Save Money on Florida Attractions, Resorts, Tours, and More PLUS Get a FREE $15 Credit

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Let me tell you about my secret weapon for saving money on Florida attractions, resorts, tours, and more. Make sure to read to the end to see how to get your FREE $15 credit. A few years ago a friend of mine introduced me to Florida Vacation Auction. It’s an auction site where you can bid on hotel stays, tours, attractions, and so much more all over Florida. The first auction I won was for our favorite hotel in Hutchinson Island, Vistana’s Beach Club. Each room in this hotel has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms including 1 with a hot tub, a huge living room, balcony, and full kitchen. It’s right on the beach so you can go right from your room to the beach and the pool. With the full kitchen we can cook our food each night as save money on going out to dinner if we choose. I won the auction for a 3 night 2 day stay at this amazing hotel for only $215!!! This hotel is normally $179+ PER NIGHT. It was such a savings! Just look at the view in the picture I took on our most recent vacation there last week:
Here are a few pics from our hotel room:

I WON 4 tickets to Museum of Discovery and Science for only $15!

Once I won my first auction I was hooked. I have since won tickets to local attractions such as Butterfly World, Miami Seaquarium, and Museum of Discovery and Science just to name a few! And when we travel to other places in Florida I always check Florida Vacation Auction to bid on attractions in the area that we’re going to. There are great hotels and attractions all over the state. Right now I see such fun things as a Ghost Tour in St. Augustine, Adventure Landing mini golf in Jacksonville Beach, Oceanside Hotel on Miami Beach, Jungle Queen Riverboat – BBQ Dinner and Show Cruise Ft. Lauderdale, Zoo Miami, Lion Country Safari, Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Orlando, and so much more!

Just look at some of the great places you can bid on:

$15 Credit For Cori’s Cozy Corner Readers!

Ready to check it out yourself? I have partnered with Florida Vacation Auction to offer something very special to my readers. If you sign up for a free Florida Vacation Auction account and enter the special code CouponCorner they will add a $15 credit to your account to use any any auction (credit expires 10/3/2018). There are some auctions that start at a $15 minimum bid so imagine your savings! Don’t miss out. There’s no obligation when you create your FREE account and earn the $15 credit. All auctions run for a week and end Sunday at 10 p.m. There are new auctions each week starting Sundays at 10 p.m. so make sure to sign up and check back weekly! Feel free to e-mail me at and ask me any questions. Good luck and happy bidding!

There is no obligation when you sign up so you have nothing to lose!

Did you sign up yet? What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this FREE credit!

Special Hilton Grande Vacation’s Plantation Beach Club Auction Coming Up

Usually the auctions are for 2 night stays but starting July 8th and ending July 15th they are having a special auction on an 8 day/7 night auction for the Hilton Grande Vacation’s Plantation Beach Club. This special auction is for a specific week in December so perfect for winter retreat.

Bid with confidence

  • No Membership Fees

    Registration is free and simple. Bidders can save as much as 80% off retail value for their Florida vacations.

  • No Hidden Charges

    If your winning bid is $200.00, you will only be charged $200.00 as we do not add any additional costs or handling fees. (We even pay the taxes for you). If an advertisers has a required charge such as a cleaning fee, resort or parking fee, it will be clearly identified in the auction listings so you are aware before bidding.

  • Being a Winner is Easy

    All winning bids are automatically charged at the close of the auction to the registered credit card used for the specific auction. Auction winners receive an email with a link to their travel voucher after the auction closes.

  • Enjoy Flexible Travel

    Travel vouchers are redeemable for a minimum of 90 days. Florida Vacation Auction vouchers are booked direct with the hotel or resort and attraction tickets are redeemable at the advertiser’s box office.




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5 Simple Money Saving Tips For Families

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We live in tough times economically which means that as a family, you are probably wondering what you can do to save money. It is families after all, with young children to care for and possibly only one working parent bringing in an income that feel the pinch more than others.

Thankfully, there are plenty of simple ways that you can save money as a family. From taking advantage of coupons and discounts to reduce your weekly grocery shopping bill to cutting out non-essential services that you can do without, we’ve put together these five simple money saving tips for families.

