The Spirit Of Giving

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If there is any quality that embodies the holiday season, you’ll find that nothing sums it all up quite like the spirit of giving. We give so much to others every day without realizing it. We give a smile to each other as we are traveling. We give our time to friends and family when we speak to them. We give our dedication and hard work to our employers. But during the holiday season, we look to give some things that are a little more tangible.

It can be difficult to look for gifts. We want the things we give to people to be memorable, to be appreciated, and to be used. Too many gifts end up in the regifting pile for next year’s festivities and that is the last thing we want our hard earned money to be going towards. This year, we have some unique gifts that are certain to bring joy to the receiver and be used all year ‘round.

Give the gift of your time

Time is the one precious commodity we have that can never be replaced. It is a wonderful thing to spend your money on a present that will be lasting, but when you give your time, you are giving of yourself. This season, give the gift of yourself by considering donating some of your time to a local charity. Habitat 4 Humanity is a great charity to work with, they do what they can to provide housing in low-income areas. That means families that need housing will be getting what they need because of you. That’s a gift that will keep giving for years to come.

Give the gift of productivity

Speaking of time, if you spend a lot of time in the office, you know that productivity is always a challenge. You’re looking for a way to become more efficient and get more done at every turn, and that never seems to come to an end. Every productivity junkie knows that there is one way to get everything done, and to keep your focus on the project to completion: good old-fashioned caffeine. For you and all your fellow caffeine addicts, consider getting Anthony’s Espresso machine. It’ll keep you zipping around the office and help you get those halls decked in no time flat.

Give the gift of security

We love to buy things that have value because we believe that we will be able to pass that value along to the people who are important to us. We invest in homes that we do our best to preserve the value of. We place money into stocks, bonds, and other safe places to ensure that we will have our assets protected. When you give the gift of precious metal or security through a gold bullion depository you are giving the gift of assets that are able to be protected so you can pass that value on.

No matter what you choose to give this season, you’ll be giving it with a full heart. That’s the main thing we need to do this season and every season.

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My Family’s Holiday Gift Giving Traditions

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Disclosure- This sponsored post was written by me on behalf of Sverve and Walmart but all opinions are my own.

Opening Chanukah present6

This is a throwback picture of my daughter opening some of her first Chanukah presents- BOOKS!  Both of my girls have always loved books.  My daughter will be 11 years old tomorrow.  Where does the time go?

We celebrate Chanukah in our family.  When my girls were younger we would get them 8 presents (which were usually toys) for Chanukah, one for each night.  Now that they are older we don’t get them 8 big toy gifts any more.  They both have December birthdays so that is when they usually get a bigger gift from us.  For Chanukah we get them smaller gifts each night.  I started a tradition a few years ago of having a theme for each night’s presents and I am going to do that again this year.

The tentative themes for the 8 nights of Chanukah this year will be:

1st Night- Toys

My girls love Barbies and other dolls, figures, etc. so they will probably each get one special doll.  I haven’t totally figured this one out.

2nd Night- Art Supplies

Walmart has a great selection of arts and craft supplies so I will either buy them each a kit to make something or I’ll buy a bunch of art supplies for them to come up with projects on their own.

3rd Night- Movies (DVDs/Blu-rays)

I score some great DVD deals at Walmart on Black Friday.

4th Night- Clothes

I got them really cute pajamas with their favorite characters on them at Walmart on Black Friday plus I will be getting them some other cute outfits.  They love dresses so they will each probably get a new dress, too.

5th Night- Books

My girls are both bookworms, thankfully, so they LOVE getting books.  There are a few books that I knew they are both hoping for so they’ll be getting those.

6th Night- Games

This year I want to have more family game nights in our house so I am going to get them some games that we don’t have.

7th Night- Building Toys

I’ll be check out the K’NEX® Amusement Parks at Walmart’s Toyland event on Friday.  My girls love Disney World so I think my girls would like to build their own amusement park ride with K’NEX® .

8th Night- Jewelry

I bought them each a special necklace that says “You are my Sunshine, My only Sunshine” because I always sing that to them.
You Are My Sunshine Necklace

Growing up my mother used to give my sister and me our main gifts but the first night of Chanukah we always received a gift bag filled with small goodies like nail polish, stickers, lip gloss, and other small things my mother knew we would like.  It was her version of giving us stocking stuffers.  Now I do the same for my girls.  It is one tradition that I have always loved.  I hope my girls do the same when they have children.

What are your family’s holiday gift giving traditions?

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