Hydrangeas Review from Flower Muse

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When was last time you received a package sent from another country containing vibrant, fresh, amazing smelling flowers that are just a day old?! Well let me tell you about my gorgeous Colombian Hydrangeas that I received a few days ago from Flower Muse…
First of all, they came in this big sturdy brown box with all kinds of stickers and stamps from customs approval and what not, then when you open the box it reveals the most carefully laid and packaged flowers I have seen in my life!  I mean you can actually appreciate the time and care that someone put into packaging these flowers to make sure that they’d be just as fresh and gorgeous as the day when they left their native country of Colombia, which is known for some of the most amazing and luxurious roses and flowers in the entire world.
So once I pulled out my Hydrangeas, I just had to follow the instructions that came along and cut off about 1 to 1 and a half inches of the stem and place them in about 3 inches of clean water at room temperature.  Another really nice touch is that the bottom of the stems are already coated in hydrating gel so you don’t have to get all messy. I do recommend that when you cut the bottom off, you do so from right above the plastic wrap so you don’t get hydrating gel all over your fingers.
The Hydrangeas just look GORGEOUS in my living room!  I moved them around the house a couple of times and they just shine and light up wherever you put them.  Whether its a bright and sunny room or a darker shaded bedroom they just light up and bring so much life into that space!  There were enough for me to make 2 full bouquets, so you could keep them all or share some.  And just as a tip; the Hydrangea can also absorb water through its petals, so if you choose to go for that “moist” look, all you have to do is spray some water over it for the flowers to absorb it and give it that gorgeous and healthy fresh moist look.
Probably one of  the most exclusive and gorgeous flowers Ive ever had!

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I received flowers free to conduct my review.  The statements expressed by me in this post are my own personal and honest opinions of this product.

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