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If you master the requisite skills, DIY projects can be a great hobby to pick up which can save you lots of money you would have otherwise paid someone to do the job for you.

One expense that costs a lot of money every month is car maintenance. Unfortunately, you can’t just forego maintaining your car because you can’t afford it. Servicing your car ensures the mechanical and electrical components are in the best working condition for your safety when driving and economical consumption of fuel.

Instead of skimping on car maintenance, you can save money through these DIY car maintenance tips.

Air filter

An air filter prevents foreign materials like dust and other debris from getting into your engine which improves your engine performance in addition to prolonging its life.

After a year or about 12,000 miles of driving, your air filter is worn out and needs replacement. Now, you can take your car to a repair shop and foot hundreds of dollars to have it changed, a job which takes at least half day. Alternatively, you can get a new air filter, open the casing, get the old one out and install the new one. Job done. You don’t even any tool to have it done and it won’t take you more than 15 minutes.

Spark plugs

The function of spark plugs is to transmit electrical current to ignite your engine and start your car. You can find the location of the spark plugs of your specific car model on motoring sites like Tuning Guru but they are generally identifiable with their thick insulation covers.

The number of spark plugs a car has depends on the number of engine cylinders. So a six-cylinder car has six spark plugs.

It’s good practice to replace your spark plugs after about 25,000 miles of driving. For this you need a few tools namely a ratchet, a socket extension and a spark plug socket.

It is important to follow the sequence in which the plugs are installed or else they will malfunction. The best way to go about it is to replace one spark plug at a time. Remove the first spark plug suing the socket and ratchet and replace with a new one. Do the same for the rest until you complete.

Car battery

Most car starting problems are due to a faulty battery. This mostly due to oxidation on the battery terminals which is characterized by white particles. All you have to do is clean the white particles and your battery is as good as new.

To do this, first remove the negative terminal followed by the positive to avoid electrical arcing. The using a wire brush and a removal fluid, clean the terminals until all the residue have been removed.

Windshield wipers

Worn out windshield wipers scratch your windshield whenever you use them. Instead of waiting on a long line at your mechanic, you can replace them yourself with nothing more than a screw driver, a new wiper and 15 minutes of your time.

While different car models have different wiper designs, new wipers come with a manual on how to replace the old one and fix the new ones.

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Key Tips To Succeed At Social Media Marketing

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Social media’s massive popularity makes it a prime platform to engage with an audience. Hopefully, you can even turn this audience into paying customers. The key to accomplish this is with the right social media marketing strategy. A poor strategy can turn away viewers and even leave you worse off. On the other hand, a professional and organized approach can develop your brand to new heights. Here are some tips to make sure you’re on the right track.

  • Develop Professional Accounts For All The Major Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. LinkedIn, Google+…It pays to have them all. Doing so will expand your potential audience and give as many opportunities as possible to relate to them.

  • Set Up A System For Managing All These Accounts

The problem with having all these accounts is that it can get extremely confusing. That’s why you’re going to need a system to manage them all. There is a range of software available that can help you manage all the accounts from one dashboard. You may also want to hire someone to be in charge of social media management.

  • Develop The Right “Voice”

Your posts should sound like your brand. That why you need to develop the right voice and stick with it. Even if there are different people writing different posts, you still want to achieve cohesion between the different styles.

  • Know Your Audience

There is no point posting about skateboarding if your audience is retirees. That’s why you need to tailor content to the right demographic. If you’re not sure exactly what this is then it’s time to do your research. The better you know your audience, the better you can relate to them.

  • Offer Real Value To Readers

Nobody wants to view story on their news feed that are meaningless and offer no value. That’s why you need to tailor content to be true, solve problems, and be interesting to read ( easier said than done).

  • Stay Relevant To Your Audience

People care what’s happening in the world today. That’s why you want to make your posts relate to current events (it is social media after all). Make sure you keep up with the latest happenings, and if you can find a way to link them to your business niche, even better.

  • Don’t Use Any Over The Top Sales Pitches

Never use a phrase like “it’s the most amazing thing ever” or “it’s life-changing.” Your posts should be engaging and exciting, but you don’t want them to sound ridiculous.

  • Time Your Posts

Nobody cares if you’re talking about the Easter bunny in November or buying heaters in the middle of summer. It’s crucial to schedule your posts so that they fit in with the time of year. The easiest way to go about this is to set up a calendar and decide on the best time for each post.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing is hard to master but if you can pull it off, you may set yourself up for massive success. These tips will help you get started.

