Save Money, Space and Time With Multi-tasking Beauty Products

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Have you ever looked at your collection of beauty products and realized that they have got out of hand? They’ve taken over your bathroom and sprawled across all the surfaces in your bedroom. Surely there has to be a better way to stay beautiful? To save on space in your home, and to help save you money, you can buy products that do more than one job at once. Instead of having ten different creams for moisturizing, anti-aging, sun protection and more, you can roll them all into one. Using fewer products is kinder to your skin too, so you won’t have to keep applying products to combat the problems caused by others.

Sun Protection

Lots of moisturizers, foundations and BB creams not come with added UV protection. That means that just by putting on your foundation in the morning, you’re protecting your skin from sun damage. They’re usually around SPF 15, so while they won’t protect you at the height of summer they’re excellent for day-to-day. You can also find lip balms and glosses that have SPF protection too. Sun protection will stop your skin from drying out and protect it from sun damage.

Anti-aging Cleansers

You can also find skin care products that both clean and help to keep back the signs of aging. For example, Ecco Bella‘s skin care products claim both anti-aging and anti-blemish properties. This is because of their richness in vitamins and minerals. You’ll also find anti-aging moisturizers, toners and, scrubs and lotions.

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Natural Oils

When you use natural oils, you can set them to the task of moisturizing you all over. They can benefit your body, face, hair, hands and feet. Use them on your cuticles to stop them drying out or use oils as a luxurious hair conditioning treatment. Oils like argan oil or coconut oil are very popular, and they can do so much. Mix them with brown sugar or sea salt to create a body scrub that will exfoliate as well as moisturize.

BB Creams

BB creams are a cross between a foundation and a tinted moisturizer. They don’t give as much color as a foundation, but they’re better than a moisturizer. Instead of just coloring your face like a foundation, they have formulations that are supposed to help you correct dark spots and brighten your skin. They can even help to prevent aging and repair your skin. You may even find CC or DD creams that claim to do even more at once.

Multitasking Colors

Instead of having different tubs and tubes of makeup for different purposes, why not use one product for everything? You can buy products that you can use to add color to your eyes, lips and cheeks all at once. You get them in the form of sticks or creams, and you can use them to give you that extra glow when you’re feeling a bit plain. They save a whole lot of room in your handbag!

If you start combining your beauty products, you’ll soon be able to take your bathroom back. Not only that, but your purse will have more room for the money you’ve saved.

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