Staying Healthy At Christmas Is Not Difficult: Read This Advice

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14941473924_5f6e76d72c_zWe all know how easy it can be to pile on the pounds over the holiday season. There is so much tasty food around that it can be difficult to say no when someone offers you a bite to eat. Also, most people spend a lot of time watching seasonal movies, and that means they experience a lack of exercise. With that in mind, we thought today would be the perfect time to inspire you. We want to get you thinking about all the things you can do to stay fit and healthy with all those temptations around. Don’t worry though, you can still eat some chocolate and have a large dinner on Christmas day when following our advice.

Limit yourself to one chocolate bar per day

When you were a child, you’d probably eat an entire selection box each day over Christmas and make yourself feel sick. However, things are a little different now you are an adult. Although it might be hard to stop eating chocolate when the rest of the family are tucking in, doing so will almost certainly benefit your health. If it helps, you should keep selection boxes out of sight. At least then you won’t be drooling over them all the time.

Take the dog for a walk

Presuming you have a dog or similar animal, taking them for longer daily walks during the holiday season is a good idea. You can even get the whole family involved and improve their fitness levels too. Most animals will walk for as long as you let them, and so you should aim to go out for at least one hour per day. That should allow you to cover two or three miles, and is guaranteed to help keep your body in shape.

Eat lots of vegetables

While you might want to consume silly amounts of meat on Christmas day, you should try to replace it with more veg over the rest of the holidays. Changing your diet in that manner could stop you from putting on too much weight. It will also help with your energy levels. Most vegetables release energy slowly, and so you don’t get the peaks and troughs you might experience with fatty or sugary foods.

Take your supplements  

Dietary Supplementsare essential in the modern world because most of the food we eat has been artificially grown or processed. That tends to remove all the good nutrients your body requires. If you need advice on which supplements are right for you, booking an appointment to see your family doctor is a good idea. They are the ones best placed to offer good advice. Depending on the foods you consume, you might need a wide range of different items.

Now you know how to stay healthy this Christmas, you shouldn’t need to add a diet to your list of new year’s resolutions this year. We hope you have an amazing time over the holidays, and that Santa brings you everything you asked for. Just make sure you leave him something good to eat on December 24th. Cookies will do nothing for his health. 😉


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