Weather Resistance: 6 Tips for Making Your Roof Hold Its Own Through Thick and Thin

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Photo by Adrien Olichon from Pexels
Every home and commercial building relies on its roof to act as the first layer of defense against inclement weather. Over time, rough weather will take its toll on any roofing material, and eventually, it will need to be replaced. Before calling a contractor to schedule a roof replacement, property owners should know a few things about how to ensure that the new roofing materials last as long as possible. Read on to find six tips for improving a roof’s weather resistance to learn how to do just that.

1. Choose the Right Materials

One of the most important factors influencing a roof’s longevity is what material it’s made of. Traditional asphalt shingle roofs only last around 15-20 years even with proper maintenance. Alternative roofing materials like metal last at least 40-70 years when they’re installed correctly.

2. Work With a Specialist

Homeowners who opt to install long-lasting metal roofs need to work with a specialist who knows how to install the materials correctly. Erie Metal Roofs has decades of industry experience. These experts will never cut corners when it comes to material quality or workmanship. Given that improper installation can dramatically reduce any roof’s expected lifespan, it’s important that homeowners understand the value of vetting roofing contractors carefully.

3. Pick a Cooler Color

Lighter-colored roofs are better able to reflect the sun’s heat. Most homeowners assume this is just a matter of energy efficiency, but in fact, less heat absorption also means less sun damage and, consequently, a longer expected lifespan for the roofing system. Both metal roofing tiles and asphalt shingles can be painted or topped with specialized, lighter-colored granules to better reflect the heat.

4. Windproof the Roof

The wind damage associated with serious storms is one of the most common causes of roof damage. It doesn’t just increase the chances that objects will hit the roof, causing impact damage. It can also get up underneath shingles or tiles to loosen them and create an increased risk of leaks. Installing truss bracing, adding adhesive to the roof’s edges, securing the ridge and hip, improving the drip edging, and using extra roofing nails are all excellent ways to combat high winds.

5. Use Non-Flammable Materials

No homeowner wants to consider the possibility of exposure to a fire, but the reality is that fires can strike anywhere. Choosing non-flammable roofing materials like metal, slate, or clay tiles decreases the chances that the roof will be damaged by fire. These roofing materials will not prevent a fire from breaking out inside the home, but if another structure or a nearby tree catches fire, it will be less likely to migrate to the roof.

6. Avoid Ice Dams

Ice dams occur in the winter when the snow on a roof begins to melt but refreezes when it reaches the edges. Proper insulation can help to avoid ice dams by preventing the snow from melting too quickly, but in cold climates, homeowners should also take additional steps. Have the roofers install deicing cables on the lowest parts of the roof and add insulation to the attic to reduce the impact of freeze-thaw cycles.

The Bottom Line

Replacing a new roof is expensive. Homeowners who want to make the most of their investments should choose materials and installation companies that will help to ensure that the new roof lasts as long as possible.

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Cosmetic Treatments to Have After Weight Loss

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
A large number of people put a huge amount of effort into losing weight in a healthy positive fashion and achieve their goal. This is, however, for many out there, only the first step in a process of improved health and wellbeing. This article looks to provide a few cosmetic tips to feel and look great after weight loss.

Weight loss and changes to the body

Weight loss affects the body in more ways than the bathroom scale is able to tell. Facial skin and hair are the two most common aspects of the body to show some of the additional effects of weight loss. Regardless of the amount of weight lost, the facial skin losing tone and body are most readily apparent on most people. With the improvements in cosmetic and non-intrusive methods of skin and hair regeneration and restoration these side effects can easily be dealt with. 

The cosmetic treatments that all who have been through weight loss for whatever reason should consider important are:

Facial masks and moisturizing

As you lose weight the body’s water levels drop as well, and this can easily adversely affect the moisture levels in the skin. Depending on how much weight you have lost, the reduction in fat under the skin may lead to a lot of saggy skin and not just on the face. Use of the skin specific, appropriate moisturizing face masks and gels are a great way to increase moisture levels directly in the facial skin. Keeping hydrated is also recommended as part of the overall moisturizing process. Having the right internal and external hydration will go a long way to allowing the skin to readjust and naturally tighten. Use all over body moisturizers as well as face masks and drink a lot of water to improve the natural tautness and flexibility of the skin.

