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We all have way more obligations to keep up with than we could ever dream of being fully on top of, and we’re all failing over and over again – the important thing is to be able to regroup when you need to and get back to it. From keeping the house afloat to not letting the family drift apart to keeping your own chin above the water – it’s an endless struggle that you just need to keep doing. Just as the dishes can pile up, harmony in the household can fade out, and you can find yourself running from A to B endlessly without achieving anything. This is a guide to getting it together, to improving your productivity, preparing for disaster and finding the motivation and energy to do it all over again tomorrow.

The Household

Whether you’re going to work and finding what time you can in the evenings or you’re at home wondering why the house is demanding a full day’s worth of labour every day, there are things you could do to improve your circumstances. The trick is to work on your routine, and your family’s, so that you’re all using your time as effectively as you can without even noticing. When you’re doing a job naturally at a certain time you’ve accepted it into your routine, and it won’t seem like as big a deal – the problem, however, is that it’s easy for tasks to fall out of your routine and it’s very difficult to get new tasks into your routine. Just remember, the first few weeks of a new routine are the most difficult. Take control and delegate tasks to family members and supervise them until they’re doing their jobs naturally. To do this, you’ll need to have a list of everything that needs doing every day as well as a rough idea of your family’s schedules. You’ll know when the jobs have been assimilated into everybody’s routines because the whole house will start to tick over naturally rather than being a constant source of arguments.

Once you’ve got the house running on a day to day level, you can start to save yourself some time by planning in advance. Make sure you all know which neighbor to go to for help in case of an emergency. Make sure you have the phone numbers of your local electrician, plumber and handyperson before anything wrong – not afterwards! Not only will this save time and make disasters less stressful, but you can also save a lot of money by planning in advance. You’ll know the cheapest way to get help, and you won’t be stuck if the internet goes down as well. If you have a plan beforehand then you can get the best deals and services; for example, if you contact One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning at then you won’t be waiting all day in the heat or cold for somebody to arrive. If you wait until the last minute to look, you can’t complain if you get a bad deal.

The Family

People need an indefinite amount of attention that, nine times out of ten, you don’t have the time or energy to give. It can be difficult to keep up with the moods of your family, particularly if you have adolescents in the house, and it can be even more difficult to keep up with the developing issues behind their moods. Are they being bullied? Are they struggling with schoolwork? Are they suffering in their love-lives? What makes it more difficult is how reluctant people can be to talk about their problems, which means that very often you only find out there is a problem when it reaches boiling point, and the person reacts. Make sure you know the basics of what your family are dealing with each week, even if all they want to share is that they’re struggling with a science project – talking about this kind of stress builds up trust, which is essential to family relationships.

Are you agreed on a discipline procedure with your partner? If you feel like you aren’t on top of everything, one factor could be your relationship with your partner. You should be helping each other out in all areas of your lives. This might mean agreeing on disciplinary roles between you, or it might be as simple as talking about your work-lives with each other, so you feel like you know each other better and find it easier to work as a team. It’s just as important to share out social time with the children as well – not just the discipline. Here, you should both be playing to your strengths – you could take responsibility for entertaining the family one weekend and your partner could take responsibility for it the next weekend, for example.   


Just as it can seem like everyone around you needs more support than you have to give, you also have a bottomless craving for it. Sometimes, particularly if you’re part of a busy family, you can’t rely on everybody noticing when you’re struggling and banding together to take the weight off your shoulders. There are times when you need to be disciplined with yourself, and there are times when you need to know how to give yourself support. Delegating tasks and getting the family into a routine is a great way to snatch back an occasional evening to yourself, but the important thing is knowing how to use it. If you’re in the habit of doing everything all the time, treat yourself to take out or run a bath – it can be difficult to stop yourself doing extra work and saving more time for later, and that’s why it’s important to fit relaxation time into your routine as well.

