It’s The Third Trimester: Time To Prepare Your Home

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If you’re in the final trimester of pregnancy, then you’re probably thinking deeply about how to prepare yourself, and your home, for the arrival of a newborn. At first, it seems like a rather simple task: just go down to local big box furniture store and pick up a crib, some blankets, and perhaps a car seat. But it soon becomes clear, the more research you do, that a lot more goes into welcoming a baby into the home than just a bit of shopping. There are so many factors to consider, not only to make sure that your baby stays happy, but also that they remain safe. Here’s what to do.

Get The Pooch Out Of The Way

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You might have lived with your pet cat or dog for years and never seen any act of aggression from them. With that said, animals can still be dangerous to babies, even those that are otherwise tame and pleasant to be around. Dogs have been known to maul babies, and so keeping them separate from one another is essential.

The best way to do this for dogs is to install gates around the kitchen or at the bottom of the stairs as a physical barrier to prevent their movement. With cats, it’s a little more difficult, but things like cat nets over the cot can prevent cats from killing children in their sleep. You should have a policy of no pets in the bedroom while the child is vulnerable and helpless, and then introduce pets under supervision as the child gets older.

Prepare Older Siblings

If this is your second baby, then it’s important to manage the expectations of your existing children before it arrives. Children, especially infants and toddlers, don’t like it when your attention is suddenly diverted away from them and onto a new baby. It generates a profound sense of jealousy and can often lead to destructive behavior. Ideally, your existing children should behave tenderly towards the new baby, but without the right preparation, this is by no means guaranteed.

Sit down with your existing children before the new baby arrives and remind them of how important they are to you. Make sure you include them in any way possible in helping you to raise the child, so that you’re both on the same team and they don’t feel like they’re competing for your attention. You can also ask talk to the older siblings about their duties when the new baby arrives, such as helping mommy fill up the baby’s bottle.

Find An Experienced Mom, Take A Notepad, And Ask For Tips

If you’re completely new to the motherhood gig, it’s worth approaching existing moms for some much-needed advice. Moms will often have tips and tricks which they developed through bitter experience. As a new mom, it’s worth taking advantage of these conversations to make things less frantic once the baby finally arrives.

Remove All Dangerous Chemicals


Because they’re so new to the world and haven’t yet built up substantial immune systems or even protective microbiomes, newborn babies are very susceptible to chemicals in the external environment. Early exposure to harmful toxins in cleaning products can lead to illnesses and allergies which last for the rest of their lives.

It’s a good idea, therefore, to root through your cleaning cupboard and throw out all but the safe cleaning products. Only use products which contain minimal amounts of artificial ingredients and state clearly on the packaging that they’re hypoallergenic. These products have been tested in clinical trials and proven not to harm babies.

Make Sure You And Your Partner Present A United Front

When it comes to parenting, consistency is key. But consistency is hard for individuals, let alone couples with different ideas. Experts recommend that parents get on the same page before bringing a new child into the home. Not only will you have to agree on your personal value when raising children, but also the day to day regimen for the child’s upbringing. Who will be responsible for what? What chores will you and your partner need to agree on doing in advance? What will be your partner’s role during labor and birth?

Prepare For A Laundry Avalanche

Anyone who has ever raised children will tell you that doing the laundry is a major undertaking. It’s incredible how something so small can generate so much mess. Before the baby even arrives home, you’ll want to get ahead. Make sure that everything is already clean and washed before the baby arrives so that you’re in the best possible condition to face the mountain of washing that is to come.

According to Laura Dellutri, the woman who wrote “Speed Cleaning 101,” it’s important to make sure that you’re using a detergent that doesn’t contain any dyes or perfumes that might irritate baby’s skin. There are specials kinds of detergents which have been formulated to have powerful stain removing actions while also protecting baby’s skin.

With that said, stains are inevitable with a newborn baby. Poop, baby formula, and dribble are par for the course. With that said, you can win the war against stains with enzymatic cleaners which break down stains at the molecular level. If you notice a stain on fabric, use the enzymatic cleaner as soon as possible to remove the stain before it becomes incorporated into the material.

Make Room In Your Fridge

If you’re like most families, your fridge is already full to bursting. But with the addition of a baby, you’ll need even more space. Though your child will be on a liquid diet, to begin with, over time, it’ll need to be transitioned on to solid food, and you’ll need space in your refrigerator to keep it all.

It’s a good idea to work from top to bottom in your fridge. Start by removing food from the top shelf, give it a good clean, and then move on to the next. The bottom of the refrigerator is the area most prone to spills. Remove any milk stains and make sure the refrigerator is fresh and clean.


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