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dry erase calendars
One of my favorite companies to work with is the MegaBrands family- Rose Art, Board Dudes, and Write Dudes.  My girls were having a hard time keeping organized with dates, upcoming events, due dates, etc. I thought about getting them each a calendar but I thought that a calendar might be too overwhelming for them.  I wanted them to be able to just focus on one week at a time so I contacted BoardDudes to see what products they had that might work for us.  They sent us 2 Dry Erase Weekly Planners that are were perfect for what we needed.
My younger daughter claimed this one for herself although it is so pretty that I was tempted to keep it for myself.  I love the pretty design on the bottom and what is really cool about this board is that the design part is actually a bulletin board.  You simply push pushpins through the holes in the design to hold of notes, papers, etc.  There is plenty of room on this board for my daughter to write down homework that is due, soccer games, and other upcoming events.  And she loves that she can hang pictures, artwork, etc. from the bottom.  I think that it makes her feel grown-up, too, because it is such a pretty design.
The second dry erase weekly planner was perfect for my older daughter.  It has plenty of room for her to write down everything she needs to remember and she loves that it has a cork strip on the bottom to hang her drawings.  The board is magnetic so she can also use the magnet that comes with the board or any other magnet to put up pictures and other mementos that she wants to hang on her board.  She loves having this board as her own personal space that she can design and use how she wants.  And I love that it is helping her keep track of her schedule without me having to remind her.
board dudes board
I am keeping this dry erase board for myself to keep track of posts I want to write on my blog, ideas, things I need to get done, etc.  It is the perfect size to be my own “To Do List” next to my desk.  It has a magnetic surface so I can hang notes on it, too.  We also received a package of 6 magnets that work great on all of our magnetic dry erase boards but I like using them on my refrigerator to hang my girls’ artwork, report cards, and other important papers.
fun stuff
I love that the dry erase markers are magnetic so they stick to the boards.  No more searching for dry erase markers.  They are always where we need them.  I especially love the adorable mini markers that hang.  How cute are they?!?!  And since we’re talking about cute, my girls just LOVE these fun erasers that are shaped like food.

Disclosure: I received the products listed above to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.



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