Treat Your Dog and Keep Them Healthy at the Same Time

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As a dog owner, it’s only natural that you want to look after your dog and treat it. Showing your pet love is an important part of being an owner, and it’s not something that you should ignore. But you also want to ensure that you buy your dog things that are going to help them stay in good shape and healthy at all times.

If you’re struggling for ideas, here are some of the things that you should definitely think about purchasing for your pet. Each of them offers something unique and interesting that will help your dog in some way. Read on if you want to learn more.

A Bike Tow Leash

Want to take up cycling? Then why not take your dog with you? These days, you can buy bike tow leashes that allow your dog to run alongside you as you ride your bike. It’s a great way of giving your dog a more intense workout, and that has to be a good thing. It’s something that you should definitely look into and keep in mind if you want to cycle more or just want to give your dog more exercise. They’re cheap to buy and easy to fit in place, so it could be the perfect treat for your dog.

A FroBo Bowl

It can often happen that you put out a bowl of water for your dog in the morning then it’s warm when you get home in the evening. This is common during the summer. But you can solve the problem by buying a FroBo bowl for your dog. These bowls keep the water cool throughout the day. That’s a definite positive for your dog, and it will help them to stay hydrated because they will be more likely to want to drink the water if it’s cool.

Paw Protectors

If you are the kind of dog owner that likes to go on lots of adventurous walks, you need to think about what kind of impact this has on your dog. It could be the case that their paws get hurt if they are walking on harsh terrain. You could fix this problem by purchasing some paw protectors for your dog. They will help to keep their paws in good condition, and they won’t suffer any cuts or problems that sometimes arise. You just slip them onto your dog’s paws as if they were shoes. It couldn’t be simpler.

Animal Dog Look Puppy Beagle Pet Cute Mammals

Animal Dog Look Puppy Beagle Pet Cute Mammals

Image Source

An iFetch

iFetch toys allow you to get your dog active without you having to do anything. If you’re a busy person and you don’t always have time to play with your dog every often, this is the ideal solution for you. You can find iFetch interactive dog toys reviewed on Fast Dogs if you want to learn more before you go ahead with the purchase. There are many similar electronic toys that you can make the most of. They’re great for keeping your dog occupies when you have other things that you really need to take care of.

A Feeder Toy

Feeder toys are great because they encourage your dog to use their brains and think for themselves. This is essential because you want your dog to be mentally contented as well as physically. And when they do manage to solve the puzzle of how to get to the food inside, they get a pleasant outcome, so it works as a treat for them too. There are plenty of these available, so get one and put it to use. It’s something that your dog could have a lot of fun with. And they don’t cost much to buy either.

A Glow Collar

Do you wish you could take your dog out for late walks after the sun’s gone down but are scared of him or her running off and becoming impossible to find? Well, you can address that worry by purchasing a glow collar for your dog to wear. As soon as they put one of these on, it will be simple to see where your dog is at all times. It won’t matter how dark it is or whether they run from you, you will be able to keep sight of them. That’s something that can be really important as an owner, so give it a try.

As you can see for yourself, there are so many cool and interesting ways for you to treat your dog with new things while also keeping them happy and healthy. Make the most of these ideas next time you want to treat your pet.

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Turning Your Small Lounge Into A Suitable Living Space

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The living room space should play a central role in all households. Not only is it the place for family interaction, but it’s also an area where you can inject a sense of personality to make a house a home. But what do you do when the space is limited?

There’s no doubt that this issue will cause a few issues. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t stop you from gaining the full enjoyment you deserve. Here are five simple tricks to ensure that the room lives up to expectations


Opt For A Light Wall Color: Color sets the atmosphere throughout the entire room, and bright colours instantly put you in a happier mood. More importantly, though, they help reflect the light to give the room a far larger appearance. When combined with mirrors and increased natural lighting, even small lounges take on the idea of boasting more space. Best of all, if you grab a brush this weekend, you could have a brand new lounge by Monday.

Prioritize Comfort Over Style: There’s nothing wrong with wanting a lounge that looks great. However, you cannot afford to let those desires stand in the way of human requirements. No TV or luxury ornament will compensate for a lack of basic comfort. Fixing the HVAC systems should always be a priority. Meanwhile, you must ensure furniture is set out in a way that enables communication without blocking radiators. Get those foundations in place, and the luxury items will bring far greater joy.