Hair regeneration or restoration

Many who have gone through a process of weight loss notice a change in their hair, either loss of thickness or color and volume. The main cause of this during or after weight loss is the reduction of nutrients and vitamins available for the hair as the overall diet changes. Improved hydration as aforementioned will help to provide cells with the fluids required for nutrient transfer and delivery. However, if the hair loss is severe, it is worth having a full check-up to ensure there are no underlying health issues as the hair is a great signifier of issues in the body. There are also simple ways of hair restoration in Newport Beach, CA – these are non-invasive, non-surgical and will encourage and promote the natural growth and regeneration of your hair. Having a full head of hair after weight loss will be important to feel and look good, as well as keeping you mentally healthy.

Many studies note the changes to mood that occur as a result of weight loss and by ensuring that you feel good about yourself and have a little pampering with the treatments above you will be able to stay focused on your overall goal, with a smile on your face.

Losing weight has many positive effects on your health, increased energy, and a reduced risk of many diseases such as heart disease and depression. The positives of weight loss do indeed outweigh the negatives but to avoid any of the side effects of weight loss to hair and skin the aforementioned treatments will go a long way to making you look and feel your best.

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Old Family Photos

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Photo by Alena Darmel from Pexels
A collection of photographs is much more than an emporium of moments; it can be an important part of one’s family history.

If you happen to have albums full of old photos gathering dust in the attic, it might be worth thinking about the many ways in which you can bring them back to life with a little DIY.

For a fun weekend of reminiscence and good old nostalgia, you might want to consider a few ideas on how to make the most out of your family photographs.

A Detailed History

Marking down the details of the photos can be essential in crafting a clear background of your family, so you may want to think about which details you can remember about when the photo was taken and mark them down in brand-new album.

If you have grandkids, one day they might have grandkids to whom they can show pictorial evidence of how awesome you were.

Family Research

Some light investigation work can often liven up an evening, especially when you take your old photos into account.

If you are interested in finding out more about your family history, asking around about old photos can be a great way to spark conversations and find out more about the circumstances behind the image—filling in the gaps in your timeline.

This can be particularly important if you come across any unfamiliar faces, so asking your relatives about photos you struggle to recognize can help save the details from being lost to the annuls of time.

A Beautiful Sculpture

To truly take your favorite photographs to the next level, the great services at can transform your images into a beautiful 3D sculpture.

This can be a wonderful memento, or could provide a thoughtful gift for your loved ones to cherish forever.

Get Digital

Digitizing your photographs is a wonderful way to keep them preserved. By storing them in the cloud you can rest easy in the knowledge that your beloved memories are safe and secure.

Moreover, this can be a good way of quickly sharing your photos around the whole family, as a shared cloud can be easily accessed from anywhere. In many cases, this might be preferable over sending a physical copy of the original photograph, as older photographs may be more vulnerable to damage.

This can also help to ensure that the quality of the photographs does not degrade over time, as they can be captured in their prime with the help of modern digitization techniques.

The process is relatively cost-effective and easy to do yourself, making it the ideal option for looking after your collection.

Know What Not to Keep

Sifting through old photographs is not always a pleasant experience, as is the very nature of memory.

If a photograph makes you sad or upset, it may be worth thinking about whether or not keeping it is beneficial to you as a thinking and feeling individual.

Before getting rid of photographs for any reason, asking your family and friends if they want to take care of them is a good place to start.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Skin Health

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Many of us are guilty of not taking the time to look after our skin as much as we should. When you get home from a busy day at work, the last thing you can feel like doing is following a long and complicated skincare routine. However, our skin works hard every single day while working as a layer to protect us from all external elements. Therefore, it is crucial that you stay on top of your skin health just like you would the rest of your body.

You should remember that the skin is the largest organ in the body, and if you want your skin to continue to protect you as you get older, then here are some suggestions of simple but effective ways that you can improve your skin health.

Eat Well

Many people underestimate the impact that eating the right foods can have on our skin. It can be all too easy to focus on the products you apply to your skin on the outside, but what you consume on the inside will also make a considerable difference. Therefore, we recommend that you include as many skin-healthy foods into your diet as possible. These foods include mangoes, tomatoes, kale, and soy. Mangoes, for example, contain antioxidant properties that can help to look after the essential aspects of your skin, like collagen.