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10 Engagement Gifts Ideas For a Truly Special Moment

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The time of congratulating on the phone has passed and now it is time for the real party! If you have been invited to celebrate your friend’s engagement you are probably  looking for the perfect gift.  You have come to the right place since we already have some things in mind and are ready to share them.

Scroll through our 10 engagement gift ideas and choose the best for your soon-to-be-married friend.

Since your friends are starting a new life together, you could help them settle in by giving them something useful for their new home – essential dinnerware. Don’t go with something too ordinary, though. We suggest designer dinner sets, which are just as practical as they are beautiful.

Every celebration requires a decent amount of champagne! And what is the best occasion to celebrate than love? Hopefully, each day of your friend’s marriage will feel as full of peace and joy as a holiday and therefore every day is going to be a new occasion for a glass of champagne. Give your newlywed friends a set of beautiful designer champagne glasses and let them praise every special moment of their marriage.  A bottle of the sparkling wine would make a great addition to the present.

  • Champagne Cooler

If you think that some of the other guests might also be going for the abovementioned champagne glasses, but still want to offer a champagne related gift, this cooler is the perfect alternative. Furthermore, it can also be used as a vase or bowl for holding various items.


  • Personalized doormat

One more essential item for the new family home is the doormat, which outlines the shared property. Order a personalized doormat with the couple’s last name and let it be the first step of showing them to the world as a family. From now on their neighbours and everyone else will know them that way.


  • Special family cookbook

According to an old saying, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And we probably all agree delicious food impresses women just as much as men. That is why we consider cookbooks the best-loved novels of all times. Give your newlywed friends their own luxurious cookbook edition, so they can cook and taste something new every day.


Life could never be “too” sweet, especially for a newly married couple. Since sweetness should always stand out, we suggest a stylish cake stand that would do the job fantastically. The couple could use it for the wedding ceremony, but also for decorating their home.

  • Weekend for two

One thing no one talks about when it comes to weddings is stress. However, newlyweds are constantly busy organising both their wedding ceremony and future life, and that puts tension on them. You can help your friends deal with stress by giving them a relieving experience. A gift card for a couple’s spa therapy can recharge their batteries and do wonders before the wedding.


  • Picnic basket for two

Speaking of experiences, nothing is more romantic than a picnic in nature. Invest in a nice picnic basket and you might even create a new family tradition that will last. Romantic picnics may turn into frequent trips for the whole family.

  • Linen bed sheets

Linen is soft, natural and allows the skin to breathe. That’s why we consider it as the best material for bed sheets ever made. If one thing is for sure, it is that every newlywed couple will need good quality sheets. What we recommend, is to go for the designer ones that will not only be soft, smooth and cozy but will also decorate their family bedroom.


  • Engraved cake servers

The cake is one of the most important things at any wedding ceremony. The other two essentials, of course, are the newlyweds. So, why don’t you put their names on the cake attributes? No matter how sweet and delicious the cake is, it will quickly leave the couple with nothing but a memory of it. Pretty cake servers can last forever, though. Engrave them with your friend’s names and they could serve as a decoration and reminder of their love and also the reminders of the cake.

cake cutterSource


Engagements are the beginning of a brand new life with the most loved person. It is a promise of happiness, but also a promise of caring, worrying and understanding. That’s why the couple is going to need as much support as possible from their friends and families. Be there to encourage them in every possible way.  We hope our list of ideas has helped you find the best way to symbolize your love and support for the new family.

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Ways to Boost Your Business Idea

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If you thought that starting your own business was going to be easy, you might be having a rethink one year in. Running your own business is rewarding when it goes well but can make you fraught with worry when things go wrong. From an unexpected bill to the loss of a regular client, running a business can be demoralizing and financially dangerous, but before you pack everything up and call it a day, there might be some things you haven’t considered that may just give your profit-margins a much-needed boost. Being your own boss means you get to make the decisions, and these might just be the best decisions your business ever makes.

Don’t give up

Nobody said it was going to be easy, and you just know that there is a market for your business. If it’s taking a little longer to get to where you thought you’d be one-year down the line, then that’s not to say that you’re never going to get there. Confidence in your product or service is vital, because if you don’t believe in it, then you’re not going to be able to convince others to do the same. Nothing has changed, your idea is still there, and you remain positive that it can work. Don’t falter now.