Think Family Function: The perfect living room should serve several purposes. Those exact details can be influenced by the available space in other parts of the home, so you may wish to look at a new dining table to add that extra function. Alternatively, you may want to use a sofa bed to accommodate regular guests. Ultimately, sitting down to decide exactly what you want from the living room space will provide the direction to keep you on track. Build around those desires, and you will not go far wrong.


Stop Wasting Space: Unnecessary waste is a tragedy for all living room spaces. Nonetheless, the impacts are far worse when the space is limited at the start. As mentioned, furniture is crucial. However, opting for stackable side units can allow you to save space when smaller ones aren’t being used. Likewise, removing the need for TV units by mounting the television to a wall will claw back valuable inches. Use the walls to hang photos too, and you’ll soon see a noticeable difference.   

Go Open Plan: If the lounge still feels claustrophobic, you could look at the idea of knocking down a wall. Whether it’s combining the living room with a hallway, kitchen, or conservatory is entirely up to you. While you won’t add physical dimensions to the property, it can certainly create the perception of a larger living space. This can be especially useful when the second room is larger than necessary but is also a great trick when this isn’t the case. Just be sure to check that the wall isn’t supporting the roof!


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Walkies! Essentials For Your Pooch’s Favorite Time of Day

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pexels-photo-117486Photo Source

If you are a dog owner or dog lover, you will know that you can’t say the “w” word around a four-legged friend without having to take them for a long walk. They’ll be grabbing their leash and pawing at the door until you give in and take them. After all, walk time is most pup’s favorite time of day! Dog walking is a basic activity that most people can do. But there are a couple of things that you should always make sure that you take with you to make the experience safe, fun and simple. Here’s a little checklist to help you on your way.

dog-390410_960_720Picture Credit

A Leash

Your dog may be well trained, have a good temperament and be great with other pooches and kids. But you still need to ensure that they are on a leash while they’re out in public. Why? Well, there are a few reasons. Firstly, you never know how other people’s dogs will react to your pup. They may have issues with other dogs and attack. You don’t want your best bud getting hurt now, do you? Secondly, there are lots of distractions out there. Most dogs will chase cats or smaller critters like squirrels. You never know where the chased animal may run and you don’t want your pooch chasing one out into the road or another hazardous area. There are all sorts of potential threats out there, so protect your dog in all ways. Being on a leash doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be at your heel either. You can get stretchy leashes that extend. This gives you control over how far your dog can roam.

Springer_spaniel_walijski_2009_plImage Credit

A Harness

As your dog is going to be on a leash, it’s important to make this as comfortable as possible for them. Get them a harness rather than attaching the leash directly to their collar. Leashes on collars can cause respiratory problems, as dogs often pull and the pressure exerted in this situation is mainly on their neck. Harnesses spread the pressure of pulling and are also more difficult for your pup to slip out of. They are by far the safest option for most pooches.

5562382636_f8f8e17c1e_bPicture Source

Doggie Bags

Your dog is likely to do their business while they’re out on their walk, so make sure you have something on hand to clear it up. You don’t want others to accidentally step in your dog’s mess and places, where you walk, are likely to be frequented by children who can become sick if they come into contact with it. Most public spaces have penalties and fines for left dog mess too, so avoid having to fork out by always clearing up. Always have biodegradable doggie bags at hand. These allow you to clear the mess in a quick, safe and clean manner.

dog-1378087_960_720Photo Credit

Water and Water Bowl

Walking is thirsty business and you want to keep your pet hydrated at all times. This is why it’s so important to take a drink along for them. Especially during summer months when temperatures soar and dehydration is more common. Not to worry though, there are handy products out there to make carrying drinks more simple. Invest in a flexible water bowl that can be squashed down for easy carrying. Many come with hooks to attach to your belt loop or bag strap for simple portability. They are easily popped out and filled with water from your own bottle. Alternatively, there are bottles with trays attached. These allow you to filter the amount of water that your dog drinks, allowing it to last throughout the entire walk.

