You’ve Just Moved Into Your New Home! Your Excitable Guide

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So you’ve just become a new homeowner. What an amazing time for you and your family! Now you can begin the life of settling down and becoming your best self, the self you were searching for all throughout your younger and formative years. This is an exciting time, because it somewhat takes off the pressure of everyday life. No longer do you have to deal with rental contracts, loud apartment neighbors, maintenance workmen entering your property without the proper warning, landlord disputes, odd maintenance working timeframes, and getting an elevator to the apartment each day. No longer do you have to deal with insufficient parking space, paper thin walls, and the feeling that you’re simply a traveller in the property market, not a fixed entity.

Well, now you’ve become a homeowner, there are so many things you can do. This guide is here to celebrate your new life circumstance, and remind you of all the wonderful and exciting things you can do to enjoy this period, and outfit your home appropriately. It’s good to get excited from time to time, and we wish to help you do that.

Consider these possibilities:

A Beautiful Garage Space

No more parking on the street and feeling annoyed that you have to battle for space. Now, a wonderful garage space, panel doors and garage door remotes are yours to make use of. Ensure you make the most of this by organizing the space from the beginning, installing shelving units and storage drawers in order to keep all of your belongings, ensuring your car always takes precedence over filling the space with storage items only. You may decide to implement a desk you can perform  basic DIY at here, and once and for all begin building your toolbox to best cater to your overall needs. This can be an exciting time for you, because in apartments and rented flats, that sense of personal maintenance and workmanship is often vacant.

Kids Bedrooms

Kids bedrooms can now be decorated with real fun. Painting the walls top to bottom with fantasy motifs can now be possible, as well as outfitting the room with many silly and fun items. Wish to craft a fairytale princess bunk bed for your two young daughters? Now you can, and you’re not limited by the already furnished nature of a rented abode. You can also install worthwhile security features in the home that you may have been missing, such as window latches that protect excitable children from exploring dangerously. When you can implement creativity in your children’s bedroom, you gift them a sense of space and wonder they may have been missing all this time, and as a parent that can be essentially exciting to consider.

Personal Autonomy

No matter what room you make use of it in, you can now exercise autonomy over your space.  Knocking through walls, applying completely new motifs, ripping up the flooring, completely reorienting the plumbing network, all this can be achieved so long as you keep the property functional and able, and that might be something you have yet to experience. Some rented homes won’t even let you hang a picture up if it requires a nail, and so enjoying so much potential utility can feel overwhelmingly awesome at first.

Why not make the most of this by getting a little weird with it? You might decide that your basement should be decorated exactly like the Red Room from Twin Peaks, or perhaps you simply wish for a personal Netflix and Gaming den in the basement – no boys, or girls allowed! Indulging in your own space is only limited by your budget and creativity.

Personal Security

Sure, apartment buildings are often quite well guarded. There are usually a network of security cameras and maybe even a security guard to keep you safe. However, now you can stay safe on your own watch. You can implement floodlighting for the hidden exteriors of your property, implement security camera systems as well as install a personal alarm. Being part of a community can also help you enrol into a neighborhood watch scheme, giving you that sense of mutual protection that helps a community feel safe and catered for.

Zany Hobbies

Zany hobbies can now be indulged in! Dedicating an entire room to relaxed meditation practice could be a wonderful thing to do, or perhaps opening up the garage to your artistic endeavors, filled with canvasses and beautiful paintings can all truly mean something in the scope of your creative vision. Sometimes, you just need the space to conduct your best work, and with this new possibility you’ll have no excuse to follow down that path.


Of course, now is the time where you can pick up items from abroad, items that means something to you in your personal life, and accept gifts from friends and family without having to worry about where you’re going to place the item. Long-term items can be stored in your new attic, giving you a real sense of personal history, of establishing your family in an environment, and generally helping your family live as its best self.

Outdoor Fun

Now is the time to make full use of your garden. Just imagine the fun you can have outside, building and crafting the perfect treehouse or climbing frame for your children. Of course, only those with experience in woodworking and crafting should do this, if that’s not a possibility then purchasing pre-crafted ones are a must. Having outdoor fun in terms of summer campouts, sporting practices, trampolining and other silliness can be a wonderful thing to do all summer, and help you bond with your children. It can also connect them to nature, no matter how small and how humble your garden is. Care for your garden the moment you move in. It can treat you and your family very well if you make the most of it.

With these excited possibilities, you will no doubt realize that a home is what you make of it, thus you’re sure to make the rest of your family life the best of your family life.

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