Tips to Prepare for a New Puppy

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Welcoming a new puppy into your home is a lot like welcoming a new baby. Excitement levels rise as everyone in your family anticipates the arrival of the fluffy little guy or gal. Preparation is important in order to help your pup acclimate to a new environment as seamlessly as possible. It also helps minimize potential negative puppy behaviors due to anxiety and stress. Before you order your furry bundle from, take the time to plan accordingly.

Puppy Space

It’s important to determine ahead of time which areas of your home will be available to your puppy. Will he have free reign or do you want him confined to certain areas? Is he allowed on the furniture? There are no right or wrong answers here, but your preferences need to be taught to the pup right off the bat. If you let him on the couch on Day 1, you can be sure he’ll be jumping up there forever after. Install gates/barriers on any off-limits areas before the puppy comes home.

Create a cozy space that belongs only to the puppy, whether that includes a dog bed, an old pillow, or a blanket for him to snuggle up with. Anticipate your pup’s natural need to chew on things, and don’t give him anything you wouldn’t want permanently damaged. If you have young kids, make sure they understand that the puppy’s cozy space is off limits. It should be a place where he can go to relax.


It’s no secret puppies like to chew. Not only do they like it, they actually need it for the development of their teeth. They also like to play! Puppy toys and chews are a must to keep your pup engaged, entertained, and satisfied.

Plan on devoting one-on-one time with your puppy just playing and bonding with him. Not only does this establish that important bond with your pup, it helps him begin to learn appropriate behaviors and keep his growing brain stimulated. Although you will soon find out what types of toys are his favorites, begin with a variety of toys including:

  • Raw hide chews
  • Rope tugs/chews
  • Stuffed animals
  • Rubber toys
  • Throwing/fetching toys


Growing puppies have unique nutritional needs. If you have mature dogs, you cannot just feed your puppy the same food they eat. Puppies grow at an astonishing rate and need specific vitamins, minerals and fat content to keep them healthy. It’s a good idea to speak with the breeder or his previous caretaker to find out what he has been eating since being weened off his mama.

Sudden changes in a puppy’s diet can cause digestive problems that you likely do not want to deal with! Even if you plan to change to a brand or type of food you prefer, it’s best to wait until the puppy reaches his first birthday.

Bringing home a new puppy is a family affair. It will effect every aspect of your lives, from current pets to family members and children. While a puppy can add much joy and love to your home, they can also cause quite a ruckus. Arm yourself with appropriate supplies and food, a positive attitude, and patience. You will find that investing your time and energy into the first few months results in a well-behaved, happy pooch.


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Top Tips On How to Train Your Puppy

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Effectively training your puppy can be difficult. But, it is important that you make sure that you have a robust training method at your disposal. Puppies are bundles of fun. They are prone to sometimes challenging and naughty behavior. For many, the road to training a puppy can be tough. But, it is important that this is done so that they can grow up to be a big part of the family. Like children, puppies need security. Without this stability, they can have a tendency to display signs of destructive behavior.

Training your puppy pal need not be an arduous task. In fact, with these top tips, your puppy will be the epitome of perfect puppy-ness.


Tip 1: Start Your Training Early

With puppies, the earlier that you instill training sessions, the better it will be in the long term. Dogs need to know right from wrong from a very early age. Of course, if a puppy is still very young when you take them into your home, you may not want to start this straight away. You should aim to start training your puppy from twelve weeks old.

Tip 2: Reward Good Behavior

Never punish a dog when they are being trained. You should endeavor to reward good behavior. Shouting at a puppy will not get the best from them. This will make them scared of you. If puppies are scared, they may bite or grow up to be aggressive dogs. You should always be encouraging and pleasant with your pup. You need to make sure that they respect you, not fear you. Reinforce good behavior with treats. There are a wide range of treats that you can use, such as WuffitMix dog treats.

Tip 3: Keep Your Sessions Short and Sweet

Your puppy pal will only have a short attention span. You should only train your dog for up to fifteen minutes per day. Keep the session short, sweet and fun. You shouldn’t spend hours training your dog. They will get bored. Keeping it rife is the key to success.

Tip 4: Be Consistent

If you are implementing a new training regime, be consistent in your approach. You should aim to train your hound for the same amount of time every day. Being ad hoc in your approach will only serve to confuse your dog. You need to make sure that you are consistent in your schedule of training. What is more, you need to make sure that you are consistent in your approach to training. Shouting one minute and cuddling your dog the next will not make them comply any quicker. In fact, it will hinder the progress of the training sessions.

Tip 5: Keep it Simple

Stick to one command per session. Once they have mastered this command, move on to the next. Yelling heel, sit and walk multiple times will confuse your dog. Make sure that you master one command before moving on to the next. This will ensure that your training is productive in its approach.


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Zoomer Your REAL Best Friend Robot Dog Review

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zoomer spinmaster robot dog

How many times have your kids asked you for a pet or more specifically a puppy?  My kids had asked us for a puppy for years before we finally decided to get Cooper, our lab mix puppy.  My husband and I had discussed all the added expenses of owning a dog, having to walk a dog, feed a dog, and of course leaving the house for more than 8 hours would be out of the question.  But children aged 5 and up don’t have to wait for a puppy of their own now with Zoomer- Your REAL Best Friend– Robotic Dog from Spinmaster.  With Zoomer there is no messy clean up, no need to spend money on food or vaccinations, and he’s a lot easier to take care of.   Don’t let that fool you into thinking this is just another mechanical walking dog toy.  With Zoomer children can still experience all the love and affection of a real puppy. This fully interactive puppy will steal your heart as you play with him, teach him tricks, scratch his belly and much more.

Zoomer is the perfect pet for children that want a puppy but can’t because of allergies, they can’t have a pet where they live, or many other reasons.  Just like a real dog you’ll need to teach him everything a puppy needs to know.  Children can all his name, teach him lots tricks and watch how excited he gets when you reward him with a real good belly scratch.  My girls love when Zoomer gets excited and wags his tail just like our real dog does.  Zoomer is so smart that he can understand English, Spanish and French- Cooper only knows one language.  Zoomer can follow your movement with his puppy eyes.   There is even an app you can download for free for iOS or Android to learn everything there is to know about training Zoomer.  When you first start training Zoomer he might make some mistakes just like a real puppy but before you know it, he’ll be following all your commands like lay down, roll over, sit, and even go pee!   When you press the button on Zoomer’s back he will reward you with a random trick!   He’s all the fun of a family pet without the mess, vaccinations and responsibility.


We took Zoomer out of the box, used the included cable to charge his battery, and then he was ready to learn and play.  Zoomer is easy to play with.  Press his head and when you see the 2 question marks in his eyes, give him a command.  He does everything a puppy can do.  He scoots around, wags his tail, barks, whines, pants, and even speaks.   Just like a real puppy Zoomer has his own unique personality which can be unpredictable at times. Zoomer can get bored, fall asleep or wander off to explore, so make sure you keep him engaged.  With a little practice, you can even become a Master Zoomer Trainer. Just remember to be patient, because like a real puppy he might forget.  My girls both have fun working with Zoomer to teach him new tricks and they love when he explores and wiggles around our floor playing like a real dog.  Don’t worry Cooper, you’re not being replaced!

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