Get to know yourself – spend some time thinking about the things that make you anxious or that make it difficult to be productive. When you have time for rest, you spend your productive time more effectively because you can review your activities. Make sure you’re always in touch with both your long-term ambitions and your short-term obstacles, and you’ll find it easier to stay motivated when life gets tough.

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Top 5 Essentials You Will Need Next Time You Go Camping

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Camping is one of the most amazing experiences you can have. Hiking to a nice secluded spot and sleeping in the middle of nature can seem like a different world. The equipment that you need to go camping has become more sophisticated over the years, but the basic principle for many is the same.

To make your trip a success, you need to be safe and protected from the elements. Here are a few essential pieces of equipment to help you.


You can sleep under the stars which are a magical experience, however, if you prefer to have a tent, then choosing the right one will make things more comfortable. Ideally, you want to have a tent that has some extra space so you can move around easily.

For example, if there are two of you, then taking a three-person tent will give you plenty of space.

Sleeping Bag

There are several designs for sleeping bags. However, one of the most popular is the cocoon type that goes around your head to just leave your face exposed. They’re particularly good if you’re going to camp somewhere that will be cold at night.

You can get different thicknesses and materials depending on the climate you will be in, and some even have pouches for hot water bottles if it gets particularly cold.

A Sleeping Pad

A sleeping pad is an inflatable mattress that you can lay on in your sleeping bag at night. You can get simple pads that are thin sheets of foam, although you might find the inflatable pads offer more comfort.

They’re easy to inflate and pack away, so they won’t take up much room in your backpack if you’re on a hiking trek.


There’s a huge range of cookware available that will suit everyone from the simple camper to the camper who needs to cook for a family. You can get everything from folding frying pans to portable wash basins if you need them.

You can even get color coded plates and bowls so that you always know which is yours. Perfect for sitting around the fire trying out those campfire pie iron recipes from Easy Campfire Recipes.


As it gets dark, you’ll need some way of illuminating the tent, and for taking trips to the toilet at night, so a lantern is essential. You can get lanterns that use different power supplies depending on your preferred choice.

There are those powered by a butane canister, those that are solar charged and regular battery-operated types. Whichever one you choose, make sure it’s ready to go before nightfall.

These are a few of the essential items you’ll need on your camping trip. You can, of course, add to this if you want to by having a larger tent, gas operated fridge or folding chairs. If you’re planning a hiking trip over a few days, you’ll also need a lightweight backpack to carry all your equipment.


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Moms Can Go to School Too

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adult-educationImage source

Just because you’re a parent and you have responsibilities to your children, it shouldn’t mean that you can’t increase your education and advance your career. In fact, doing just that could actually help you better provide for your children, and at the very least, it will show them the value of education and striving to better yourself.

So, whether you never got a degree and you’d like to change that, or you’ve always dreamt of getting your Bachelors in Health Administration so that you can change to a more fulfilling career, don’t let other people’s expectations or beliefs stop you – moms can go to school too!

If you do decide to go to school, here are some tips to make the transition easier on the whole family:

Consider Your Options

Before you take the plunge and enrol, take the time to first consider your options. Right now, there have never been more ways to get an education. You can do a Healthcare Administration Degree Program Online, learn to be an accountant at community college part-time or enrol in a varsity college and it makes sense to work out which option will work best for you, your spouse and your kids long-term before you invest any time and money into a course of action that might not work for you.

Set Realistic Goals

You should also set realistic goals for your continuing education. Do you want to finish that your nursing degree so that you can get a secure job with benefits? Do you want to qualify as an accountant so you can stay at home with your kids? Do you want to finish an architect’s course by the time your kids are of school age so that you can start a more fulfilling career? Just want a fulfilling way to spend your spare time? Whatever your aims, you should work out a realistic way of achieving them, giving yourself enough time to learn the material and take care of your kids. Knowing what you want and how you will achieve it, will help you stay the course when things get tough.