Organize your grocery shopping more efficiently

Being organized ahead of your weekly trip to the grocery store can help you save money. Writing out a shopping list of exactly what you need ensures that you don’t end up buying unnecessary items, such as a pack of ham when you’ve already got a small pig sitting in your refrigerator.

Take full advantage of coupon schemes

Coupons are everywhere. You probably know all about the coupons you can find in magazines or your local newspaper, but are you taking advantage of the large number of coupons you can find online or have you signed up to the mailing lists of companies whose products you use regularly in order to ensure you don’t miss out on any offers? There are even websites such as Myfreedeals.Com who will do the hard work so you don’t have to, listing various coupon schemes that could end up saving you lots of money.

Never buy appliances “off the shelf”

When it comes to buying expensive appliances, you can make significant savings with just a little bit of time and research. If you need a new television, by all means visit the appliance store but don’t commit to a purchase there and then. Find a make and model you like the look of and then try and find it online. Chances are you’ll find it cheaper on the internet.

Cut out services that you can do without

Most of us have at least one service that we no longer use and which could be cut in order to save us money. It could be something we’ve signed up for such as that gym membership that proved useful for the first couple of months of the year when our get-fit drive was at its highest, but is now proving to be completely pointless, or it might be that landline telephone that has been rendered all but redundant thanks to cell phones. Take a look through your household outgoings and strike off anything that you no longer need or use.

Sell what you no longer need

Ok, this one isn’t saving money, but more making money. How many of us hold onto stuff we no longer have a use for, leaving it cluttering up a garage of spare room when we could turn it into cash? This is especially true when it comes to children’s clothes and toys. Kids grow so rapidly and their tastes change so quickly that a few years after being purchased, clothes and toys can end up having no use at all. Rather than keeping them, sell them through an online marketplace and recoup some cash.



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Tips to Help Your Kid Choose a Career Path

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Choosing a career is one of the major dreads students and their parent’s face. There are so many hinges on this decision which, leads to major stress and worry. Some take it to be a life-death situation as some just copy other’s preference. Choosing a right career path is not a make or break moment but surely helps to attain desired academic success.

A career path according to the student’s interest, having a good scope and long-term relevance can help simplify the roads to aspirations and dreams. The best tips which can surely help you and your kid to chalk out an interesting and effective career path are on a rundown below.

Know Your Child’s Interest

Following a student’s interests to select his suitable career cannot be stressed more. It is of extreme prominence if you want them to blossom and achieve their desires. So if your ward likes music, search for the best music school or institutions to let him follow his interest. Another example is automechanic, if your kid has exceptional motor skills then he can choose to follow this path. Well, you can explore Best-Automechanicschools.Com in order to get detailed information about this career and no doubt it a unique career for your child.

Many and many (really huge) numbers of parents pressurise their kids towards what they deem fit for them notwithstanding what the kids like. This can be really regressive to a child and is a major reason for unsatisfactory results afterwards. A career path according to a child’s interest can empower him to develop and build his expertise.

A Vision Must Be Devised

A vision is another facet extremely necessary for deciding a right career path. Lots of parents and students miss up on this which leads to issues such as dropouts, failures etc. Planning out the basic steps or tasks you will have to follow in a specific career can help know the hindrances beforehand. Selecting a career and ditching it halfway through because of the roadblock you didn’t anticipate can be prevented by knowing all the efforts, it would require learning the ropes or excelling in a specific stream.

Anticipating The Scope

This should not be a major influencer but must be taken into account. A career path is valuable according to the lucrative jobs or opportunities; it provides for many. Gauging the scope of a career field can ensure that; the selected career doesn’t have negligible demand and will not require an extremely long struggle for your child to breakthrough.

A Goal-Oriented Career

A footballer doesn’t shoot the ball to go outside rather he tries to aim it at the goal. So should be done in selecting a career field. Following engineering to the hilt and aspiring to become a doctor is the worst anyone can do with their aspirations, so a goal-oriented career is important. A career aligned with your child’s life goals can help ease the journey towards fulfilling them.

Importance of choosing a right career path that is tailor-made to your kid’s interest, goals and dreams are paramount. A parent or a guardian has to carefully weigh the options and take into account the child’s viewpoint. The tips provided in this post can be the measures by which a perfect career can be chosen for a dazzling future.



