Zaycon Foods 40 Pounds of Chicken Breast Product Review!!!! Giveaway Coming Soon!!!

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I wanted to do a video instead of a regular review.  I had been planning on putting all the chicken in my refrigerator the night I got it and prepping it the next day but the box was too large and the only way to really get all the chicken into the refrigerator was to prep it right then and there.  I was not “camera ready” so I just had my hubby take pics for me.  Please excuse the lighting and blurriness.  I didn’t see the pictures until after I was finished because my hands were covered in chicken. 😉

And now the post that many of you have been waiting for!  I know I piqued your interest last week when I talked about 40 pounds of chicken breast, didn’t I?  I was recently introduced to a company called Zaycon Foods.  Zaycon Foods isn’t a store you can go to.  Instead they have “events” all over the country where you can preorder several different food items including what I received, 40 pounds of chicken breasts.  They also have events for other fresh meats including pork, beef, turkey, and fish as well as well as other fresh products.

The chicken breasts from Zaycon Foods are 100% natural with no hormones or preservatives.  They come farm fresh, not frozen, in one cardboard box with 4 plastic bags of  boneless, skinless chicken breasts inside.  I have never seen such HUGE, beautiful chicken breasts before.  They really put all other chicken breasts to shame.  And because they sell it in larger quantities they can offer it at an amazing price.  At the time when I received mine, it was $1.49 per pound.

40 Pound Box of Zaycon Foods Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

Open Box of Zaycon Foods Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

About 10 Pound of Pre-Prepped Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

(Note how there is not much skin, fat, etc. that needs to be trimmed)

There is some prep work involved once you bring your box home.  Each piece comes as a boneless, skinless butterflied breast which means it’s really 2 breast pieces the way they are naturally connected on a chicken.  All you have to do when you get your chicken home is to use a sharp knife to separate the 2 breasts and clean them up a bit.  I don’t like messing with raw chicken usually, but it wasn’t bad.

One Whole Chicken Breast

Note: It’s almost as big as my cutting board!

Chicken Breast Cut in Half

Note: I still cut these horizontally when I cooked them because they were so thick.  These 2 breasts fed my family of 4 and we were STUFFED!

About 10 Pounds of Prepped Chicken Breasts

Once my chicken was separated into individual breasts, I portioned it into different Ziploc baggies to store it in my refrigerator and freezer.   I cut some up in dices, some in strips, some in tenders, and some I left whole.  Now when I want to make chicken, I can just reach in my freezer and take out a portion.

40 Pounds of Chicken Breasts Bagged and Ready To Be Frozen

Note: Those are Three 2 1/2 Gallon bags that each have 3-4 Gallon Bags of Chicken Inside Plus a Bunch of Smaller Bags With Diced Chicken, Chicken Strips, and Chicken Tenders.

The chicken is the most delicious chicken I’ve ever had.  It tastes so fresh.  I was amazed at the size of each breast.  When I grilled my first batch of chicken breasts I ended up having to cut each one in half horizontally because they are so thick.  Each eating one half of a breast (cut horizontally) was enough for a meal for myself and even my husband.

Ordering from Zaycon Foods was easy.  I signed up for a FREE account, found an event in my area, and ordered a box of chicken.  I was not able to pick it up so I sent my husband.  He said he just had to show his receipt and he didn’t even have to get out of his car.  They loaded the box of chicken right in the car for him!

Zaycon Food’s customers choose the locations that they have their events.  If there is a city that gives a sufficient interest, they will be happy to consider scheduling an event in the area.  Check out their website to see if they have any upcoming events in your area and if they don’t, e-mail them to request an event.  I can’t wait until they come back to my area with beef!!!

Three reasons for buying from Zaycon Foods:
1) Quality: We only sell what we eat ourselves— high-quality, healthy food products
2) Price: Fresh, high-quality retail food products sold for wholesale prices
3) Customer Service: Exceptional service all along the way, from order to reminder to convenient, efficient pickup

Sign up for a FREE account and they will notify you when there is an event in your area.

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Want to win your own 40 pound box of boneless, skinless chicken breasts from Zaycon Foods?  

Stay Tuned!  Giveaway Coming Soon!

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  1. barbara fleming says:

    wow Cori them was some pretty breasts… 4 real was some goodlooking meat…I hope they will have a event in my area before long..ty

    • I know! They were yummy, too! Make sure you sign up so they will e-mail you when they have an event in your area. When I first signed up they weren’t in FL but not they are. 🙂

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