Pambras Bra Liners and Tummy Liners Product Review

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Do you perspire under and/or between your breasts?

Does your underwire bra cause irritation?

Does your stomach have skin on skin contact that gets sweaty and/or irritated?

If so, I found some great solutions for you!

Check out Pambra’s Bra Liners and Tummy Liners:

Pambras Original Bra Liner–  A soft cotton liner worn in your bra, Pambra’s absorbs perspiration under and between the breasts. Pambra’s also adds comfort to that cute little under wire bra that isn’t always so comfortable.

Pambra’s have no pins, hooks, or tapes; the liners have been proven to stay in place with a properly fitted bra. (A properly fitted bra has no more than two fingers space to pull away from the body.)

I tried out a Pambras Bra Liner and I was impressed.  I live in South Florida where it’s very hot and sticky most of the year.  I always have a red mark where my underwire bra hits.  With the Pambras Bra Liner I was cool all day and I didn’t have the red line.  I love that it is washable and reusable.

Pambras Tummy Liner– Made from the same quality materials as our Original liners, the Tummy liner is designed to absorb perspiration under the abdominal fold. It helps to eliminate any embarrassing odor. The Tummy Liner is doctor recommended, too.  Pambras Tummy Liners are great for after pregnancy when your tummy might still hang over and get sweaty and irritated underneath. It can also be used after gastric bypass before you have a tummy tuck.

Pambras also makes products for mastectomy patients as well as washable nursing pads.


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