6 Adventure Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss in the Kimberley

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Located on the northeastern part of Australia, the Kimberley is a mosaic of stunning natural environments that will remind you of a time when the world was young. Home to just a little over 50,000 people, this expansive region is the size of Sweden and is composed of a variety of landscapes and water features found nowhere else in the world. From pristine beaches and elegant cascades to majestic gorges and sprawling reefs, the Kimberley has everything you could ever hope for in a true wilderness destination.

In this short guide, we’ll fill you in on some of the most exciting nature adventures and Kimberley tours that you shouldn’t miss when you get the chance to spend your holiday in this region in Western Australia. Whether you’re the rugged, outdoorsy type or you just want to embark on a relaxing tour aboard a trusty vehicle, there are many things that you can enjoy in the Kimberley.

Exploring the Horizontal Falls on a Seaplane

In terms of quintessential Kimberley experiences, the Horizontal Falls is a world unto itself. Once described by Sir David Attenborough as “Australia’s most unusual natural wonder,” the Horizontal Falls is a natural phenomenon that occurs in a break between the McLarty Ranges in the Buccaneer Archipelago. It is not an actual waterfall but a tidal event that happens when powerful tides channeled from the Montgomery Reef many kilometers away rush into the rift, causing the water in the inlet behind the cliffs to rise by more than 30 feet. This seemingly backward flow of water is why the phenomenon is referred to as a “horizontal falls.” It’s a spectacle that is then reversed later in the day when the tide changes and the water flows back out into the sea.

One of the best ways to see the Horizontal Falls is through a scenic flight aboard a luxury seaplane. Tour operators typically offer this alongside exhilarating boat rides through the falls itself.

Walking through the “Beehive” Domes of the Bungle Bungle Range

Nestled in the heart of the Purnululu National Park in the eastern part of the Kimberley, the Bungle Bungle Range is a spectacular land formation that resembles giant beehives. The domes sport unusual striped patterns, which they owe to the sedimentation of sandstone and conglomerate matter over millions of years.

Tour operators typically offer guided walks through the Bungle Bungle wilderness, explaining how the park’s unusual topography came to be, while also offering information regarding the area’s significance to the culture and history of local aboriginal peoples.

Visiting the Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Not all adventure experiences in the Kimberley happen in the most remote locations. A case in point is a tour of the Willie Creek Pearl Farm, which you can have right within the pearling town of Broome. This pearl farm offers the complete experience, providing visitors a comprehensive insight into the dangerous lives of pearl divers of old, as well as a glimpse into what goes on in the modern process of culturing pearls. Visitors can also get up close and personal with two of Broome’s last remaining wooden pearl luggers, plus get the opportunity to take home a piece from the farm’s exclusive collection of stunning pearl jewellery.

Riding Camels on Cable Beach

Framed by red ochre cliffs and the aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean, Cable Beach is one of the most popular destinations in Broome. And what better way to appreciate the beautiful environs of this pristine, white-sand shoreline than by joining a camel safari? Visitors can ride on the back of a gentle dromedary, and enjoy the sublime beauty of Cable Beach sunsets. You can also ride out at dawn or early in the morning as a way to jumpstart your Kimberley holiday.

Fishing for Barramundi on Ord River

One of the great river systems of the Kimberley, the Ord River is a paradise for both nature lovers and fishing aficionados. This mighty and historic waterway is home to a plethora of wildlife, including flying foxes, wallabies, crocodiles, and a wide variety of birds. The river is also home to the barramundi or the Asian sea bass, a game fish that is prized by anglers for their wild and elusive nature. Here on the Ord River, visitors can join a fishing safari to enjoy picturesque river views and explore the environment in pursuit of one of Australia’s most popular sportfish.

Discovering Dinosaur Footprints on Roebuck Bay aboard a Hovercraft

Broome Hovercraft lets you experience walking in the footsteps of dinosaurs even as you take a scenic tour of the beautiful Roebuck Bay aboard an amphibious hovercraft vehicle! The perfectly preserved footprints of dinosaurs, imprinted more than 120 million years ago in what used to be prehistoric planal forests, now lie in an area that is usually underwater beneath the Roebuck Bay. During low tides, the water recedes to reveal expansive tidal flats, reachable only by air-cushion vehicles. The area is also home to other attractions besides, including the wreck sites of downed WWII flying boats and the wildlife-filled mangrove forests of the Broome coastline.