Get Your Kids Ready

Your going back to school will be a big change for the whole family, especially the kids, particularly if you’re a stay-at-home mom who’s usually around most of the time. That means that you need to prepare your kids for the coming changes, starting well in advance of your course beginning.

Do your best to explain to the children as best you can that you will be going  to school and that will mean a few changes, Try to reassure them that, when you’re not there, they will have someone to take care of them, whether that’s dad, grandparents or a sitter, and that you will only ever be a phone call away.

If your kids are older, explain to them that you’re doing this to fulfil your dreams and make a better future for you all ask them to show some understanding in helping out more around the house and giving you some quiet time when you need to study. You could also turn your study time into a family time by all sitting around the table and doing your homework together. This will take a load off and make it easier for you to do what needs to be done.

Get Organized

planner-2641215_640Image source

Going to school alone is enough to turn your life upside down, but when you have kids to think about too, well some organization is pretty essential. By a daily planner and write down the dates and times of all your classes, school vacation, extra curricular activities, and any other appointments you have, so at the very least you know what you should be doing when.

Then, try to settle the kids into a streamlined regular routine whereby they get up at the same time, have a schedule for bathroom use, leave the house by the same time, come home, do homework etc. It might take a while for you all to get into the swing of things, but when you do, your household will be running like a well-oiled machine, and your whole life will be easier.

Update Your Technical Skills

If it’s been awhile since you were in school, you might find that things are done a little differently now. If you’re pretty good with technology, this probably won’t be too much f an issue, but if you can just about manage to work your smartphone, then it might be worth attending a technological skills brush up course to get you up to speed. Don’t worry about this, unless you’re enrolling on a super techy course, the skills you need will be fairly simple and easy to learn.

Look for Scholarships

There are numerous college grants and scholarships that are available exclusively to parents who are returning to school. It will certainly be worth your while to research and apply for as many of these as possible because they could cut the cost of your education significantly and make it a lot easier to pay for any extra childcare you might need.

Look After Yourself

So many moms, and dads, who go back to college, feel so needlessly guilty about doing so because they worry they’re neglecting their kids (they’re not) that they spend every spare spend second they have attending to the kids. Your kids are important and spending lots of time with them ism for sure a good thing, but you shouldn’t neglect your own self-care.If you don’t take the time to eat well, relax and have some ’me time’ you’ll burn out pretty quickly, and everyone will suffer as a result.

Take Advantage of All Your School has to Offer

preschool-1290823_640Image source

These days, most schools are fully equipped with childcare facilities, counseling provisions and medical facilities, all of which can be a massive help when you’re returning to college as a mom. Don’t be afraid to make use of them whenever there is a need.

Going back to school when you’re a busy mom might be a challenge, but if you really want to do it, it is possible, and you can make it work.


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Explore New Ways to Strengthen Your Bond with Your Dog

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Having a dog as a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. They offer not only friendship but also love and companionship. However, just because dogs are loving and faithful pets, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work at the relationship.

If you’ve adopted a new dog who’s had a difficult past, you might have to earn your dog’s respect and love for them to feel safe and happy. There are ways that you can start to develop a stronger bond between you that will last a lifetime.

Start Training Together

One way that you can start to build a good relationship with your dog is to participate in positive reinforcement training. You need to show them that you are a good person and that they can come to you for all things good.

You should make the training fun and also positive, by giving rewards for good behavior, and you will encourage your dog to enjoy being good for you.

Spend Some Quality Time Together

It might sound unusual, but your dog needs time with you just like any other member of the family. Just sitting there with them and giving them some attention can be the perfect thing for your best friend.

You can make it part of your walking routine to sit down on your walk and share some peaceful time together. Or, you can take them with you while you train – it will certainly make a big impression on your dog.

Make Food Part of the Training

To reinforce the bond you both have, you need the dog to know that you’re the giver of food, and treats as well. There are some great companies like PawsIQ that offer healthy treats for dogs that you can use.

By using meal times and treats as ways for them to see you as the food giver, you will strengthen the bond. It will also work to reverse any negative experiences they may have had with previous owners.

