Veggie Tales- The Little House That Stood DVD Review

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We are crazy about Veggie Tales at our house! Seems like everything on T.V is becoming more and more graphic and not very kid appropriate. Kids are learning so much negativity at such a young age. Veggie Tales has a way of keeping my kids interested in their message while making it fun!

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The Little House That Stood is one of my favorite DVD’s for my girls. Totally beats watching regular cartoons with no message to make an impact. This DVD combines all of the traditional fairy tales stories with all of the amazing characters from Veggie Tales to teach a powerful religious message. The 3 Little Pigs teach kids to have a strong foundation of faith to get through any “storm” life might bring. Too awesome!

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My girls are 9 and 19 months. HUGE age gap. I love how Veggie Tales brings them together to do a common activity, which proves this DVD is great for any age. Josephine (19 months) loves all of the dancing, bright colors and the rockin’ music, while Nevaeh (age 9) can really get into the story line and take something away from the lesson. With a running time of 49 minutes I can actually attempt to get caught up on housework. Which is a bonus all by itself.

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