Take advice

From market research companies to professional business advisors, you certainly won’t lack for expert advice to take. You might find that the best way to make sure your business succeeds is by investing a little more to make that final leap into the black. This can often be achieved through the use of a business loan, but there are a number of varieties available, so make sure that you research exactly what you need. It might be that you are more suited to a merchant cash advance rather than a traditional business loan, and with advantages that may be more suited to your business model, it’s worth checking out the potential options.

Outsourcing is your friend

So many companies fail to outsource, and the business failure rate is a good indicator of who has used outsourcing and who hasn’t. Outsourcing is a simple yet extremely effective way of cutting costs and has a number of advantages that it’s worth checking out. Not only does outsourcing mean that you’re utilizing the expertise of people who know their industry far better than you do, but you are also freeing up your in-house staff, so that they can focus on the tasks that you employed them for in the first place. Outsourcing, whether it’s an IT management company or a qualified merchant service specialist to improve credit card payments using Verifone, is a valuable tool that many people are wary of trying due to fear of costs, but the truth is that the savings you make through outsourcing can often be the difference between success and failure.

With the internet able to offer you advice and suggestions on every single area of your business, it’s never too late for you to turn your company into something successful. Building a business can take time, and it can often feel like an uphill battle, but patience, hard work and taking advantage of the available tools at your fingertips, will mean that you have a greater chance of succeeding where others fail.




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How Can You Protect Yourself from Cybercrime?

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In the modern world, you don’t just have to worry about someone breaking into your home. Cybercrime is a real concern too, and you need to know how to avoid it if you want to make sure your identity and your money can’t be stolen. While no solution is perfect, it’s not difficult to keep yourself safe at home and on your mobile devices.

Learn How to Spot Scams

One of the smartest things you can do is learn how to spot a scam. While you can’t learn all the tricks that criminals use, you can make sure you approach everything online with the right level of scrutiny. It’s best not to take things at face value, and to ask whether it’s too good to be true.

Create Strong Passwords

Creating passwords can be the bane of your life when you have accounts on tens of websites. You’re not supposed to keep using the same ones, but it’s hard to think of new ones and remember them. If you want a way to remember your passwords, write them on paper. It’s better to keep them off your computer or other devices.

Stay Up to Date

Keeping your software, including virus protection, and operating system up to date will help to protect your devices. It patches up any vulnerabilities and ensures your antivirus software has the most complete database of potential threats.

Protect Your Home Against Hackers

Your home could be left open to hackers if you’re not careful. With so many gadgets now designed to connect to the internet and to each other, gaining control of them could be easy if they’re not secure. But you can take extra measures.

Refi Guide How to Stop Your Home From Being Hacked

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How to Save Money on Your Car Expenses in 5 Simple Steps

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Running a car is most likely one of your largest monthly expenses, as there are many associated costs with owning a vehicle. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to reduce your expenditure. Find out how to save money on your car expenses in five simple steps.

  1. Choose Between a Used or New Car

There are pros and cons to buying a used or new car. The option you choose will more than likely be determined by your budget and needs. For example, if you have a small budget and only need to drive a car occasionally, it might be financially beneficial to opt for a second-hand vehicle. However, if you want to drive away in the latest make and model to drive every day, you should opt for a reliable, new car. Find the best option for your budget by visiting the BMW Edinburgh showroom.

  1. Balance Your Tires Annually

Are you aware you can add thousands of miles to the life of your tires? Skip expensive replacements by having the tires balanced once each year. If you don’t, you will risk damaging the tread, and an imbalance can wear your shock absorbers while damaging your suspension system, which can add to your vehicle expenditure.

  1. Change Your Engine Oil Every 3,000 Miles

Do you want your car to stand the test of time so that you can receive the most value for your money? Of course you do. For this reason, you should change both the oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles. By doing so, you can extend the life of your car’s engine, and it can also prevent spending money on unnecessary repairs or engine wear.

  1. Browse the Market for the Best Insurance Deal

Many first-time drivers rush into buying car insurance because they cannot wait to get their new car on the road. However, this could result in a big financial mistake. Browse the market before you commit to car insurance to not only make great savings each month, but to ensure you select the best insurer for your needs, which will be important if your car is involved in a collision. You also do not need to stick with the same insurer year after year. Shop around once a policy has come to an end to find the best option for your needs and budget. Also, don’t be afraid to phone the insurers to ask about special deals, especially if you’re a long-standing customer.