Earn Their Respect

Dogs are just like people in the way they need to see that you respect them. If you show them that you won’t do anything to hurt them, they will soon become a lot closer to you.

If there’s something that they don’t like, then try not to do it. That way, they will see that you respect them and understand what they want.

Try and Make Experiences Positive

There are times when you will need to do something your dog hates. Whether that’s having a bath or going to the vet, they’re going to look to you for support. Try to give them their favorite toy or a treat if they do well, as a way of offering comfort.

The bond between a dog and its owner can be extremely strong, to the point where they will never want to leave you. It’s this relationship that makes dogs such good friends and pets.

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How to Teach Your Children Respect for Nature

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Teaching your child to respect nature means teaching them to be global citizens. There are creatures and ecosystems around the world that are in danger, and the first step to helping these creatures is to know about them. Learning about nature, about the creatures that inhabit this planet, and most importantly, how humanity is impacting them, is crucial for a child. They don’t have to save the world, but they should know what they can do to do their part on making the earth a better place.

  1. Adopt a Pet

Pets are a great way to teach a child about responsibility. Most children typically want a puppy. Instead of simply getting one for them (that you will likely have to take care of) get them a series of pets that they must take care of themselves. Start with something small, like a goldfish, and then move up to a rodent like a hamster. Don’t take care of their pet for them – they must be the one to clean out their cage or bowl, the one who must feed them, and the one who must take care of them.

  1. Grow Something

Another great way to teach your child to respect nature is to grow food. Growing food lets your child see first-hand the process and effort it takes to put every item on their plate. They will also learn about how to grow their own food, about the process and the techniques they need. Gardening can also be very therapeutic and can provide them with good skills later in life.

  1. Take Them to an Aquarium

Aquariums’ main goal is to teach people about the creatures of the deep. They are there to conserve the species and to inform people on the creatures and their habitats. Teaching your child to respect nature means teaching them to be mindful and aware of the creatures that they live with on this planet. It means understanding ecosystems and understanding how we as humans are impacting those ecosystems. Aquariums want you to Learn More about the fascinating creatures of the deep and their habitats.

  1. Let Them Play Outdoors

One of the greatest teachers is pain. As much as you might want to protect your child from any dangers they may face outside, you need to let them go. Your child is going to get hurt out there – and that’s okay! They need to learn their limits and how to interact with the world around them. Let them play outside. Let them play in the fields, in the woods, let them explore the world around them and learn to respect it on their own terms.

Respecting nature goes together with respecting others. It’s so important to learn from each other and to understand the behaviors and opinions of those around us (especially if we disagree with them). Respecting nature is the first step, because not only will it make them better global citizens, it will also help them prepare for adulthood.

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Tips For Making Purchases For Your Pet

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Owning a pet is a big responsibility. There’s a lot to think about and do on a daily basis. You love your pet and want what’s best for them. That’s why you take your time with decisions and make sure you’re always doing what’s in the best interest of your pet.

Don’t always go with the first item you see or hear about. It’s important to stay open-minded and spend time soaking it all in before making a selection. Remember that there’s not always a right or wrong answer, a lot of it comes down to preference. See tips for making purchases for your pet.

Go to the Store

One plan of action is to shop around in the different stores. See what retailers have in stock and are promoting at the time. Head to a few different shops to compare products and prices. Pay attention to when the sales are so you can save yourself some money. Experiencing the product in person may change your mind about it. You may also be drawn to a few other items you didn’t even know you needed until you entered the store.

Read Reviews

When in doubt, read customer reviews. This is especially helpful for products like frontline plus for cats reviews because they’re often pricier and you’ll want to know it actually works. Take your time reading through the comments and noting the important points. This has the power to really change your attitude toward a product and whether you spend your money on it or not. Take the average consensus and then form your own opinion on the matter. This is great information for helping you make an informed decision.

