Turning Your Crafting Hobby Into A Small Online Business

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You may have had plenty of your friends and family compliment you on your talent and skills, and ask why you have never thought to turn it into a business and sell your product. It could have been a thought you’ve kept in the back of your mind, not having the confidence to act upon it until now. Either way, there is a market out there for everything – especially personalised canvas bags, cross stitch family portraits, and creative bookmarks for the reading lover. If you are just starting out, here are some tips and tricks for creating your own successful online business.                                  crafts-1845686_640 (Source)

Create A Website

The first thing you will need to do is set yourself up a platform to sell from. You will need to create a unique brand that is easily recognisable, and an easy to navigate website to take your orders. It will need to be tried and tested – especially if your product is personalisable – to ensure you are able to get enough information to complete the order successfully. Think about the websites you like to order from – what are the qualities that make it an enjoyable shopping experience? Is it the product layout? The simple checkout options? Make a list of all your preferences and take them into account when designing your own website. If you have little experience, you can always source a website designer to help you create your perfect website.   

Market On Social Media

Join an online community for your business where other similar small businesses can support each other and share work. It is important to use being a small business to your advantage – as many potential customers will be people who choose to support smaller businesses, rather than the corporate big bosses, will be inclined to seek out companies like yours. Also, with the power of sharing on social media, your marketing can reach a high number of people overnight without you having to do any of the legwork yourself. Simply ask all of your customers to put up a review and share on social media, or offer a discount for every customer that shares your business on their social media sites – and you’ll start to gain traction quickly.

Set A Competitive Price

It is a good idea to take a look at other competitive small businesses and see what they are charging for a product similar to yours. Customers will always look for a cheaper option, however, you don’t want to be giving your product away for less than it’s worth. Comparing prices of a few businesses will allow you to choose a price that is still appropriate, but potentially a little cheaper to give you an edge when starting out. As well as your product price you may also want to look at courier prices to ensure you are giving your customers the best price for a safe service. For example: if you have already decided on Shiply courier services for your shipping needs, you may find another company that is cheaper when researching. However, if Shiply has more features in place to ensure your item gets to its destination safely, it may be the more cost-effective option. Taking the time to research your prices is an effective way of making you more money in the long run.

If you are starting out, remember that planning is essential to a successful startup of your online business, and marketing is your bread and butter for bringing customers in. Perseverance is a powerful thing, so just keep going and pushing forward, and your hard work is bound to be rewarded.

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Improve Your Dog’s Diet

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hungry dog and diet

In today’s world, we mostly have no idea what goes into our food and rely on various experts and food manufacturers to tell us what is good and what isn’t. The same is true, if not even more so, about our pets’ food.

The quality of your pet’s food will have an effect on their behavior, health, and the leavings they leave behind them on their walks. You should always have a baggie with you, or walk your dog where doggie bags are available. With numerous companies like https://muttmitt.com/ creating affordable and easily available doggie bags, you have no excuse not to pick it up. However, picking up after your dog can give you an insight into their health and the quality of their food.

Food with a Long Shelf Life Isn’t Ideal as Staple

In order to maximize the durability of the dog food, dog food manufacturers add a lot of different chemicals to ‘stabilize’ the food and make it last a lot longer than it would otherwise be natural. Even though it is written on the label what it is and what it contains, this food is marketed as healthy and good for your pet.

However, since it has been treated chemically and changed so drastically from what they would naturally eat, this food is not ideal for the staple of their diet. The supplementation of nutritional substances is an ineffective way to ensure that your pets get everything they need nutrition-wise.

Add Some Fresh Food to Their Diet

Even if you choose to ignore the previous entry, you still should consider adding some fresh produce to your dog’s diet. Not only will they enjoy it much more, but you will also ensure that they intake some fairly important substances not available in the dried out foods.

It is well known that there are important enzymes and other substances which are destroyed by cooking, so fresh food is really the only way to get them, both for you and your dog. Another important thing coming from fresh fruits and vegetables are fibers, the cornerstone of a proper bowel movement. When you’re picking up after your dog, wouldn’t you rather it is always the same consistency?

Just make sure that you do enough of research, whether alone or in consultation with your vet, about the foods and the amounts that your dog requires. Don’t forget to take into account your dog’s size, age, and physical activity levels.

