How to Choose Jewelry for Your Special Lady This Christmas

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Christmas is a magical time where we spend time choosing the perfect gifts for our loved ones. A gift that women love to receive at Christmas time is beautiful jewelry. However, men don’t always know what to buy for them as there’s so much choice. It’s true that women can be fussy when accessories are involved. Use these tips to help you:

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Take Note of What She Wears

Pay attention to what she usually wears so you have an idea of what to buy for her. Does she love a good pair of earrings? Does she only wear a watch? You need to use your better judgement here, as you can do one of two things. You could either get her a piece to add to her collection of similar pieces, or buy her something that she hasn’t already got. It’s up to you! Think about whether she usually likes to step outside of her comfort zone or not and you should have your answer.

Get an Idea of Her Style

Knowing what item to buy is one thing, but having an idea of a woman’s style is a whole different ball game. She might like modern jewelry, vintage pieces, or quirky pieces. Take a look at what she likes to wear and see if you can come up with any prominent themes.

Show a Picture

One idea is to gather the information above, and then head to a jewelry shop and show a picture of your lady. A female employee might be able to select something nice for her from looking at the picture and getting an idea of her personality. If you plan on buying body jewelry such as earrings, make sure she actually has her ears pierced first. If she doesn’t, you can always go for clip on earrings. If you buy her earrings when her ears aren’t pierced, the gift won’t come across as very thoughtful.

Listen to Her

She might already be dropping a ton of hints to you, and you don’t know because you aren’t listening to her. These hints can be extremely subtle, and she might not even know she’s doing it. Either way, make sure you dissect what she says to get an idea of what she might like. Pay special attention when she’s reading a magazine, browsing the web, or watching the TV. These are all times she could be looking at jewelry and saying helpful things, but you wouldn’t know because you aren’t listening.

Ask Her Friends/Family

Her friends and family, especially the female members, might already know her jewelry style. They may even be able to help you pick something! If you’re seriously stuck on what to buy, her best friend or mother might have a better idea. Make sure they know not to give the game away though.

Use these tips and you should end up with a piece of jewelry that your lady loves. Even if it’s something that she wouldn’t have chosen herself, she’ll love it because you put some thought into it!

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