Keep Stress Levels Low

We have all been there when we are feeling nervous about an event or night out, and then a few days before, one of the worst spots you’ve ever had appears right in the middle of your face! This is because research has identified a link between stress and skin issues. High stress levels have also been linked to more severe cases of acne. So, we recommend that you take the time to find some de-stressing and calming activities that you enjoy, such as meditation or yoga. They may work wonders on your skin.

Include CBD Products in Your Routine

In recent years, more skincare brands than ever before have been including CBD into their products so that consumers can reap the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits that CBD can provide. This is especially important to those who suffer from skin concerns, such as acne and psoriasis.  CBD Skincare Products can also help to boost your skin health as well as offer rejuvenation to the appearance of your skin.

Get Enough Sleep

We have all heard of beauty sleep, but it is a lot more important than many people realise. This is because as we sleep, our bodies are given the opportunity to rest and replenish after a long and tiring day. For your skin, this is the opportunity to produce new collagen which helps to prevent your skin from sagging. Not getting enough sleep can have visible adverse effects on your skin, such as dark circles around your eyes, and an uneven skin tone. The best news is that unlike many other skin care tips and advice, getting enough sleep is completely free of charge.

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3 Tips to Help You Find the Right Solicitor

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
When you are in need of a qualified and reliable solicitor quickly, you might find yourself scrambling to figure out how to go about finding such a one. You want to make sure that you waste as little time as possible, but depending on your legal needs, you want to ensure that the solicitor you work with is one that can be trusted to handle the process properly.

There are many things that need to be taken into account when you are searching for a solicitor. Since you will be trusting this individual to handle your legal matters properly, much of which will likely concern some personal or sensitive information, you want to find someone with whom you are comfortable talking to from the start.

If you are currently searching for a reliable solicitor for a legal matter, here are three things to bear in mind throughout the search process.

1. Find Someone You Can Trust

First and foremost, you want to hire a solicitor that you know you can trust. If your legal matters surround your business, for instance, you will feel most comfortable hiring a corporate solicitor who has experience with the industry in which you work. This ensures that you can receive expert help and more confidence in their abilities to see you through to the other side. You can find specific lawyers for a number of different areas, such as family law, employment law, personal injury, and more.   

You will be able to learn a great deal from your first encounter with a potential solicitor. Start by reading any available online reviews or customer testimonials, and make sure that you take into account practical matters such as language barriers. If, for instance, you need to find welsh speaking family solicitors, consider firms like Grant Stephens Family Law.

Once you have set up a meeting with a potential solicitor, make sure that you inquire about all relevant things that concern your case. Overall, though, ensure that you are comfortable disclosing the necessary information to the solicitor you choose and that the person you decide to work with is someone around whom you are at ease and comfortable.

2. Consider Family Recommendations Wisely

When you are caught up in a legal matter of some sort, you will no doubt find yourself bombarded with recommendations and testimonials from well-meaning friends and family. However, it is important to consider such recommendations wisely.

Just because a family member had a good experience and got on well with a certain solicitor, that doesn’t mean you will. It is all good and well to set up a meeting, but don’t feel obligated to work with someone purely based on the fact that your family member recommended them.

3. Emphasize Communication

Above all things, you need to go with a solicitor who can be trusted to practice good communication with you. You are going to have a number of questions about the process, especially if this is your first experience dealing with a legal matter. You want the solicitor you choose to be understanding of this and able to answer your questions and inquiries in a timely manner. Make sure to ask how they will keep in touch with you and how often, and vice versa. 

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Keeping It Germ-Free: The Many Benefits of Antimicrobial Door Hardware

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Photo by khairul nizam from Pexels
Nowadays, people are more aware than ever about how germs and other infectious agents are spread. Since the germ theory of disease became mainstream in the 19th century, we have known that our hands are one of the most common vectors in spreading illness. Washing your hands frequently is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of disease, as well as regularly cleaning frequently touched items, but there are other steps you can take to discourage the spread of disease. One great way is to install antimicrobial versions of frequently touched items, and some of the best candidates are your doorknobs and other door hardware. Although these should be cleaned frequently, often the cleaning may not be thorough enough or frequent enough to keep the knob from becoming a fomite, or object that is likely to carry infection. Installing door hardware that is inherently antimicrobial can help cover any gaps in your fight against germs. This article will explain some of the reasons, benefits, and tips to keep your home or business healthy and safe.