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Tips To Take Care Of Your Kids Health

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Children and health are two inseparable factors according to parents, as the most prime concern in life is to raise children’s healthy. Maintaining kid’s health properly is the foremost challenge of motherhood. Health is a habit! Yes, one cannot lead a healthy life overnight. It has to be inculcated as a lifetime habit with good eating, sleeping and exercising. Children’s health largely depends on their immune system; therefore parents can focus on boosting their immune system in order to maintaining a healthy physique for their kids. Developing immunity at young age is easily possible, because as they grow by, exposure to anti-immune properties becomes high! Listed below are some of the tips in order to take good care of your kid’s health.

No Stress Lifestyle

Children who are blessed to have an absolute stress free life have proven to have a healthy and happy life. Schools, extracurricular activities and the societal pressures start to impose stress even on budding minds. This definitely hinders the healthy life of young children, which has to be taken care of by the parents. A happy child and a happy childhood is the best secret to live a healthy life.

Creating a healthy routine in children can be easier when the entire family follows the same. So, make sure to bring any good habit as a family routine instead of just imposing the same only on children. A healthy routine might include a healthy eating, hygiene habits, reading time, proper sleeping time, a good pillow, mattress, standard wake up time. Well, you can explore Sidesleeperreviews.Com if you wish to buy the best pillow or mattress for your kid.

Good Eating Habits

Through advertisements and supermarket displays, children get exposed to all junk foods at a very early age these days. Therefore, implanting good eating habits and healthy food choices to children from the beginning will help maintain healthy life. Parents become role models in tuning the eating habits of young children, so create a healthy food time routine at home, which includes all the family members, will help nurturing a proper eating habit in children. Mothers are the pillow of comfort for children, so any good habit or structured behaviour starts from a mother. A family that eats at least one meal together with the whole family finds it easy to raise good eating habits in children.

Staying Hydrated

Generally, children do not know the importance of staying hydrated to stay healthy. Giving individual water bottles to children right in the morning and monitoring their liquid intakes is important, especially during summers. Fresh fruit juices, vegetable juices and water can be alternated with each other at different times of the day. Better not to introduce aerated drinks for growing children, rather than stopping them from using, better to eliminate.

Shop Healthy

Healthy shopping will easily encourage healthy eating habits in children, as shopping is all about the fascination for kids. Always involve children in buying fruits and vegetables and other healthy food choices.

Well, how much ever a child eats healthy, the secret to a healthy lifestyle is to involve in various physical activities such as cycling, swimming and other activities of their choice. A good work out yields a healthy eating time and a sound sleep time, which are the secrets of living healthy. Parents must not just dictate, but lead to make children follow healthy living practice!

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Top Fashion Trends You Need to Know

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There is no doubt that in this modern era, everyone wishes to stay on trend. People leave no stone unturned when it comes to adding classic pieces to their wardrobe. If you are keen on fashion trends, then you might already know that every year trends change and new ones popped up. Well, one can measure the fashion from stylish clothes to exotic footwear. Also, collections are infinite, and one has to pick the one that not only matches his or her preferences but trend as well.

If you are also one of the fashion enthusiasts and looking to spruce up your looks, then you have landed at the right place. Here in the post, you will get to know some amazing fashion trends that are rocking the world.

The versatile summer dress

Nowadays, lavender is dominating the fashion kingdom! As you are a fashion aficionado, then you might already know that almost all the fashion shows and celebrities are being spotted in this warm summery shade. Is not it! For instance, you can stay connected with Apex Tribune in order to stay up to date with latest lifestyle tips and news.

Ferragamo Studio Bag

Just last week these guys launched a new bag for their summer collection, and already all the fashion trendsetters are showing it off in the top parties of tinsel town.

The beauty of art and fashion

This spring almost all the runaways were sporting the infusion of art in fashion. Even though it may feel a little overwhelming, you can easily carry the look if you pair it up with the right accessories. You can choose to be bold with the prints or opt for the lighter versions like cartoon prints. No matter which one you pick, the cool yet vibrant colours will definitely make heads turn!