Ask Family & Friends

Call up your family or friends who own a pet and see what they think. Ask them about specific products you’re considering purchasing and if they’ve ever tried them. You know you’ll be getting an open and honest answer to your question. This is refreshing compared to when you solely have to rely on the sales person to give you their take on it. Get input from a few different family and friends because it’s possible they’ll have different opinions too. Gather an average outlook on the matter and use it to help you in your decision-making process.

Search on the Internet

Take matters into your own hands and put in the time to do the research yourself. Compare and contrast various products and websites until you locate what you’re looking for and feel good about it. Work until you find the information you need to come to a conclusion. Keep in mind that this could take a while given how much data’s out there on the Internet. Stick with it and stay confident you’ll come to the right solution.


Taking care of your pet takes effort on your part. Use these various methods of gathering data and information to help you find what you need. These are tips for making purchases for your pet.

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How to Be a Warm Eco-Warrior This Fall

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As the second half of 2017 gets underway, we find ourselves once again wondering where the year has gone, and beginning to plan how we’re going to spend our autumn and Christmas. The last several years in Britain have seen an increase in the number of extreme weather events and the consensus is strengthening that these are a result of global warming, something that is likely to continue and will become more severe as the effects of climate change grow in scale. The term global warming is beginning to give way to the term climate change.

Many climate scientists prefer this term because the effects of human induced climate change are not limited to heat waves or increased temperatures. Many of the adverse weather events predicted by our current models of climate change involve much colder winters. For places that aren’t used to these extreme temperatures, the infrastructure required to respond to them will be lacking. Fortunately, by following some simple tips and tricks, you can keep your home warm this winter without the big environmental footprint.

Eco-Friendly Insulation

Insulation is the key to effectively heating your home and minimising wasted energy, and consequently money. The function of insulation is to trap heat within the home; think of your house as holding billions and billions of atoms, which comprise the air that we breathe and that which surrounds us. When the temperature increases, the atoms in the air begin whizzing around faster, this is essentially what the temperature of an object is; the speed with which the atoms that comprise it are moving.

If we keep the windows and doors in our home closed then the atoms will collide with them and remain in the house. If we open a window, some of those fast-moving atoms will zoom out the windows, representing a loss of heat. Even with doors and windows closed, there will always be small gaps, some microscopic, and it is these losses that insulation aims to minimise.

There are several green insulation options. The most popular type of insulation is sheep’s wool, which is an effective and affordable option.

Use Radiators Efficiently

The better your insulation, the longer any heat generated will remain in the home. Consequently, with better insulation, you need not have your radiator on for as long. If your radiator is old and ineffective then consider buying a new one from Warm Rooms.

Solar Power

Solar panels, which allow homeowners to generate some of their own energy, are becoming increasingly affordable and efficient. Investing in solar power technology is, therefore, a smart move for those looking to minimise their carbon footprint and future proof their homes.

Keeping our homes heated during the winter months without spending a fortune on energy and growing our carbon footprint is one of the many practical challenges that highlight the importance of meeting our energy requirements while limiting our environmental impact. As climate change marches on, it is now more important than ever that we all pay close attention to how much energy we use and where it comes from.

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The Best Sports for Children Who Don’t Enjoy Sports

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Sports are a fantastic way to get your kids in shape, but not all children enjoy playing sport. Finding suitable outdoors activities for these kinds of children can be difficult, and many parents worry about the long term health effects of their children not getting enough exercise as well as the effect that lack of participation in group activities can have on their self-esteem. There are no simple, one size fits all solutions to this problem; the most effective method of encouraging children to take up a sport, or to get sufficient outdoor exercise otherwise, will depend on the individual child in question.

One of the first mistakes many well-intentioned parents make in encouraging their child to exercise more is to select a sport or activity almost at random, assuming that ‘they will enjoy it once they get there’. This can put unnecessary pressure on the child, who might feel that they have to persevere with a sport that they don’t enjoy in order to keep their parents happy. Rather than encouraging the child to exercise more, this can have the opposite effect and put them off taking up other sports and activities in the future. It can also negatively impact their mood, which runs contrary to the intended effect of having them take up a sport to begin with.

