Budget Tips Creating a Child’s Dream Bedroom

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Detail of a teenager bedroom with desk, bed, shelf, and yellow wall

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You will no doubt have the mindset that you’ll do anything for your child, and that includes creating a bedroom of their dreams. Sadly, you are sometimes restricted by a tight budget, and matching the imagination of your kid can prove to be tricky as a result. While it might place restrictions on certain furnishings and features you can buy, a little bit of imagination of your own means that developing a wonderland for youngsters is still very much possible. So if you are currently in the position of decorating a child’s bedroom on a budget, read on for some tips on how to realise those dreams.

Focus on their interests

First of all, it is important that you take on board your child’s interests before proceeding with styling their room. For instance, if they have a passion for space, animals or all-things Disney, base the design of the rooms on these topics. Not only will it cater to their tastes, but it is also a great starting point if you’re struggling with where to start when decorating the room.

Revitalise the walls

One of the biggest – and most inexpensive – ways to add character to a room is by focusing on the walls. Obviously, adding paint or wallpaper is a relatively simple way to reflect your youngster’s favourite colours and/or interests, while also supplying plenty of character and a welcoming ambience. Alongside this, you also have the potential to add some wall features – sticking to the budget guidelines, think of things like a homemade collage or framed posters.

Add new flooring

Like the walls, targeting the floors is one way to add a large impression to a child’s room. This doesn’t mean you have to completely rip up the flooring and start again, either. After all, that could eat into your budget significantly. In fact, merely placing a rug on the floor can help to add an extra layer and tie the room’s decoration together in a subtle yet impactful fashion.

Change up the bed

If you already have a bed frame and mattress in place, that will help with keeping your outlay down. Although if the mattress could do with being replaced, do it – ultimately, comfort is more important than any design elements. Also, a duvet cover – whether it is just a simple, colourful cover or one that boasts popular licenced characters – is an ideal way to inject personality without needing to spend much money. The Threel online shop has a selection of affordable, charming duvet covers available for example.

Brighten up with curtains

For crafting a child’s room, the inclusion of a rug is not the only way to add a small feature to produce a sizeable effect. Bright curtains will help add character to the room, and if they match the duvet design – which you will find in certain cases – it will ensure the room isn’t too much of a mishmash of colours and styles. Oh, and not to mention that changing the curtains is super easy to do!


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