Some Menswear-inspired clothing

Coming to street style, you can see a lot of plaids and grey shades all over the internet. You will find everything from full-on plaids, to checked blazers, coats and even plaid accessories in stores waiting for you to wear it on a bright sunny day!

The classic fringe

Probably the only thing that keeps coming back every year! None other than the ‘fringe’! Well just like last year, this year also people are flaunting their personality with fringes. So if you already have one in your wardrobe go ahead and pull it out because fringe is back!

Beautiful flowery designs

Who does not love floral patterns! Well, they are also back. No doubt, they were long gone but seeing the recent trends in the runways they are definitely back with a bang! So visit your nearest store and pick some pretty floral dress for your next outing.

Try out plastic

Have you seen Chanel’s Spring 2018 runway? If yes then you know what it is about! Yes, you are right, it’s plastics. Plenty of plastic outerwear as well as shoes featured in their collection. Well, if you are not feeling experimental enough to try out plastic wears, you can definitely give the PVC accessories a try.

Well, go ahead and start browsing the internet or visit to the local boutique. May be you will find just the right dress for the numerous upcoming pool parties!

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6 Foods To Avoid In A Dog’s Diet

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While food is essential for providing energy to the body and staying healthy, yet some foods are not necessarily fit for all species. In fact, many food items that are fit for human consumption should never be fed to dogs and other animals. It can even lead to fatal conditions for such animals. The primary reason behind it is that certain animals, such as dogs, have a varying metabolic activity than humans. Therefore, their digestive systems cannot break certain foods, thus not building any energy to sustain their growth and wellbeing. This post will highlight some of such foods for you to avoid feeding to your dogs and other pets.

Foods to avoid

  • Alcohol

Never give your dog alcohol as it can lead to abnormal acidity, poor respiration, unstable coordination, and intoxication. The worst-case scenario is that it can even lead to death.

  • Avocado

This fruit contains persin that can cause heart congestion, vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. Moreover, one of the fatal portions of an avocado is its pit, which can choke the dog due to the excessive persin. You may need to show your dog to the vet urgently if it swallowed an avocado pit. You may also like to take up a course in the veterinarian profession. Thus, you can check out Best-Vettechschools.Com for finding the best of courses.

  • Mouthwash, toothpaste, chewing gum, or candy

These products not only incorporate sugar as one of the main components, but they also have a substance called xylitol in them, which can cause liver failure, seizures and vomiting in dogs. Therefore, make sure your dog does not eat or swallow any of these items.

  • Cat food

Remember that the metabolism of a dog and cat are not the same. Thus, cat food too can be poisonous for a dog. It is because of the high protein content in cat food, which is not fit for a dog. It can lead to pancreatitis, obesity, and an upset stomach in your beloved pet.

  • Chocolate

You may have heard about never feeding chocolate to a dog. This advice is given to pet owners because chocolate contains substances like caffeine and theobromine that can stimulate a dog’s nervous system and quicken the heart rate. Swallowing or eating too much of it can make the dog encounter seizures, increase in heart rate, tremors, uncontrollable urination, restlessness, diarrhea, vomiting and death.

  • Corn cobs

Feeding your dog with small portion of corncobs may not affect its body. However, large part of a cob may lead to hazards like choking, and blockage in the intestines. Thus, it is advisable to avoid feeding dogs corns with cobs.

The safety of your beloved dog is in your hands. Therefore, you will have to make sure that it follows a healthy diet throughout its life. Some items, like the ones mentioned above, may cause illness in such pets, as their digestive systems are not prepared to digest such foods. Hence, you have to monitor their diet and avoid giving them such products.

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Five Fun and Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to the Daddy-to-Be

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The moment you learn you are pregnant life instantly changes, everything that has been a priority up to that point suddenly shifts and takes on new meaning as you wrap your head around the fact you will soon have a baby to love and care for. So why not have a little fun with the moment and announce it to your significant other in an unexpected, creative, and fun way. It will help to make the moment all the more memorable.

Here are five fun and creative ways you can announce your pregnancy to the daddy-to-be and ensure that you both get to celebrate the moment.