These are just some of the exiting adventures that await you in the Kimberley. Given the chance, which ones would you like to experience for yourself?

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What to Do if You’re Involved in an Accident During a Family Road Trip

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Family road trips are supposed to be the most enjoyable times we have together and they make up some of our childhood’s most vivid memories. Unfortunately, long trips present a greater than average risk of car accidents and it’s a possibility we all have to consider. And things are even worse when accidents happen somewhere far away from home. Let’s look at what to do if you’re involved in an accident during a family road trip.

Get a Police Report

A police report is essential in these cases. Do this in conjunction with seeking medical attention for any injuries. It creates a neutral, third-party record of events. This is critical for providing the other person’s blame and your side of events if you go to court or file a claim with their insurer. Only the police can prove the other person was driving under the influence.

There are several rules to follow when talking to the police. Stick to the facts. Don’t admit fault or blame. If you’re concerned about how you’re treated or want additional evidence, record everything with your smartphone.

Seek Medical Attention

Seek medical attention as soon as you can. A full check-up by a doctor will ensure that you don’t overlook a serious medical problem that shouldn’t be ignored. If everyone is relatively fine, the medical records are still a neutral third-party record of what happened and its literal impact.

Check Insurance Laws for the States You Are In

Auto insurance laws are set at a state level. Some states are “no-fault”, leaving each driver liable for the damages to their own car unless there is an overriding liability like the other driver being drunk. In other states, the driver considered “at-fault” or responsible for the crash has to pay for everything. These differences can affect how you file a claim with your insurer or the other driver’s insurer.

If you don’t know what type of coverage you have, don’t worry – just call your insurance company. Explain what happened and where you were when it happened. If necessary, they’ll work out those legal details.

Talk to a Legal Expert

When dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, regardless of its severity, you need an expert at your side.

For example, if you were involved in an accident with a semi-truck, you need to contact a semi-truck accident lawyer. Attorneys who specialized in semi-truck accidents understand the ins and outs of dealing with commercial auto insurers. They can track down and sue the parties or companies considered liable for a tired or distracted semi driver. They can track down issues like failed tires and brakes that contribute to many of these wrecks.

Determine Whether Or Not to Carry On

It is your decision whether or not to cut your road trip short. If you do, track your expenses such as the cost of getting home in a rented car or a flight back. You may be able to get reimbursed by insurance or the responsible party. Keep receipts for any car repairs, too, because that can be added to your claim.


Taking the right steps after an accident can minimize the long-term impact of a car accident and make sure that the proper parties are held liable. It will also make sure that you get the compensation you deserve.

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5 Things You Never Expected About Japan

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Japan is a thoroughly advanced, post-industrial society that still takes the lead in many key tech areas. However, they’re definitely not like other similarly highly developed countries for a number of reasons. Here are just a few of the surprising things you’d never expect.

1.) Credit cards aren’t used everywhere

The numerous konbini and supermarkets may accept credit cards. But you’re taking your chances at the local izakaya. Credit card acceptance is definitely far higher than it used to be. However, many older establishments (and many are literally centuries old) may not accept credit cards or debit cards.

This issue is more acute in the countryside. Travelers used to using credit cards for everything in their home countries may be well advised to exchange more currency than they expect to use. In any case, there’s not much of a compelling reason to use credit cards in Japan, unless you seriously need to have a record of all your transactions.

2.) There are very few public trash cans

This can perplex visitors, as the streets tend to be spotlessly clean. However, you won’t generally find trash cans out in most public areas. The Japanese are very fastidious about sorting their trash, so most trash is usually held onto, then sorted and disposed of at home.  You will rarely, if ever, find trash cans out in the streets like you would in most other countries.

You will, however, find trash cans in public bathrooms and convenience stores. You will also find receptacles near the ubiquitous vending machines, but it’s strictly for the contents of those machines, and you will be perceived negatively for using them for other types of trash.

