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I am very active at my daughter’s elementary school. I’ve been a PTO volunteer, room parent, and last year I was on the PTO board and was the volunteer coordinator. One of the hardest parts of all of those jobs was to organize volunteers. Sometimes we needed to organize when volunteers could help with various events and sometimes we needed volunteers to sign up to bring various items such as food and drinks but organizing this can be a nightmare. Sending emails back and for trying to get people to pick a time to help or pick an item they want to bring in can be a tedious job. I knew there had to be an easier way and I found it. VolunteerSpot is a great website that will totally help organize volunteers for so many different things this year. Volunteer Interest Sign-UpWe just had our school’s Fall bookfair. I wish we had known about VolunteerSpot before the bookfair because setting up the volunteer schedule would have been so much easier. With VolunteerSpot you just set up the event, add the times and dates you need volunteers, and send out the link for the event. Then volunteers can see the times and dates that are still available and choose which ones work for them. No more back and forth with people saying when they want to help only to find out that everyone wants the same shift. I’ve told the current board of the PTO all about VolunteerSpot so setting up volunteers for the Spring bookfair will be much easier. bookfairI LOVE that VolunteerSpot also features automatic reminders & e-calendar syncing to keep all the volunteers in the loop and remind them of what they signed up for. I love that there is nothing to install, no passwords, to remember, and there is even a mobile version so you can take it on the go.
Soccer Snack Sign-UpThere are so many uses for VolunteerSpot, not just a school setting. I am having a Halloween Pot Luck in a few weeks at my house and I used VolunteerSpot to organize my friends and the dishes they would be bringing to the event. It was so easy. I created the event and added different types of foods my friends could sign up for (for example 2 side dishes, 2 desserts, etc). No more worrying that there would be 5 desserts and no main dishes (although 5 desserts might not be such a bad thing!). I sent my friends the link to the event I created and everyone was able to easily sign up at their leisure for what they wanted to bring. So much easier than back and forth emails. And there are cute themes that you can use for your event to add that personal touch. I used a Halloween one for my Halloween Pot Luck, how cute! I am able to easily pull up my party from my cellphone or computer and see who signed up to bring each item, what’s still needed, etc. I can send messages to my guests through VolunteerSpot, and even reminders.
volunteer spot screen shot2Both of my girls are in Girl Scout troops. We will be using VolunteerSpot to collect donations for holiday gifts for the troop leaders, keep track of who is going to each event, who is bringing snack to each event, and so much more. See what I mean? There are so many uses for VolunteerSpot for everyone, not just schools and group leaders.

Top 10 Reasons to Use VolunteerSpot

  EASY TO USE! If you can shop online, you can use VolunteerSpot!
  SAVES TIME & STRESS! Quickly organize helpers, conferences, potlucks & events without ‘reply-all’ emails, spreadsheets, and paper sign-up sheets that get lost
  MORE PEOPLE SIGN UP! Simple online and smartphone signups – NO PASSWORD required
  MORE PEOPLE SHOW UP! Thanks to automatic reminders & e-calendar syncing
  EASY TO SHARE! Invite participants by email, a website link, Facebook or Twitter. Sign-up people in person with our free iPad app, Clipboard by VolunteerSpot
  SAFE & SECURE! Meets the highest privacy standards
  CLIPBOARD COMPATIBLE! Make assignments from pre-existing paper lists or for people without email access
  COLLECT MONEY! Easily and securely collect contributions, fees & group gifts
  KEEP INFORMED! Track hours, run reports, send alerts, and export data

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State Farm Neighborhood Assist- Please Vote to Help 40 Causes Earn $25,000 Each to Help Their Communities

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header-image-fittedThere are so many causes, large and small, around the United States and Canada that make a huge impact in the communities that they help.  Many of them need not only volunteers to help them but also financial support to help them do more.  State Farm Neighborhood Assist program put out the call to communities across the United States and Canada to help create a positive impact in their communities.  4,000 causes were submitted as part of this year’s State Farm Neighborhood Assist.  The top 200 causes have been selected by the State Farm Youth Advisory Board and they need your “assist” to help vote them into the top 40.  These top 40 causes will each earn a $25,000 grant to help their communities!
So how do you vote? Simply get the FREE State Farm Neighborhood Assist Facebook application and you can vote daily for your favorite cause, or causes, and help bring $25,000 to the top 40 vote getters.
state farm
Giving back to the community is so important to my family.  There are so many ways to help and I really try to instill this in my girls.  I volunteer at their school a lot both in their classrooms and all around the school with the PTO.  It is important to me for my girls to see that their school and the local community are important to me.  We also participate in fundraisers to donate food and toys for those in the community that need help.  I have taught my daughters that it is better to give than to receive.  That is a hard concept for small children but when I see my girls pick things out in the store to buy with their own money to give to children who have nothing I know they are on the right track.  Last year I had the privilege of being able to donate 40 pairs of brand new pajamas to a local women’s shelter.  What made the experience even better was overhearing my daughter tell her friend about how she was so proud of her mother.  

If your community was eligible in the State Farm Neighborhood Assist voting, what would you like to see the donations fund?  I would love more money to help feed the hungry families in my community.  So many children only get to eat the school provided breakfasts and lunches because their families don’t have enough money for nutritious dinners.  No child, or person for that matter, should go hungry so that is where I’d love to see donations go to in my community.

Please make sure to vote daily from now until May 16th!
Here are a few of the winners from last year.  Check out what amazing things these causes are doing in their communities:


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