Moshi Monsters: Katsuma Unleashed Review and Giveaway

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Moshi Monsters Katsuma Unleashed Review

My girls love Moshi Monsters so they were excited to find out that Katsuma, the most popular Moshi Monster character now has his own game!  Moshi Monsters: Katsuma Unleashed – the newest game in the best-selling series for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS™ –is now available!  It stars Katsuma and is based on Moshi Monsters, the popular interactive online world with 70 million registered users worldwide!

A vibrant, side-scrolling, action-adventure platform game, Moshi Monsters: Katsuma Unleashed (3DS SRP $29.99; DS SRP $24.99) will bring fans of all ages into the Moshi Monsters world like never before. The non-stop action begins when Dr. Strangeglove, intent on his evil mission to learn the secret of Moshi Picchu, captures Elder Furi and all of the innocent Moshi Monsters – except Katsuma! As the most popular Moshi Monsters character, players embark on a far-reaching voyage, traveling through six new worlds packed with mini arcade challenges and epic boss battles. Katsuma must work to rescue his Moshi Monsters friends, so he can gain their unique powers – from Furi’s “Smash” to Diavlo’s “Flight” – to help him combat the enemies and keep the secret of Moshi Picchu safe!

My 10 year old said she likes that this game is challenging.  You have 3 lives so if you lose all 3 lives you have to start over at the checkpoint of the level you are on.  This adds to the challenge.  She also likes that that are different types of “bad guys”.  Some move back and forth and some move up and down.  They are color coded by what they do so you know how they will act.  For example the red ones move back and forth.  On some of the levels there is a magic trail.  When you walk along the trail it turns into a blue path that is as long as the trail.  This special blue path prevents you from falling which she thinks is a cool feature.   Be careful of the grey characters that look like pufferfish.  They will explode when you get near them and will shoot grey spikes at you.  If you touch the spikes you will lose a life.  If you are a Moshi Monsters fan, you’ll love Moshi Monsters: Katsuma Unleashed.

moshi monsters katsuma

Moshi Monsters: Katsuma Unleashed is jam-packed with bonus content and includes hidden areas for players to unlock, plus exclusive codes that they can redeem to earn virtual items at In addition, Nintendo 3DS Streetpass users can search for interactive maps and special monster attack games that allow them to play as each Moshi Monsters character and enjoy their distinct set of “moves”!

Here’s a special sneak peek trailer, so you can check out the new game in action!


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Jump, spin, dash and bash your way through 6 monsterific worlds packed with battles, baddies and a host of hidden secrets! From the lowlands of Pirate Bay to the snow-capped peaks of Mount Sillimanjaro and beyond, get ready to discover the farthest reaches of Monstro City.


Fur will fly with epic battles against Dr. Strangeglove’s evil robot Moshlings – an army of dastardly drones sent to stop Katsuma in his tracks. You’ll need all your skills to dodge Robot Blurp’s flying spines, whack Robot DJ Quack, leap over Robot Long Beard and thump as many Glumps as you can!


Unlock amazing superpowers, rescue your Moshi mates and access hidden hero areas and super short­cuts! Once unlocked, you can use your super powers to battle your way though even the toughest levels. Unleash the awesome Zommer eyeball attack, bash through walls with Furi’s smash ability and discover secret areas with Diavlo’s char-vellous flying powers!


Jump, spin, dash and bash your way through 6 monsterific worlds packed with battles, baddies and a host of hidden secrets! From the lowlands of Pirate Bay to the snow-capped peaks of Mount Sillimanjaro and beyond, get ready to discover the farthest reaches of Monstro City.


Prove your skills as you fight your way through epic boss battles. Topple Sweet Tooth from a candy throne, take to the skies in a dogfight with Scare Force One, and rumble in the jungle with Big Chief Tiny Head before taking on the ultimate boss, Dr Strangeglove himself!


Unleash Katsuma in a multitude of monsterific mini games and unlock exclusive abilities, Rox rewards and Moshlings too! Every mini-game you unlock can be played on its own. Perfect for practicing your monster moves!

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