Variety Is Good for Your Dog

Sticking to one kind of food is boring and unacceptable to the vast majority of us. So if you really love your dog and want them to be happy, you shouldn’t limit them to just one food type due to laziness or not thinking it through.

In nature, dogs and their relatives eat a lot of different food groups and items. One more important thing is – don’t cook their meat before you feed them. No creature in the world eats cooked meat apart from humans, so your dog will be more inclined to eat raw meat than cooked one. A lot of nutrients important for dogs are lost when meat is cooked.

Gluten Is Less Than Ideal for Your Dog

Even though we are probably all a bit fed up with people claiming to be gluten intolerant or even allergic to gluten, dogs really shouldn’t eat it. Even though it is not particularly damaging to your dog’s organs, it is not digestible by them. That means that it reaches your dog’s guts undigested, where it is eaten by bacteria, causing gas buildup, finally resulting in nasty dog farts we all dislike.

If you feel like your dog could eat better, it is up to you to ensure that happens. For their sake, as well as for your when you have to use doggy bags to pick up after them.

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How To Feel Happier This Year

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In order to enjoy a long, healthy and happy life, it is vital that you are always on the lookout for ways to improve your circumstances for the better. Even if you are fairly content with your current lifestyle, you should never be afraid to strive for more. You need to make sure that you are surrounded by people that you love and that you spend your time doing activities that bring your joy. You also need to respect your body, understand your emotions, nurture your self-esteem, and step outside your comfort zone. There is nothing more important than the pursuit of happiness, so you need to make it a priority. Below are seven tips that will help you on this journey.

Consider getting a pet

If you are determined to make this year the best you’ve ever had, you should seriously consider getting a pet. This is a great way for you to inject an instant rush of happiness into your life. Pets can be incredible companions. They can lift your spirits after a long day and can give you something to care about when you are searching for a purpose. Just make sure you are prepared for the responsibility of owning an animal. For instance, if you decide to bring a dog into your life, you will need to walk it on a regular basis. You will also need to cover its veterinary bills, provide it with a healthy diet, and train it to follow commands. You will also need to purchase the appropriate products that will help to defend your animal against fleas, ticks, spiders, and mosquitoes, such as Advecta treatment plans. If an animal is going to bring so much joy into your life, it is only fair that you return the favor.

Expand your social circle

Another great way to find companionship is by expanding your social circle. In this new year, you should embrace any opportunity to find new friends. It’s the perfect chance for you to step outside of your comfort zone. Building up your friendship group could also give you the confidence to eliminate any negative forces from your life. Spending your time with negative people will make it impossible for you to be happy and healthy. That is why you should turn your attention to people who make you feel good about yourself. It will help to boost your self-esteem and will make you feel more positive about the life you are leading.

Embrace new opportunities

One of the best ways for you to meet new people is by embracing new opportunities. Why not take up a new hobby or sign up for a new club? This is a great way for you to improve your skillset and to find something that you are truly passionate about. Don’t worry; this doesn’t have to break the bank. Most clubs and groups offer free taster sessions for new members. Therefore, it is incredibly easy for you to evaluate your options without committing to a regular expense. There are also plenty of cost-effective hobbies that you can do independently.

Consider your feelings

If you are going to enjoy unbounded happiness, it is vital that you understand your emotions and work through your issues. You could do this by signing up for a therapy session. Even if you are a relatively stable individual, you could still benefit from talking with a professional. The right therapist will give you the tools you need to navigate difficult situations, resolve conflict, protect your self-esteem, and strengthen your relationships. Alternatively, you could start keeping a feelings journal. This is something that you could write in at the end of every day. What better way for you to reflect and relax? Or, you could find a trusted loved one to confide in. It could be the perfect opportunity for you to discuss your hopes for the year ahead. Sometimes speaking your thoughts aloud helps you to come to terms with them. It could also be beneficial for you to get advice on how you are going to achieve everything you want to.

Take up exercise

When you exercise, you experience a release of endorphins. These handy chemicals instantly improve your mood. Therefore, to enjoy the year ahead, it is important that you get fit and active. Instead of obsessing about losing weight or gaining a six-pack, you should focus on the emotional benefits of working out. This will make it easier for you to stick to your exercise plan when you are struggling to see results. You should also try to make your exercise endeavors a social activity. Why not invite your friends along for the ride? Or, if you have children, you could encourage them to get involved.