The link between exercise and mental health has been well established; in both adults and children, it is essential that we exercise enough to maintain good physical and mental health. If your child is shy about playing sports because of self-esteem issues, then you should try to ease them into it, preferably beginning with solo activities to build their confidence and easing them towards team sports that they can play alongside friends. Below are some of the best sports for encouraging nervous or unconfident children to get some more exercise, either alone or as part of a team.

Walking and Hiking

This is one of the simplest and most accessible forms of exercise, and one whose value is sadly underappreciated. There are many advantages to taking up walking, especially in the context of encouraging your child to spend more time outdoors. One of the biggest advantages of walking is that it is easily scaled to suit all abilities; walks can be as long or as short as one desires and can be undertaken with an intensity suitable to the participants.

There is no competitive edge to walking, although there’s no reason you can’t add one if you think it will help, which makes it an ideal option for children who feel anxious or pressurized by competing with their peers. Although hiking and nature trails make for a wonderful outdoor experience, there is no reason that your walking activities should be confined to following a pre-determined route. In fact, some of the most rewarding days out will be those that are improvised, and the unpredictability of the experience can be very appealing to some children.

The boundary between hiking and walking is ill-defined, and the two activities are essentially the same. In general, however, hiking is considered a more intensive exercise and is usually associated with longer routes. You shouldn’t attempt anything too dramatic with your children until they have had some time to practice. Although walking doesn’t sound like an intense activity, after several miles inexperienced walkers will really be feeling the exertion.


Golf is another sport that is easily scaled to provide an appropriate level of challenge, depending on the player’s experience. You might even want to try miniature golf the first few times you take your child to play. Miniature golf tends to appeal more to children with courses that are designed with obstacles and shorter greens. The less formal atmosphere of miniature golf courses makes children feel less pressured and also allows them to feel like they are legitimately competing with their parents and have a chance of winning.

On a full course, they may well feel intimidated unless they have had previous experience. As you and your child progress to full courses, you might want to consider investing in game improvement irons which are more forgiving and make the game a little more accessible for more inexperienced players.


Swimming allows participants to exercise multiple areas of the body at the same time and is a fantastic springboard from which children can gain the necessary experience to undertake other water-based activities. Swimming can be done either in a public pool or in natural bodies of water. If you opt for the latter option, be sure to check beforehand that the area you intend to swim in is safe and preferably has a lifeguard on duty. If your child is particularly shy then perhaps swimming in a public pool will be too intimidating. One possible solution is to enroll them in swimming lessons with a small group of similarly aged children.

Once a child has gained their confidence in the water, you can discuss other water sports that they may be interested in such as body boarding and surfing.


Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage that many of us can remember long into adulthood, and it’s a wonderful way to boost your child’s confidence while teaching them a new skill and getting them some more exercise of course!

As with walking, there are a number of pre-set routes one can opt to ride their bike through and these range from gentle, simple courses aimed at newcomers and children, all the way up to intense mountainous courses designed for those with plenty of hours of experience already under their belt. If your child can already ride a bike, then the hardest part is already over, and you can focus on finding the most suitable locations for you and your child to enjoy days out.

It can be hard to encourage children to take up sports and other activities, but the time and effort required to persuade them to give it a go is well worth it in the long run.

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Turning Up The Heat In Your Home (Without Using More Energy)

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curtain-side-2153959_960_720Image Source

It’s always worth fixing up your heating before the cold nights set in. But this shouldn’t just mean making adjustments to your central heating. There are ways in which you can keep your home warmer for longer without having to fiddle with a thermostat. Here are just a few ways to make your home warmer for the winter.