Installing New Door Hardware

Installing new door hardware can range in difficulty from extremely simple do-it-yourself to requiring a professional. When it comes to replacing locks or installing door hardware for a commercial space, it is best to hire a professional locksmith, like Action Lock Doc, to ensure that the more complicated installation is done correctly. For most simple home doorknob replacements, however, all you need is a screwdriver. First, simply remove the old knob by unscrewing it. Then do the same to remove the old latch plate on the inside edge of the door. Then insert the new latch plate and screw it in, making sure that the tapered side is facing the strike plate on the door frame. Now insert the spindle of the new doorknob through the latch and secure it. The other half of the knob should fit easily over the protruding spindle, allowing you to align the pieces and secure them in place. Be sure to test the knob after installation to make sure it is working correctly. Now that you know what you’ll be getting into by replacing your doorknobs, let’s explore the reasons for choosing antimicrobial options.

How Dirty Are Regular Door Handles?

Door handles are one of the most frequently touched, often overlooked surfaces in a home or building. One study found that a single contaminated doorknob could spread germs throughout an office in two to four hours. Because germs are invisible, it’s impossible to know by sight whether a surface or even your hands are clean. All it takes to contaminate a surface is for one person with unwashed hands to touch it. In a public setting, hundreds of hands could be touching that surface a day, and even with the most rigorous cleaning schedule there still could be a transmission of microbes between individuals.

What are Microbes?

Although the term microbe is technically any microscopic organism, “microbe” is especially used to denote microorganisms that cause disease. Generally, these are single-celled organisms and are usually bacteria, viruses, or fungi. The materials that have been tested and registered by the EPA have been found to inhibit many of these categories. Copper-alloy surfaces can prevent bacteria such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (or MRSA) and E. coli. Those same surfaces have also been shown to inactivate Influenza and Adenovirus particles. As for fungi, copper-alloy surfaces have been shown to kill black mold and the pathogenic yeast that causes thrush in humans. Research into how to fight infectious disease is constantly evolving and adapting along with the microbes it studies. As time passes, we will learn new information in ways to prevent and control common diseases.

Silver and Copper are Antimicrobial

Two common metals that have antimicrobial properties, according to the CDC, and can be used in the production of antimicrobial door hardware are silver and copper. Silver has been known to kill germs for centuries, but science is only recently starting to understand exactly why. From specialized advanced imaging techniques, researchers were able to observe that silver ions were causing strands of DNA to separate, which in turn caused the cells to die. Although more research is needed, this better understanding can help improve the use of silver to kill harmful bacteria in the future. Similarly, we have known that copper can kill germs since the 19th century, but it was only recently that science understood the mechanism by which it did this. Research has shown that copper disrupts the cell function of bacteria in many ways, but there are three that are considered the most important. First, higher copper levels inside the cell cause stress and create hydrogen peroxide, which damages the cell’s structures. Second, copper can decrease the integrity of the cell membrane, and it can lose essential nutrients and even desiccate and die. Last, copper can cause essential proteins to lose their shape which means they cannot function properly, leading to cell death. These properties of copper also extend to other copper alloys, such as brass and bronze.

Caring for Antimicrobial Surfaces

The antimicrobial nature of these materials is an intrinsic property, and you usually don’t need to be concerned about the antimicrobe wearing out or wearing off. However, an antimicrobial finish is not a 100% guarantee that no germs will grow on your surfaces and you should clean them regularly. The benefit of the antimicrobial properties is that they will be easier to clean and stay fresher between cleanings. The best way to do that is simply to wipe them down with a disinfectant regularly. The frequency depends on how often they are used, from multiple times a day to at least once a week.

Keep Your Home or Business Germ-Free

Antimicrobial door hardware is a great tool in the fight against infectious disease. Not only are these doorknobs functional and relatively inexpensive, but they also come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles, so you can easily complement your home or business’s existing decor. By simply replacing your door handles, you are able to further ensure that you are keeping your family, customers, and yourself safe.

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3 Things You Should Do With Your New Cat in the First Week

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Bringing home a new cat is an exciting and enjoyable time for your family. You have a new loving presence in the house and a new companion to go through your days together. Whether you are a first-time cat-owner, though, or if you have owned cats before, it is important to remember that the first few days of bringing your new pet home can be a bit of an adjustment period for everyone.

Your cat is going to need its own space to adjust as well as the right amount of attention from you to feel welcome and at home. This can be a difficult balance to strike, particularly if you have adopted a cat who has come from an overwhelming and overstimulating environment like a shelter.

