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leap frog productsLeapFrog has been a leader in educational entertainment for more than 15 years.  RoseArt and the MegaBrand family have partnered with LeapFrog to bring a whole new line of fun, educational products.  I just love when some of my favorite brands come together to make great products.  MegaBrand generously sent my girls a HUGE box of Leapfrog learning products and they are having so much fun with them this summer.  And as a mom, I like that they are still keeping their heads into math and writing with these great products, even over the summer.
leapfrog creative journalThe Creative Journal is great because it encourages children to practice writing with included stickers and story prompts.  It can be used at home, at school, or anywhere inspiration strikes!  With 88 pages, there is plenty of room to write down whatever comes to mind.  There is room to draw, too, and the primary rule helps keep handwriting neat.
leapfrog cursiveThe LeapFrog Cursive Dry Erase Practice Book is great for cursive practice at home or on the go.  The 16 page book is spiral bound and has durable  pages with a built-in lapboard making it easy to practice no matter where you are.  Dry erase pages make it a breeze to practice, erase, and practice cursive letters again and again.  Many schools aren’t teaching cursive anymore and I think that’s a shame.  My older daughter learned cursive in school and I am hoping my younger daughter does, too.  If she doesn’t learn in school, I am glad we have the LeapFrog Cursive Dry Erase Practice Book for her to practice on.
Leapfrog Dry Erase BoardThe double-sided LeapFrog Dry Erase & Chalk Board has both a white dry erase side and a black chalkboard side.  It comes with 1 dry erase marker and 2 sticks of chalk plus a convenient pouch to keep it in.  I love the versatility of this fun board.  It is 8.5″ x 11″ so there is plenty of room for my girls to write messages, draw, or whatever they want.  They especially like playing school with this board and giving each other problems to complete.
leapfrog dry erase markersLeapFrog also has a line of washable dry erase markers.  WASHABLE!  As a mom, that is important to me because I’ve had clothes stained from regular dry erase markers that don’t wash out.  My girls aren’t exactly neat so I like being able to give them washable markers so I don’t have to worry what they get the markers on.  And they love the bright colors of these markers.
leapfrog flashcardsI love keeping these multiplication and division flashcards in the car with us so my older daughter can practice her math skills when we’re out and about, waiting for a doctor appointment, or just have some time to kill.  The cards are double sided and durable which I like because my little one will be using these soon, too.
leapfrog play moneyOut of all the LeapFrog items we were sent to review, I think my girls like the Play Money the best.  They use it with a pretend store.  One shops and the other one pretends to be the cashier.  I love how they practice their money skills without realizing it.  They just think they’re having fun.  With 204 pieces to count, sort, and identify, this set keeps my girls busy.  And I love that it includes suggestions for games and activities to help reinforce money concepts.
Leapfrog telling time
This Telling Time practice book is great because it has dry erase pages for lots of practice and it has a clock on top with movable hands which makes it easier for children to visualize and understand.  This practice book breaks down the concept of telling time into four easy lessons: on the hour, half hours, quarter hours and minutes.  It is spiral bound for durability and my girls just think the clock on top is just plain fun to play with.
leapfrog printing numbers math and shapesleapfrog printing
My girls already know their numbers, shapes, and letters so I am giving the Printing, Numbers, Math & Shapes book and the Printing Book to my friend who has a 3 year old daughter who is just learning how to write her letters.  These books will be perfect for her.  The pages are sturdy and easy to write on.  And the Numbers, Math, & Shapes book also has fun activities to help reinforce numbers, math, and shapes.

Disclosure: I received the products listed above to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.



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