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As my children have gotten older they want to be more independent but sometimes that independence comes with a mess.  My daughters want to pour their own drinks but sometimes the bottles are just too full and  heavy.  They get so frustrated when they accidentally spill their water, juice, or milk all over the place.   My 6 year old was watching an infomercial on tv a few weeks ago for The Magic Tap and she told me to get it so she could get her own drinks.  You would have thought that she received tickets to Disney World when we received The Magic Tap.  She was so excited to try it out.

The Magic Tap is battery operated and easy to install on every bottle we tried.  Simply insert the straw into any container, pull the silicone wings over the opening and into place, and press the trigger to dispense your beverage.
The Magic Tap works on most beverages except ones that are thick, have pulp, or are carbonated.

We recently moved into a new house and one of the things that I really wished the refrigerator had was a water dispenser.   Now we don’t need one.  Our children can easily get their own ice cold water right from our refrigerator with our new Magic Tap.  We love it.  The Magic Tap is also great to use instead of individual juice boxes, etc.  The only suggestion I would make is to turn the dispenser to the side when it is in the refrigerator so no one will accidentally press the trigger when reaching for something else.  Now I just need to get a few more Magic Taps so we can put one on our milk, too, so my kids can easily pour milk in their cereal and my husband and I can easily put milk in our coffee.

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  1. victoria says:

    this would be perfect for when my grandchildren come over..Thank you for letting us see this!

  2. Charity Lummel says:

    My youngest is 7 and can’t lift heavy containers or pour anything out of a big container by himself. Something like this would be great to have to let him get something like milk or juice for himself, he wants to be a big boy and do everything for himself

  3. LaDonna Buis says:

    This would be great because I have a couple younger children that are always spilling things.. With this I wouldnt have to get up to go help them get their drink or pour milk for their cereal and there wouldnt be any more spills… 🙂

  4. My kids are so desperate to pour their own drinks! They would love it!

  5. Jennifer Rogers says:

    We need this for the grand kids, milk, tea and juice. We are constantly having spills, the containers are just too much for the kids!

  6. Patti Purelli says:

    Even big kids make drips and spills, but they make BIG drips and spills. As the mother of “big kids” I would benefit from this tremendously!! I have cleaned up my share of drips and spills and this would be a nice “treat” for me if it helps prevent that from happening. Thank you for the chance to win one

  7. Sonia Romero-kanr says:

    I will love to get this, my 3 children will be so happy to be able to do the drinks by them self!!

  8. This would be nice when the grandchildren come over. It would mean less spills …

  9. Valerie Brenner says:

    This is great for young kids!!!!!

  10. I think this would be great for my grandsons juice

  11. laura moreland says:

    id love to win one of these i seem to be the spiller in our house thats so embarrising try to explain that to the grandkids

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