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Here’s a quick tip.  I have a several try erase boards on my fridge but the markers were falling off even with velcro on them.  I was trying to figure out what to use and then it came to me.  I found an adjustable magnetic curtain rod and a plastic bin I already had (I think from the dollar store).  I slipped the bin through one side of the adjustable magnetic curtain rod, slipped the other side of the rod through and VIOLA!!!  Easy peasy!  I put dry erase markers, pens, and more.  Now I always have the right writing utensil on hand.

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  1. I have a magnetic bin that I got on clearance in the school supply section a few years ago. I see them all the time at Walmart & Target or any office supply store. They are called locker caddies or something like that. They come in all different shapes & sizes. You can get one that is long and narrow like the bin you have or you can get one that is upright and made specifically for pens & pencils. The magnets on the back are very strong. You need to check it out before you buy it because some of them are cheaply made and may not have strong enough magnets. The bin I have is metal but they come in plastic too.

  2. Trisha Scott says:

    What an amazing idea love it

  3. Ingenious! I could put it on the side of my fridge so it doesnt get knocked off by passersby!

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