Repeat positive affirmations

Every day, you should be repeating positive affirmations to yourself. It may feel a little strange at first, but this is an excellent way for you to boost your confidence levels and to enjoy a more positive relationship with your mind and body. Try to think up a combination of compliments. You should be praising your personality, your appearance, and even your flaws. You should also fill your home with reminders of everything that is good in your life. For instance, you could place family photos on your bedside table or inspirational quotes in your hallway.

Push yourself to achieve more

Finally, this should be the year that you push yourself to achieve more. Not only will this help to boost your self-esteem, but it could also change the direction that your life is heading in. Perhaps you could sign up for an online course and use this training to secure a promotion. Maybe you could prepare for an around the world trip by learning a new language. Or, you could fulfil a lifelong dream by teaching yourself how to paint. The most important thing is that you feed your ambition instead of limiting it. Try to establish yourself as someone who is open-minded, free-spirited, creative, and relentlessly positive.

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What Causes Birth Asphyxia

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Birth asphyxia is a medical condition that occurs when a newborn baby is deprived of oxygen for such a period of time that it causes lasting physical harm, most commonly to the brain. This is also sometimes referred to as perinatal asphyxia and neonatal asphyxia.

There are a number of things that can cause birth asphyxia and it can lead to a range of different conditions for the child, many of which have lifelong consequences.

Causes of birth asphyxia

Some of the most common causes of birth asphyxia include:

  • Lack of oxygen in the mother’s blood e.g. due to hyperventilation during anaesthesia or respiratory failure
  • Low maternal blood pressure
  • The umbilical cord becoming wrapped around the infant’s neck
  • Infection of the mother or baby
  • The baby’s airways being blocked
  • The placenta separating from the uterus too soon

Risk factors for birth asphyxia

There are various things that can increase the risk of birth asphyxia for a new-born child. These include:

  • An elderly or very young mother
  • Having twins, triplets or other multiple births
  • Low birth weight
  • The baby being in an abnormal position in the womb
  • Having a particularly long labour
  • Lack of proper antenatal care

Treating birth asphyxia

The medical team handling the birth should stay on top of any risk factors and take appropriate steps to mitigate them e.g. performing a caesarean section promptly if the labour is taking too long or the baby appears to be at risk.

Medical staff should also take actions such as making sure the baby’s airway is open and providing treatment, such as suctioning if this is not the case. They may also need to use chest compression, medication or more invasive treatments, such as an endotracheal tube to ensure the baby can breathe correctly and get enough oxygen.

If the medical team handling your child’s birth fail in their duty to identify risk factors and take appropriate action, they may be guilty of medical negligence.

Conditions caused by birth asphyxia

Babies that experience mild birth asphyxia, i.e. only a short period of oxygen deprivation, may be able to make a full recovery. However, if the new-born did not receive sufficient oxygen they may be left with permanent damage to their brain, heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs.

This can lead to a variety of lifelong conditions, including cerebral palsy, blindness or partial sight, deafness and various intellectual and developmental issues. In the most extreme cases, birth asphyxia can even lead to the death of the infant.

Children affected by conditions caused by severe birth asphyxia, such as cerebral palsy, will often benefit from on-going treatment and professional support throughout their lives, but some degree of lasting consequences are inevitable.

If your child has been negatively affected by birth asphyxia due to clinical negligence, you may be able to claim birth injury compensation. This can help to fund any on-going treatment your child needs and help them to live a full and happy life.

If you think you may be eligible for compensation, it may be worth speaking to a specialist birth injuries solicitor to see if you are likely to have a strong claim and how much compensation you may be entitled to.

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Affording Family Fun Times: Budgeting For A Trip To Disneyland

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statue-amusement-park-castle-tourism-world-resort-1388313-pxhere.com (1)

Parents often have great ideas about the activities and items they would like to get for their kids. Unfortunately, money is often the thing that stands in their way. That is why it’s important to be as sensible with your families finances as possible, then anything you save can go towards booking that trip to Disneyland and having some serious fun time with the family.

Deal with your debt

Dealing with any debt you have is vital in your quest to raise the funds for Disneyland. The reason for this is that it doesn’t make a lot of sense saving up all your cash to spend it on a fun trip if you are struggling to pay off debts that you already have.

OK, so this is probably not what you wanted to hear, and yes, fun is important. However, paying your bills and having a good quality of life is more important than anything else, so get this sorted first.

