The Vintage Clothing Style Guide

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Vintage clothing can look absolutely amazing when it’s styles properly. There are many benefits to wearing this kind of clothing too. Not only is it unique to what most people are wearing, it’s also the greener way to buy clothes! You’ll do wonders for the environment if you find a love of buying vintage pieces. The only reason many people don’t wear vintage is because they are unsure of how to style them. Read on and enjoy the vintage clothing style guide:

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Don’t Think of it as a Costume

Some people make the mistake of thinking that dressing in vintage clothing should be done as if it’s a costume. The truth is, you’re not going to a  fancy dress party. If you dress head to toe in one era of vintage clothing, you’re going to look outdated and silly. The key is to choose just one or two pieces that you like and wear them together.

Stay True to Your Own Style

Don’t wear something just because it’s ‘vintage’, wear something because you like it. You should always stay true to your own personal style and trust your fashion sense, or you might not look so great in the items you’re buying.

Mix Modern and Vintage

Mixing modern and vintage pieces is the best way to wear your items. This way, you’ll bring your outfit back to date. You can also add a twist to certain pieces of clothing if you like, by adding belts or customizing them.

Keep an Open Mind

Something might not look great on the hanger, but it might look fabulous on you. Why not try something on if you think it looks a little interesting? You might still hate it, but hey, you tried! Experiment with different colors and styles to keep things interesting and I bet you’ll get loads of compliments.

Try Different Eras

Don’t just stick to one era, try multiple pieces from multiple eras. You could even try to mix them together, but don’t over-do it if you want to make a good impression.

Make Sure the Garment is Wearable

You might find a garment you love, but make sure that it’s in wearable condition before purchasing. Some vintage items will be ripped and stained, so watch out for that when inspecting a garment. I also don’t recommend buying something if it’s not the right size. Unless you plan on taking an item to a tailor or resizing it yourself, it’ll look a little silly.

Be Confident

Whatever you decide to wear, be confident in your clothing. I guarantee you’ll get a ton of compliments! You can find plenty of books online that will give you some great advice on wearing vintage clothing too, like those found on Vibes and Scribes.

Now you can go out and wear your vintage pieces with style. Bear in mind that some things should never come back around – avoid shoulder pads at all costs!

Do you have any great vintage fashion tips you swear by? Leave a comment!

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