594346950_1280x720Image Source

Night Time Safety Accessories

Some of us prefer to walk our dogs at night. Perhaps you work long shifts in the day and have more time for a stroll after hours. Maybe your dog is nervous and is more comfortable walking at times when there are fewer other dogs around. Regardless of your reasons, walking your dog at night is fine. However, there are a few extra things that you need to ensure your pup’s safety in the dark. The main concern is visibility. You need to make sure that your dog is visible to other pedestrians, cyclists and road traffic. There are a few accessories that can help you with this. You can invest in collars and leashes with reflective surfaces. These will glow up in the headlights if a car is passing or when you and your pooch are crossing the road. You can also get flashing lights which can clip onto collars or fitted LED hoops for around your dog’s neck while they walk.

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Down In The Dumps? Here’s How To Drag Yourself Out

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Everyone has a bad day from time to time, but an extended period of disillusionment can pretty much ruin your life. Worse still, without the right response, you could find yourself trapped in this dark moment for even longer.

The fact you’re reading this post suggests that you recognize a problem even in your life or the life of a loved one. Here are some of the most common solutions to those issues.


Get Medication

For many people, depression is just a phase. However, there is a chance that you are suffering from an underlying mental health condition. If this is the case, a quick diagnosis and reaction are vital. It may seem a little scary now, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

You wouldn’t leave a physical illness untreated, and you shouldn’t ignore the mental health problems either. There’s a good chance that you won’t have a serious issue, but getting checked is essential either way. It’s better to know one way or the other.

Tie Up Loose Ends

There’s nothing worse in this life than knowing that you’ve been wronged without gaining justice. This commonly relates to legal matters and Morris, King & Hodge personal injury attorneys can help you finally get what you deserve. The financial rewards are one thing, but the sense of emotional closure is even better.

Unfinished business can also relate to friendships and relationships. You cannot afford to let the past keep dragging you down. Make a decision once and for all regarding whether it’s worth fighting for, and act accordingly. Otherwise, those issues will continue to haunt you.

Break The Cycle

It’s very easy to get trapped in a routine that slowly eats away at your happiness. But even the smallest change can provide new focus and fresh energy. Whether it’s getting fit, learning a new language, or helping others in need doesn’t matter. Those new goals can make a world of difference to your world.

Frankly, that positive gained from ending the boredom could be all that’s needed to get back to your old ways. It’s worth trying at the very least.


Take A Step Back

At the other end of the scale, pushing yourself too hard without giving your body the TLC it deserves will eventually take its toll. Bidding to improve your sleep patterns should be top of the agenda. Not only will it enhance your mood, but it should give you more energy to complete other life tasks.

Alternatively, you may just need a break. Even if you can’t afford a holiday abroad, a few days camping or visiting family can recharge the batteries. When you return, the fresh start gives you a chance to focus on happiness once more.

Speak Out

The hardest thing about facing this type of issue is that you can often feel too embarrassed to speak out. But a problem shared is a problem halved. Joining a message board at Depression Chat Rooms for people in similar positions will provide huge comfort. Alternatively, a mental health expert of life coach could work wonders.

If those steps seem too drastic, simply speak to friends and family. You may feel that it’s a burden. They wouldn’t want to see you suffer any longer than is needed, though, and you’d want to help them if the roles were reversed. Those loved ones are there to offer support. Grab it with both hands.


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Lighten The Load When You Move Into A New House

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When you move into a new humble abode, you often have a list as long as your arm of jobs that will need to be completed. After all, you want to make sure it suits you and your family. And you want to remove any presence of the old owner from the humble abode. But when you have so much to do, it can often feel stressful. After all, when you are busy with the kids and work, it’s a challenge to find any spare time. But you don’t have to do everything yourself. In fact, here are some ways you can lighten the load when you move in!

