3 Things You Should Know About Owning a Cat

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Cats can make for excellent pets, particularly for people who might not be around the house full time to care for them. This is because even though you and your cat can develop a special bond, they can generally function independently throughout the day and look after themselves. That being said, there are a few things that you will be responsible for as a cat owner.

If you are thinking about adopting a cat or have recently done so, you will want to make sure that your new feline friend has the best care imaginable so that they can live a long and happy life. However, since they tend to do things on their own terms, there might be a few things that you aren’t aware of when it comes to the care and attention they need.

1. Preventative Care

Even though your pet cat isn’t able to tell you precisely what they need in terms of their healthcare, there are a few things that you will need to do to ensure they can be as healthy as possible. The health of your cat is going to depend greatly on your ability to provide him or her with the preventative care they need.

When you adopt a cat, you should obtain their current vaccination records. If your new cat is a young kitten, you will need to schedule them in for their first few rounds of vaccinations to make sure they are protected against common illnesses like cat flu and feline enteritis.

Even if your cat is an indoor one, he or she will still need to receive the right preventative medical care, including flea and tick prevention. Cat Pet Wellness Clinics can be incredibly helpful in pointing you in the right direction regarding the preventative care that your cat will need from you.

2. They Need Routine Exercise

Unlike with a dog, you won’t need to leash your cat up and take him for a walk each day. That being said, your feline friend will still need to engage in routine exercise to make sure that they stay fit and healthy. You should purchase some toys that your cat can play with and some that you can use to engage your cat in active play. Laser pointers are quite popular with cat owners. Just be sure that you use one responsibly and avoid pointing it directly in your cat’s eyes.

3. Cats Have Boundaries

It is important to remember that cats have boundaries when it comes to physical contact and interactions with people. If you are planning on adopting a cat, you should learn the best ways to approach one and study up on the physical cues that cats give to indicate discomfort. You will also find that different cats have different tolerance levels for human interaction. You will only make your pet unhappy if you try to force interaction on them. Instead, learn to take their lead and respect their boundaries.

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