How to Manage Your Home for Children with Asthma

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Asthma is a problem that many children and their families have to deal with. Some kids grow out of it as they get older, but while they’re still young it can be a frightening thing to experience. Like many illnesses, there are triggers in your home and out and about that can make asthma symptoms worse. If you want to make your home safer, there are several problems you can tackle to reduce the risk of breathing problems and asthma attacks for your son or daughter. Asthma can be triggered by lots of things in the home, including dust mites, damp and cigarette smoke. But you can make some changes in your home to improve the conditions and reduce asthma triggers.

Dust Mites

The majority of people with asthma are sensitive to dust mites. These tiny creatures live in carpets, bedding, soft furnishings and toys. There are methods you can try to try and reduce dust mites, including using mattress and pillow protectors and special mattresses. However, although many people with asthma say that these methods are effective, research indicates that they are not. In fact, there may not be much we can do to reduce the number of dust mites in our houses. The best way to tackle symptoms triggered by mites is to make sure the asthma is well-managed.


Pets with fur or feathers are also common asthma triggers. If you own pets, regularly vacuuming  may help. However, allergens from cats could take months to get rid of. The best way to treat exposure to pets is to keep asthma under control with preventative medications. You can also try keeping pets out of bedrooms and living areas. You can ask your vet about grooming or bathing that could help and having your carpets professionally cleaned.


Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke is bad for everyone, but it can be especially dangerous for anyone with asthma. The best way to reduce smoke around children with asthma is for anyone who is around them to give up. You can find plenty of information about quitting to help you, but until then you should smoke away from your child.

Clearing the Air

When there are so many things in the air that can set off asthma symptoms, it can be difficult to know where to start with tackling them. You can try a few things to keep the air in your home breathable by cleaning the air. Air filters and purifiers will help to clean the air while humidifiers and dehumidifiers might help too. You can click to to see some examples of dehumidifiers. Ventilating your home well might help too. Dehumidifiers can stop the air being too moist, preventing damp and mold, which can exacerbate asthma.

Although you can manage your home’s environment to a certain extent, the best way to manage triggers in your house is to monitor your child’s asthma. You can ensure that they receive regular checkups and are receiving the best treatment program for them.


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