With that in mind, there are a few things that you should look to do within the first week of bringing your cat home that will help them to adjust to their new surroundings and help you to get things off to the best start possible with your new furry friend.

1. Take Them to the Vet

Within the first week of having your new cat at home, it is important that you take them to see the vet for a thorough checkup and evaluation. You might be reluctant to place your new cat in the car again after bringing them home, as many cats aren’t a fan of being in a moving vehicle. However, your vet is going to need to see your new cat for a few key reasons.

Firstly, young cats, in particular, might be in need of certain vaccinations or boosters. This isn’t something that you want to wait on. Most importantly, though, emergencies can happen at any time. You will need to have your cat registered at a vet as soon as possible in case an emergency should come up within the first few days of them being home.

You can easily find a quality veterinarian like easyvet in your local area.

2. Give Them Space

Adjusting to a new home can be difficult for animals. Cats tend to be more on the sensitive side when it comes to their surroundings, so it is crucial that you give them the space they need to adjust and find their comfort zone.

You should try not to overwhelm your new cat with too much stimulation and playing within the first week. It is also a good idea to try to keep any other pets that you have in the house at a safe distance as well.

3. Find a Feeding Schedule

The feeding requirements of a cat can vary from pet to pet. Even if you had a cat in the past, that doesn’t mean that your new pet will stick to the same schedule. Take your time in the first week to learn your new pet’s habits and requirements so that you can ensure that they are getting the nutrition they need every day.

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A Twin Soul Emerges: 7 Signs You’ve Found the One

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Soulmates find each other when they least expect it, and the feeling they get from each other is more than completion. It is finding that person that they just click with, and everything feels natural. It is not a forced interaction, and everything is comfortable. Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

1. You Have a Comfort and Connection With Only Them

Two people who are supposed to be together experience a new level of comfort and connection. They are comfortable with each other and all settings, and the two people feel their connection. It isn’t the spark that so many romance movies present.

It is a new level of comfort that allows each person to be exactly who they are at all times, and they never feel like they have to hide their true or authentic self. It is these connections that lead to marriage and a long life together. Couples who want to start their life together review custom engagement rings now.

2. You Have Open and Mature Communication

Couples who have discovered the one have open and mature communication, and they do not need to raise their voice at each other. When they have a problem, the couple sits together and talks it out. They do not discuss problems when they are angry or upset. They have a healthier bond, and each person is considerate of the other’s feelings.

3. You Don’t Rush the Relationship

When it comes to the one, neither party is trying to rush the relationship. It just happens naturally, and it just simply works. From the beginning, there is an ease to the relationship, and the couple may feel as though they’ve known each other forever. They just click, and the relationship progresses at a steady speed.

4. Sex Feels Safer and More Secure

When it comes to sex, each person is comfortable with everything that happens, and they feel comfortable in their own skin. Neither person feels self-conscious about their body. It just as a deeper level of intimacy, and they feel safer together.

5. You’re In Sync

The couple is in sync in most areas of their lives. They do not have to have all of the same interests. That could become boring, and they will have just enough differences to keep the relationship interesting. They may complete each other’s sentences, and each person is entuned to the other’s needs.

6. They Aren’t Your Ideal And That’s OK

Most people have a certain idea in their minds about what the perfect mate would be like. When it comes to the one, all of these stereotypes and ideals will just melt away. It seems as though, the one or the perfect person for them doesn’t meet restrictive ideals. They are just the greatest person they’ve ever met, and each person wants to be together as often as possible.

7. The Silence Isn’t Awkward or Uncomfortable

Too often, people become anxious and uncomfortable in awkward silences. However, when it comes to the one, the silence is not a problem, and they can spend time together in silence without feeling that it is weird, or that anyone must speak to end the silence. It is just natural and comfortable.

Couples find each other at odd times in each other’s lives. Timing is everything when it comes to the one. It is as if they have discovered someone so incredible that they check off all their checklist items when it comes to personality and the way love should be. When they find the one, they will know it without any doubts, and it will be amazing.

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5 Signs Your Baby is Ready to Try Weaning

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
For a parent, the weaning process is one you may not be looking forward to. It can be an uncertain time for both baby and mother. While the general advice is to start weaning at around six months of age, there are other telltale signs that your baby is ready for weaning and that the time is right to try solid foods.

