Speed Up Household Chores With These Cleaning Hacks

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Wish you had more time to spend on yourself and with your family? I’m sure that there are a few ways you can make a bit more time for yourself. For instance, why not think about cutting back on the amount of time you spend on your household chores?! Even if you think that you are always busy with the cleaning and laundry, I’m sure that there are a few hacks and tricks you can use to get things done a lot quicker. Here are some to get you started.


Create A Schedule

Do you just take care of all your cleaning whenever you have a spare hour or so? That’s quite unorganized and you might find that you start spending too much time on your chores. Instead, you should create a set schedule. Plan your chores around your other tasks and make sure that you stick to this plan. That way, you can efficiently split up your time so that you leave enough time for your family and socializing.

Use Baking Soda

Are you sick of spending hours trying to remove all manner of stains from different surfaces and materials? If so, you might be pleased to hear that there is a nice little solution you might want to start using – baking soda. If you make a solution using equal parts baking soda and water, you can apply this to most stains. The soda will lift the dirt and grime right the material!

Use Vinegar

Baking soda isn’t the only wonder ingredient that you might have in your store cupboard. Vinegar is also useful in cleaning as well! It’s a great stain remover just like baking soda, but it can also really freshen up your work tops and surfaces as well. Use some fresh lemon juice afterwards to add a pleasant fragrance to the surface so that it doesn’t just smell of vinegar!

Touch Up Woodwork

Many people think that they need to spend hours fixing up their worn-and-torn wooden furniture and any other wood work in their home. However, that isn’t always the case. There are lots of materials and tools that can help you clean up wood and remove any scratches in just a matter of minutes. You can learn more by clicking the link. Touching up your woodwork in this way will save you a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent on expensive and unnecessary maintenance processes.

Add Dryer Sheets To Your Laundry

Are you sick of cleaning hairs and dust from your skirting boards? If you have a problem with this, then it could be worth adding dryer sheets to your laundry. These are mainly used for removing static from dried clothing, but they can also remove any hairs and particles that got caught up the wash. These will cling to the sheets and won’t end up being blown throughout your home.

You won’t be spending too much time on your chores and cleaning once you start to use these hacks in your home!

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