With this in mind, it can be very useful to sit down and look at your options with regard to the debt you have. When you do this remember to consider the best debt consolidation companies, as well as speaking directly to your lender’s to see if you can work out a more reasonable repayment scheme.

It can also be helpful to identify which of your debts is costing you the most in interest and eliminate this one first. Then, once this is paid, you will have more money left to save up for your dream trip to Disney.
monument-statue-amusement-park-park-japan-place-of-worship-873909-pxhere.com (1)Image

Pack those lunches

You can also save a considerable amount of money by making packed lunches for everyone in the family to take to work and school. The argument in favor of this is that buying readymade or hot lunches is pretty expensive. Something that if you multiply this by the number of people in your family can add up to quite a lot of money that could be put to better use in your Disney fund.

lunch-pail-225928_640Picture here

Instead, make a list of the lunches you will create for each day and take it when you go your weekly grocery shopping. Then you can make the next day’s lunch each evening, or if you are super organized prep an entire weeks lunches like this.

Coupon to save

Most people are aware that they can save money when couponing, but can you really save enough to fund a trip to Disneyland? Well, actually you can if you choose to be really committed to the process.

This means clipping coupons from magazine inserts, and getting them online, as well as planning your grocery shops around the items that are on offer each week.

family-2923690_640Image link

However, once you have been doing it for, a while you can really build up a stockpile of items that have cost you very little or were completely free. Something that you can use instead of buying items in your weekly shop that will free up a significant amount of money for your Disney trip fund each week.


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5 Ways to Unwind in Under 60 Seconds

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Being stressed will take its toll on your mental and physical health, so knowing how to unwind and de-stress is really important. Check out the five tips below to unwind in under a minute.

1.      Visit a Funny Website

The internet is filled with humorous websites, so bookmark a few of them and have them handy for those moments when you need a little break. Laughter, after all, is great medicine, and it could be the perfect way to take your mind off of your troubles. Plus, smiling alone could do wonders at helping you feel more at ease. So check out sites like lolhit.com or subscribe to some funny YouTube channels that will always have something to make you chuckle.

2.      Do Some Deep Breathing

When you are stressed, your breath becomes erratic and choppy. By practicing some deep breathing for about a minute, you could help calm down the nervous system and bring your mind into a state of peace. So sit in your chair with your back straight and notice the flow of breath moving into and out of your nose, and pay attention to the belly as it rises and falls with every breath. You could also inhale for four seconds and exhale for four seconds to lengthen and slow the breath to help you unwind.

3.      Look Up

Believe it or not, the simple act of looking upward could help stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system. That, in turn, could help to lower your blood pressure and slow down your breathing rate when you’re stressed. To help you focus, look up at the ceiling as you count down from 60 so you can relax for a full minute.

4.      Meditate

Even a quick one-minute meditation during which you sit quietly and repeat a positive mantra or simply focus on your breath could work wonders at helping you relax when you are feeling stressed. By sitting in meditation, you can remove yourself from the situation, close your eyes and take your focus off of your environment, and begin to find your center again. And while a one-minute meditation can be beneficial, if you could sit for a few minutes longer, such as for five minutes, you may find that you feel even more relaxed.

5.      Relax Your Muscles

Another common side effect of stress is tension throughout your body. You may not even notice it, but stress probably causes you to contract the muscles throughout your body, and that could lead to pain and stiffness over time. To help your body relax, start by focusing on the muscles of your head and make your way down to your toes. As you move your focus from one body part to another, squeeze and release the muscles there. This should help you relax your muscles and feel more relaxed in about a minute’s time.

The next time that you are feeling frazzled, try out one or more of the five tips above. You may find that you’re able to unwind rather quickly and gain your composure again.

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Make A Dramatically Cozy Entrance

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Do you know what is the first room that most guests see in your house? It’s the living room, and, faithful to its name, it’s the room where you spend more of your waking hours. Consequently, this makes it the ideal spot to welcome your guests and make a great first impression. Additionally, it comes as no surprise at all that that most homes open in the living room or a combination of a hall leading to the living room. It’s, after all, the place where you can all relax and chat together. So, any decent host would want to spruce up the living room once in a while. If you’re in a rush, you can rapidly simplify your design by decluttering the space. Removing everything you don’t need can make the room appear more functional and spacious. Additionally, it gives you the possibility to highlight a focal point such as a mirror hanging on the wall or a free-standing fireplace. But what if you want to take the time to create a glamorous entrance for your guests?