Nevertheless, these signs don’t mean that the weaning process is going to be an instant success (although there’s always a chance it could be!).

Here are some key signs it’s time to try your baby on solid food:

Your Baby is Using their Mouth More

Babies like to explore, and one way in which they do this is by putting things in their mouth. If your baby is openly being more explorative with their mouth, this could be a sign. Your baby may be putting their fingers or fists into their mouth more often, putting other objects into their mouth, or sucking things.

A Milk Feed Doesn’t Seem to Be Enough

Your baby should always feel full and content after an adequate feed, and during breastfeeding, this should come with each feed. However, if you are starting to see restlessness in your baby after a normal breastfeed, this can be a sign that they are still hungry, and it might be time to move on to more solid food.

Your Baby is Showing Coordination

Eating requires more coordination than you’d think, which can be a challenge for a young baby still finding their feet! However, when your baby can coordinate their hands, mouth, and eyes to work together, they will have a good chance at eating solid foods by themselves. If you notice your baby is able to look at what you’re feeding them with interest, grip it, and move it to their mouth, this is a good step forward.

Of course, having your baby feed like this will always get messy, which is why it’s a good idea to have a suction food tray for your high chair, from companies like EasyTots, to make sure that your baby doesn’t use their newfound coordination to pick up the food tray and drop it instead!

Your Baby Can Hold Their Head Up

If your baby is able to maintain a sitting position and keep their head up without problem or complaint, it means it can be a good time to try sitting in a highchair and take advantage of them being able to sit up for feeding time.

Success in Swallowing

Trying to switch your baby to solid food may result in them immediately spitting it back out. If your baby is successfully swallowing the food, they’re taking a positive interest in their new eating routine and managing to interact with solid food in the right way.

In Conclusion

Watching out for these signs can really help to move the weaning process along and hopefully make it more of a success. It’s important to note, however, that all babies develop at different rates, and if you’re not seeing these signs as soon as you’d hoped, that doesn’t mean there’s a problem or that weaning needs to be rushed. Enjoy the journey!

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Creating a Stylish Family Friendly Home

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Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels
We all spend so much time in our homes and so naturally want them to look as fantastic as they possibly can, but this can feel impossible, especially if you have kids running around. However, it is more than possible to create stylish, family-friendly, welcoming, and, most importantly, kid-friendly rooms.

Where to Start

To start any project, you need to ask yourself what is your top priority within a room. For example, in the living room, is it having a new rug, giving the room a coat of paint, or installing some new flooring? Knowing what is important to you will allow you to create a budget. Once you have your budget in place, you can start sourcing products and the best suppliers to turn your dreams into reality. For example, if you want new wooden flooring, then seeking out the experts at is a sensible decision.

Stylish Home Hack

To create stylish rooms and spaces, it is important to just focus on a few key pieces. Introducing a couple of easy-to-maintain statement pieces, including lights, vases, and paintings, can instantly make a space feel stylish (even if it is filled with kids’ toys).

Layer it up

You can make any couch look luxurious even if it has seen better days; all you need to do is employ the help of throws and cushions. Filling a couch with easy to wash cushions and throws will help add depth, style, and warmth to any couch, new or old.

Introduce Rugs

Rugs are fabulous additions at any time of the year as they instantly add style to any flooring, whether it is carpet, tiles, or wood. Layering rugs can add volume to any room, and they can draw your eye to them and away from any clutter that may be lying around from your children. Layer thinner child-proof, easy to clean rugs to add depth to a space.

Add your favorite pictures

More often than not, you spend so much time planning a room, but you forget to make it truly personal. Adding personal photos of your children, friends, and family will make any space feel warm and stylish.

Focus on one-off pieces

Flat-pack furniture is great, but you don’t have to use it everywhere in your home. Go to thrift stores and junk shops to grab some second-hand furniture bargains that you can love and use as they are, or if you fancy, you can add some paint and upcycle them. One-off pieces add individuality to your home.

A bit of old and new

There is nothing wrong with mixing both old and new pieces to make a room stylish and personal. Try to blend the two styles together using color combinations that complement both the old and new pieces.

Style is personal and individual; however, introducing quirky and different pieces of furniture and accessories that you adore and love will help bring any space in your home to life. Ensuring a space is comfortable, welcoming, and warm will show that you have created a family home that you can enjoy being in at any time of the year.

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