What Are The Different Types Of Mattress?

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If you need to buy a new mattress, then finding the right one for you can be tricky. There is so much choice in terms of how soft or firm the mattress is as well as what type to pick in the first place. Here are three types of mattress and why you might want to pick them for your bed.


A spring mattress is the most common and standard type of mattress. It uses spring coils to support you when you lay on the bed. There are several subtypes of spring mattress that use the springs in different ways, but the effect is similar enough to group them all together under the banner of spring mattress. You want a spring mattress with as many coils as possible as it will better support you when you sleep and be comfier to sleep on. Since spring mattresses are the most common type of mattress, they are often the cheapest and have the most choice in terms of firmness. This means that if you like a nice soft bed, then chances are that you want to get a spring mattress.  However, the same might be true if you like a really firm bed as well.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are made from a special, highly dense, foam. These kinds of mattress mold to your shape the longer you lay on them. This means that they can perfectly shape to your body and provide the best possible support and comfort when you are sleeping. However, if you find that you move a lot in your sleep or that you want something that is immediately soft, then memory foam mattresses might not be for you. You can check out House Method mattresses for a breakdown of reviews for mattress types including memory foam ones. However, memory foam mattresses are often more expensive due to this specialist material that they are made from. They can also have a longer life than things like a spring mattress because as the springs can wear and break over time, the memory foam might start to lose its shape easier, but it should still be comfortable for a long time.


A hybrid mattress is exactly what you might think it would be; a mixture of spring mattresses and other types of mattress. This means that the spring coils support you as well as having memory foam or other kinds of mattress involved as well. This means that they can often be the best of both worlds. This means that if you want the molding shape of a memory foam mattress with the cushioning effecting of a spring mattress, then a hybrid mattress might be the best option for you. The more spring coils, the better the mattress in the same way that it is for the spring mattresses. If you like both types of mattress, but can pick between them then this would be the mattress for you. Due to the hybrid mattresses are often in the middle in terms of cost, so you should factor that into your purchasing decisions.


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