It’s also for this reason you don’t see Japanese eat out in the street as often as you would see people in other countries – though for some reason, drinking alcohol in public is fine. In most cases, the Japanese are likely to eat their snacks standing near wherever they bought them so they can use the provided trash receptacles.

3.) There are very few open wifi hotspots

In contrast to most developed countries where free wifi hotspots are virtually everywhere, these are a rarity in Japan. Any open wifi hotspots are also likely to be disappointingly choppy and slow. This often leaves frustrated visitors with high roaming charges whenever they use their service provider’s international roaming services.

To avoid high roaming charges, we recommend renting a pocket wifi device from a company like Japan Wifi Buddy so you can enjoy Japan’s famous high-speed internet infrastructure as soon as you land.

4.) Drinking in public is acceptable

While it may be frowned upon to drink in public, most people will just give it a pass. Unlike in many other countries, drinking in public is completely legal in Japan, and it’s not unusual to see individuals or groups of people enjoying a beer in a park. There are also numerous alcohol vending machines all over the country, where almost anyone can just buy alcohol. Drinking in public is also an accepted part of the many outdoor festivals held throughout the country.

We don’t recommend you do this outside of a group of local friends. However, regardless if you do this alone or in a group, do your best to remain respectful at all times.

5.) Several medicines we take for granted are illegal

Many medicines people in other countries take for granted are illegal in Japan. The list is too long to include, but it covers many popular allergy and asthma medications that contain any stimulant, such as pseudoephedrine. This makes it important to bring your doctor’s prescriptions and a note explaining why you need it when you’re visiting the country.

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5 Tips for a Family Holiday in Mykonos

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Mykonos is known for its wild parties, vibrant beaches, and luxurious accommodation, but it isn’t an exclusive destination for party animals by any means either. Family trips to the island can be just as enjoyable and there are a few places which even the kids will enjoy. Nonetheless, whether you are going to attend a wedding in Mykonos or just planning to enjoy a relaxing holiday with the kids on the island, a few intelligent tips might go a long way towards ensuring that you have an awesome family holiday there.

Know Your Beaches

All beaches in Mykonos are gorgeous, but depending on the kind of crowd you are with or the type of experience that you are seeking, your preference should vary. If you are here with the entire family and there are kids with you, try out the child-friendly Agrari Beach. The water is pretty calm almost throughout the year and there is even a decent playground there for the children to keep themselves busy in, while the adults go for a drink in the café/bar! Agrari beach is neither too crowded or too empty, creating a sense of relaxation without sacrificing the security that comes naturally with being in a place with plenty of other families as well.

Another beach that you can check out is the long stretch of Panormos Beach, which lacks water sports options so you know it won’t be too busy in the sea. There is no restriction that forbids families to enjoy the Pinky Beach or Super Paradise Beach either, but due to the high ratio of partygoers, it’s best if you leave before 10 pm.

Stay in a Villa

The Mykonos experience is incomplete unless you stay in one of the multiple luxurious villas found throughout the island. Not only are these villas conveniently located in places that offer incredible views of the Aegean Sea, but they also have everything from personal infinity pools to baby baths for catering to the needs of families. A large majority of the couples who plan for a wedding in Mykonos usually consider accommodation from here at BlueVillas for their guests and the event itself. Even when you don’t have an occasion in mind, large families and groups invariably find the huge villas with a dozen or more (up to fifty) bedrooms much more convenient, luxurious and economic. Do remember to book your accommodation with BlueVillas early though, because the best villas always get booked months in advance every year.

Leaving Before 11 pm is a Good Idea if You Have Young Kids

Safety is not an issue in Mykonos under normal circumstances, even when it is late at night, but if you have young kids and would like to avoid the drunken crowd, leaving clubs before 10 pm is probably a good idea. If your kids are in their late teens though, you won’t have too much to worry about of course, as they probably like parties a lot more than you do!

Rent a Car

Before we get to why renting a car is recommended, let’s make it absolutely clear that Mykonos has quite a capable public transportation system in place. Buses come in every 20-30 minutes and stop at most of the attractions and locations, making sure that tourists and travellers are able to get anywhere that they need to. However, renting a car is still a better option when you have children with you because the buses can get crowded, which is a hassle when you have kids to monitor. Renting a car is not cheap, but the convenience is worth it and it is definitely cheaper than getting everywhere with cabs. ATVs are also quite popular in Mykonos and if you are in a small group, it might be more economical to rent an ATV than a car.

