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I have seen Wreck-It Ralph  twice now and I can’t wait to see it again now that it is in theaters.  That says a lot about a movie as I am not one to watch a movie over and over again.  Wreck-It Ralph has become my new favorite movie.
Wreck-It Ralph is about a video game “Bad Guy” names Ralph who breaks windows in his game Fix-It Felix.  The “Hero” of the game, Felix, then comes through and repairs all of Ralph’s damage with his magic hammer.  Ralph is tired of not getting any respect from all the Nicelanders in his game.  Everyday the Nicelanders celebrate Felix while Ralph is left by himself in his garbage dump home.  One day when he can’t take it anymore, he decides to game jump to earn a hero’s medal and hopefully the love and respect of the Nicelanders.

Ralph consults with his fellow Bad Guys at a Bad-Anon meeting where they tell him that “Just because you’re a Bad Guy, doesn’t mean you’re a BAD Guy”.  But Ralph wants more.

So instead of going back to his game when he reaches Game Central Station, he finds another game to try to win a medal in, Hero’s Duty.
There is a striking contrast from Fix-It Felix and Hero’s Duty.  I love how every game in the movie has a different look and a different feeling.  From the graphics to the music, you can tell right away that you are in a whole different world.  Hero’s Duty has realistic details that you don’t see in Fix-It Felix.  The colors are dark and it has a hard, military feeling as they shoot the cybugs.
Ralph earns the Hero’s Medal but ends up crashing into another game- Sugar Rush, which is my favorite game in the movie.  Sugar Rush is a candy-filled game world that you just want to jump in and eat.  In Sugar Rush Ralph meets Vanellope Von Schweetz who is just the cutest character ever since Boo in Monsters Inc.  Again, this new game world is totally different from the other two worlds.   Ralph and Vanellope form a friendship and realize they need each other.

Want to find out more?  Head to your local theater and check out Wreck-It Ralph.  It is the perfect movie for the whole family.  It’s one of those movies that has underlying humor that adults will pick up on, but just enough potty humor that will get the kids giggling.  My whole family LOVED Wreck-It Ralph!  My younger daughter even made a Vanellope pumpkin.

Here are some great clips to get you in the mood:

Want to play Fix-It Felix, Hero’s Duty, and Sugar Rush?
Wreck-It Ralph Games on Disney.com
Let your kids play the games featured in the film now on the official Wreck-It Ralph website!

Play Fix-It Felix, Jr. featuring Wreck-It Ralph :  http://di.sn/e4w 

Play Sugar Rush Speedway featuring Vanellope von Schweetz :  http://di.sn/e4x

Play Hero’s Duty featuring Sergeant Calhoun :  http://di.sn/n5K

Wreck-It Ralph is now open in a theater near you!
DON’T MISS IT!!!  Bring the whole family!
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