Invest in insulation

Insulation is the main way of preventing heat loss in your home. There are many different types including loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, underfloor insulation, pipe insulation and double glazing. All of these will trap heat in your home longer. Insulation can be expensive to install but there are now grants available as provided by sites like, making it more accessible to those living on a low income.

Seal up cracks

Any cracks in your walls could be letting out excess heat and potentially letting in drafts. Small cracks can easily be patched up with caulk, but for bigger cracks it could be worth calling in a professional. You’ll find companies online such as that can sort out these big cracks. It’s also worth considering gap between doors and doorframes and windows and window frames – you can buy draft protectors to put on these.

Buy thick curtains

Your summer sash curtains won’t help you in the winter. Thick curtains are worth buying for these cold months – when drawn they will trap heat in your home and stop cold air seeping through your window. Be aware of closing curtains over radiators as this will stop the heat getting out and warming up the rest of the room.

472936475_2cd1e85839Image Source

Keep your feet warm

If you’ve got wooden or ceramic tiled floors, you may find that your feet are getting cold in winter. Underfloor heating consumes energy and is expensive to install, whilst carpets are too permanent a solution. Instead, buy a few rugs to lay down around the house. Adding a new finish to an old wooden or tiled floor could also make it warmer to tread on.

Cover leather sofas

Leather sofas can be uncomfortable to sit on during the winter months. Sofa throws as found at sites such as can be a good temporary option to keep your bum warm. You may also be able to warm up the sofa by adding a few fluffy cushions. A throw can also make a good addition to your bedding, giving you that extra layer in the winter or acting as an alternative to the duvet in summer when it’s too warm.

Foil your radiators

If your home has radiators, half of the heat could be getting lost through the wall behind it. A good trick for stopping this heat from being lost is to plate the wall behind with tinfoil. The foil will deflect the heat back into the room, so you won’t be turning up those radiators as often in an attempt to get the room warm.  


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Spring Cleaning That Needs Doing In The Summer

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The summer time is the period of the year where you see dust particles in the air and stream of sunlight let you know where the holes in the curtains are. It’s a good time to get ahead of the autumn rush, so when it comes to keeping a clean house in the summer, it’s best to do so like you’re having a deep spring clean. Below are three tips on the main things to look out for over the summer.


Keep an Eye Out for Mold

The greater amount of humidity in the air during the summer means it’s easier for substances such as mold to grow in your windows and corners.For hard to reach areas, having a mold inspection will do you the world of good and often remove it for you.

Speaking of humidity, controlling the amount of it in your home in the long run is the best way to prevent mold from starting growing or expanding. Turn on fans and make sure they’re working properly and filtering out substances such as shower steam. Alternatively, you could have cooler showers to save on your bathroom ceiling.

Spruce Up the Grill

It’s no good cleaning the grill at any other time than the summer as these things can get dirty pretty quickly. Cleaning up a grill can be done very quickly when you know how. Take a few minutes aside after filling a bucket or sink with some soapy water and place the grates in the water and leave them about 10 minutes. Whilst the grates are soaking, get a brillo pad and rub down the insides of the grill. After the time is up and everyone else has been wiped down, scrub to your heart’s content and rinse.

If you’re not into the summer grilling scene, sprucing up the grill to sell it off if you’re just keeping it in a shed or a discarded part of the yard can put some money towards the christmas fund!  

Check on the Washing Machine

During the summer the people in your family are more likely to come in with grass and dirt stains all over their clothes. After putting them through the washing machine for the 5th time at least, it’s good to check what’s going on behind your washing machine. It’s a secret a lot of people don’t realise ruins their clothes.

First of all, check on the washing machine filter. If it looks damaged it needs replacing as you don’t want any dangerous objects getting through to the pipes. If you know your pipes are over two years old, or if they’ve never been replaced before, then get some new hose pipes. Also keep an eye out for cracks and major discolouration in them.

Keeping a clean home in a time when you can work together as a family doesn’t have to take up the day or break the bank. Summer is a great time to put your feet up, so don’t work too hard!

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