Keep the Weather in Mind

This one is a universal tip, but given that the island never really gets too hot or too cold to be advised against, the season is more of a concern when you have young children or seniors in your group. The ideal time to visit would be before July or even June when you are trying to avoid the heat completely. The two months of September and October are also quite pleasant, after which, the temperature dips quite a bit and the cold wind may chill you out after sunset if you are still in your beach clothes! In any case, coastal climates are unpredictable at times, so do check in with the weather forecasts before planning a day trip.

Now that you know how to make your family holiday to Mykonos the most enjoyable, all that is left to do is the planning required to make it happen!

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5 Family Fun Ideas For Your Trip To The UK

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If you are planning on vacationing in the UK in the future, you will not be disappointed when it comes to exciting things to do. The nation is full to the brim with fantastic activities and attractions both inside and outside of the capital of London.

To ensure you have a break you, your partner and children are unlikely to forget, here are five family fun ideas for your trip to the UK.

  1. Ride the Roller Coasters at Alton Towers

If you and your kids want to scream at the top of your lungs on an exhilarating ride, make sure to visit Alton Towers, which is home to the fastest rollercoasters in the UK. One ride you will not want to miss is Galactica, which is a virtual reality roller coaster that simulates the sensations you would feel on a space voyage. You can even book a stay at the resort hotel, which is adjacent to a fun water park.

  1. Book the Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Enter the wonderful world of Harry Potter by booking tickets on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. It was at this very destination in Watford that the eight movies were made, so you can step inside Dumbledore’s Office, knock on the door of 4 Privet Drive, and you can even walk into the Great Hall.

There are also thousands of genuine props on display along the tour, such as the Triwizard Cup, Hagrid’s Motorcycle, and Harry’s Nimbus 2000. Don’t forget to have your picture taken on Platform 9 ¾ before climbing aboard the Hogwarts Express.

  1. Watch a West End Musical

You cannot visit the UK and not visit London’s West End. Here you can take your pick from many world-class productions, which will delight and excite both young and old. There are many long-running kids theatre London productions to choose from, such as Wicked, Mamma Mia, The Lion King, and Matilda the Musical, to name only a few.

  1. Go to Legoland

More than 80 million Lego bricks have helped to create the fun, colorful park of Legoland, which also features thrilling rides and many gift shops. Children can also earn their driving licenses with the help of the Lego City Driving School. Spread across 150 acres in Windsor, your children will not want to go home after watching the many entertaining live shows and enjoying the imaginative rides.

  1. Explore the Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is easily the best museum in London, as it offers superb exhibits of dinosaur eggs, Neanderthal skulls and meteors. It is also impossible to miss the incredible whale skeleton that greets you at the entry hall.

You can trust your kids will love the brand-new T Rex Grill, which features animatronic dueling dinosaurs, while serving up delicious steaks, pizzas and sandwiches. Of course, it is one of the most popular museums in the UK, so beat the crowds by avoiding the weekend and visiting during a weekday.

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Tips to Remember When Traveling by Car

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Planning a long trip and choosing a car as your mode of transport is quite a daring combination one can do. Going on a trip in your own car has its own pros and cons, so when planning to take a long trip in your car, you need to plan things well in advance, and it is not only packing your stuff but many other things that will affect your trip in different ways. Planning your road trip well in advance will help you make it infinitely better and you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest. We are here to give you some tips on how you can make your road trip an unforgettable one.

Here are 6 tips you should remember when planning to travel by car.

  • Packing – you should always do your packing according to the boot space that your car has to offer. You should always follow the mantra, ‘less is more’. No one wants to carry heavy bags with them on a vacation or keep looking for things in the overcrowded suitcases. A bit of research will help you learn about the weather of the place you are planning to visit and it will give you an idea about what type of clothes you should pack. Also, a light car gives more mileage, so avoiding heavy bags will help you save a lot on fuel.

