Trying To Get Healthy? Why You Should Cut Down Your Caffeine

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All of us are doing our best to get healthy and stay in shape. It really is especially tricky when you’ve got kids because you never seem to have any time to yourself. Exercise is especially difficult to fit in, but you know life as a busy mom is certainly energetic enough! One bad habit moms can get into, especially when you have finished breastfeeding, is to drink too much coffee. To keep up with the energy levels of children, you really need that extra cup in the morning and again when they are home from school. But we all know caffeine isn’t good for us. It can make us tired because it interferes with our sleep quality.

Incredibly, the more you do, the more energy you have. That means there should be less need for a coffee. It can be addictive stuff, so ask yourself if you are drinking it more out of habit than the need for the stimulant. If you can cut down then great. Maybe you could swap a cup of coffee for a tea like the hyson teas you can get online. Many teas are caffeine free, so you could start with drinking just one a day to find the flavor you like best.

Once you have started cutting down on caffeine, you may notice some interesting changes to your body and mind. Your toilet habits may change a lot! You might not need to go as much, so you will have to eat more fiber and drink more water to get the same effects as the coffee gave you. You may also feel more hungry if you haven’t swapped your coffee for a tea or other hot beverage. Your hair may start to feel softer and your skin will be less dry. If you have asthma, it may not be bothering you as much as it did before.

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If you suffer from headaches, you may find they aren’t as troublesome as they were. Your teeth may not need to whitened as often, and your breath will stay minty fresh for longer. Coffee stains on clothes will certainly be a thing of the past too! But you may miss the gorgeous smell of a freshly brewed pot of the black stuff. And you may miss the flavor because nothing else quite tastes like a good coffee.

The best thing about quitting the coffee is the time spent making it, or popping out to buy it, is yours to reclaim. If you don’t drink coffee, you won’t be as dehydrated. This allows you to work out longer and for harder, to help you with your health drive. After a few days without coffee, you will start to feel more energized when it is time to get up again. You may start to drink more water instead, and you might even start eating a healthy breakfast instead of the usual rushed cup of coffee! Most importantly, your mind will be calmer, and you won’t miss the buzzy, frantic feeling you usually have after that first hit of coffee in the morning. Enjoy the calm of caffeine-free.

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