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altoids tin Do you have empty mint tins (Altoids) around your house or in your purse and you’re not sure what to do with them?  Why not make a mini activity and games tin?  Here are just a few fun ideas and what is great is that they fit so well in a purse, pocket, or backpack.   You will need an Altoids tin and a package of magnetic sheets.  No mater what game or activity you are going to turn your tin into, clean out the tin first and cover the top and bottom with cardstock to create a blank surface to play on.
Do you have daughters?  Why not make magnetic dress-up dolls?
You can print paper dolls from this site here.  They print the perfect size to fit into the mint tin.  Purchase magnetic sheets to put the dolls and clothes on.  You can print the dolls and clothes right on the magnetic sheet but you will have a lot of wasted space.  I suggest you print them on regular paper, cut them out, peel back the protective paper on the magnetic sheets, and stick the dolls and clothes as close together on each sheet to avoid wasting space.  Cut around the figures and viola!  Magnetic paper dolls that stick well to the tin.  Cute, aren’t they?
P1130536P1130531 P1130532 P1130534I started making my own game boards for various games to fit inside our tin but then I found a site that already has great game boards done for you!  Artists Helping Children has printable game boards that fit inside an Altoids tin.  There is even a sheet of printable game pieces, too!  Awesome!
P1130542 Want to make a magnetic poetry set?  Grab some old magazines and start cutting out words.  This is a fun project to do with kids.  Let them read the words before they cut them out.  Once you cut the words out mount them on the magnetic sheet and cut them into individual magnets. P1130547You can even use this little tin for some learning games.  Print out letters for your child to spell words and mount them on magnetic sheets.  You can also have them match word endings like -at, -an, -ot, etc. and have them make words.  Great of squeezing in a little learning on the go!
P1130551Print a set of numbers and math symbols your child can practice math problems.P1130553If you are combining various games and activities in one tin, try putting the pieces of each game in a separate little plastic baggie.
These are just a few of the ideas I have come up with.  I am going to give my girls empty tins and see what they come up with, too.
Do you have an idea?  Please share it!
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UPDATE~ I found these mini activity books and mini sticker albums at Dollar Tree that would make great additions to any activity tin.





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