A Care Package for Daddy

Here’s a fun idea that the website Preg Med came up with that is sure to surprise the daddy-to-be. You can put together a whole care package for daddy, topped off with a cute little letter that says something like “daddy I can’t wait to meet you”. You can include baby clothes, pacifiers, the pregnancy test, and anything else you want in the package.

Wear an Announcement T-Shirt

Why not act as the announcement yourself by getting a customized t-shirt made. The t-shirt can read something such as “baby on board”, “preggers”, “bun in the oven” or anything else that strikes you as cute. You can then surprise the daddy-to-be by wearing the shirt.

Say It with Food

Food is another wonderful way to convey a fun message, and again is something totally unexpected. You could choose handcrafted chocolates, cookies, a cake, or any other type of item that reads a message. It could read something such as “congrats daddy-to-be”, “you are going to be a daddy” etc. Keep in mind this one takes a bit of planning, so you’ll have to sit tight on your news for at least a few days.

Customized Coffee Cup

If you and your partner start off the morning with a big cup of hot coffee, then this can be your perfect opportunity to make the announcement. You can have a customized cup made with a message at the bottom. As he enjoys his coffee and gets closer to the bottom, he’ll start to see the makings of letters. From there it’s only a matter of time before the full message can be read.

Child Sized Fan Gear

This idea is perfect for those dads to be that are into sports. You can pick up a few baby sized clothing items with your significant other’s favorite team on, and present him with a gift package. Include a note that lets him know he’s about to be the dad of a new baby super fan.

Making a Special Moment Even More Memorable

Announcing your pregnancy is a special moment all its own, but adding your own unique and creative twist on how you make that announcement to the baby dad to be can help take it over the edge and make it even more incredible.

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If you master the requisite skills, DIY projects can be a great hobby to pick up which can save you lots of money you would have otherwise paid someone to do the job for you.

One expense that costs a lot of money every month is car maintenance. Unfortunately, you can’t just forego maintaining your car because you can’t afford it. Servicing your car ensures the mechanical and electrical components are in the best working condition for your safety when driving and economical consumption of fuel.

Instead of skimping on car maintenance, you can save money through these DIY car maintenance tips.

Air filter

An air filter prevents foreign materials like dust and other debris from getting into your engine which improves your engine performance in addition to prolonging its life.

After a year or about 12,000 miles of driving, your air filter is worn out and needs replacement. Now, you can take your car to a repair shop and foot hundreds of dollars to have it changed, a job which takes at least half day. Alternatively, you can get a new air filter, open the casing, get the old one out and install the new one. Job done. You don’t even any tool to have it done and it won’t take you more than 15 minutes.

Spark plugs

The function of spark plugs is to transmit electrical current to ignite your engine and start your car. You can find the location of the spark plugs of your specific car model on motoring sites like Tuning Guru but they are generally identifiable with their thick insulation covers.

The number of spark plugs a car has depends on the number of engine cylinders. So a six-cylinder car has six spark plugs.

It’s good practice to replace your spark plugs after about 25,000 miles of driving. For this you need a few tools namely a ratchet, a socket extension and a spark plug socket.

It is important to follow the sequence in which the plugs are installed or else they will malfunction. The best way to go about it is to replace one spark plug at a time. Remove the first spark plug suing the socket and ratchet and replace with a new one. Do the same for the rest until you complete.

Car battery

Most car starting problems are due to a faulty battery. This mostly due to oxidation on the battery terminals which is characterized by white particles. All you have to do is clean the white particles and your battery is as good as new.

To do this, first remove the negative terminal followed by the positive to avoid electrical arcing. The using a wire brush and a removal fluid, clean the terminals until all the residue have been removed.

Windshield wipers

Worn out windshield wipers scratch your windshield whenever you use them. Instead of waiting on a long line at your mechanic, you can replace them yourself with nothing more than a screw driver, a new wiper and 15 minutes of your time.

While different car models have different wiper designs, new wipers come with a manual on how to replace the old one and fix the new ones.

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The Benefits of Cooking with Your Children

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Bringing your children into the kitchen to help assist you with the cooking can bring you many benefits. Exposing your children to new foods and trying out a variety of recipes can help enhance their culinary skills. Here are some of the benefits of cooking with your children.