  1. Try to Improve Your Driving Habits

Bad driving habits can potentially double your fuel consumption. A few adjustments to your driving style could help you to save gas, which can have a positive impact on both your finances and planet Earth. For example, you should always accelerate gently, and anticipate slowdowns to avoid sudden stops. Driving too fast can also play havoc with your fuel consumption, as you can waste 20-30% more guess driving at 70mph in comparison to 50mph. You might be surprised at the difference it will make to your gas mileage and bank account.

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Keep Your Daughter on Track With these Wedding Planning Tips

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Wedding planning can go from fun to an absolute nightmare very quickly, especially for those who are not experienced in event planning, or for those who have an overemphasis on everything needing to be perfect. That is where you, the parents of the bride, need to step in.

By keeping things calm, and by lending a hand in the planning process, you’re providing the bride with one of the best wedding gifts anyone can give, and it can mean all the difference on her wedding day. So, to help your daughter have the perfect wedding, follow these wedding planning tips:

  1. Help Her Devise a Budget and Stick to It

The biggest mistake anyone can make at any point in their life is to live beyond their means. The same applies to weddings. That is why before your daughter gets excited about the wedding and what she wants to have in it, you should go through and make a budget. This could involve making a savings plan, putting yours and your daughter’s savings together, and even considering asking guests for money to go towards the wedding, instead of a wedding gift. Once you have your budget, stick to it! Nothing is worse than starting your new life in debt.

  1. Help Her Choose a Packaged Venue

The venue and the catering are often the largest budget takers, which is why you should choose them first, and try to find packages. These packaged deals are offered around the world, so if you have always dreamed of having a wedding in an English manor, there are wedding venues in Cheltenham such as Manor by the Lake, which fit the bill.

  1. Help Her Be Open to Dress Options

If she has a limited dress budget, but big ideas on what she wants to have, help her be open to her options. You can buy a once-worn wedding dress for a huge discount simply by buying second hand. That way she can have the dress of her dreams without the price that would put it out of her reach. All you will need to do then is take it to be professionally tailored to her – something you would need to do regardless of where you got the dress from.

  1. Brainstorm DIY Decorations and Activities

If your budget is tight, do it yourself. You can create beautiful centrepieces for a fraction of the cost simply by putting them together yourself. Similarly, putting the effort into creating the decorations and activities for your guests to enjoy is a great way to add the perfect personal touch.

  1. Put an Emphasis on Going with the Flow

Above all else, however, you need to help her be open to the problems that will arise with wedding planning. If the flowers don’t arrive on time, or if her musician cancels, let it all be part of the experience, instead of something that ruins it. Have backup options and put an emphasis on how much fun she’ll have with her loved ones, rather than on making the party perfect.

Weddings can be very stressful, and in the effort to have the perfect wedding many young couples can blow their budget. That is why you need to come in and help them stay on track, so they can have the wedding of their dreams.

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5 Different Ways To Find Business Financing

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When you want to start your own business, you’ll often find that there are a range of things that can possibly hold you back. Sometimes, if it’s in your own mind, you have to find ways to overcome your fears and stop them from holding you back. But when it’s more of a financial matter, you’re going to need to come up with financial options to help you. Sometimes, half of the battle is knowing exactly what options you have. But this isn’t something that you shouldn’t let hold you back. Because when you think about the options that you have available, you can then work out what is going to work out best for you. So let’s take a look at what options you have for financing your business.


First of all, you’re going to want to think about the option of bootstrapping the business yourself. Because you won’t always have to seek out funding sources in order to make this happen. Sometimes, you can save up for the sum you need over time, or even get started with absolutely nothing at all. However, this option isn’t going to be for everybody, because some business ideas are going to require funding. But if yours may not, this is an important idea to consider.


From here, you’re then going to want to think about approaching an investor. This idea can put a lot of would-be business owners off, but it really doesn’t have to be as formal and fearful as you may think. If you have a solid business plan and you know what funding you’re looking for, you could make this work. There are different ways that you can access investors online too, to make the process seem a bit simpler.

Business Loan

Your next idea is to look into a business loan, and there are lots that you can consider for this. Because not only is there the option of heading to the bank and getting a traditional business loan, if you’re looking at negative working capital, you can get funding for that too. A business loan option is something that can help you out both at the start and during your business’s lifetime.


Another idea that you may feel more comfortable with is crowdfunding. This is something that not everyone will want to do, but it can be really interesting way to raise the funds. Crowdfunding your small business can take time, and it will mean that you have to provide something in return, but if it’s what you feel most comfortable with, it’s a great avenue to explore.