Interieur_overzicht_van_het_renaissance,_barok_altaar,_afkomstig_uit_de_Sint_Jan_uit_'s-Hertogenbosch_-_Heeswijk_-_20426388_-_RCEA Renaissance-inspired glamorous living room

Why do you need to change the living room?

Your interior decor reflects your personality and helps your guests and yourself to feel at ease in your home. Unfortunately, as living rooms act as the main living quarters in the house, they tend to develop a disharmonious design rapidly. Your favorite holiday souvenirs, family portraits, and decorative gifts pile up on the walls, shelves and tables of your living room, creating a deconstructed mess that is both overwhelming and distracting. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a tidy housewife or not: The lack of balance in the decor makes for an unhealthy environment, without the addition of dust and eventual pet hair.

Glam it up

If you want people to feel safe and centered in your living room, you need to accord the elements of your interior to create a harmonious place. A dramatic and inspiring trend of the moment is the combination of gray, white and gold color palettes and strong structural features, as shown on Sue Goldstone Interiors. A glamorous decor instantly makes everyone feel valued and respected. In other words, it’s time to change your old sofa for a gray leather couch and a pair of coordinated chairs. Make sure to pick two to three elements of your palette to create a colorful highlight on the wall, using painting or brand new wallpaper.

The little details that make it work

Finally, it’s your sensory experience of a room that will define how you feel in it. Don’t fall into the trap of a crisp and impersonal glamorous decor. You need to appeal to other senses. Place a throw on the leather couch to remove the sensation of cold when you sit on it. You could also add another dimension to your room with an individual fragrance. A scented cedarwood candle should do the trick. A vase of delicately fresh cut white flowers will also enhance the soothing tranquillity of the living room.

vase-1373443_640Nothing like fresh flowers in a vase to make your guests feel welcome

Using a combination of harmony, glamorous design and sensory experiences to maximize warmth and peacefulness are great to make your living room the most welcoming room. Invite your guests to an afternoon or an evening they won’t forget in your cozy and glamorous home.


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Shocking Ways You’re Wasting Money (That You’re Not Even Aware Of!)

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Wasting money is something that it a pretty crazy thing to do. After all, you work hard for the amount you have and swap your time and effort for it. That means by wasting it you are really throwing those things away. Sadly, there are lots of ways you may be wasting money, some of which you might not even be aware of. Read on to discover what they are.

Food waste

Food waste might just be costing you a fortune without you realizing it. The reason for this is that folks tend to shop for a week at a time, then at the end of that week throw away any items they haven’t got around to using, or that are past their sell-by date.

However, this food is usually still edible as you can find out at eatbydate.com and is only being put in the trash to make room for the ingredients for a new set of meal plans. This is crazy if you think about it, because you are throwing away edible food to make room for different edible food! Something that will result in unnecessary costs.

Unused food can waste a lot of money.

Instead, why not use sites like supercook.com that show you what to cook with what you have, or at least use all those leftover veggies up at the end of the week to make a soup that you can keep in the freezer. Then you will be saving on food waste and the cost of lunches for the week coming up.

Paying high-interest rates

Most people apply to take out a loan at one time or another, but did you know that the decision on whether you get this is usually based on your credit score? If you have a low credit score, you are less likely to get a loan, and if you are awarded it, you will usually be asked to pay a higher rate of interest because you are regarded as a greater risk to the lender.

thirty-1173248_640Image source

That means low credit scores equal high-interest rates, something that translates into you making bigger payments and paying less of the original loan off. That is why it’s vital that you deal with your credit score by visiting sites like repair.credit and using the advice on credit repair, you find there. Then you won’t be wasting money that you can’t afford, just because your credit score is low.

Not canceling subscriptions

Subscriptions are big business these days. You can get boxes of makeup delivered, or crates with collectibles in. You can even stream film and TV shows via service like the ones mentioned at digitaltrends.com by paying a monthly subscription charge.

Unfortunately, the thing with subscriptions is that you pay for them whether you actually use them or not. It’s why they make such a great business model for the people ruining them.

However, it’s not such a great model for the customer, especially if they have signed up for more than one because they are paying for services that aren’t  being used. That is why it’s vital to cancel any subscriptions you have not use for the last month. Otherwise, they are just a massive waste of money.