Developing Skills

One of the main benefits of having your children help you with cooking is all the transferable skills that they will develop. If you need to double a recipe, this will require addition or multiplication skills. If you need to halve it, it will need to be divided. Once your children get the hang of the recipe, they will be practicing their math skills without even realizing it. There are also many life skills that your children can benefit from when cooking. Having cooking lessons from an early age can help your child transition into adulthood with the culinary skills they need.

Boosting Self Esteem

Another great benefit of allowing your children to cook with you is to see how much it will boost their self-esteem. Cooking can be a wonderful way to take your child’s mind off school and any other problems. As cooking allows your children to get instant feedback, this will help them learn, develop and gain knowledge. Learning a new skill can help your child enormously and make them feel proud of their achievements, as well as boosting their self-esteem.


While some recipes may be easy to follow, others will have dozens of steps and instructions that need to be followed closely. Allowing your child to read and understand the instructions can help them get a better idea of all the components needed to make the finished food product. Reading comprehension skills will benefit your child in a huge way and give them a skill that they can take with them to adulthood.

Communicating Effectively

For your cooking experience to go as smoothly as possible, it is important that you can communicate effectively with your child. Being able to work as part of a team can help your child relax and be open with you. Cooking with your child can be a fantastic bonding experience and help bring you closer together. Communication is a vital element in raising a well-adjusted, happy and healthy child.

Having Fun

Most importantly, the entire experience should be fun and something different. There are many ways that you can inject a bit of fun into proceedings to ensure your child does not get bored and stays focused throughout cooking. Having fun with your child creates positive vibes and memories (along with great food). For your child to stay engaged, they will need to feel motivated and interested in what they are cooking. The age of your child will reflect in what sort of dishes you can cook up. Websites like can give you a ton of recipes to try.

With so many benefits and skills that your children can take advantage of, there are more than enough reasons to bring them into the kitchen and let them help assist you with cooking.

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Key Tips To Succeed At Social Media Marketing

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Social media’s massive popularity makes it a prime platform to engage with an audience. Hopefully, you can even turn this audience into paying customers. The key to accomplish this is with the right social media marketing strategy. A poor strategy can turn away viewers and even leave you worse off. On the other hand, a professional and organized approach can develop your brand to new heights. Here are some tips to make sure you’re on the right track.

  • Develop Professional Accounts For All The Major Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. LinkedIn, Google+…It pays to have them all. Doing so will expand your potential audience and give as many opportunities as possible to relate to them.

  • Set Up A System For Managing All These Accounts

The problem with having all these accounts is that it can get extremely confusing. That’s why you’re going to need a system to manage them all. There is a range of software available that can help you manage all the accounts from one dashboard. You may also want to hire someone to be in charge of social media management.

  • Develop The Right “Voice”

Your posts should sound like your brand. That why you need to develop the right voice and stick with it. Even if there are different people writing different posts, you still want to achieve cohesion between the different styles.

  • Know Your Audience

There is no point posting about skateboarding if your audience is retirees. That’s why you need to tailor content to the right demographic. If you’re not sure exactly what this is then it’s time to do your research. The better you know your audience, the better you can relate to them.

  • Offer Real Value To Readers

Nobody wants to view story on their news feed that are meaningless and offer no value. That’s why you need to tailor content to be true, solve problems, and be interesting to read ( easier said than done).

  • Stay Relevant To Your Audience

People care what’s happening in the world today. That’s why you want to make your posts relate to current events (it is social media after all). Make sure you keep up with the latest happenings, and if you can find a way to link them to your business niche, even better.

  • Don’t Use Any Over The Top Sales Pitches

Never use a phrase like “it’s the most amazing thing ever” or “it’s life-changing.” Your posts should be engaging and exciting, but you don’t want them to sound ridiculous.

  • Time Your Posts

Nobody cares if you’re talking about the Easter bunny in November or buying heaters in the middle of summer. It’s crucial to schedule your posts so that they fit in with the time of year. The easiest way to go about this is to set up a calendar and decide on the best time for each post.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing is hard to master but if you can pull it off, you may set yourself up for massive success. These tips will help you get started.

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