes, these issues happen at work, and the business will be at fault. Or, you may find that they occur on the street.

Getting_A_Cast_On_His_Arm(Image Link)

Another common area for these cases to surround is car accidents. If someone causes an accident which results in injury or loss of property, without insurance; they will have to find the money from somewhere else. In these sorts of cases, you may even find that their insurance company refuses to payout. This is their fight to make. But, you may have to get the ball rolling with it. These sorts of cases are very common. And, they’re also the most heavily faked. So, you have to be prepared to share concrete evidence.

car-accident-1538175_640(Image Credit)

If a professional does something that causes you some sort of loss; you may be able to get back at them for professional negligence or malpractice. This fight can be much hard. But, it can be a saving grace for a business that’s down on it’s luck. If another company causes your to lose money or get hurt; they might owe you money.



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A lot of people don’t like the idea of chasing after this sort of money. But, in reality, it’s the money you’re owed. So, you should have it. It can make life much easier to get a settlement like this. And, it can even enable you to get back what you’ve lost.

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The Future is History

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Welcome to the New Age! It’s the revival of the Old Age. Whilst you may be sat there thinking that this is somewhat of an oxymoron, take into consideration all of the old trends, styles, fads and fashions that are making an appearance again. What your mother may have worn decades ago and is sat unused in her wardrobe could be something that people are paying thousands to be able to get the chance to wear and be ‘in’ for a season.

It’s not just the fashion that’s making a comeback, either – there are certain hobbies, pastimes and activities which are taking the world by storm after previously dying what people assumed to be a certain death. So what can we do now to get back in touch with our history, but revive our future?


Let’s have a throwback to the 60s, shall we? Meditation was all the rage in this groovy era, with hippies sitting down in circles, holding hands and chanting together to reach their inner peace, man. Thankfully it’s taken a turn for the better and meditation is now somewhat more a solitary activity which doesn’t necessarily involve all the chanting, humming and other odd sounds that you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing even alone, nevermind in a room full of people. Head over to Meditative Wisdom for a guide on gathering up the inspiration around you and drawing attention to your inner self rather than the outside world. You don’t need much more than space, calm and quiet to meditate, but there are things that you can use to aid your thinking, such as cushions, beads and necklaces to get you started.


It’s somewhat of a niche, hipster thing to get involved with now – baking. People are experimenting more and more, especially with bread, and what was previously left up to your Granny to do for her own enjoyment on a Sunday afternoon is now taking the world by storm. There are baking championships happening in every major city, and independent stores, bakeries, cafes and restaurants all eager to display their own goods for your consumption. The rise in popularity is probably due to the amount of food channels which are focused solely on the promotion of traditional baking; shows like The Great British Bake Off in the UK were to blame for the sudden increase in baking equipment sales around the country, with every guy thinking he was the new Paul Hollywood.


How many things have you seen popping up on Etsy or similar craft sites which have been hand-knitted or crocheted? There’s something about it – especially crochet, as this is the one thing that machines haven’t been able to master yet. Handmade crocheted garments are a work of art, and are such a therapeutic thing to do. When you’re left with a beautiful product such as a granny square blanket (very in right now) or beautiful shawl to show off, there’s little wonder that this intrinsic hobby is gaining a lot of new, interested and very excitable new followers.

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Helping Your Older Loved Ones Love Life For Longer

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We all care for the older loved ones in our lives. But the truth is that many of us aren’t doing enough for them. Sometimes, it’s easy to miss what we should be doing. You might not even know your parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle has needs that aren’t being fulfilled. But it’s time to find out and to discover if there’s anything else you could be doing to help them.


Be a safe haven for them

The first step to take is that we have to recognize that not all of our loved ones have that confidant they can admit everything to. If you’re worried that your loved one might be bothered by things they’re not talking about, it’s worth helping them open up to you. It can be difficult and awkward to start these conversations, especially if they’re about medical issues. But broaching the subject first, being direct and caring, can help. It’s a good idea to just know the kind of questions you might ask to ensure that they’re okay. It might be mood, it might be physical safety or about any marks of injuries you might suspect they haven’t shared. Be gentle, as establishing trust is essential here. Don’t try to force them into telling you anything, just make it clear you’re trying to help.

