Sick Day Survival For Mom And The Kids

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Kids are usually full of smiles and energy. They love nothing better than running around and causing mischief! Maybe this is why when they are sick, it is easily noticeable for us as parents to pick up on. There might be subtle changes in a child who is coming down with something. Usually, a loss of appetite and less energy are the first tell-tell signs that your child might be feeling under the weather. It is usually around this time of year, just after the Christmas period that our immune systems start to suffer.

After a quick trip to the doctors to get your poorly child checked out, you’ll probably want to keep them home from school for a day or two until they recover. As long as it’s nothing too serious, your kids will probably be quite happy curling up on a cozy sofa with a blanket. But boredom tends to set in pretty quickly and having your kids at home can be full of ups and downs. Check out some tips below to help things run smoothly.

Keeping warm and getting rest

Finding the perfect balance between keeping your child warm and cozy, without them overheating can be difficult. You should regularly check their temperature and ensure that they have plenty of layers.  Clothing or blankets can be removed as their temperature fluctuates. Curling up on the sofa with some comfy cushions and their favorite toy can sometimes be the best possible option for any unwell child.

Plenty of fluids

Keep your child hydrated when they are feeling under the weather. Kids can easily forget to drink enough, so it is up to us as responsible parents to keep them hydrated. Water is the best possible option but if your child refuses to drink water, you could try them on healthy juices. Gentle reminders here and there will help your child to drink enough without feeling pressured.


Small and light meals

When you child is ill, their appetite usually suffers as a result. Try dry crackers or dry toast. Or toast with a very small amount of spread. Soup is a real lifesaver on sick days. You can make your own soup, and you’ll know exactly what has gone into it. This is a good time to ask your child what they really feel like eating.  As long as it is something sensible (as opposed to a McDonalds or something unhealthy!) try to work with them and serve what they feel like eating.

Easy entertainment

When your child is under the weather, you can go a little bit easier on the parental controls. A little extra TV time or time on their favorite game isn’t going to hurt on this occasion. Find a Pet Rescue Saga walkthru or one for a game of their choice and allow your child to spend a little time getting engrossed in a game. This will help take their mind off of things. A good supply of DVD’s and their favorite TV shows is also a great idea. Sometimes your child may just want to nap throughout the day and having something comforting on in the background will encourage them just to be still and rest. This is how they will build their energy back up.

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