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How to Guide Your Family Through the Loss of a Loved One

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Dealing with the loss of a loved one is always incredibly difficult. This difficulty only intensifies when you are in charge of protecting your family. Not only do you have to deal with your own grief, but you also have to manage the emotions of everyone around you. This is a taxing undertaking, but you will get through it! The most important thing is that you take it one step at a time. Below are four ways that you can guide your family through the loss of a loved one.

Come up with practical solutions

If everyone around you is acting out of emotion, you will need to be the one to come up with practical solutions. For instance, if your deceased loved one experienced an unattended death, you should reach out to a death cleanup service. You could also hire someone to sort through their possessions, settle their debts, and organize the funeral. This will take the pressure off your loved ones and will allow them to concentrate on their grief.

Understand the legal implications

When a loved one passes, it is likely that they will leave behind assets that need to be dealt with. If they organized a will, this process will be much easier to handle. However, regardless of the situation, you should still speak with a trusted legal advisor. They will be able to guide you and your family through the process. Make sure that you find a lawyer who is experienced in these matters, as they will be more likely to have the sympathy and tact that you require.

Talk with your loved ones

Another important step is to talk with your loved ones about how they are feeling. You need to create an environment in which everyone is happy to speak their mind. This could involve holding a family meeting and giving everyone the chance to talk. Alternatively, you could attend a family therapy session. This will make it easier for you to engage with the process, instead of managing everyone else’s feelings. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be an intensely emotional experience. You can speak with the therapist beforehand about creating a positive atmosphere that is centered on the happy times spent with the departed and everyone’s hopes for the future.

Have something positive to look forward to

Going through a difficult time can help to bring people closer together. If you want to ensure this happens, you should consider arranging an activity that everyone can look forward to. When you are coping with the death of a loved one, this may feel like an unusual thing to do. However, focusing on the positives could help you and your family to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Why not work together to organize a family vacation? This will be the perfect opportunity for you to escape your day to day life and to spend time with each other. However, remember never to force someone to feel happy or short cut their grief – people heal at different rates.

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Are You Ready To Take On The Responsibility Of A Puppy

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Welcome home

When you’re looking for after a pet, it’s important that you can see them as more than just an animal, as they can be a great substitute for companionship. A lot of owners take theirs in as if they are part of the family, and for many reasons, that’s true! Dogs are loyal animals and loving if you teach them, they return all of the affection you give them. They’re not just there for your entertainment though, there are a lot of responsibilities that come with them, but it’s definitely worth the effort! If you don’t think you can handle that, then you probably shouldn’t consider attempting it! It’s not rocket-science though, but because they’re with us for their whole life, the least you can do is give them an enjoyable experience.

Their health

Along with the other responsibilities you have, taking them for walks is one of them. Obviously, the amount of exercise they need is based on their size. A German shepherd is certain to need more than a chihuahua, so that much will depend on you! If you can’t keep up, a lot of owners take them to the park or a field to play fetch and other games, get them running around for a while! Exercise is a vital part of looking after them, as they can’t get the same kind of entertainment from sitting around and listening to music like you can, so keep that in mind!

You need to be ready to deal with their health issues too, as they are also susceptible to injuries and mental problems that people experience too. Taking them to the vets for check-ups can be expensive, but essential if they have issues that you can’t figure out or don’t know how to deal with. There are also dog CBD treats you can use to help dull and ease pains they might have, they act as good medicine that you don’t have to struggle when you administer it. A lot of the time, dogs tend to refuse things like pills and drugs, even sneaking it into their foods can be difficult, so using an alternative like this can help the process along.

dog-3068477_640(Source: Pixabay)

The diet

Knowing what they can and can’t eat is very important when it comes to having pets, as you may end up accidentally poisoning them. It’s easy to dismiss something you eat as acceptable, but in some cases, they can be very harmful to your animal! Even something most can enjoy, chocolate, can cause a lot of damage if a large quantity is eaten. You’re responsible for them, so you need to make sure things like this are kept from their reach. They don’t know what they should and shouldn’t eat, and depending on how they’re trained; they may even try to help themselves to the food they see. You wouldn’t want to come home to find that your dog has eaten a box of raisins from atop the kitchen counter, or a bar of chocolate that you left out. If it helps, try to think of them almost like they’re a child. They can’t understand, but they maintain that curiosity.

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