  • Watch your sleep time – You should take proper sleep at least two to three days before the commencement of the journey as it will help you build your sleep cycle and will help you avoid drowsiness while driving.

  • Choose the right vehicle – You should always select a car that you are comfortable with. Budget can be an issue, and it might stop you from getting yourself your dream car, but in the long run, it will be very beneficial. To get your desired car, you can also take an auto loan. Probably by now, you have thought of it but you’ve been clueless about how you can get a car loan.

  • Anticipate your problems – While on a road trip, you should be prepared for every possible worst-case scenario. You should go with the motto ‘more is more’, as the more prepared you are, the less time it will take you to fix the problem and get back on the road. You should have your insurance information with you at all time, and if driving a rental car, you should always have the minimum insurance that is required in the country.

  • Travel gadgets and accessories – You should always rent a car which has all the latest technology features, and if not, you yourself should be carrying at least some amount of travel gadgets that are helpful in any trip. The most important gadget, without a doubt on a road trip is a GPS. Renting a GPS in a foreign country is all the more helpful as one doesn’t know the routes there and is also not familiar with the roads and the traffic.

  • Plan your route – There is no right way to map out the route you’ll follow in your journey. You should always plan your route because that way, you will be less stressed as there will be no confusion as to what path you have to follow. Planning your route will also help you build your itinerary in a more detailed manner, giving you a better understanding of the place.

Conclusion –

Planning your road trip well in advance will always help you to stay a step ahead of all the possible problems one can face during a road trip. While on the road, you are responsible for yourself. We hope that these tips are helpful to you, and if you are planning a road trip, be careful, be safe and good luck.


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Getting the Best Deals for Your Vacation

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Going on vacation is not only fun, but it can also be an essential part of getting away from it all, de-stressing and enjoying life. It can also be an expensive endeavor, and you could easily spend thousands of dollars on a week away. You might see a vacation as an expensive luxury you can’t truly afford, or just feel reluctant to spend such a large amount of your hard-earned cash on something non-essential. However, if you’re clever and do your homework, you can have a dream vacation at a very reasonable price.

Price comparison sites

Your first port of call may well be one of the websites that search for all the deals available within your specified parameters. These sites definitely make the job of comparing costs a lot easier, and it is possible to obtain some very good prices. They also help you work out when will be the cheapest time to go to your preferred destination, and for many travelers, the information they provide is more than sufficient for finding a good deal on their vacation. There are a couple of things it’s useful to know, though. Firstly, the prices shown may not necessarily be the cheapest available, depending on the algorithms used by the comparison site to determine rankings. You could well find that by going directly to a provider you’ll get an even better deal, so it’s worth checking to find out if you could pay even less. Secondly, be wary of hidden costs that get added to the basic rate shown. You might be offered a hotel room for a bargain price, then find you have to pay surcharges, or that additional costs apply to make full use of the facilities.

Off-peak and late booking bargains

You’ll be surprised at the definition of off-peak when it comes to vacation resorts, as there are spring and fall breaks available at far lower prices than during the premium summer months. One trick that’s worth knowing about is going to ski resorts out of season. They may be best-known for their winter sports, but when there’s no snow, they still have fantastic facilities for outdoor pursuits, as well as all the apres-ski entertainments. For example, you can get some substantial discounts on Snowmass condos for rent in the aspirational Aspen resort – a taste of luxury at an affordable price. Leaving your booking until the last minute can save you hundreds of dollars, as operators try and sell accommodation and flights for whatever they can get rather than lose out altogether. The key to getting a bargain is to leave it as late as possible. If you try even a week before, you could find the providers are charging more rather than less.

It might take you a few hours to find the really sweet deals, but the savings you can make are so significant it’s worth taking the trouble. Combining your reduced travel costs with money-saving vouchers for local attractions will mean you get even more bang for your buck so that you can enjoy a special vacation for a fraction of the full price cost.

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Planning A Vacation- Five Cities You Should Visit

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It is often said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and this is true for many things. Making a list of the most beautiful cities in the world will undoubtedly be very hard. Not only do we find different things stunning, but we all have visited different places and hence, will have different experiences to draw from, when making a choice. Nevertheless, there are places that a majority of people will find interesting, beautiful and well worth a visit. Each city will have its own charm and uniqueness, giving the city its identity.


