What You Should Never Say to the Mother of the Bride or Groom

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Your wedding is probably one of the most important days in your mother’s life. She is as excited as you are. Also, there is a lot of stress that goes in her head while hosting a party or planning for yours and her mother of the bride dresses.

There are some things which you should never say to the mother of bride or groom to maintain that peace and stress-free atmosphere during the wedding. Scroll down to find those.

·       You Should Not Come to the Hen (Bachelorette) Party:

You might have planned for a hen (bachelorette) party with your sexy girls in the most happening clubs of the town. This party can get a little tricky if you have invited male models or stripers too! It is obvious that you will not want your or your mother-in-law to attend this party. But it’s not wise to simply kick them out.

They will feel disrespected; you should never say this to your moms that they can’t attend the hen party. Instead, you can arrange a separate spa session or shopping ride for them so that they can also enjoy and buy their mother of the bride dresses.

·       Do Not Choose This Dress:

Never say your mom that the dress she has chosen is not good or she cannot wear that. A mother also gets excited with the thought of shopping for mother of the bride dresses.

She might select a pretty gown and show you or want suggestions from you. But at this point, if you say that the gown doesn’t go with the overall theme of the wedding or the colors of bridesmaid dresses, you will end up hurting her.

Some of the moms who have heavy weighted body are concerned about plus size mother of the bride dresses. You can help them purchasing one.

·       I Am Not a Child:

A marriage takes along many responsibilities and planning with it. There is so much to plan for, mistakes tend to happen. You may face constant criticisms from your mother in law or your mom. They might not like some things that you do or they may want you to follow some traditions.

If you tell them that you are not a child now, they will feel bad and can get more upset especially at the time when they are already loaded with emotions.

·       It Is My Wedding:

Of course, this is your wedding, everybody knows that. But telling this to your mom is not wise enough. You are lucky enough that you get to plan everything about your wedding; probably your mom did not get this chance.

Every bride gets to plan and take decisions related to her wedding now. But that doesn’t mean you will refuse to take any good suggestions from your moms. You cannot throw them away or keep them aside from planning certain things. Involve them and make them feel good instead!

·       You Look Bulky Now:

This is the worst thing that a daughter would probably say to her mom. Not every woman has time to take care of her fitness and go to the gym daily. As a result, they may look heavy and find it difficult to find a gown that fits them. Plan a shopping trip with them to shop for plus size mother of the bride dresses to show that you care!

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