Introducing Tegu Magnetic Blocks and the #TeguElf

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I’d like to introduce you to Tegu and the #TeguElf.  Tegu makes wooden blocks that are magnetic.  The magnets allow children to go beyond the traditional constraints of gravity to build out, not just up! Also, working with the polarity of the magnets on the fly is a fun challenge; it generates critical thinking and educational opportunities!  Tegu was launched in 2009 by founder-brothers Chris and Will Haughey following a charitable mission to Honduras.  Since that time, Tegu has inspired the toy market with the introduction of its patent-pending magnetic wooden building system and, in doing so, the Company has delivered on the brothers’ commitment to make a lasting difference in Honduras and its economy. Tegu’s product mission is to design heirloom-quality products that unlock the mind and inspire creative experiences that captivate children in safe, natural and innovative ways. Tegu was nominated by the Toy Industry Association (TIA) for the prestigious 2014 Toy of the Year (TOTY) Award in the Specialty Toy category.  Visit TEGU to learn more.


We received the Tegu Tints 40 Piece Explorer Set to review and my girls haven’t stopped playing with them since.  This set included 40 blocks in 7 shapes: 4 large columns, 8 mega planks, 8 long planks, 4 medium columns, 4 small trapezoids, 4 large trapezoids, and 8 short planks.  Plenty of pieces for hours of creative fun.  Tegu blocks have powerful magnets inside of them so you can create structures that defy gravity.  I’m not sure who had more fun playing with the Tegu blocks, my children or my sister and me.  The blocks have a nice, solid quality feel to them which I love.   They are made from eco-friendly, FSC-certified Honduran hardwoods and safe, non-toxic, water-based lacquers (for colors and clear coats). As a vertically-integrated company, Tegu intimately knows their supply chain and suppliers.  

tegu collage

It is fun seeing my girls create different things with their Tegu blocks and using their imaginations.  Electronics have a time and a place but it is important for children to unplug and use their own creativity, too.  Tegu allows my girls to do just that.  They’ve created everything from words and figures to playhouses for their dolls using their Tegu blocks.  Tegu blocks are on the pricier side but they are such good quality and worth every penny because they are a creative toy that will definitely be passed on to future generations.

See how much fun we had with the Tegu Blocks:


The #TeguElf is on the loose!  He hacked Tegu’s social media and is sending random gifts to people.  He is rummaging through their offices throwing extra Tegu products into orders without asking.  And of course, he’s announcing huge discounts on Tegu products and running contests on Facebook.  This is one of the most fun and unique ways I have seen a company spread holiday cheer.  So just what is the #TeguElf doing?

1. He will look for #TeguElf on all social media streams – Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and the Tegu Facebook Wall. When he sees a person in need using #TeguElf, he may respond with some good cheer — like free Tegu products or a free dinner. Just hashtag #TeguElf anywhere to get his attention! 

2. The #TeguElf is adding a free set of cubes to every fifth order placed on between now and Dec 20th. 

3. The #TeguElf is giving one of every Tegu set to one lucky person who participates in the campaign via purchase or hashtagging! 

4. And of course, he will announce huge discounts on Tegu products. Check back daily to see what’s happening!

Here’s what #TeguElf has been up to so far:

December 3
Celebrating #GivingTuesday, The Tegu Elf gave out 4 full Classroom Sets to four worthy schools!

December 2
Today, @KurtzmanSharon got one a beach ball 🙂 — and Diana Cote got a fireplace DVD for hot chocolate sipping. Maker Mama on Pinterest and @angelarous on Twitter both got some Tegu blocks. And best of all, a poem by Amanda May got her a whole big Explorer Set!

December 1
The #TeguElf was on Instagram — so @letlovegrow and @domesticpoetry got a set of new wheels and a hatch to go with it. Whitney Bree’s children made some beautiful art, so they got a frame to display it nice and proud. Plus, Micaela Dominique was gifted a Pocket Pouch and @nycacappella got a book!

November 30
The #TeguElf gave a surprise Origami Set for @mandarin831 and The Tegu Original Set to @bryanclopez & Sherry Lopez’s crew of 9.

November 29
Congrats to 12 Facebook users and 5 Twitter users who hashtagged #TeguElf. He gave out 11 Cube Packs, 4 Pocket Pouches, a Discovery Set, and a gift card to Photojojo!

Maybe you’ll be next!  Let me know if the #TeguElf spreads some holiday cheer your way!


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