Non Electrical Gift Ideas For Kids

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Advances in technology have meant that the gifts at the top of most children’s Christmas lists are electronics. But, with children constantly glued to the television, the computer screen of their iPad, buying them yet another electronic gift is probably not a good idea.

Aside from the fact that electronic gifts are expensive, they also promote a lack of imagination. So, instead of buying them yet another electronic gift or game, why not opt for something a bit different.

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For our favorite non-electrical gift ideas, check out some ideas.

Outdoor toys

An excellent way to get the kids out and about is to buy them a toy or game that they can use outside.

A bike can make one of the best gifts; it gives children the option of some independence as well as being an excellent mode of transport. To keep your little ones safe whilst out and about make sure to include a helmet and high visibility stickers in their stocking.

While roller blades can take some time to adjust to, mastering the art of how to use them shouldn’t take too long. To help your children learn to skate safely, allow them to practice in a certain area of the house. Rollerblading is an excellent way to keep fit and healthy whilst having fun. To make roller blades a more exciting gift, opt for a pair that are designed in your child’s favourite color. Alternatively, look for a pair that are based on their favorite television or movie character. Make sure to include a safety helmet and knee and arm pads with their gifts.

A unique alternative to a bike, a Go Kart can make the perfect Christmas gift. There are some really interesting children’s Go Kart designs available, which are perfect for both boys and girls alike. Modern children’s Go Kart’s are safe, easy to use and are great for getting the kids out and about.

Indoor toys and games

While outdoor toys are great; it is nice to have some non-electrical indoor toys for your children to play with too.

While a new board game may seem like a boring gift, there are always lots of new and exciting games being bought out. If your child has a favorite television show or movie, have a look to see whether any games related to them have been released. If your child is obsessed with a film character, like Elsa from Frozen, for example, any gift related to them will be an exciting one.

A customized gift is another great non-electrical present. Things like a personalized blanket, cushion or bean bag are all lovely Christmas gifts that children will appreciate. For some lovely customized gift ideas look online at the angel dear range.

If your children have space in their bedroom or playroom, why not get them indoor play equipment like an indoor slide, a fold out crawl tunnel, or even an indoor swing. Anything that keeps them active and having fun inside the house will make the perfect Christmas present.

Wooden toys like a mini kitchen or mini launderette set are always popular gifts for young children. Kids love being able to copy what mommy and dad do, so any gift that lets them do that will be an appreciated one. Have a look online to see what child-size furniture sets are available.

For older children, arts and crafts sets make lovely presents, plus they are an excellent way to keep them entertained. With so many different arts and crafts sets to choose from, there is something for every child.

Remember, sometimes the simplest things make the best presents.


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