Not many people go to the Czech Republic’s capital and come back disappointed. It is a stunning city, situated by the river Vltava. Often called the city of a hundred spires, its extensive historic centre is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. There is no lack of atmosphere in the city centre, and all the sites are close enough to enjoy on foot. The most popular attraction in Prague is its castle. The Prague Castle stands above the historic town on a hill, and just so happens to be the largest ancient castle in the world. In the courtyard stands St. Vitus Cathedral, the most amazing building with a fantastic painted glass window. Back down in the historic district, you will find the Old Town. In the Old Town square, the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn and the Town Hall are not to be missed. The Jewish quarters will give you a fascinating account of the history of the Jews in Prague and you will be able to visit numerous stunning synagogues.

Machu Picchu

Once you travel on Machu Picchu Tours every other experience or adventure you have will be compared to the time you strolled the ancient Incan ruins of Peru. There is more speculation than there are Llamas in Peru about the purpose of and motivation behind the construction of Machu Picchu. However, one of the most exciting and quite literally breathtaking experiences of Machu Picchu is perched just behind, it’s named Huayna Picchu.

Obviously the ruins are the main spectacle and the reason everyone makes their way to the tourist trap of Aguas Calientes. Huayna Picchu is most easily described as the large peak in the background of the ‘postcard shot’ of Machu Picchu but is, rather ironically, over-shadowed by Machu Picchu. The dizzying heights offer an unrivalled almost aerial view of the ruins and allow one to put the ruins in context amongst the surrounding mountains and valleys.


The City of Lights, or love as many romantics prefer to call the capital of France, is an amazing place. Situated by the river Seine, Paris has an endless list of attractions for every visitor. The picture perfect white fairytale-like Sacre Coeur Basilica dominates the area of Montmartre, and from here you will get breathtaking views of the city. The iconic Eiffel tour gives the skyline an edge, and the pretty cathedral of Notre Dame will impress even the harshest critic. Take a walk along the Champs-Elysees or stroll along the river Seine. Paris also makes for an ideal place to have a picnic. There are plenty of green areas, gardens and parks to sit down and soak up the French ambiance.

San Francisco

Although not at strikingly pretty as the European cities, San Francisco has its own charm. The historic trams that cross the city gives San Francisco uniqueness and are a popular pastime for tourists. The Bay area is beautiful, and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge really glimmers and glistens in the sun. The skyline of San Francisco is one of the most beautiful in the world, and a great way to get a good look is to take a river cruise or go out to Alcatraz on an evening tour. There are impressive buildings in the city but none as stunning as the Painted Ladies of Alamo Square. Well worth a trip, even if it is just for a photo. If you’re looking for advice on the best sites to see and places to go, Santa Barbara Travel offers expertise on traveling both domestically to places like San Francisco as well as many of the international destinations mentioned in this article.

Andorra la Vella

An unusual city is Andorra la Vella whose tiny country, Andorra, nestles between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains. If winter sports attract you then visit one of two resorts close to the capital for some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the Pyrenees. Or visit the famous Caldea, a spa and swim complex with natural thermal springs keeping a huge lagoon at a constant 89F. Andorra la Vella is perhaps best celebrated for its shopping – popular because tax and duty free! Andorra la Vella is the highest capital city in Europe, with its own ancient history, a picturesque beauty in the mountains and its own unique charm.

Going to some of these places might be a dream to many but until you have the opportunity to travel to some of your dream cities you could also consider updating some of the furniture and decor in your home to reflect some of the places you’d like to travel to. Click here for some ideas of creating an oasis in your own home.

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Choosing Vacations the Whole Family Can Enjoy

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Planning a vacation when you have children involves a whole new set of considerations. Not only do you have yourself and your other half to think about, but you now have one or more kids who may have very different ideas of what constitutes the ideal trip away. Having a couple of kids who are close in age but like highly diverse activities is difficult enough, but it gets even harder if you have kids with an age gap. After all, toddlers and teens rarely want to do the same things! If you want to book a vacation you can all enjoy, have a look at these options.

