Magna Color and Mash’Ems Product Review

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My girls received a Magna Color to review and couldn’t wait to try it out after seeing the commercials.  The Magna Color is easy for both of them to use.  They love creating their own designs as well as using the Magna Color dot pens on the black magnetic background.  The pens just need to be gently pushed on the magnetic board and the circle shaped magnet comes out and sticks right to the board.  Each pen is filled with a different color dot.  Each color dot is a different size.  This helps the circles get sorted back into the correct pens when you are ready to start over.  Magna Color is a fun, creative toy that allows children to create colorful designs with magnetic dots.  If you have small children or pets I suggest using the Magna Color away from them so they won’t accidentally swallow any of the tiny magnets.   Magna Color makes a great holiday gift, especially for children like mine who love doing any type of art.

With Magna Color, magically transform designs into vibrant 3D artwork by using the magnetic coloring studio and colorful 3D Magic Dots! The unique magic dot pens allow you to place the 3D Magic Dots to color in the stencil design. You can either create a single spot or make trails of multiple dots by running the pen across the screen.

When you are done, sweep the dots into the sorter compartment and watch as the dots magically return
back into the pens with absolutely no mess! Themed stencil sets are also sold separately and include
Midnight Garden, Rainbow Sky, and Jungle Adventure, as well as licensed themes such as Angry Birds
and Hello Kitty.
Special designed magnetic drawing studio with screen sweeper
4 UnderWater World Stencils
4 Unique colored Magic Dot Pens
160 pcs of 3D Magic Dots in 4 different colors
1 Pair 3D Ultra Vision glasses
See Magna Color in action at
(please note website offer differs from standard package content)

Another fun product from Tech 4 Kids is Mash’Ems.
Twist’em, Squish’em, Launch’em!
Mash’Ems are fun, “squishable” collectibles that have a unique tactile feature that will keep you twisting,
squashing, stretching and launching them. There are 5 exciting series of characters to collect:
Angry Birds
Angry Birds Space
Marvel Universe
Moshi Monsters
Amazing Spiderman
Power Rangers
Launch the sticky Mash’Ems to splat and stick to any hard surface. Clean your Mash’Ems with just warm
Mash’Ems make great stocking stuffers.  My girls love squishing theirs.  There is just something about their squishy feeling that is irresistible.  They’re like little “stress balls” for kids!  They love that they come in several series that they like such as Angry Birds and Moshi Monsters.  I like that they are affordable.

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