Finally, you may also want to think about going into business with someone else. If you have the ideas, or some of the ideas, then a partner could bring in the cash. If they have experience in business, this can also be a great opportunity for you and beneficial for your business. Yes you will share the ownership, but you may find that the shared knowledge and experience is better too.


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Affording Family Fun Times: Budgeting For A Trip To Disneyland

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Parents often have great ideas about the activities and items they would like to get for their kids. Unfortunately, money is often the thing that stands in their way. That is why it’s important to be as sensible with your families finances as possible, then anything you save can go towards booking that trip to Disneyland and having some serious fun time with the family.

Deal with your debt

Dealing with any debt you have is vital in your quest to raise the funds for Disneyland. The reason for this is that it doesn’t make a lot of sense saving up all your cash to spend it on a fun trip if you are struggling to pay off debts that you already have.

OK, so this is probably not what you wanted to hear, and yes, fun is important. However, paying your bills and having a good quality of life is more important than anything else, so get this sorted first.

With this in mind, it can be very useful to sit down and look at your options with regard to the debt you have. When you do this remember to consider the best debt consolidation companies, as well as speaking directly to your lender’s to see if you can work out a more reasonable repayment scheme.

It can also be helpful to identify which of your debts is costing you the most in interest and eliminate this one first. Then, once this is paid, you will have more money left to save up for your dream trip to Disney. (1)Image

Pack those lunches

You can also save a considerable amount of money by making packed lunches for everyone in the family to take to work and school. The argument in favor of this is that buying readymade or hot lunches is pretty expensive. Something that if you multiply this by the number of people in your family can add up to quite a lot of money that could be put to better use in your Disney fund.

lunch-pail-225928_640Picture here

Instead, make a list of the lunches you will create for each day and take it when you go your weekly grocery shopping. Then you can make the next day’s lunch each evening, or if you are super organized prep an entire weeks lunches like this.

Coupon to save

Most people are aware that they can save money when couponing, but can you really save enough to fund a trip to Disneyland? Well, actually you can if you choose to be really committed to the process.

This means clipping coupons from magazine inserts, and getting them online, as well as planning your grocery shops around the items that are on offer each week.

family-2923690_640Image link

However, once you have been doing it for, a while you can really build up a stockpile of items that have cost you very little or were completely free. Something that you can use instead of buying items in your weekly shop that will free up a significant amount of money for your Disney trip fund each week.


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Shocking Ways You’re Wasting Money (That You’re Not Even Aware Of!)

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Wasting money is something that it a pretty crazy thing to do. After all, you work hard for the amount you have and swap your time and effort for it. That means by wasting it you are really throwing those things away. Sadly, there are lots of ways you may be wasting money, some of which you might not even be aware of. Read on to discover what they are.

Food waste

Food waste might just be costing you a fortune without you realizing it. The reason for this is that folks tend to shop for a week at a time, then at the end of that week throw away any items they haven’t got around to using, or that are past their sell-by date.

However, this food is usually still edible as you can find out at and is only being put in the trash to make room for the ingredients for a new set of meal plans. This is crazy if you think about it, because you are throwing away edible food to make room for different edible food! Something that will result in unnecessary costs.

Unused food can waste a lot of money.

Instead, why not use sites like that show you what to cook with what you have, or at least use all those leftover veggies up at the end of the week to make a soup that you can keep in the freezer. Then you will be saving on food waste and the cost of lunches for the week coming up.

Paying high-interest rates

Most people apply to take out a loan at one time or another, but did you know that the decision on whether you get this is usually based on your credit score? If you have a low credit score, you are less likely to get a loan, and if you are awarded it, you will usually be asked to pay a higher rate of interest because you are regarded as a greater risk to the lender.

thirty-1173248_640Image source

That means low credit scores equal high-interest rates, something that translates into you making bigger payments and paying less of the original loan off. That is why it’s vital that you deal with your credit score by visiting sites like and using the advice on credit repair, you find there. Then you won’t be wasting money that you can’t afford, just because your credit score is low.

Not canceling subscriptions

Subscriptions are big business these days. You can get boxes of makeup delivered, or crates with collectibles in. You can even stream film and TV shows via service like the ones mentioned at by paying a monthly subscription charge.

Unfortunately, the thing with subscriptions is that you pay for them whether you actually use them or not. It’s why they make such a great business model for the people ruining them.

However, it’s not such a great model for the customer, especially if they have signed up for more than one because they are paying for services that aren’t  being used. That is why it’s vital to cancel any subscriptions you have not use for the last month. Otherwise, they are just a massive waste of money.


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