Mountain towns and leisure resorts

One way to ensure you will be able to keep everyone happy is to stay at a leisure resort that gives you access to a variety of activities all in close proximity. For example, if you visit a mountain town resort, you have facilities such as swimming pools, spas, shopping, cinemas, and so on, right next to thousands of acres of trails and a range of outdoor sports and activities. You’ll find that ski resorts like Deer Valley in Utah transform into first-class summer vacation destinations, where you can stay in one of the hotels on Main Street in Park City and take advantage of being adjacent to both the town and the wilds.


Going on a cruise is perfect for families because there are so many activities on board the ship to cater to everyone’s tastes, plus you will be visiting new and interesting places every day or so. Onboard entertainment may include the shows and cabarets for which cruising is best known, but there are plenty of alternatives, such as sports facilities, a gym, swimming pool, cinema, shops, a library, and of course, there are the fine dining and twenty-four-hour buffets on most ships. The kids will very likely find other children to play with, and if you select your trip carefully, you will find there’s a good choice of child-oriented entertainment too. Choosing a themed vacation where you get to visit a range of interesting places means everyone should be able to find a location that they will enjoy, and living on a ship is always a great adventure for kids.

Glamorous camping

Or glamping, as it’s better known, is a perfect compromise between all-out camping and staying in a luxury cabin. That means the adventurous ten-year-old who wants to experience the thrill of living under canvas and exploring the wilderness can satisfy their desires, while the fourteen-year-old who hates the thought of sleeping with bugs and not having a hairdryer can retain the feeling of being somewhere more civilized. Glamping sites are the ideal combination of being close to nature without giving up your home comforts.

You might not be able to keep everyone happy all the time, but if you all get a turn participating in your favorite activities and no-one has to make any unpleasant sacrifices, you’ll find the trip will be a happy experience for the whole family!

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How to Travel with Friends

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Traveling with friends can either be a fantastic or challenging experience. If you are thinking of traveling with either a companion or group to one or more destinations, you must avoid the negative side of the experience, such as misunderstandings, conflict and frustration.

Ensure you and your pals return home with a closer bond, rather than wishing you had never met each other, by finding out how to travel with friends.

Choose Your Travel Partners Wisely

It is crucial you know your friends well if you are going to travel together. While you might be best friends with someone in the workplace, they might be a completely different person outside an office.

Only travel with people you know well and who share your interests. After all, if you like to follow an itinerary but your travel partner loves spontaneity, it might not work.

Pick a Travel Destination

Choose a destination that everyone wants to experience. For example, nothing will make a friend feel left out quite like having their opinions dismissed. It’s important to discuss the best options for everyone, or it could lead to conflict or resentment during the experience. Get everyone together to pick from the best vacation rental destinations.

Set a Travel Budget

Not everyone might have the same travel budget as you. While you might want to enjoy all the luxuries of a five-star hotel, they might have a smaller budget. Before you start planning itineraries and booking excursions, have a conversation about everyone’s finances to ensure you are on the same wavelength.

Make Sure Everyone is Committed

If you are traveling as a group, you must secure a booking together. It is essential everyone commits to a trip before you book flights and accommodation. If one or more people cancel, it will be then down to the committed travelers to pay for the dropouts’ share of the flights and accommodation.

Nip Arguments in the Bud

Arguments can happen between friends on vacation, as people will have different opinions and personalities. Don’t allow tension to mount, and instead nip any problems in the bud as soon as possible. Talk to your travel companions both openly and honestly, and avoid raising your voice, which can make matters worse. The more you communicate, the less likely arguments will arise.

Take a Break from Each Other

Conflict can happen when friends spend too much time together. If you want to maintain your friendship, it might be a wise idea to occasionally take a break from each other. For example, you could explore a destination while your friend relaxes on the beach, before meeting back up for lunch or dinner.

Stay Off Your Phone

Nothing will frustrate your travel companions more than you being tied to your phone. Traveling with friends is a unique experience, so you shouldn’t spend the whole trip texting your boyfriend, checking your work emails, or browsing social media. Be present during the trip to ensure you have an unforgettable time and do not upset your friends.

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