Spring Cleaning That Needs Doing In The Summer

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The summer time is the period of the year where you see dust particles in the air and stream of sunlight let you know where the holes in the curtains are. It’s a good time to get ahead of the autumn rush, so when it comes to keeping a clean house in the summer, it’s best to do so like you’re having a deep spring clean. Below are three tips on the main things to look out for over the summer.


Keep an Eye Out for Mold

The greater amount of humidity in the air during the summer means it’s easier for substances such as mold to grow in your windows and corners.For hard to reach areas, having a mold inspection will do you the world of good and often remove it for you.

Speaking of humidity, controlling the amount of it in your home in the long run is the best way to prevent mold from starting growing or expanding. Turn on fans and make sure they’re working properly and filtering out substances such as shower steam. Alternatively, you could have cooler showers to save on your bathroom ceiling.

Spruce Up the Grill

It’s no good cleaning the grill at any other time than during the summer grilling scene as these things can get dirty pretty quickly. Cleaning up a grill with a brush can be done very quickly when you know how. Take a few minutes aside after filling a bucket or sink with some soapy water and place the grates in the water and leave them about 10 minutes. Whilst the grates are soaking, get a brillo pad and rub down the insides of the grill. After the time is up and everyone else has been wiped down, scrub to your heart’s content and rinse.

If you’re not into the summer grilling scene, sprucing up the grill to sell it off if you’re just keeping it in a shed or a discarded part of the yard can put some money towards the christmas fund!  

Check on the Washing Machine

During the summer the people in your family are more likely to come in with grass and dirt stains all over their clothes. After putting them through the washing machine for the 5th time at least, it’s good to check what’s going on behind your washing machine. It’s a secret a lot of people don’t realise ruins their clothes.

First of all, check on the washing machine filter. If it looks damaged it needs replacing as you don’t want any dangerous objects getting through to the pipes. If you know your pipes are over two years old, or if they’ve never been replaced before, then get some new hose pipes. Also keep an eye out for cracks and major discolouration in them.

Keeping a clean home in a time when you can work together as a family doesn’t have to take up the day or break the bank. Summer is a great time to put your feet up, so don’t work too hard!

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