Make sure you get active with them

It’s easier to lose the focus on activity and fitness as you grow older. However, just because your loved one is getting later in life doesn’t mean they don’t need exercise. A great way to ensure they’re as active as they should be is to join them. It could be as simple as taking a walk. It’s also important to address any barriers they might have to getting active, too. You could get things like walkers from www.homehealthgear.com to remove barriers to mobility or ask their doctor about exercises that might be appropriate for their abilities.


Finding meaningful social connections

The body isn’t the only thing that needs activity. If you want them emotionally happy and mentally active, then they need company. Being there to support them as family is one thing, but it’s a good idea to help them find peer groups through shared interests, too. As www.sixtyandme.com makes clear, it’s all too easy to find ourselves isolated as time goes on. We lose touch with peers and we outlive others. We need to take an active stance in fighting that isolation.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Taking responsibility for anyone’s wellbeing is a demanding task. If you have other responsibilities, you shouldn’t be afraid to admit it’s too much to deal with alone. You should consider asking other family members if they can contribute, even if it’s as simple as giving lifts or making meals. Other kinds of support can make things easier for you, too, from emotional support for yourself to allowances that make it easier to care for them financially. Don’t isolate yourself while trying to help others.

As we get older, life gets a bit tougher, and we’re not always prepared to ask for help. So, it’s your responsibility to step up and offer it first. The happiness and health you can help them attain is more than worth it. It’s essential.


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Changes In The Retail World

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Westfield speciality leasing

The world of retail is evolving – indeed it has been ever since it started. Trends change and new technologies come and go. Each time they do, the nature of retail changes very slightly. Today, with the growth of ecommerce and the rise of seasonal and temporary shopping, it’s becoming more short term and specialist.

Local service

Take Bell the Ice Cream Truck which has opened in Garden State Plaza. Discovered in a local food truck festival, this was taken into the main Westfield Mall and put in front of millions of customers. It was started by Ray Amano who has had 30 years in the ice cream trade and uses a replica of a 1960s ice cream truck he drove when he first started. It’s proved a big hit with shoppers and as soon as it opened the lines began to grow.

Westfield specialty leasing is simply identifying a wider trend. People like the convenience a big mall like this can bring, but they also want an experience which is local and special to that area. Local goods, therefore, are driving a huge growth in retail. Bringing in a truck such as this, direct from the local festivals, is a great way to give the mall a local flavor and a character all of its own.

For the people running Bell the Ice Cream Truck, meanwhile, it is an opportunity to take their small venture onto a whole new scale – with direct access to more shoppers than they could ever have imagined. It’s also a regular spot providing a constant source of revenue.

Retail is changing

This is a very different approach to the old mall booth. It’s agile and imaginative catering to customers’ seasonal demands. The ice cream truck, for example, can clean up during the hot summer months, but it doesn’t have to stick around wasting money in rentals during winter. It can move on, if it chooses, and change the way it does business.

This is going hand in hand with the rise of pop up retail outlets. These small temporary retail spaces are becoming more and more popular in malls and are changing the way we interact with retailers. Ecommerce stores, for example, are using them to have a physical presence and seasonal retailers are using them to hit peak periods such as the Christmas or Thanksgiving holidays. Traditional bricks and mortar retailers are also using them for special promotions with temporary pop ups opening up within stores.

Best of both worlds

Local retailers can also use them to get access to a main street retail space for a limited period of time. Again, it’s combining the best of big business – through the scale a mall can provide – with the best of local trade. Both parties benefit.

They’ve already proven a big hit with shoppers who enjoy the opportunity to have small stores opening up with exciting and temporary offers. As we move into the future, they’re likely to become an increasingly common part of our regular shopping experience.

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Things To Consider When Moving To A New City

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cityImage credit

Moving to a new city is such an exciting time, but while so many get busy with the pre-move planning, not a massive amount of thought goes into what happens once there.

Before you even decided to move, you’ve probably taken into consideration the important issues like work opportunities, schooling, crime rates, and cost of living, but there are other things to consider that can make your time in a new city enjoyable or miserable.

Depending on how familiar you are with your new home, you may already know some places around to get you started, but you’ll still want to get to know the local neighborhood as much as possible and explore all that this new city has to offer you so you can make the most out of your time there.

Here are some things you should consider when moving to a new city that will make life easier once there.