Look into local gardening services

One thing which can often take a while to sort in the new house is the garden. After all, as the owners knew they were leaving soon, they might not have made much effort in the yard. Therefore, there might be issues like long grass and dying plants. And it will need to be sorted before you let anyone come over for a visit. But when there are lots of things to do in the garden, you could consider getting a helping hand. That way, you can ensure the garden is back in good condition. You might want to look into local gardening services. They will come out to your yard and take care of the grass. Also, they will plant some new beautiful flowers which will look great in the yard. And if they do a good job, you might want to hire them to come out to the garden regularly!

   lawn-mower-2127637_640 Pixabay

Time to call in an interior designer

There are bound to be a ton of changes you will want to make to the new humble abode. You might not love the kitchen in it’s current state, or the bathroom might not be your cup of tea. But designing rooms is not everyone’s forte. A lot of people struggle to decide where new furniture should go. And after they have finished with the room, they often have regrets on where they put everything. Not only this, but it can be time-consuming to renovate rooms. Even if you and your other half work on it together, it can take ages. Therefore, it’s worth getting in touch with an interior designer. They will be brimming with ideas for your new humble abode. And will be able to ensure you have a room that is beautiful and good for sustaining the value of the house.

Scandinavia Modern Interior Home Design New House

Scandinavia Modern Interior Home Design New House

Image Credit

Edit that long list

While there might be a long list of jobs you want to do to the house, it’s not possible to get everything done straight away. After all, if you start trying to change every room in the humble abode, it can lead to you making errors. Therefore, you should edit that long list. Write down rooms that need to be changed immediately, and which others you can wait for a few months. That way, you can focus on the important places first to ease some of the pressure!

And remember to call a locksmith. They can change the locks for you when you move in, so your family is safe!


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Out On The Open Road At Last: Driving Advice All New Drivers Need To Know!

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You’ve got your licence, purchased your car and you’re all insured and ready to go- chances are you’re on top of the world right now! But while being able to drive alone for the first time is exciting, it’s incredibly daunting too. Without someone there to ask for advice and to correct you if you go wrong, it’s all down to you. By getting your driving license you’ve already proved you’re a competent driver, but there are some things that all new drivers should bear in mind.

Drive How You’ve Been Taught

When your lessons are over and you’re finally out on the road by yourself, it’s easy to slip into bad habits. You start to drive how you think is the best way, rather than how you were shown. But your instructor taught you these methods for a reason, they’re the safest way to get around. Make sure you’re following their advice on things like mirror checks, signalling and merging in traffic. Stick to driving by the book, and you’ll be be as safe as possible on the roads.

Expect The Unexpected- Not Everyone Is a Safe Driver

When you’re out on the road, it’s not just your own driving you need to be aware of but everyone else’s too. Not everyone out there is a safe and competent driver, and unfortunately you will come across these kinds of people. Even good drivers can sometimes make silly mistakes, so it’s important to always have your wits about you. You need to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to whatever is happening up ahead, and expect the unexpected. If you’re ever injured as a result of someone else’s bad driving, you could find an attorney for personal injury near you who will be able to work through the situation. But of course, keeping your wits about you and avoiding any potential accidents in the first place is always going to be your best bet.

Make Sure Your Car Is Safe

Warning lights on the dash should be checked out immediately, and if anything doesn’t seem right don’t put it off. Breaking down in an awkward position can leave you incredibly vulnerable, so of course is something you will want to avoid at all costs. Ensuring all of the fluid levels are kept topped up is a smart move, never go below a quarter of a tank of gas and make sure your tyres reach the minimum legal tread depth. Any lower and you increase your chances of blowouts and skidding, and could cause a serious accident.


Be Wary of Different Weather Conditions

Hopefully, you will have covered all weather conditions while you were doing your lessons. However, if you gained your license pretty quickly, there may well be a season you’ve never driven in before. In winter you need to be aware of snow and ice, how to deal with possible skidding and how to de-ice the car. In the warmer months, you need to be mindful of the fact that the heat can make road surfaces softer, and how to deal with glare from the sun. You might have never driven at night or in very heavy rain or fog. Be aware of these kinds of challenges, and don’t become complacent.



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Paws In Your Pocket? Steps To Save You Money On Vet Bills

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Costs are one of the major considerations when getting a pet. Can you afford the start-up costs? How much would food be? Pets can become a significant drain on savings if you let them. As such, potential pet owners outline every cost before they get started. They calculate, then calculate again, how much their furry friend might set them back.

But, there’s one thing you can’t consider when thinking about costs; vet bills. Veterinary treatment is never cheap. Worse, it’s impossible to foresee. It’s often what leaves pet owners most out of pocket. Worse than spending your savings is the possibility that you won’t be able to afford treatment. That’s a reality no one wants to face. While there’s nothing any of us can do to get rid of vets bills altogether, there are steps you can take to ensure your pet is as healthy as possible. Here are a few worth considering.


