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monster discipline review

In the quest of better behavior and let’s be honest, my sanity, we’ve tried varies behavior plans with our girls.  We’ve tried everything from a token system, a point system, a reward and consequence system, and a ton of other things.  Everything works for a little while but then it gets hard to keep up with, we forget, it gets too complicated, or 101 other reasons and we stop doing it.  I was looking for a behavior tool that was easy to use but would work with my girls.  That’s when I found Monster Discipline.  Monster Discipline is great because it is a fun game that is easy to set up and play because it doesn’t take much time.  The best part is that my girls love it.  The game comes with the game board, magnetic playing pieces, a die, and a dry erase marker when you purchase the laminated game board like we have.  We used our own magnetic clips to hang it on our front door.
monster discipline set up
We set our game board up on our front door so we can easily access it every night on our way upstairs for our bedtime routine.  Our rules were already posted on our door so we put the game board on the other side and used magnets to keep it on the door.  I also added a magnetic cup on the side to keep the dice in as well as a few dry erase boards that we always keep on the door for messages, etc.
monster rules
Families start by posting their family rules on the game board.  We already had family rules and expectations typed up so we just hung ours next to our game board.
rolls and points
Monster Discipline is a simple to follow board game.  Each day children start on Good Good which earns them 1 roll of the dice for the day.  If they are extra good for the day they can move up to Great Job or Excellent to earn extra rolls and bonus points.  If they break the rules they have to move their game piece down on the chart and lose their turn to roll, lose points, etc.  The purple and blue pieces pictured above didn’t come with the set.  The set came with smaller red, blue, green, and yellow game pieces but my girls wanted to use the light blue and purple magnets we already had on our refrigerator.

At the end of the day, each child get to roll the dice the number of rolls that they earned.  They then move their game piece the number of spaces on the game board equal to the number that they rolled on the dice and earn the number of points that is on the space they landed on.  The game comes with magnetic colored pieces to use as game pieces but we put our game board on our front door and the magnets had a hard time sticking to the parts of our door that were indented (the squares in the picture) so we use the dry erase marker to keep track of what spot each of our girls are on each day.  You can see the A and the D on our game board in the picture above.
points earned
There is a spot on the game board to keep track of how many points and how many bonus rolls each child had earned.  This is great for me because with other systems I would forget how many points, tokens, tickets, etc. my girls would earn.  Now there is nothing to forget!
Once children make it all the way around the game board and into the Treasure Chest area they get to use their points to pick a reward.  We let our girls come up with what they wanted their rewards to be so they would be more motivated to earn them.  I like that we are able to change the rewards if the girls decide they want to work for something else.  Usually children earn between 400-600 points per trip around the board so keep that in mind when assigning point values to rewards.

Want your own Monster Discipline Game? There are 2 ways to get it.  You can download it digitally and print it yourself which is obviously the fastest ways to start using the program.  I personally like the laminated game board because we can use the dry erase markers on it, it is easy to use, and comes with everything you need.

2 Ways to Get Monster Discipline-
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  1. Debbie S says:

    I have tried all sorts of home-made reward charts and the work it takes to keep revamping them to fit the new chores or when it’s filled up is enough to make me throw in the towel! I also had a magnetic board with pre made chores but my kids moved the magnets constantly. I hope to try this out soon!!

  2. Jessica Stiesi says:

    I’ve used sticker charts, time outs, taking things away, etc. etc.!


    hello, i use to live with my sister when she first had my niece and i helped her for three years. so i disciplined my niece a lot. one thing we’d do is have fake money as rewards for doing chores, doing good on her work sheets or even for going out and playing all day. (it’s better then her watching t.v all day) she’d be able to turn in the ‘money’ for a chance to watch tv, for special snacks during movie time or going to sleep a little later. and when she’d be punished she’d have to give some of the ‘money’ back and as a result she wouldn’t be able to buy her rewards.

  4. My husband and I have evolved from time outs to more positive discipline and we find it works so much better with our children.

  5. Shannon Anderson says:

    I have tried reward system, restriction, lose privileges.

  6. Lesley M says:

    We just use verbal praise with our 3 year old, but I think this would be great tool as he gets older!!

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