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mr clean liquid muscle
It’s that time again.  Today is the first day of Spring with bring the annual tradition in many homes, Spring Cleaning.  Most of us don’t really like to clean but I found a new tool for my cleaning bag of tricks, Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle.  As much as I would like to be able to say that I used it on my own home because it should could use a good cleaning, things have just been too crazy here with my grandmother’s recent passing.  I’ve been spending a lot of time at my mother’s house this past week because my mother was sitting shiva which is part of the Jewish mourning process.  My mother had tons of friends and family visit her over the last week so I decided to bring over my Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle and help get my mother’s kitchen clean.
mr clean
First I have to tell you how wonderful the Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle smells because it has Febreze in it.  It made her whole house smell fresh and clean.  I used it right from the bottle onto a wet sponge to clean up my mother’s counters, sink, cabinets, and the outside of her refrigerator.  It was so quick and easy and I didn’t really have to scrub at all.  When you use it directly from the bottle onto a sponge you do need to wipe it down with water after to get everything squeaky clean and fresh.I love that it works on so many different surfaces.
mr clean bucket
What I love about the Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle bottle is that it has a special valve on it so when you turn the bottle upside down and squeeze it into a bucket, you can only squeeze one specially measured amount.  It is 1 squeeze per 1 gallon bucket.  Easy peasy!  No need to worry if you aren’t putting enough or you are putting in too much.  Of course for those extra grimy surfaces you can add a second squeeze.  I put warm water in the bucket, squeezed one measured amount, and got to work on my mother’s floors with a clean rag.  With almost no effort at all her floor was clean in minutes.  It made a big difference.
before and after
(There are some nicks in the tiles on her floor so those are the black spots you still see on the tiles in the picture.)
My mother was so grateful to have a clean floor.  There are so many places in my own house I plan on cleaning this week with Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle when I do my own Spring Cleaning.  The kitchen and bathrooms are first on my list as they always seem to get the messiest.
What are the messiest rooms in your house?
What are your tips for cleaning them?

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