Mommy Parties, Oral-B Stages, and Crest Pro-Health For Me Party Review

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My children and I were so excited that we were selected to host party sponsored by Mommy Parties, Oral-B Stages and Crest Pro-Health For Me.

We started out talking about proper oral health and I read the children facts from the fact cards and asked them questions.  They knew many of the facts and were interested in the ones they did not know.  After we discussed the facts the children loved the game we played.  We were provided with a poster and cards to play the Yucky Mouth vs. Healthy Mouth Game.  Each child took turns selecting a picture card from the pile and deciding if it belonged on the Yucky Mouth side of the poster or the Healthy Mouth side of the poster.  Even my youngest guest who was only 3 years old was able to make good choices during her turn with the Yucky Mouth vs. Healthy Mouth Game.

After we talked about oral health and played Yucky Mouth vs. Healthy Mouth, the children were excited to watch Cars II and of course eat popcorn!

After the movie, the kids all got a chance to brush their teeth, floss, and use mouthwash to remove the popcorn from their teeth.  My younger daughter liked that her toothbrush and floss had princesses on them while my older daughter was excited to get a more grown up toothbrush and flosser.  It’s nice that there were products that both of my girls were excited to use.

All of the kids had a great time were excited to receive their Healthy Teeth Goody Bags.  Oral-B, Crest Pro-Health For Me, and Mommy Parties not only provided us with the Cars II DVD, popcorn, popcorn containers, and party games, but they also provided us with lots of goodies to give to the children.  Each child received a toothbrush (Oral-B Stage III or Crest Pro-Health For Me), a tube of toothpaste (Crest Pro-Health For Me or Oral-B Stages), Cars Gummy Vitamins Samples, and a package of Floss Picks (Pro-Health For Me or Oral B Stages).   

You can check out Oral-B and Crest on Twitter. 

This post was written for Mom Select, Mommy Parties, Oral-B, & Crest who provided the complimentary products in exchange for my review. I was not paid for my opinions of the above products.

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