The Language:

Obviously this only applies if the place you’re moving to is in another country where another language is spoken. Although most big cities around the world do have a good majority of people who speak English, and you can generally find the things you need by asking in English, if you’re going to be living there for any period of time longer than 6 months, learning at least some basics in the local language will always serve you well and help you feel more at home and actually get to truly know your new city.

Food & Drink:

One of the best things about being in a new city for any length of time, is that you get to try different types of food that you may not get at home. So, taking some time to, not only learn where the trendy places are, but actually get out and find some local delights that may become your favorites is always recommended – you never know what you may stumble onto. You could end up finding the best coffee you’ve ever tasted, or discover a seafood dish you’ve never tried before.

Health & Emergency Services:

As much as no one likes to think that they may need to call the emergency services for anything, it’s better to be safe and prepared for every eventuality. It takes just a few minutes to jot down the local numbers you need in case anything goes wrong – and it doesn’t even have to be anything major; you may just need a locksmith, or a dentist who’s open 24hrs and you don’t want to suffer from toothache all weekend, but it’s still better than not having the numbers when you need them most.

Friends & Social Life:

If you’re moving to a new city as a younger single person, it may prove easier to meet other people simply by going out to bars or arranging meet ups through groups you find online. If you’re moving with a family or are just past the party days, then you can still have a booming social life, but you may just have to put a bit more effort into it than simply showing up. You can check out local and expat groups in your area and narrow down by interests to see what’s going on. Parenting groups, sports, cooking, book clubs, and even craft groups are all just a few ideas you can try out. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and look for things you’re truly interested in, then you’ll find it easier to meet people and will actually start enjoying your new home.

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The Perfect Night In! Seven Incredible Date Nights At Home

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There’s nothing harder than trying to have a romantic night with your husband when you have kids. Unfortunately, there’s very little that’s more important. After you have children, it’s easy to neglect your relationship. You’re tired all the time and sometimes it’s hard to feel attractive when you’re dealing with weight gain after having a baby. Romance doesn’t seem very high up on your list of priorities. But it’s important to keep the magic alive – you want your kids to witness a stable and loving relationship between their parents before going on to form loving marriages of their own one day. Here are seven date night ideas that you can do at home once the kids have gone to bed, without any need for a babysitter!

Make A Theme Night

spaghetti-1392266_640Image source

Choose a culture that both of you enjoy, and have a theme night! If you choose Italy, make a big pot of spaghetti or order pizza (check online for Dominos offers), and eat it in front of Cinema Paradiso – or Roman Holiday, if you aren’t a fan of subtitles. If you’re big Anglophiles, make battered fish and chunky French fries and watch Billy Elliot or your favorite Harry Potter movie.

Learn To Dance

If you were one of those couples who just swayed during your wedding dance, now is the time to get some rhythm! There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that will teach you to waltz or to jive. Just be careful of any lifts – it might be difficult to regain your trust in your partner after he’s dropped you unceremoniously on the coffee table.

Look Through Photo Albums

photo-album-1229001_640Image source

Sit yourself on the couch, enjoy a family favorite meal, and get out your wedding album to look through. If your everyday life is hectic and crazy, remind yourselves of the reasons you were together to begin with, and reminisce over one of the best days of your lives.

Play Some Games

Get out the board games. If you’re looking for a little body contact, Twister is the way to go, but if the two of you like a little competition you could always get out your kids’ games. If you’re looking for a more adult game, try cards or Would You Rather? to find out the answers to questions you’ve always wanted to know.

Go On An Indoor Picnic

Put out a rug or blanket on your living room floor, and make some sandwiches and finger foods to enjoy cross-legged on the floor. If it puts you in the mood for summer, you could start planning your next vacation!

Have Breakfast In Bed

strawberries-1445830_640Image Pixabay

There’s nothing better than breakfast in bed on TV trays, no matter what time of day it is! Make pancakes and bacon and add some fresh berries on the side. If you’re feeling healthy, try smashed avocado and poached eggs on toast.

Build A Pillow Fort

You may have helped your kids build forts in your living room before but now it’s your turn to do it with as many blankets and pillows as you can find. Take in a laptop to watch some Netflix along with your favorite snacks to relax, chat and snuggle together in cozy comfort.

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