No matter what pet you have, exercise should be a staple part of their routine. If you have a rabbit, provide them with a run in which to stretch their legs. If you have a dog, take them for long enough walks each day. Without exercise, pets go stir-crazy. Worse, they could develop health issues. As humans, we have to move to keep our limbs limber. Animals are no different. If you don’t allow your pets exercise, their joints will become stiff, and movement will be hard. In extreme cases, lack of exercise can lead to conditions like arthritis. A long-term problem like this can lead to major veterinary bills. So, make sure to do your research about the exercise your chosen pet needs. And, make sure you provide it!

dog-264718_960_720Picture Credit


Any pet needs health maintenance. Dog owners need to find out about the best flea and tick medicine for dogs. Treatment like this is a small expense in the grand scheme of things and will keep pests at bay. Alternatives should be found for any animal that spends time out of the house. Maintenance also includes vaccinations and deworming treatments. Though you may not have considered them, simple steps like grooming and nail clipping also count here. Failure to take any of the steps mentioned above could cost you in a big way if you aren’t careful.



This list wouldn’t be complete without mention of diet. Dietary problems are a major issue, and one vets see time and again. As an owner, it’s your responsibility to provide your pet with any nutrition they need. Again, research can help here. It’s also important to note that buying a cheaper food could cost you more in the long-run. There’s often a reason why selections are more affordable. It may be that they’re substandard and don’t contain everything necessary. Don’t cut corners here. If you need proof of how important diet is for health, look at your eating habits. The chances are that you ensure you get everything you need. Extend that courtesy to your pets, too!

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5 Great Tips To Give You A Better Night’s Sleep

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man-909049_960_720(image: pixabay)
There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep and waking up the next morning feeling relaxed and rested. Conversely, waking up constantly during the night will leave you feeling tired in the day ahead. How well you sleep at night depends on a number of key factors. If you are waking up every morning with bags under your eyes, it’s time you do something about it. You need your sleep for optimum physical and mental health, so consider the following pieces of advice.

Check your bed

A lot of people toss and turn during the night because they can’t get comfy. They may also wake up with aches and pains in the back and neck. The reason behind this is probably due to the bed itself. If the mattress is old and lumpy, your body will suffer when you lie on it. You want to sink into your bed and not get attacked by loose springs. A mattress from Puffy comes with deep sleep technology, so consider making a new purchase. You may want to buy new fluffy pillows as well, replacing the ones you currently use which may have become flat and worn.

Change your sleeping pattern

You need to have a routine in your sleeping pattern to aid your internal body clock. Staying up late into the night and getting up in the early hours of the morning will not give your body time to rest. You don’t want to oversleep either, so don’t be tempted to sleep into the afternoon on your days off from work. Your body clock will be disrupted, and you will feel worse as a result. It is recommended we get 7-8 hours sleep a night, so accommodate that into your lifestyle.

Avoid napping

We often nap during the day because of inactivity. If you begin to feel tired, don’t slump into your seat and drift off to sleep. Instead, get up and focus your mind on something. We are liable to nap after a heavy meal, so always take part in exercise after you have eaten. Your food will digest easier when you move around, so go for a walk or do the household chores. The less sleep you have during the day will make you more tired at night when you need to get your head down.

Live healthier

Eating the wrong foods, such as those high in fat or sugar, and having little time for exercise will make you feel lethargic. It is important you eat healthy foods, such as fruit and vegetables, and exercise more, as your body will feel energized throughout the day.  A healthy lifestyle reduces your chances of napping and helps your peace of mind, alleviating worry and depressive thoughts that can keep you awake at night.

Change your bedtime habits

You should avoid looking at bright screens, such as your tv or smartphone before going to bed, as too much light can suppress the melatonin which affects your sleep cycle. Instead, read a book or listen to music, activities that can relax you and help you fall into a deeper sleep.



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The Most Important Festival-Ready Style Preparations

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Festivals are notorious for the wear and tear they can apply to your general belongings and specific hygiene. It’s not hard to imagine that bringing expensive items with you could be a bad idea, especially if the weather isn’t expected to hold up during your stay there. In fact, you might even be tempted to forgo the niceties completely and simply bring things that you don’t mind getting destroyed by some drunken stupor or terrible weather condition.

