Luxury Design Tips for an Expensive Looking Home

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Who wouldn’t love a luxurious looking home? We all would! The crisp, clean feeling of a luxury home just can’t be beaten. Just about anybody can achieve this sort of expensive look in their home, but it will take some careful planning. Use these tips to guide you:


The Kitchen

When it comes to luxury kitchens, you’ll find that high quality, natural materials are nearly always used. This gives them a clean, crisp look. Materials such as leather, wood, and marble are very popular in the kitchen. Top of the range appliances are always found in there too. Although doing up the kitchen will cost you a pretty penny, it can add heaps on to the value of your home. It can also give you a kitchen worthy of thousands of Pins on Pinterest! If you can only afford to make one room look luxurious, make it your kitchen for the best results.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is the second most important room that people focus on. If you were to buy a luxury home in Hunstanton, you wouldn’t need to worry about the bathroom, as they are usually already perfect. However, most of us aren’t so lucky! The best thing to have in the bathroom is lots of space, but you can’t always create that with money. You can make sure you have the most modern hardware and a great theme to make it look it’s best though. Think of the way a spa looks when you consider how you’ll decorate your bathroom. They tend to use materials such as stone and marble.

The Living Room

In the living room, you can get away with using all kinds of textures. Soft textures look especially luxurious; for example, silk and faux fur. Use the sofa as a focal point by including plenty of cushions in different sizes, and add throws of your choice. You can even add a feature wall to add further interest to the room. Neutral colours always look great in the living room. The most expensive rooms usually use dark neutrals though, such as grey, cream, black, and perhaps navy.

The Bedroom

In your bedroom, make sure you have multiple sources of lighting to give an expensive feel. Have lamps and a dimmer switch so you can make it as bright or as dim as you like. The bed should be the focal point in a luxury bedroom, so dress it up with a lot of layers in different fabrics and add plenty of pillows. Choose an interesting headboard that will stand out from the wall behind it to further add to the effect. If your bedroom is small, create more space by using mirrored furniture. This will create light and the illusion of space.

Use these specific tips for each room and your whole house will be given a new lease of life. If you shop in charity shops and make sure you get to grips with DIY for some of the tips, you’ll make your home look expensive without spending too much money!

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