This would be a mistake. It’s important to look and feel good at a festival, because this is a celebration of life with your friends, and you should do all you can to make yourself feel happy while you’re there. One of the presumptions you would have made though is that style equals expense, and in many circumstances, that’s just not true.

The following festival style tips can help you look good, stay frugal and squeeze the most enjoyment out of your festival proceedings.


Your tent is an integral part of the festival going experience. If the weather is bad, you will be taking refuge here while you enjoy the time spend with your friends in the camp. If the weather is great, it can simply be used as a method of storing your belongings while you’re out and enjoying the festival. #

It’s important to choose a tent that’s functional, but it’s also great to choose a tent that’s stylish. Your tent isn’t an expression of your fashion taste, but having a distinctive and cute one will at least help you find it, and will help you feel more at home in it than some standard ubiquitous one found throughout the festival.


Festival fashion ideally needs to be light, breathable and more importantly, wearable. This means that you need to be able to dance to your heart’s content in it, without worrying about wear and tear or general misuse of the item. Wearing light sun dresses with sleeves can help you look great due to the patterns and beautiful fabrics they possess, but also help you channel your inner hippy when you’re dancing around a field.


It might seem silly to purchase beautiful wellington boots when they’re only going to be caked in mud anyway, regardless of the weather. Many people dancing in the same sports will eventually overturn even the most stable ground, so you are bound to get mud on you at some point. However, your wellingtons needn’t clash with your fashion statement.

Why not try furry pink/purple wellingtons to provide some much-needed color to your summer wardrobe? Correctly chosen, wellingtons can become a fashion statement in themselves, even if they do find themselves plastered in mud a few days into your adventure.

With all the emphasis placed on your looking good during the festival, it’s easy to forget that you’re there to have fun. Have a good time! Don’t be afraid to dance like an idiot, make friends and sing your heart out to the music you’ve gone to witness. You’ll be a better person for it.



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The Truth About Milk

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One of the biggest myths about your health is that you should drink milk to get Calcium. Calcium is an important part of your diet because it helps maintain healthy bones among other things.But just because it is true that you need Calcium in your diet, that doesn’t mean that milk and dairy are the best places to get it.

Why Not Milk?


You might be wondering why milk isn’t the best source of Calcium. People have been telling you otherwise for years, after all. The reason is that the Calcium found in milk doesn’t absorb into your body as effectively it would if you got it from other sources, that means you aren’t getting all of the benefits. The reason that this happens is that the animal proteins that you find in milk are broken down by the Calcium. That means that instead of absorbing into your body and bringing you all of those health benefits, the majority of it is being used up breaking down those animal proteins.

Another thing to think about is all of the other ingredients in milk. While it might have a good amount of Calcium, it’s also quite high in fat so drinking it all of the time is not going to be good for you. If you cause yourself other health problems by drinking too much milk, you’ll counteract a lot of the good it has done anyway. With that in mind, it’s much better to get your Calcium from better sources, but what are they?


Taking Calcium supplements is much better than consuming large amounts of dairy because there are no negative effects. AlgaeCal plant calcium is an all natural source that doesn’t have any negative side effects. However, you should always check with the doctor before taking any kind of supplements in case they are not compatible with your diet.

You should also limit the amount of supplements that you take because your body is only capable of absorbing around 500mg of Calcium at one time. You do need more than this so you should be taking it in smaller doses throughout the day.



As well as taking supplements, there are so many different foods that you can get Calcium from, most of them a lot healthier than dairy. Dark leafy greens are the probably the best source of Calcium out there because they have a lot of extra nutrients in them besides the Calcium. Things like Kale, Spinach, Collard Greens, and Broccoli are packed full of Vitamins A, C, K and B. All of them are essentials in your diet and these greens also have a tiny calorie count, especially when compared to things like milk and cheese.

Fish is another great source of Calcium but it needs to be fish with the bones in. Ordinarily, you’ll take the bones out so you lose a lot of that goodness, but if you use canned fish you can retain it all. The bones in canned fish go soft during the process so they can still be eaten. Fish also contains a good amount of Vitamin D which helps to absorb the Calcium and get the most out of it.

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